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Get ready for week 3 fantasy football! Starts of the Week, Akers trade reaction, and more on today’s fantasy football podcast! Week 3 matchup previews, injury updates, and Jason’s Boom Boom Kicker! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for September 21st, 2023.

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Starts of the Week + Week 3 Breakdown, Akers Reaction! | Fantasy Football 2023 – Ep. 1465

Introduction 00:00

  • The hosts welcome the audience and encourage them to subscribe to the channel.

“FootClan, we have a really, really great episode for you today. We are glad you are here. Make sure you subscribe to the channel and just enjoy it.”

Thursday Night Game Preview 00:59

  • The hosts discuss the upcoming Thursday night game between the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants.
  • They mention that Thursday night games can sometimes be disappointing.
  • They express concern for the Giants due to their recent struggles on offense and losing Saquon Barkley.
  • They speculate about the performance of the Giants’ offensive line.

“Welcome into the show. The Fantasy Footballers Podcast, Mike Wright, Jason Moore, Andy Holloway, it is football time. We’ve got a Thursday night game. Previewed it yesterday.” “Yeah, they will. And we have, we’ve got a lot on today’s show. Deucers are here. We got Backwards Cap Alley today.” “Yeah, they will. Especially on Thursday night games, sometimes they can seem exciting.” “Yeah, you combine that with losing Saquon and the San Francisco 49ers defense. It just doesn’t have a rosy outlook, but, you know, come on, Giants, surprise us.” “The left side of your offensive line.” “Oh, yeah, they’re missing that. That’s, now, is that where that boce guy is?” “I imagine they will. Tonight it will be. They will figure it out.”

Trade News 04:12

  • The hosts introduce the segment on news and notes from around the league.
  • They mention having news to share.
  • They discuss the trade involving Cam Akers being traded to the Minnesota Vikings.

“We got news.” “News and notes from around the league presented by USAA Insurance.” “Yes we do.” “Camakers has been traded to the Minnesota Vikings.” “It was a sixth, seventh swap.” “But also please state the year.” “Yeah.” “It’s 2024.” “Keep going.” “Did they wanted a 2026 a two-seven picks?” “A 2026 six seven swaps.” “So congratulations, LA.” “You did it.” “You got something.” “You got something.” “You got one pick better than the seventh round three years from now.” “That is that is crazy.” “Did they?” “Right.” “Not really.”

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Initial Reactions to the Trade 05:12

  • The hosts share their immediate reactions to the trade.
  • They discuss the impact on Alexander Mattison‘s role and fantasy value.
  • They mention the possibility of a new running back taking over Madison’s job.

Discussing Cam Akers‘ impact on Alexander Mattison 08:49

  • Cam Akers‘ addition to the team puts Alexander Madison’s role in question.
  • Madison’s value relies heavily on volume.
  • The Vikings’ poor rushing performance last season makes it clear that they need help.
  • If Akers were to join the Buccaneers, it would decrease the fantasy value of Rashad White.

“I mean, I don’t think it’s a surprise. I mean, they were dead last in EPA per rush. They needed help. They flirted with some guys in the off season.”

Uncertainty surrounding Cam Akers and Alexander Madison 09:54

  • It is unclear what the Vikings will do with Alexander Madison.
  • Trading Madison may not be a good option, as running backs are hard to come by.
  • Madison would be picked up from the waiver wire if available.
  • It’s a waiting game to see what happens with Cam Akers.

“I don’t think you can trade him for anything. I think running backs are hard to come by. If he was on the waiver wire, you’d pick him up.”

The impact of Vikings’ pass-heavy offense on their running backs 10:27

  • The Vikings’ pass-heavy offense could decrease the value of Alexander Madison.
  • The team’s success in passing the ball may lead to fewer rushing attempts.
  • Both factors could be detrimental to Madison’s fantasy value.

“That was the other point of, I mean, they, again, are they not running because they can’t run? Or are they not running because they’ve been so successful passing the ball?”

