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PPR mock draft on today’s fantasy football podcast! Find out what happens when Andy, Mike, and Jason pick right after each other! Lots of fantasy football draft strategy talk as the Ballers constantly steal picks from each other! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for August 11th, 2023.

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Quick reactions to last night’s games 03:26

  • The hosts briefly discuss the preseason football games from the previous night, highlighting standout performances from certain players.

“Quick reactions to last night’s games before we get into the news.”

Mock draft announcement 03:30

  • The hosts mention that they will be conducting a mock draft on the show, specifically focusing on the 4-5-6 draft positions in a 10-team, three-wide receiver PPR format.

“And we are doing a mock draft on today’s show. It’s going to be a battle.”

Player analysis from last night’s games 03:59

  • The hosts analyze the performances of rookie players in the preseason games, highlighting their skills and potential impact in fantasy football.

“The rookies last night were the highlight for me.”

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Tankdale and Ty Chandler‘s performances 05:06

  • The hosts discuss the impressive performances of wide receiver Tankdale and running back Ty Chandler in the preseason games. They emphasize Tankdale’s talent and Chandler’s opportunity to be the next back for the Vikings.

“Those were the two takeaways. I’m going to keep my eyes on Tankdale.”

Vikings’ backup running back situation 06:05

  • The hosts discuss the Vikings’ backup running back situation and the positive impressions left by Ty Chandler. They mention that other potential backups are currently injured or not performing as well.

“Madison was held out. I think in Wong Wu is currently hurt.”

George Kittle‘s injury 06:42

  • The hosts mention that George Kittle, the tight end for the San Francisco 49ers, is dealing with a strain and is expected to be sidelined for a week. They also mention his history of injuries impacting his ability to play full seasons.

George Kittle would be on it dealing with a strain in camp expected to be sidelined for the next week.”

Joe Mixon‘s legal situations 07:18

  • The hosts bring attention to the ongoing legal situations involving Joe Mixon, mentioning two separate incidents that are still being resolved. They emphasize that the legal issues may not have an immediate impact on his availability for the season.

Joe Mixon has two legal situations still to be… They still need to figure out what’s going on with both of them.”

NFL’s approach to legal situations 09:19

  • The hosts discuss the NFL’s general practice of waiting for legal processes to conclude before taking any disciplinary actions. They acknowledge the challenge of navigating these situations and emphasize the importance of keeping the audience informed.

“I’m I don’t know how quickly this will move on Monday. If this is a vote to go to trial or not again, certainly not lawyers. Definitely our least favorite part of this job is having to sort through this and figure this stuff out.”

Roster decisions on Joe Mixon 09:46

  • The hosts clarify that the team has not made any roster decisions that would suggest Joe Mixon will be absent in any capacity this season. They mention other running backs on the roster but state that Mixon should be their primary option.

“They did fill out that backfield in New Orleans. They knew something was going to happen.”

Philadelphia Running Back Situation 10:23

  • Kenneth Gainwell has been the team’s early down back, with more touches than any other running back in training camp.
  • Gainwell has also been catching passes and has been performing well in camp.

Kenneth Gainwell has had a stronger camp than the other back.” 10:44

Uncertainty in Philadelphia Running Back Depth 12:48

  • The Eagles have two players on one-year contracts and incumbents like Kenneth Gainwell and Boston Scott in the running back room.
  • The team has listed five backs as their number one running back on the depth chart.
  • It is unclear how the rotation will shape up, and not all of the players will make the final roster.

“There’s a real strong possibility that there isn’t a back to roster here.” 12:22

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Evaluating Fantasy Value 13:53

  • DeAndre Swift, who has been getting less involved in training camp, should be approached with caution.
  • Rashad Penny’s value is becoming more uncertain, but he can still be a risky pick in later rounds.
  • Kenneth Gainwell, with good pass-catching abilities, could be a sneaky last round pick.
  • Gainwell’s profile suggests that he could excel in a larger role.

“Gainwell does have pass-catching in his profile… I think he’s going to have a very strong season.” 14:48

Buffalo Running Back Situation 15:01

  • Damian Harris has been missing time due to a knee injury in Buffalo.
  • James Cook has been impressive in camp and is expected to have a significant role.
  • Dalton Kincaid and Latavius Murray have also been performing well in camp.

“The entire drumbeat from mini camp, training camp has been that James Cook is the star of Buffalo’s camp.” 16:44

Potential Impact on James Cook‘s Fantasy Value 16:47

  • The concern is whether James Cook will be used for touchdowns near the goal line.
  • If Latavius Murray continues to perform well, he might be the preferred option in goal-line situations.
  • Cook could still score touchdowns from a distance, but the goal-line role is uncertain.

“Will he be allowed to have touchdowns inside the green zone? Because right now it looks like it’s not.” 16:58

Draft Format and Strategy 18:33

  • The draft is a head-to-head mock draft with three participants.
  • It is a 10-team draft, and it is the first time they are doing a mock draft with this format.
  • They received a request to do a full PPR draft with three wide receivers in the starting lineup, along with two running backs, a quarterback, a tight end, a flex, and four bench spots.

