Preseason Power-Up + Position Battles, Rankings Risers

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Preseason kicks off tonight! Biggest storylines and things to watch for on today’s fantasy football podcast! Which position battles will have big fantasy implications? Plus, fantasy rankings risers from training camp, NFL News, and a new edition of Best Ball Breakdown! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for August 10th, 2023.

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Players Rising in Rankings 05:14

  • The hosts discuss the players who have improved their rankings the most during training camp.
  • Javonte Williams, the rookie running back, is mentioned as someone who was initially off the radar due to injury concerns but has impressed in camp.
  • DJ Moore, the wide receiver, is also highlighted as a player who could have a breakout season with the potential chemistry with Justin Fields.
  • The hosts consider the perceived risks and upside of these players and how their rankings have been affected.

“Javante Williams has been a pleasant surprise in training camp. He’s shown great recovery from his injury and deserves attention in fantasy drafts.” “DJ Moore has the potential for a standout season with Justin Fields as his quarterback. People should be keeping an eye on him.”

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Miles Sanders groin injury 10:53

  • Mile Sanders suffered a tweak in his groin at practice on Wednesday and is unlikely to suit up for the preseason game 10:15

“No, you don’t like to see right when preseason hits a player who’s I feel like his biggest knock against him has been his ability to stay on the field is hurt.” 10:20

Kareem Hunt‘s contract negotiations 12:13

  • Kareem Hunt left Indianapolis without a deal after the Colts made an offer but couldn’t reach an agreement 12:19
  • Hunt believes he’s worth more and thinks he has one more chance to secure a contract 12:28

“It’s just crazy because it’s like great visit with the Saints. Soon as he put his foot on the field they said the Colts called and said hey we’ll pay you more and he gets the Indianapolis.” 12:48

Preseason expectations and observations 14:44

  • The preseason structure has changed, and starters don’t play as much as before 15:06
  • Look for players who excel in game situations rather than focusing on stats like yards or touchdowns 16:18

“It’s not necessarily how many yards they have or any amount of you know it’s not the touchdowns it’s play to play are you seeing some things that are special about these players to just give you a gauge of do they belong here.” 16:23

Paying attention to rookie performances 16:43

  • Keep a close eye on rookies to see if they can handle the game speed and perform well against NFL defenders 16:47
  • Observing running back rotations and seeing who gets the majority of the work 17:17

“I just want to look at rotations and game speed.” 17:17

Running back position battles and rankings risers 17:57

  • Reports from camp are glowing about Ja’Quan as he has exceeded expectations.

“Players are saying that he’s a dude, he’s so fast, he’s good between the tackles.”

  • Ja’Quan was initially overlooked due to his size, but he has been adding weight and impressing observers.
  • The opportunity for Ja’Quan to shine is good since the only other running backs on the team are Mostert and Jeff Wilson.
  • Mostert and Wilson ranked seventh in the NFL in fantasy points per touch last year, showing the effectiveness of the system.

“You don’t have to have him get the ball twenty times for him to be really good for fantasy in this system.”

Khalil Herbert and the Chicago Bears running back committee 20:01

  • Khalil Herbert is currently favored to be the number one running back for the Bears.
  • The Bears have a three-pack of running backs competing for playing time, but Herbert seems to have the edge.
  • When given sufficient carries, Herbert has shown the ability to produce with over 70 rushing yards in games.
  • Herbert has the potential to be a thousand-yard rusher and offers good value in the tenth round.
  • It remains to be seen if the Bears will rotate backs or stick with one main option.

“I think that’s a pretty important thing for the team to tell us what their actions are.”

Jahmyr Gibbs and David Montgomery in the Detroit Lions backfield 22:44

  • Jamir Gibbs has the potential to be very effective for fantasy while David Montgomery could be used more than expected.
  • Gibbs is a highly talented player with incredible speed, drafted in the first round.
  • Gibbs is expected to have a similar role to Mark Ingram, while Montgomery’s workload remains uncertain.
  • Both players are likely to produce at their average draft position.

“Jamir Gibbs could just be Deandre Swift, it could be that level of involvement and workload.”

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Baltimore Ravens wide receiver room 24:30

  • The Ravens wide receiver room is a murky situation but worth paying attention to.
  • One or two players from the group of Zay Flowers, Rashod Bateman, and Odell Beckham could finish well above their current ADP.
  • Beckham being more involved than expected is a possibility due to his recruitment by Lamar Jackson.
  • The Ravens had a league-low 12% of plays using three wide receivers last year, but there is potential for more wide receivers to be utilized.

“Getting more wide receivers out there is just inevitable.”

“I think you’re going to have one of these players, maybe two, finish as the wide receiver 31, wide receiver 22, wide receiver 25.”

New England Patriots wide receivers 27:15

  • Zay flowers may be the safest option among the wide receivers.
  • Isaiah likely and two tight end sets could limit snaps for Zay flowers, Bateman, and Beckham.
  • If all three wide receivers are healthy, there is concern over whether Zay flowers will get enough playing time to shine.

“Is Zay flowers getting enough snaps to be a star? It’s actually a really, really good point.”