Teams choosing between running and passing 16:17

  • Teams are deciding whether to run or pass against their opponents.
  • The game plan often dictates this decision.

“Teams are like, huh, do I want to have a hard time running the ball or should we just easily throw on them?”

Pass-heavy approach after losing Nick Chubb 16:26

  • With Nick Chubb out, the team is likely to rely more on the passing game.
  • This could lead to a pass-heavy approach.

“And then you lose Nick Chubb. I think this is going to be a pass happy approach.”

Expecting a big game from Deshaun Watson 16:32

  • Deshaun Watson is expected to have a strong performance.
  • Despite previous concerns, the matchup is favorable for him.

Deshaun Watson, I think is going to have a big game.”

Softening reaction to Watson after assessing the matchup 16:34

  • The hosts have changed their initial negative reaction towards Watson.
  • They now believe that the matchup will benefit him and lead to a good game.

“Yeah, I, I’ve totally softened from the reaction visually of that last game and moved into the matchup phase. And I think this is going to be a good game for Watson.”

Watson’s success hinges on passing volume 16:43

  • To have a good game, Watson will likely have to throw the ball a lot.
  • His completion rate has been low, but increased passing attempts could compensate for that.

“If he’s going to have a good game, he’ll have to throw it 60 times because he’s completing about half his passes.”

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Cleveland dominating Tennessee 18:33

  • The hosts predict that Cleveland will dominate Tennessee in their upcoming game.
  • This is partly due to the injuries and poor performances by key players on the Tennessee team.

“I think Cleveland crushes Tennessee this week.”

Defense impressed by Cleveland Browns 18:40

  • The Cleveland Browns‘ defense has performed well in the first two weeks of the season.
  • Despite their loss in the previous game, their defense has been strong.

“To me, Cleveland’s defense has impressed me tremendously through two weeks. They lost last week, but it was on the back of two Pittsburgh defensive scores.”

Uncertainty over the Tennessee offense 18:56

“We’ve watched Ryan Tannehill play football. He looks terrible. We’ve watched Hopkins. Looks pretty terrible.”

Browns defense strong against quarterbacks and wide receivers 20:32

  • The Cleveland Browns‘ defense has been effective against quarterbacks and wide receivers.
  • They have limited their fantasy points and have been successful in coverage.

“This year, they’re number one against quarterbacks. They’re giving up seven fantasy points a game to the quarterback position through two weeks and number two against wideouts, just 16 points.”

Test for the Cleveland Run-D against Derrick Henry 20:19

“So this is going to be a real test for the Cleveland Run-D.”

Jahmyr Gibbs poised for a breakout week 22:48

  • Jameer Gibbs is expected to have a breakout performance.
  • The Atlanta Falcons‘ defense has struggled against the run, creating a favorable opportunity for Gibbs.

“I think this is a huge opportunity for Jameer Gibbs. I don’t want to sound like a broken record projecting the breakout for Gibbs. But it should come this week.”

“I’m excited about the B-Jean Robinson, Jameer Gibbs, you know, top selections in the draft, rookies with a ton of upside and potential.”

Cam Akers Trade Reaction and Injury Updates 23:10

  • Amon-Ra St. Brown‘s absence due to injury opens up opportunities for Jameer Gibbs in the passing game.
  • Wide receiver usage on the field has a correlation with the performance of other players on the team.
  • Last season, the injuries to the Chargers’ Austin Ekeler and Keenan Allen affected each other’s production.
  • Injuries to key offensive players, such as Amon-Ra St. Brown, Josh Reynolds, and D’Andre Swift, create an opportunity for more involvement from Jameer Gibbs.

