Panic Players + Trade Talk, Combo Platters

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Trade away Jaylen Waddle? How will Cooper Kupp impact Puka? On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason answer pressing questions including panic players and tricky trade offers! Plus, a new “Hungry For More” segment, NFL News, and a Thursday Night Football preview! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for October 4th, 2023.

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Debating whether to have hat hair before a haircut 02:38

  • Andy asks the audience via YouTube comments whether they would go to a haircut with hat hair.
  • Jason and Mike express different opinions on the matter.
  • Jason believes that going to the barber with hat hair is not ideal.

“I’m on with Mike on this one.”

Marveling at Marvin Mims‘s potential 06:15

  • The hosts express their enthusiasm for Marvin Mims and wanting to see him on the field more.
  • Jason suggests trading for Mims.

“Get them on the field. You need him.”

Sharing various show updates and promotions 06:59

  • The hosts mention their website, YouTube channel, and the free app.
  • They encourage listeners to check out the various free articles and resources they offer.

“Tons of free articles coming out every day.”

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Alexander Mattison‘s Performance and Ranking 08:15

  • Madison saw the lowest snap count of the season in week four 08:15
  • In the last two weeks, he has been getting more opportunities and has been performing well 08:22
  • He currently ranks as the running back 20 09:26

“Madison is improving in performance and currently ranks as the running back 20.”

CJ Stroud and Justin Fields 10:15

  • CJ Stroud has been impressive and looks like a legitimate quarterback 10:25
  • Justin Fields has shown glimpses of quality play and there is hope for him to level up 11:14

“I want to watch more of CJ Stroud and hungry for more quality play from Justin Fields.”

Michael Wilson‘s Performance 12:44

  • Michael Wilson has been performing well in the last two weeks 12:45
  • He finished as the wide receiver six last week 13:07
  • He currently ranks as the wide receiver 18 13:57

Michael Wilson has been a pleasant surprise and is currently the wide receiver 18.”

Marquise Brown‘s Performance 13:36

  • Hollywood Brown has been performing better than expected in the last three weeks 13:43
  • He has been inside the top 20 at wide receiver 13:51
  • He is currently the wide receiver 18 on the season 13:57

“Hollywood Brown has been better than expected and currently ranks as the wide receiver 18.”

Jonathan Taylor‘s Situation 16:42

  • Uncertainty about Jonathan Taylor‘s future with the Colts, including the possibility of a trade if he’s not satisfied with his role.

“He’s either staying and destroying Zach Moss or he’s leaving and destroying insert name here… We don’t know.”

Practice Window for Jonathan Taylor 16:20

  • The news that the practice window has been opened for Jonathan Taylor, suggesting progress in his recovery.

“Well, the 21 day practice window has been opened for Jonathan Taylor.”

Promising Conversation 17:22

  • Mention of the positive conversation between Jonathan Taylor and his head coach, indicating a promising outlook for his return.

“He had a great conversation with the head coach… It seems promising that he is ready to go.”

Jonathan Taylor‘s Potential Dominance 18:33

  • Speculation about Jonathan Taylor‘s potential dominance once he returns, given his exceptional talent and the favorable circumstances of the Colts’ offense.

“If he’s healthy and he’s active for the Colts, I think there’s the world where he dominates.”

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Cooper Kupp‘s Return 18:48

  • Discussion about Cooper Cup’s return from injury and the anticipation of his impact on the Rams’ offense.

“Cooper Cup, another question mark there around limiting snaps… that return could be coming soon.”

Puka Nacua Performance 20:11

  • Praise for Puka Nakua’s performance in the Rams’ offense with impressive statistics thus far.

“To me, it’s thinking about this team running out 11 personnel… he’s catching everything thrown his way… He’s winning games and taking home the game ball after games.”

Injury to Pat Freiermuth 22:11

  • Announcement of Pat Fryermuth’s injury, expected to miss two to three weeks due to a hamstring injury.

“Pat Fryermuth, big news this morning, expected to miss two to three weeks… won’t be out there this week.”

Tight end position and Zach Ertz availability 22:17

  • The tight end position is easy to find somebody for.
  • Zach Hertz is likely still available on waivers.

“Cause, you know, but the tight end position is so easy to find somebody, right?”

Terrace Marshall‘s Recent Performance (at 1734)

  • Terris Marshall has been targeted 19 times in the last two weeks.
  • This indicates that Marshall has been highly involved in the offense.

“Terris Marshall, I think has like 19 targets in the last two weeks.”

Source: The Fantasy Footballers

Jaylen Waddle‘s Fantasy Performance 36:17

  • Jalen Waddle is currently on pace for less than 600 rushing yards for the season.
  • The team’s opponents are learning to defend against his plays, limiting his rushing opportunities.
  • However, it is argued that his rushing attempts cannot be effectively defended.
  • The team is not implementing designed runs for him, resulting in fewer opportunities to run.
  • Even in the design runs that do happen, he is getting stopped by opposing defenses.

