RB Rankings Countdown: 20-11, Kamara Suspension

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Alvin Kamara suspended, reactions & rankings on today’s fantasy football podcast! Which RBs in the middle rounds of fantasy football drafts have the most upside? Plus, the latest on Josh Jacobs and more NFL News! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for August 7th, 2023.

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Alvin Kamara Suspended 06:09

  • Alvin Kamara has been suspended for three games due to his involvement in a fight outside a Las Vegas nightclub in 2022.
  • This suspension affects his fantasy football value at the beginning of the season.
  • Without the ability to place him on the injured reserve, fantasy managers will have to make do without him for those three weeks.
  • The New Orleans Saints have some depth at the running back position with rookie Kendra Miller and effective red zone runner Jamal Williams.
  • The team has also shown interest in Kareem Hunt after Eno Benjamin‘s Achilles injury.

“There’s going to be a draft prize of Alvin Kamara that is very cheap. And he’s a big name.””

Uncertainties about Josh Jacobs‘ situation 12:36

  • Josh Jacobs‘ absence from camp complicates the evaluation of his situation. 12:36
  • Reports suggest the Chiefs and the Broncos have shown interest in Jacobs. 12:47
  • There are speculations about the Raiders possibly rescinding his franchise tag. 12:51
  • It is unclear whether Jacobs will return, but the running back is likely to play on the franchise tag. 14:28

“I think he will end up playing this year for the Raiders on the franchise tag because when push comes to shove, it’s just the only option in his control.”

Running back injuries and backups 11:41

  • Rashard Shahid and Tre’Quan Smith left practice with groin injuries. 11:36
  • Chase Edmonds is expected to serve as the Buccaneers’ third-down back. 15:29
  • Backup running backs like Zameer White and Amir Abdullah could see increased involvement if Jacobs or Edmonds are unavailable. 14:39

“Rashard Shahid, Tre’Quan Smith left practice with groin injuries. Chase Edmonds expected to open as the Bucs’ third-down back. If Jacobs didn’t play, you will see both of those players.”

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“Zameer White, he’s a six-foot, 215-pound running back who has great speed. If he’s got opportunity that is vacated by Josh Jacobs, uh, certainly worth a shot.”

Reactions to Rashad White’s potential role 16:17

  • Some members of the podcast are interested in Rashad White at his current ADP. 16:14
  • The speaker, however, does not share this enthusiasm but finds White intriguing. 16:17
  • The potential loss of third-down and past-catching work without Tom Brady diminishes White’s value. 16:23
  • The news of White’s role change initially drew a strong reaction from one of the speakers. 16:33
  • The perception of Chase Edmonds as a less capable player compared to White is discussed. 16:44
  • The role of Edmonds in obvious passing situations and the two-minute drill is considered. 17:00
  • The importance of running back involvement in actual third-down passing plays is highlighted. 17:19
  • The percentage of third-down plays last year was approximately 20%. 17:33

“And so do, do I believe that Rashad White’s a more capable talented player? I do.”

Dalvin Cook‘s Snap Percentage and Alexander Mattison‘s Potential 24:04

  • In Minnesota, 72% of the snaps were taken by Dalvin Cook, the highest snap percentage in a season 24:04.
  • There are doubts about whether Alexander Mattison can be a three-down running back under Coach O’Connell 24:16.
  • The Vikings’ offense will need to score a lot of points due to their soft rebuild and weak defense 24:30.
  • With 320 opportunities last year, Dalvin Cook finished as RB10 24:50.
  • Mattison’s potential ceiling is tremendous, but there are questions about his performance as a backup 24:39.

“I think the ceiling is tremendous for Alexander Mattison.” 24:39

Tank Bigsby‘s Ranking and Potential Concerns 31:47

  • Tank Bigsby is ranked below ADP, even though he is perceived as a top talent.
  • Concerns surround his touchdown upside and potential.

“My main concern is related to touchdown upside and potential for him.”