“It’s going to be a little different.” 18:55

Draft Strategy: Wide Receivers 18:58

  • The draft started with Christian McCaffrey, Justin Jefferson, and Austin Eckler, which are likely picks in a full PPR league.
  • With the fourth pick, there’s a choice between Jamar Chase and Cooper Kupp. Jamar Chase is chosen due to his potential in the full PPR format.

“Jamar Chase is just too good of a ceiling to pass on there.” 22:32

Impact of PPR Format on Wide Receivers 19:56

  • The hosts discuss how some wide receivers’ performance might vary based on formats.
  • A study found that only five wide receivers shifted more than three spots based on the format change. For example, Christian Watson‘s ranking dropped six spots in full PPR, while Deontay Johnson’s ranking improved by seven spots.

Christian Watson in full, he was down six spots… Deontay Johnson, seven spots better in a full PPR.” 20:20

Draft Strategy: Tight Ends 23:07

  • In a 10-team format, having a premium tight end like Travis Kelce provides an advantage.
  • However, the decision is between Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. Tyreek Hill is chosen due to higher rankings and not having to worry about injury concerns.

“I’m going to let the three wide receiver format win it out for me.” 23:57

Evaluation of Joe Burrow‘s Injury 22:22

  • There is uncertainty regarding Joe Burrow‘s availability in the early weeks of the season. One source believes it was a grade two injury, casting doubt on the previous reports of a grade one injury.
  • This uncertainty might impact the fantasy production of Jamar Chase.

“That could put Jamar Chase in a different quarterback category for a couple of weeks.” 22:28

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Second Round and Draft Dilemmas 24:53

  • The hosts discuss the second round and explain their reasoning for their picks.
  • Mike faces a decision between Devonte Adams and Amon-Ra St. Brown for the wide receiver position, as well as considering Tony Pollard for the running back position.

“I’m really struggling here with this pick.” 25:28

“I feel very comfortable with him [Tony Pollard].” 26:29

Mike drafts Tony Pollard 26:42

  • Mike decides to draft Tony Pollard in the mock draft.
  • This choice comes after some discomfort in selecting Davante Adams earlier.

“I’m going to take Tony Pollard here.”

Mike selects Davante Adams 26:50

  • Mike counters his earlier hesitation and decides to draft Devante Adams in the second round.
  • This choice is made with the knowledge that Jason will have the freedom to pick his desired player.

“And I’m going to take Devante Adams in the second round.”

Amon-Ra St. Brown is a good PPR pick 27:01

  • Mike expresses his enthusiasm for picking Alvin Ross St. Brown in a full PPR league.
  • St. Brown is ranked high and is ahead of many other players in his position.

“I think at a full PPR three wide receiver to get Alvin Ross the second is a delight.”

Mike’s strategy to avoid the Raiders’ uncertainty by selecting Alvin Ross over Davante Adams 27:24

  • Mike shares that he would have chosen Alvin Ross St. Brown over Davante Adams due to concerns about the Raiders’ situation.
  • Mike prefers to avoid the risks associated with a potentially imploding Raiders team.

“I would have taken Alvin Ross over Davante Adams just for the whole avoiding the chance that the Raiders implode.”

Mike explains his strategic ADP-based approach to drafting 31:22

  • Mike clarifies that while he values Ramon Ray Stevenson highly, he considers the ADP (Average Draft Position) when making his selections.
  • He mentions how taking Ramon Ray Stevenson at an earlier spot would have jeopardized his chances of also selecting Tony Pollard.

“If I take Ramon Ray Stevenson there at 2.5 there is a 0.0 chance that I get Tony Pollard… you pick your spots where you want to take these chances.”

Mike picks Keenan Allen despite personal dislike 33:28

  • Mike decides to select Keenan Allen, even though he personally dislikes the player.
  • He acknowledges that Allen is a good choice for PPR leagues, along with Alvin Ross St. Brown.

“I hate this player but it’s Mr. Keenan Allen. It is the quintessential PPR… him and Amon-Ra St. Brown are the PPR bros.”

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Mike prioritizes running back position in a three wide receiver league 34:07

  • Mike explains that in a three wide receiver league, he focuses on filling the running back position before his third wide receiver slot.
  • While he acknowledges the availability of talented wide receivers like Deebo Samuel, Calvin Ridley, and DJ Moore, he wants to secure a solid running back.

“…There’s a lot of wide receivers I still love. I think that I can fill that third spot and prioritize a very difficult position to fill at running back here.”

“If Ramon Ray wasn’t on the board at 305… my pick would have been rookie Jameer Gibbs.”

Jason’s running back considerations 34:59

  • Jason was considering Jameer Gibbs and Joe Mixon as his preferred running backs for his team.
  • He mentioned that Jameer Gibbs is younger and more explosive, especially in a full PPR format where he excels as a pass-catching option.
  • However, Jason was hesitant to select Gibbs because he already had Amunra St. Brown on his roster and didn’t want to load up too heavily on a single team.
  • Despite this, Jason acknowledged that Joe Mixon was a valuable option in the fourth round, particularly with his potential for a high number of targets in games played last year, even though he acknowledged Mixon’s legal issues.