“If Amon-Ra is at 75% and they know that, then I do think Gibbs is more involved in the passing game.” 23:54

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Lions vs. Falcons Matchup Analysis 24:00

  • The Lions’ offense has multiple injuries, creating a potential advantage for the Falcons.
  • The Lions’ strengths lie in their ability to stop the run, similar to the Titans.
  • Arthur Smith, the Falcons’ head coach, prioritizes running the ball to control the clock and limit the opposing team’s scoring opportunities.
  • The game could be a low-scoring affair if the Lions’ defense can contain the Falcons’ offense.

“Arthur Smith is stubborn. He’s just going to run his game plan and it always works.” 25:33

Desmond Ridder‘s Performance and Fantasy Outlook 25:52

  • Desmond Ritter’s performances can be frustrating to watch despite his team’s success.
  • His high turnover-worthy pass rate is a concern, but he has managed to avoid interceptions.
  • Ritter’s fantasy value is limited, and he is not recommended for starting in most leagues.

“7.6% of his passes are deemed turnover worthy… There’s only one interception.” 26:13

Receiving Options and Matchup Analysis 26:45

  • Despite Desmond Ritter’s limitations, the receiving options in his team’s matchup have potential.
  • Drake London and Kyle Pitts are mentioned as potential players to watch.
  • The Vegas line suggests a higher-scoring game, which could benefit the Lions’ offense.

“If you’re talking about Drake London, if you’re talking about… Are we talking about Mr. Pitts? Confidence. We shouldn’t be. But I think we are.” 26:55

Green Bay Packers‘ Fantasy Outlook 29:16

  • The Green Bay Packers have shown promise this season, but this week’s matchup against the Saints is challenging.
  • Jordan Love has exceeded expectations, but facing the strong Saints defense will be a big test.
  • The lack of offensive weapons due to injuries is a concern for the Packers.
  • The Saints defense is highly regarded, making it difficult to justify starting any Packers players in fantasy.

“I don’t want to start Dobbs… I’ll never start AJ DillonAJ Dillon is the opposite of that word.” 29:42

AJ Dillon‘s Performance 30:13

  • AJ Dillon has had a disappointing performance in the first two weeks.
  • He has had 16 rushing attempts in each of the first two weeks.
  • It seems like he has gained around 32 yards in total.
  • However, his average rushing yards per attempt is 2.6.
  • He has only caught three passes for 25 yards.

AJ Dillon has been struggling, averaging just 2.6 yards per attempt and not contributing much in the passing game.”

AJ Dillon vs Kender Miller 30:41

  • AJ Dillon‘s volume and touchdown potential make him a viable option.
  • He may face a tough defense this week.
  • Kendray Miller is coming back from an injury and may not take over the backfield immediately.
  • Tony Jones Jr. is also in the mix.
  • Playing Dillon is a gamble, but the volume is there.

“If you’re forced to choose between AJ Dillon and Kendray Miller, you may have to go with Dillon due to his volume and touchdown potential.”

Kendre Miller‘s Role 31:31

  • Kendray Miller may not take over the backfield in his first game back from injury.
  • Tony Jones Jr. may see significant playing time due to his pass protection skills and experience.
  • Miller’s role may be limited to early downs.
  • It’s uncertain if Miller is playing in the game, but it appears likely.

“I don’t think Kendray Miller can take over the backfield immediately, considering Tony Jones Jr.’s pass protection skills and experience.”

Michael Thomas and Chris Olave 33:41

  • Michael Thomas has been targeted a lot but hasn’t provided much fantasy value.
  • He is a strong flex option in PPR leagues.
  • Chris Olavi had a good game last week with 11 targets, but he hasn’t scored yet.
  • Olavi is the more explosive athlete.

Michael Thomas is targeted a lot but lacks a high ceiling, while Chris Olavi is the more explosive athlete.”

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Taysom Hill‘s Impact 35:03

  • Taysum Hill adds another dimension to the backfield.
  • He reduces the fantasy value of the running backs.
  • Hill’s involvement makes it difficult to trust any of the running backs, including Tony Jones and Kendray Miller.

“Taysum Hill’s presence in the backfield reduces the fantasy value of the running backs and makes it hard to trust them.”