Positive Reports on Tank Bigsby 32:05

  • Early reports from training camp have been positive for Tank Bigsby.
  • He is expected to receive a significant workload.

“The early reports out of camp have been very positive on Tank Bigsby.”

Travis Etienne and Kenneth Walker Comparison 32:12

  • Travis E.T.N. and Kenneth Walker are similar in terms of explosive athleticism and fantasy potential.
  • Both players faced challenges with goal line carries.
  • E.T.N. is preferred due to being in his second year back from injury and the potential improvement of the Jacksonville Jaguars‘ offense.

“The similarities between Kenneth Walker and Travis E.T.N. are just astounding.”Travis E.T.N. has shown potential for explosive plays in previous seasons.

  • His performance may not be consistent, but he has the ability to make big plays.
  • E.T.N. had a strong four-week stretch last season, showcasing his growth and potential.

“There was a run last year…This is the potential of Travis E.T.N. in this offense and you’re going to see it.”

Concerns with Travis Etienne‘s Usage in the Jacksonville Offense 33:51

  • Consistent big plays are a concern for E.T.N.
  • The offense transitioning to include more passing to E.T.N. would benefit his production.
  • It remains uncertain if the offense will utilize E.T.N. as a pass-catching back like Austin Ekeler.

“And so that is the concern is that without a big play and without the team transitioning to passing him the ball more…”

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Positive Outlook for James Conner 35:22

  • James Conner is seen as a valuable asset despite playing for a struggling team.
  • His ADP is reasonable, considering the risks associated with the Cardinals’ offense.
  • Conner displayed success in fantasy during Kyler Murray‘s absence last season.

“He’s all that was there and he’s really good… you’ve got a guy… who does have running back one upside.”

Potential Concerns with James Conner 36:39

  • Concerns surround the Cardinals’ offense, specifically without Kyler Murray at the start of the season.
  • Previous injury history and an inability to complete full seasons are worrisome factors for Conner.

“You worry about the offense as a whole without Kyler to start and you worry about his inability to finish complete seasons.”

“So that freaks me out a little bit.”

James Conner‘s Outlook and Potential Regression 37:31

  • Conner’s performance may regress in terms of touchdown production.
  • However, if Kyler Murray returns and the offense improves, Conner has the potential to be a top-ranked running back.
  • Conner’s strong performance in the absence of Kyler Murray last season demonstrates his ability to succeed.

“But it also, I have fears because… James Connor was talked about this exact way, this exact way in the off season…last year…he was the running back five in fantasy.”

Positive Camp Reports for James Conner 38:18

  • Camp reports on James Conner have been positive, highlighting his catching abilities.
  • Conner is expected to be utilized alongside backup quarterbacks.

“Camp reports have been great. I saw some highlight real catches from James Connor the other day.”

Reactions to RB Rankings 38:41

  • The age cliff for running backs is a concern 38:46
  • Jahmyr Gibbs could be a value pick 39:14
  • Jahmyr Gibbs is a receiving back and that matters in fantasy football 39:59
  • Jameer Gibbs had impressive pass-catching stats in college 40:12
  • A running back target is worth more than a rush attempt 40:31

“He is truly elite…He’s very, very good.” 40:29

Potential of Jahmyr Gibbs 39:23

  • Jameer Gibbs is expected to be a significant part of the Detroit Lions‘ offense 39:30
  • He is seen as a weapon and an explosive player 40:03
  • He has potential for elite playmaking 42:14

“I think Jameer Gibbs is going to be a monstrous part of this offense.” 41:53

Uncertainty with Breece Hall 43:50

  • Variables include the possibility of adding another back and Hall’s health 44:10
  • Breece Hall faces a tough schedule at the start of the season 45:12

“We know the beginning of the year…is a brutal schedule.” 45:19

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Potential Upside for Breece Hall in Fantasy Football 46:13

  • Breece Hall is considered a top five running back in an offense that should improve with Aaron Rodgers.
  • However, he might have a slow start due to his team’s situation and previous negative feedback during the offseason.
  • The New York Jets have shown interest in other running backs like Josh Jacobs, indicating the need for depth and a veteran presence.
  • The drafting of Breece Hall is for the long-term success of the fantasy football season, and trading for him might not be a viable option.
  • Despite the high risk, Breece Hall has the potential to become a league-winning player in the second half of the season.

