NFL Draft Recap: NFC Winners & Losers + Bijan Arrives, Fantasy Fallout

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Reactions to the 2023 NFL Draft! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason recap the draft for every NFC team! Find out which landing spots are the most surprising, and which ones have the biggest fantasy football implications. Plus, more NFL News including Lamar Jackson’s contract extension and D’Andre Swift traded to the Eagles! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for May 2nd, 2023

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Introduction 00:00

  • 43 trades took place in the NFL draft, the most in history.
  • The video will cover the fantasy fallout of the draft.
  • The hosts will discuss the NFC winners and losers, Bijan Robinson‘s destination and more.

Hosts and Date 00:26

  • The hosts are Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike Wright.
  • The date of the episode is Tuesday, May 2nd.

Jason’s Birthday 00:36

  • It is Jason’s birthday, and he is now 52 years old.
  • Andy and Mike joke about Jason’s age and how he looks.

Bijan Robinson‘s Destination 01:14

  • Bijan Robinson is a highly rated NFL prospect.
  • Jason is happy with Bijan’s destination, but he is disappointed that it took away all the drama.
  • Arthur Smith, the head coach of the team that drafted Bijan, was quoted as saying “I want to run the piss out of the ball.”
  • The hosts discuss Bijan’s draft capital and landing spot, which they think is excellent.

Ultimate Draft Kit and Giveaways 04:41

  • The Ultimate Draft Kit (UDK) and UDK Plus are available at
  • The UDK Plus has rookie rankings post-draft, updated rankings, and super flex for dynasty startups.
  • The hosts did some exclusive giveaways, including a signed Jalen Waddle jersey and a DK Mecalf signed jersey.
  • Jacob Levy won the grand prize, which is a spot in the listener league.

May and “It’s Gonna Be May” 06:41

  • It is May, and the Ultimate Draft Kit is just one month away.
  • The hosts joke about the phrase “It’s gonna be May” and whether it’s still relevant.
  • Mike tweeted a Justin Timberlake gif related to the phrase.
  • The producers and some of the hosts disagree with using the phrase in May.

NFL News 08:43

  • Lamar Jackson signed a five-year, $260 million deal with the Ravens, with $185 million guaranteed.
  • The Ravens offense is expected to be awesome, and congrats to Mark Andrews and Zay Flowers.
  • The contract also puts to bed the idea of a fully guaranteed contract, which is a win for NFL owners.
  • The Cardinals had a good draft, but it didn’t start well for them.
  • They lost a pick and threw their third-round pick to the Eagles in a tampering dispute settlement.
  • There were 43 trades during the NFL draft weekend, a record.
  • DeAndre Swift was traded from the Lions to the Eagles for a fourth-round pick in 2025 and seventh swap this year.
  • DeAndre Swift’s fantasy value may be overblown, as he’ll likely be part of a four-back rotation in the Eagles’ backfield.
  • Lions made a big bet on Junior Gibbs by moving a first-rounder and DeAndre Swift to get him.

Eagles Backfield 11:12

  • The Eagles’ backfield is full of players known more for injuries than on-field success.
  • DeAndre Swift’s touchdowns may be hard to come by with a multi-back rotation and Jalen Hurts on the goal line.
  • Swift may only have value on weeks with home run plays, so it’s best to trade him in dynasty leagues.
  • Lions made a big bet on Junior Gibbs by moving a first-rounder and DeAndre Swift to get him, which may be risky considering their history with running backs.

Bijan Robinson 13:45

  • Bijan Robinson landing with the Detroit Lions would have been catastrophic for his fantasy value.
  • The Lions have a history of running back issues, and Jason wasn’t thrilled with the idea of Bijan joining them.