Denver vs Miami Matchup 36:15

  • Miami Dolphins are favored to win by 6.5 points.
  • The over/under is set at 48.5 points, indicating a high-scoring game.
  • Miami has looked strong this season and could be considered one of the best teams in the AFC.
  • Denver is struggling with a 0-2 record.

Miami Dolphins are favored to win with a high-scoring game expected. They have looked impressive this season.”

Russell Wilson 36:44

“Try to trade high on Russell Wilson.”

Javante Williams 37:36

  • Javante Williams’ confidence level is high for the upcoming matchup.
  • Miami is ranked last in expected points per rush attempt.
  • Although his fantasy points haven’t been impressive yet, the amount of work he’s getting and his potential for improvement as the season progresses are positive signs.

“If you want to go and kick the tires on trading for a player who has been pretty disappointing so far, I would go test the waters.”

Miami Offense vs. Broncos Defense 38:48

  • The Broncos defense is currently ranked 23rd against running backs, 25th against tight ends, 19th against quarterbacks, and 20th against wide receivers.
  • The Miami offense is expected to have a good game, with heavy favorites at home according to Vegas.

“The Dolphins have been just egregiously bad against tight ends.”

Jerry Jeudy 40:11

  • It is not recommended to play Jerry Judy this week.
  • It’s better to wait and see for the Broncos’ offense to connect before starting Judy.

“Right now, I’m holding onto Judy, holding onto Sutton, holding onto Mims, and hoping that clarity emerges.”

Tight Ends against Miami Defense 41:04

  • The Miami Dolphins defense has been performing poorly against tight ends.
  • Targeting tight ends has been successful against them.

“It’s the Dolphins. Don’t play the tight ends, I don’t think.”

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Minnesota Vikings 41:48

  • Kirk Cousins is currently the number one quarterback for fantasy.
  • Justin Jefferson has had over 150 receiving yards in each of the last two weeks.
  • Jordan Addison has brought explosiveness to the Vikings’ offense.

Kirk Cousins is the number one quarterback for fantasy right now through two weeks.”

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Chargers vs. Vikings Preview 43:21

  • Both teams have been able to move the ball. 43:29
  • It’s bittersweet that Ekeler is likely to be missing, as his absence would raise the fantasy bar. 43:31
  • Mike Williams had an impressive 13 targets in the previous game. 43:47
  • Quinton Johnston, a rookie wide receiver, has been disappointing and should not be rostered. 46:52

“Both teams have been able to move the ball.”

Joshua Kelley or Jerome Ford? 47:02

  • Josh Kelly is favored over Madison due to the depth chart. 44:55
  • Kelly had 14 opportunities in the last game, while Madison had 17 in the first game. 45:12
  • Even with limited involvement in the passing game, Kelly is expected to get a significant workload. 45:19

“I would play him [Kelly] over Madison because of the depth chart.”

TJ Hockenson and Gerald Everett 46:00

  • TJ Hockenson has been performing well and is a reliable option. 46:01
  • Gerald Everett looked good last week but had limited targets and is sharing snaps with Parham. 46:07
  • Everett’s playing time and targets have decreased, making him a risky option. 46:17

“It’s tough to have confidence in Gerald Everett.”

Jets vs. Patriots Preview 47:37

  • The game is expected to have a low-scoring and unexciting matchup. 47:46
  • Both defenses, Jets and Patriots, are recommended as the top plays in this game. 48:14
  • Mac Jones has been throwing a lot but has struggled to complete deep passes. 48:39
  • Devonte Parker is the primary wide receiver for the Patriots but is known for contested catches. 49:16

“Defense of scores will happen in this game.”

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Breece Hall‘s Performance and Concerns 49:40

  • Breece Hall‘s four carries in the previous game were concerning for fantasy managers. 49:46
  • With the limited opportunities and the struggles of the Jets’ offense, starting Hall is questionable. 49:46

“If four carries is in the range of outcomes for Breece Hall, and those carries are very unlikely to be on the right side of the 50 based on Zach Wilson, it’s concerning.”