“But the upside, I want that case made clear. He’s a top five running back.”

Evaluation of Aaron Jones in Fantasy Football 48:40

  • Aaron Jones is a Green Bay Packers running back being drafted in the fourth round at RB 16.
  • The excellence of Aaron Jones might be underappreciated, leading to potential boredom among fantasy football players.
  • Although the touchdown situation has been favorable for Jones in the past, he is turning 29 years old and lacks Aaron Rodgers as his quarterback.
  • While the talent is still there, Jones’ involvement in the passing game might decrease without Rodgers.
  • With a slightly worse offense and fewer targets expected, Jones might be good but not great this year.
  • Belief in Jordan Love and the Packers’ offense could justify high expectations for Jones, but lack of faith in Love might lead to downgrading Jones and other offensive pieces.

“I think Aaron Jones is one of those players that, you know, if we believe in the Packers, then we can find the statistical backing to love Aaron Jones.”

Miles Sanders 52:51

  • Sanders’ ADP is running back 19.
  • Jason has him at 12, Mike and I have him at 14.
  • Sanders is now with the Carolina Panthers after four years with the Eagles.
  • His fantasy peak in his career is RB 13.
  • Sanders is projected to have the backfield mostly to himself.
  • He is being brought in to be a three-down workhorse back.
  • The head coach, general manager, and Sanders himself have talked about getting him 50 receptions this year.
  • Sanders is a talented back who had a great season as the running back 13 in the past.
  • Sanders will benefit from being on a team with a good offensive line and is expected to receive a ton of volume.
  • There is some polarization in opinions about Sanders due to his inconsistency in the past, but there is value in drafting him at his current ADP.

“I see a lot of polarization around miles Sanders…but I just kind of see a value for where he’s going right now in fantasy.” 54:20

Joe Mixon 55:47

  • Mixon is the favorite running back in this group.
  • His current ADP is RB 17.
  • Mixon is expected to have a better season than his ADP suggests.
  • He is on a team that is expected to compete for a Super Bowl.
  • There is no competent competition in the backfield beyond Mixon.
  • Mixon has had productive fantasy seasons and is a talented player.
  • He is expected to be involved in the passing game and catch more passes than people anticipate.
  • Despite being inefficient on the ground last year, Mixon still has a high ceiling due to his volume on a great offense.
  • There is some risk and reward drafting Mixon at his current ADP.

“This is a clear starting running back on a high-powered offense…This one’s one of my favorite values in the draft right now.” 58:33

Najee Harris 59:35

  • Harris is being drafted at RB 12.
  • The hosts have him ranked at 11, 12, and 13.
  • Harris may not be seen as the sexy pick, but he is a solid choice.
  • He is a rookie with upside and opportunity.
  • There are other younger, more explosive options available, but Harris is still a good choice in the middle rounds of fantasy football drafts.

“One of the challenges here with Najee Harris is it just doesn’t feel like the sexy pick.” 59:58

Strong hold on the backfield 01:00:33

  • Najee Harris has a firm grip on the starting role in the Steelers’ backfield.
  • Although Jaylen Warren is seen as a sneaky opportunity player, Harris is expected to dominate.
  • Harris will receive a significant workload and is considered a reliable option.

“He’s going to get a ton of work.”

  • In the second half of the previous season, Najee Harris showcased his potential.
  • Despite dealing with a foot injury, he performed well, especially in the red zone.
  • With a healthier offensive line and more scoring opportunities, Harris is expected to excel.

“He’s always going to be on the field.”

  • The Steelers’ offense is expected to improve this season.
  • This improvement will result in more scoring opportunities for Najee Harris.
  • Harris’ versatility and well-rounded skill set make him a valuable asset.

“He’s just a really well-rounded running back.”

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