“When you’ve got a talent like Justin Fields‘ legs, it’s like Lamar Jackson, just don’t take defenses. You’re going to scheme. You’re going to try. But in the end, you just can’t catch him sometimes.”

Khalil Herbert‘s Performance 37:19

  • Khalil Harbour had a strong week with 11 rushing attempts for 103 yards.
  • He also received five targets and scored a touchdown.
  • With increased snaps and opportunities, the team supported him and continued to give him playing time.
  • Harbour’s performance is seen as a big question mark in this game.

“He was terrible for fantasy. Like his performance on the actual field was not bad. So, some correlated.”

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Evaluating Game Scripts and Player Performance 38:16

  • The success and opportunities Herbert received were due to the team winning and dominating the game initially.
  • However, the fact that they lost the game goes against the expected game script.
  • Evaluating the offensive output, the team needs to decide whether to focus on a platoon approach with players like Rochon Johnson or give Harbour the primary share.
  • It is challenging to assess the team since they have lost 13 straight games.

“You have to ask yourself, did they look at their offensive output and say, okay, that’s more the road that we need to go.”

Chasing Fantasy Performance 38:54

  • Fields, Harbour, DJ Moore, and Cole Kmet all had notable fantasy weeks.
  • Taking a broader view, it is suggested not to chase after all four players unless wanting to end up disappointed.
  • DJ Moore is recommended as a consistent option, while Fields is worth considering due to his running ability.
  • The other two players, Harbour and Kmet, need to prove their consistency.

“I’m going to chase, I’m going to stay in the flames with DJ Moore, who’s been really good lately and chase Fields, and I’m going to let the other two prove it.”

Trade Talk and Evaluating Players 40:50

  • A listener questions whether to trade away Jalen Waddle due to disappointment in his performance.
  • Waddle’s fantasy finishes have been inconsistent, ranging from 31st to 98th in weekly rankings.
  • Despite inconsistent performances, Waddle has potential as a big-play maker and can be a top-performing wide receiver.
  • Evaluating potential trade options, names like Nico Collins and Calvin Ridley are mentioned.

“This is a player that has been injured, banged up quite often, hasn’t performed so far.”

Considering Trade Options for Jaylen Waddle 42:05

  • Trading Jalen Waddle for players like Nico Collins may not be a favorable move.
  • However, trading for players like Calvin Ridley, who has had a slow start to the season, might be a more viable trade option.
  • Waddle’s worth as a volatile player in a high-octane offense is emphasized.

“He’s the type of player in the type of offense you want. Big explosive playmaker who can be the wide receiver one on any given week.”

Trade Possibility: David Montgomery for Ja’Marr Chase 46:32

  • Trading David Montgomery for Jamar Chase could be a good move.
  • While Montgomery is expected to perform well, chances to make a trade like this don’t come often.

“Oh man, I would do that. I would as well.”

Potential Finish for Puka in Fantasy Football 47:40

  • Puka is currently the wide receiver 5 on the year.
  • It is predicted that Puka will finish as the wide receiver 13 or 14 this season.

“Puka finishes as the wide receiver. Oh, 13. Oh, 14. Mike, You know what to do. 15.”

Trade Possibility:

De’Von Achane for Mark Andrews 48:04

  • Trading Davon Achan for Mark Andrews could be a wise decision.
  • The uncertainty surrounding Achan’s future, especially with other running backs in the mix, makes it tempting to make the trade.

“Yes. Probably. Yeah. Probably would.”

Heightened Value of De’Von Achane and Potential Peak 49:49

  • Davon Achan’s recent explosive performances have raised his value.
  • He has showcased exceptional speed and ability, but it’s unclear if he can maintain this level consistently.
  • Considering his peak value, it’s understandable if someone wants to trade him while he’s in high demand.

“There is nothing negative you can say about Davon Achan other than the fact that, you know, he’s not going to do that every game. He can’t. Yeah, he’s unless he’s Chris Johnson.”

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“You’ve got the combination of extreme production mixed with still potential, you know, unknown.”

Rhamondre Stevenson Struggles and Trade Options 50:10

  • Ramandre has been a topic of discussion due to his poor performance this season.
  • A Twitter user asks if they should bench Ramandre and mentions having good depth to replace him.
  • The hosts discuss Ramandre’s lackluster performance, averaging only 2.7 yards per carry with minimal attempts.
  • Zeke, on the other hand, outperforms Ramandre in various metrics like explosive runs, yards after contact, yards before contact, and yards per carry.
  • The upcoming game against the New Orleans Saints, known for their strong run defense, is not expected to be favorable for Ramandre.
  • Jason suggests waiting one more week and then trading for Ramandre, as the schedule will soon include teams with weaker run defenses.

“I mean, this is 60 attempts for 164 yards in the offense… If he has a really bad game, then that’s five in a row… I’m hoping for a really bad game from Ramandre this week because then I think I can add him to my roster without destroying it.” 52:19

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