Breece Hall or Dameon Pierce 50:21

  • Fantasy footballers discuss whether to play Breeze Hall or Damien Pierce.
  • They mention that Breeze Hall will be playing against the Patriots defense, which is likely to be a tough matchup.
  • While Damien Pierce will be playing against the Houston Texans, who have a weak offensive line.
  • One of the hosts states that they saw Breeze Hall perform well in the first week with Zach Wilson as the quarterback.
  • Ultimately, they lean towards starting Breeze Hall due to his previous performance.

“I guess I go Breeze Hall from what I saw in the first week because he did that damage with Zach Wilson in that game too.”

Dalton Kincaid and the Rookie Tight End Narrative 56:35

  • The speaker was initially against drafting Dalton Kincaid and rookie tight ends in general.
  • However, the speaker acknowledges that rookie tight ends can have good games but may not be consistent throughout the season.
  • The speaker suggests considering Dalton Kincaid as a potential starter for this week based on his recent targets and the potential absence of Dawson Knox.
  • The speaker also highlights the need for independent thinking when evaluating the progress of players throughout the year.

“Rookie tight ends have good games and they’re just not a season long winner… what matters is what is the opportunity they’re going to receive this week in this matchup and moving forward.”

Independent Thinking and Progress of Players 57:28

  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of being an independent thinker when evaluating rookie players’ progress throughout the season.
  • They give an example of Sam LaPorta, a rookie tight end for the Detroit Lions, who is starting and playing on every down.
  • The speaker argues that the draft cost or the rookie status should not be the sole determinant of a player’s potential.
  • Opportunity, matchups, and player performance should be considered when making decisions.

“It doesn’t matter to me that LaPorta is a rookie… What matters is what is the opportunity they’re going to receive this week in this matchup and moving forward.”

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Other Players Discussed 57:38

  • The speaker briefly mentions Logan Thomas, who missed practice but could still have valuable playing time if he returns.
  • Colt Turner is brought up as a potential option if Thomas is sidelined, as he could receive passing down snaps.
  • The speaker believes that the pass rush in Turner’s matchup could produce opportunities for him in PPR formats.
  • Brian Robinson is mentioned as a potentially viable RB3 option due to his recent utilization and volume.

Logan Thomas missed practice… Colt Turner should get the passing down snaps with Jesse Bates getting the blocking snaps in that offense… The pass rush is going to produce some PPR… [Brian Robinson] is an RB3 in fantasy.”

Travis ETN and Tank Bigsby‘s Involvement 01:03:11

  • It remains to be seen if Tank Bigsby will become more involved as the season progresses, but for now, Travis ETN is the main focus 01:03:11.
  • Travis ETN had a strong performance against the Texans last year, with six rushing touchdowns in two games 01:03:16.
  • ETN has been averaging impressive numbers, with 114 and 140 total yards and averaging 9.4 yards per carry 01:03:23.

“We’ll see if Tank Bigsby gets more involved as the season goes, but for now it is Travis.”

Jordan Addison as Wide Receiver Start of the Week 01:03:46

  • Jordan Addison is recommended as the wide receiver start of the week, especially when stacking him with Kirk Cousins 01:03:46.
  • The matchup for Addison is favorable, and his snaps increased last week 01:03:50.
  • With two touchdowns in his first two weeks, Addison is a solid option for the flex position 01:04:00.

Jordan Addison is my wide receiver start of the week stacking with Kirk Cousins.”

Amari Cooper‘s Strong Performance 01:04:05

  • Amari Cooper is considered a must-start for the week, particularly against Tennessee 01:04:05.
  • Despite concerns about his availability for Monday Night Football, Cooper exceeded expectations with 10 targets and seven receptions for 90 yards 01:04:13.
  • Cooper has historically performed well against Tennessee, averaging 10 targets, six receptions for 85 yards, and 15 fantasy points per game 01:04:21.