Detroit Lions‘ Draft Capital 14:04

  • The Detroit Lions have the most cursed backfield for running backs in NFL history due to their history of unsuccessful attempts at establishing a dominant running game.
  • Jahvid Best, Amir Abdullah, Kerryon Johnson, and DeAndre Swift are some of the running backs that have failed to make an impact in the Lions’ backfield.
  • However, despite the curse, the Lions’ decision to draft Jameer Gibbs comes with draft capital that was not expected, making it a good landing spot for him.
  • The Lions committed to their team by spending significant draft capital on Gibbs, trading a first-round pick and Swift essentially for 20-25 fourth-round picks.

Adam Troutman Traded 15:18

  • Adam Troutman, a first-round pick in 2010, was traded from the Saints to the Broncos for a seventh-round pick.
  • The trade might impact Greg Dulcich‘s potential breakout season, who is a superior athlete to Troutman.

Latavius Murray Signs with the Bills 17:10

NFC South Winners and Losers 19:31

  • The Carolina Panthers made a surprising decision to draft quarterback Bryce Young as their number one pick.
  • Jonathan Mingo, a wide receiver who had been shooting up draft boards, was taken in the second round at number thirty-nine overall by the Panthers.
  • Mingo’s six-foot-two, two-hundred-twenty-pound frame and athleticism make him an excellent fantasy player worth a late first-round dynasty rookie pick.
  • Mingo will compete with DJ Chart and Terrace Marshall for two outside roles, with Adam Thielen assumed to be in the slot.

Terrace Marshall‘s opportunity and the Panthers’ offense

  • Terrace Marshall, a wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers, has an opportunity to be a fantasy football winner due to the team’s need for more targets after losing some key players.
  • Panthers’ offense underwent a significant rebuild with a new quarterback, running back, and receivers.
  • Due to this, Marshall has a chance to become the number one receiver in a passing offense that is not expected to be in the top half of the league.
  • However, the Panthers did not add a running back in the draft, indicating their confidence in Miles Sanders as the primary back.
  • Marshall’s opportunity also comes at the expense of DJ Moore and Adam Feeling, two players that the team signed or re-signed, which suggests that the team does not believe in Marshall as much as some fantasy football players do.

Bijan Robinson drafted by the Falcons

  • The Falcons drafted Bijan Robinson, a running back from Texas, with the eighth overall pick in the NFL draft.
  • Robinson is an all-around player who is expected to contribute to both the rushing and passing aspects of the Falcons’ offense.
  • However, the Falcons were already the number one team in virtually every rushing metric last season, and they had a solid rookie running back in Al Jir.
  • The addition of Robinson was seen by some as neglecting the Falcons’ defensive needs, which is a recurring theme for the team.
  • The pick was also criticized by some fans and analysts, who felt that the team should have addressed other needs instead of drafting a running back so high.
  • For fantasy football players, Robinson’s arrival may be an excellent opportunity to draft a high-potential rookie running back who could have a significant workload in an already successful rushing offense.

Chicago Bears draft picks 27:10

  • The Chicago Bears invested in offensive line early in the draft to protect their new quarterback, Justin Fields.
  • They drafted the second offensive tackle off the board.
  • Rochon Johnson, a fourth-round pick, will be the complementary running back to Khalil Herbert.
  • Deontay Foreman is also on the roster as a running back.

New Orleans Saints draft picks 28:08

  • Kendra Miller, a third-round draft pick from TCU, is a running back that the Fantasy Footballers were impressed with during the scouting process.
  • Jamal Williams was added to the roster this offseason, and Alvin Kamara is still with the Saints but will be missing a few games to start the year.
  • There are many mouths to feed in the backfield, and there is a new quarterback in town.
  • Kendra Miller has great draft capital and is a young player, but it might take him a year to become the guy for the Saints.

Rashad White 31:36

  • Rashad White is a running back who could be a winner for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • The Buccaneers did not draft another running back and replaced Leonard Fournette with undrafted Sean Tucker.
  • Rashad White is a good football player and could be interesting for fantasy if he gets snaps at running back.