The New England Patriots‘ offense 28:52

  • Transitioning from a bad offensive system to a (presumably) better offensive system.
  • Mac Jones has potential to be a good quarterback.
  • Devonte Parker and Juju Smith-Schuster have joined the team.
  • Taekwondo and Thornton have struggled but have shown promise in the preseason.
  • DeMario Douglas is making waves in camp.
  • The passing attack may produce fantasy value, with Hunter Henry being a valuable piece.

“There will be production there… Hunter Henry is probably the most valuable piece here.”

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receivers 32:21

  • Calvin Ridley and Christian Kirk are intriguing options.
  • Ridley has the upside if healthy, but hasn’t played much recently.
  • Kirk has shown potential in the past, but is being drafted low.

“Are we really that confident that Calvin Ridley is 12 wide receiver spots better than last year’s wide receiver 11?”

Wide receiver value beyond the top options 34:11

  • Christian Kirk‘s fantasy value has been dismissed, but there could still be potential.
  • Sometimes the allure of the top wide receiver overshadows value in the second options.
  • Eric Decker Syndrome – the perception that the second wide receiver cannot be as good as the first.

“Sometimes we don’t get in on the twos in these offenses because we like the allure of the one. There can be value there.”

Quarterbacks to watch 35:09

“I really want to get my eyeballs on how Deshaun Watson looks… Jordan Love is everything.”

Rising rookies in training camp 35:26

  • Several rookies, including Dobbs and Christian Watson, have been performing well in training camp. 35:26

“To a bunch of different you know Dobbs has been rising up and just he’s really making some noise in the training camp timeline.” 35:26

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Key players to watch in preseason 35:38

“They will go as Jordan Love goes so I really need to see if he’s good… I want to see all the rookie tight ends I was joking with Jason that this you know he may get tortured by some actually productive rookie tight ends this year…” 35:38

Standouts among rookie tight ends 35:48

“Probably not Sam LaPorta but possible been been very been running with the ones been very targeted in camp… Dalton Kincaid has earned the trust and will be running with the ones throughout the season in Buffalo… Luke Musgrave I don’t know if you saw the camp report today Jason I think you probably did… Michael Mayer has been missing camp the last few days… Darnell right last I saw he has caught eight total passes in all of camp, what four of them are touchdowns…” 35:48

Impact of rookie tight ends on fantasy 37:29

  • The performance of rookie tight ends can significantly impact fantasy football rankings and usage in the passing game. 37:29

“I love scouting I think I enjoy scouting the tight end position in preseason so that’s something I’m looking forward to.” 37:36

Concerns about Josh Jacobs‘ absence 40:05

  • If Josh Jacobs does not return before the start of the season, fantasy owners will need to adjust their expectations and potentially look for other options. 40:05
  • If Jacobs’ absence continues after the third preseason game, it may be an indication of a more significant issue. 40:44

“I just want are we expecting to see him on the field? I don’t think so… if we don’t know what’s going on that is when I’m… gonna just have to start adjusting expectations…” 40:05

Preseason wish for Trey Lance 42:08

  • There is a desire to see Trey Lance traded to a team where he has a better chance to start. 42:14
  • The wish is to see Lance perform as a starter in preseason games. 42:46

“My wish… is that Trey Lance gets traded and so we just can know do we not need to dig into that and just ask where like no you want Washington or Washington would be great… let’s all find out together.” 42:46

Preseason wish for Deshaun Watson 39:38

  • The desire is to see Deshaun Watson back on the field during preseason. 39:38
  • The hope is that Watson’s situation gets resolved and he can contribute to fantasy football. 39:47

“I want to see him in preseason… I need to see him… I need him out there.” 39:32

Preseason Best Ball Strategy 44:01

  • The hosts discuss their favorite strategy for best ball drafts during the preseason.
  • They prefer to go for three tight end builds because of the value they offer.
  • Late-round tight ends have a chance to contribute and provide valuable picks.

“When you get those [late-round tight ends], they can be very valuable picks.”

Benefits of Best Ball Format 45:09

  • The hosts explain the advantages of playing best ball fantasy football.
  • In best ball, you draft your team and don’t need to adjust your lineup throughout the season.
  • It allows you to focus solely on your drafting ability and showcases your skill.

“You really get to dunk on people for your drafting ability.”

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Three Tight End Training Camp Risers 46:01

  • The hosts discuss three tight ends who have impressed during training camp.
  • Hunter Henry of the New England Patriots is being targeted frequently by rookie QB Mac Jones.
  • Jake Ferguson seems to be emerging as the number one tight end for the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Sam La Porta has been taking first-team reps since day one with the Detroit Lions, and beat reporter Tim 20 Man believes he will have a big role in the offense.

“Those three guys have had great camps.”

Best Ball Appeal for Rookie Tight Ends 49:31

  • The hosts acknowledge that rookie tight ends are typically not ideal picks in best ball drafts.
  • However, they mention that rookies like Greg Dulcich and Dalton Kincaid could still have good weeks.
  • They believe that no rookie tight end will have a consistently great season, but there is potential for impactful games.

“I don’t think any rookie tight end is going to have a great season, but they will have good weeks.”

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