“I’ve got a Mari Cooper just as an absolute must start this week against Tennessee.”

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Zay Flowers‘ Promising Position 01:04:35

  • Zay Flowers is expected to have a strong showing against the Colts 01:04:35.
  • He has been a prominent target for Baltimore, seeing a high percentage of first-read targets 01:04:42.
  • The Ravens’ passing offense has been more active, and the matchup against the Colts is favorable 01:04:48.

Zay Flowers versus the Colts through two weeks. It is clear. This is Mark Andrews and Zay Flowers‘ team.”

Pat Freiermuth as Tight End Start of the Week 01:05:17

  • Pat Friar Muth is recommended as the tight end start of the week 01:05:17.
  • The matchup against the Raiders is favorable, considering how the Bills’ tight ends performed against them last week 01:05:40.
  • Friar Muth has been involved in the passing game, running enough routes to be a significant target 01:05:55.

“Titan start of the week. I’m going with the Muth. I love this. I went to put the Muth in. He was my favorite like middling Titan start.”

Optimism for Kyle Pitts 01:07:26

  • Despite previous advice to drop Kyle Pitts for Zachards, this week Pitts is recommended as a start of the week 01:07:26.
  • The matchup against Detroit is extremely favorable for tight ends 01:08:00.
  • Pitts has the talent to excel, and the Lions’ defense has allowed the most fantasy points and receiving yards to tight ends 01:08:01.

“This week, my start of the week is Kyle Pitts.”

Stream Potential: Jake Ferguson 01:09:24

  • Jake Ferguson is suggested as a streaming option at the tight end position 01:09:24.
  • The Cardinals have a history of allowing targets to tight ends, including Darren Waller‘s success against them 01:09:30.
  • With Dak Prescott‘s tendency to target Ferguson in the red zone, he has a good chance of scoring a touchdown 01:09:45.

Jake Ferguson, AKA Fergulicious to stack with Dak Prescott because he’s playing Arizona. … A good bet for a touchdown for a player that’s probably on your waiver wire.”

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Starts of the Week 01:10:11

  • Ferguson, you’re thinking Fergulicious, not turd Ferguson this week.
  • That’s what I’m hoping for.

“Ferguson, you’re thinking Fergulicious, not turd Ferguson this week.”

Sponsor Mention – Purina Pro Plan Sport 01:10:17

  • Purina Pro Plan Sport provides fine-tune nutrition for strength and stamina for active dogs and their owners.
  • Pro Plan Sport is high-performance fuel for active dogs.

“Pro Plan Sport provides fine-tune nutrition for strength and stamina that enables dogs and owners to take on life’s adventures together.”

Kicker Spotlight: Greg Joseph 01:10:40

  • Jason Moore‘s confident pick for this week is Greg Joseph.
  • He traveled up North for a cage match, representing himself as “Leg Bro” in the wrestling match.
  • Joseph’s performance against the Vikings is expected to be powerful, just like a Minnesota back breaker powerbomb.

“I traveled up North for a cage match. Henceforth under the wrestling name leg, bro. So moving like Cameron acres. I use the Minnesota back breaker power bombing the Vikings.”

Approval of Rhyming with Joseph 01:11:12

  • Joseph is a good rhyme option for Greg Joseph.
  • The hosts approve the rhyming choice.
  • Rhyming with Joseph makes it a catchy and fun addition.

“I mean, if you’re ever going to get Greg Joseph in there, it’s only option you got, man. You rhyme, Joseph. Yeah. That’s not, I’m going to, I’m going to allow it.”

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Farewell and Closing Remarks 01:12:01

  • The hosts conclude the episode and bid farewell to the listeners.
  • They thank the listeners for tuning in to another episode of the Fantasy Footballers podcast.

“So goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the Fantasy Footballers podcast.”

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