“Even with your earlier Lion Roar… Yeah, even with that roar. I mean, it’s you know, I get it. You would think it’s false advertising. False roaring. But we talked about it, Joe Mixon was on pace for like a hundred targets in his games played last year…”

Jason’s justification for selecting Joe Mixon 35:32

  • Jason ultimately chose Joe Mixon because he didn’t have a running back yet and felt that selecting a star player like Mixon in the fourth round was a good opportunity.
  • He also mentioned that Mixon’s potential for a large number of targets made him an attractive choice in a PPR league.
  • Additionally, Jason recognized the departure of Samaje Perine from the Cincinnati Bengals, further solidifying Mixon’s role as the primary running back.

“And at this point in the fourth round, when I don’t have a running back, to be able to take a star like that, I will take Joe Mixon.”

Jason’s considerations between Bengals and Lions players 35:55

  • Jason discussed his decision-making process for selecting players from the Detroit Lions and the Cincinnati Bengals.
  • He stated that he believed both teams were good, but the Bengals were a better offense overall.
  • Jason’s reference to a Lion Roar likely alludes to his earlier mention of Amunra St. Brown. He emphasized his faith in the Bengals’ offense, including Amunra St. Brown’s potential impact.

“It’s the difference between what I believe in the Bengals versus the Lions. I think both are good, but the Bengals are clearly a better offense.”

Jason’s frustration with his draft 42:55

  • Jason expresses frustration due to feeling ill-prepared and calls someone a “dirty rotten scoundrel”.
  • He mentions being mad and feeling tilted, likely due to not getting the players he wanted.
  • Jason comments on only having one running back and feeling forced to settle for certain players.

“I was ill prepared because I you dirty rotten scoundrel.”

Planning the draft 50:39

  • Jason expresses his intention to draft Johan Dotson.
  • He mentions wanting to target Jackson Smith and Jigba, a rookie wide receiver from Seattle.
  • Mike suggests that Dotson is a great pick but reveals he had his eyes on Smith and Jigba.
  • Mike also mentions having Tyler Lockett and not considering Dotson.

“It’s great pick obviously. But I was actually targeting the rookie from Seattle Jackson Smith and Jigba.” 50:50

Mike’s draft strategy 51:04

  • Mike acknowledges that he has been drafting wide receivers in the past few rounds.
  • He notes that he has two running backs and needs to start adding depth to that position.
  • Mike considers several running backs, including AJ Dillon, Brian Robinson, Jamal Williams, and Rashad Penny.
  • He mentions his disappointment that Philadelphia Eagles signed him.
  • However, he decides to draft Antonio Gibson, a pass-catching running back from Washington, in the ninth round.

Antonio Gibson, pass-catching running back in a PPR league in the ninth round. Sign me up.” 51:57

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Taking a tight end 52:15

  • The hosts discuss Mike’s need for a tight end in his upcoming picks.
  • They consider Pat Freiermuth but question stacking too many Pittsburgh Steelers players.
  • Mike reveals his plan to draft Evan Engram in the 10th round.

“Kevin Engram is a guy who I like, and he managed to make it back to me in the 10th round PPR.” 52:36

Jason finally picks a quarterback 52:55

  • Jason admits to hesitating on taking a quarterback due to the available player pool.
  • He acknowledges the need for a quarterback and decides to draft Justin Herbert in the 10th round.

“Cliff Herbert is joining the roster here. Oh good in the 10th round.” 53:11

Jason’s regrettable pick 54:01

  • Jason expresses his regret at drafting Khalil Herbert and not selecting a better player.
  • He admits to making a mistake and taking a backup running back instead of choosing a more valuable player at another position.

“I took a stupid Khalil Herbert, and I’ve all to ruin Jason and two teams take a backup, and I end up without Deshaun Watson.” 54:09

Drafting Michael Thomas 53:41

“I feel like I need him at the wide receiver position.” 53:52

Mike’s running back selection 54:50

  • Mike selects Javonte Williams, a running back that he has become fond of after his draft position.

“I’ve fallen in love with Javonte Williams.” 54:52

Filling the tight end position 55:01

  • Jason needs to draft a quarterback and a tight end.
  • He selects Dalton Keene as his tight end.

“I’m going to take Dalton Keene here to be my tight end.” 55:01

Mike’s final picks 55:34

  • Mike discusses his draft strategy for the final picks.
  • He focuses on taking players with upside and potential.
  • Mike decides to draft Zach Pascal, a wide receiver from the Kansas City Chiefs, and Geno Smith as his backup quarterback.

“I’m going to take Zach Pascal and Geno Smith.” 55:50

Jason’s pick for depth 58:19

  • Jason aims to have a good number of wide receivers due to the league settings.
  • He selects Adam Thielen, despite his disappointing performance in the previous season.

“I’m going to take Adam Thielen.” 58:23

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