Trey Palmer 33:04

  • Trey Palmer is a wide receiver who was drafted in the sixth round by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • He started at LSU and transferred to Nebraska.
  • This past year, he was a yards per route run and targets per route run absolute monster.
  • He has the athletic profile to be very interesting in the NFL, and he is 6’0″ and 192 pounds.
  • He could be a good pick in a four-round dynasty rookie draft.

Bijan Robinson 27:22

  • Bijan Robinson is a running back for the Arizona Cardinals who was drafted in the third round.
  • The Fantasy Footballers are excited about him because he has great talent and could be used in goal line situations.
  • Derek Henry did not have the best time in the world, and Bijan Robinson could be a great replacement.

Desmond Ritter and Malik Willis

  • Desmond Ritter is a quarterback who was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals.
  • The Fantasy Footballers think that the offense with Desmond Ritter will have ups and downs and that they will have games where they score nine points.
  • Malik Willis also ran the Tennessee offense last year for a couple of games.

John Johnson 31:27

  • John Johnson is a sleeper in the tight end category.
  • He was not replaced after leaving the Los Angeles Rams, and the Fantasy Footballers think he could be a winner for the Cleveland Browns.

Running Back Situation in Chicago and Green Bay 34:11

  • Unclear who will be the primary running back in Chicago due to the recent loss of David Montgomery.
  • Khalil Herbert dominated in Montgomery’s absence and could be a valuable asset in fantasy football.
  • Herbert was a sixth-rounder with little investment in him, while Rochon Johnson was drafted in the fourth round.
  • The hit rate on fourth-rounders is already bad, so it’s unclear who will start.
  • There is no clear path for anybody, and it’s likely to be a three-way timeshare.
  • Best pass catcher might be Rochon Johnson, and they’re all similar prototypes to bigger guys.

Green Bay Packers Offensive Draft Picks 35:43

  • The Green Bay Packers invested heavily on offense in this draft, starting with tight end pass catcher Aaron Luke Musgrave in the second round.
  • Jaden Reed was drafted in the second round, and Christian Watson was drafted in the fifth round.
  • Heavy investments at wide receiver through the first five rounds could muddy the situation for wide outs not named Christian Watson.
  • Jaden Reed is almost guaranteed to be a starter, and it’s going to be Christian Watson, Romeo Dobbs, and Jaden Reed as the primary three wide receivers.

Double Tight End Stack in Green Bay 38:24

  • The team has rostered five or six tight ends, and it’s not recommended.
  • The team drafted two tight ends in this draft.

Jameer Gibbs Drafted by Detroit 40:26

  • Jameer Gibbs was drafted 12th overall by the Detroit Lions.
  • Bad landing spot for Bijan Robinson, who already was assumed to have first-round draft capital.
  • Jameer Gibbs was considered a second-round pick up until a week or two ago but started getting buzz and was drafted with a plan for fantasy.
  • The team needs a wide receiver, and James Williams is suspended to begin the year.
  • D.J. Chark is not a part of this offense anymore, and Jameer Gibbs is going to fill a lot of the offensive gap to start the year.

Rookie Tight End Landing Spot: Charlie Kolar and Sam Laporta 41:35

  • Sam Laporta, a tight end from Iowa, dropped in the draft and was taken by the Detroit Lions. He has the ability to replace T.J. Hawkinson, but he probably won’t make a huge impact this year because of his rookie status.
  • Laporta caught 58 passes at Iowa last year and 53 the year before, which is fantastic.
  • The Lions took Laporta over Michael Mayer and the draft capital is a good landing spot for him.

David Montgomery‘s Fantasy Value Affected by Draft 42:22

  • David Montgomery‘s fantasy value is affected by the draft because he will be giving up a lot of snaps to Jameer Gibbs, who is a very capable pass catcher.
  • Montgomery is definitely in the category of fantasy loser because of this deal.

Henden Hooker’s Potential as a Fantasy Footballer 42:53

  • Henden Hooker, a quarterback out of Tennessee, was drafted in the third round by the Detroit Lions.
  • Hooker is stashed at the back of the bench because he has a clear path to take over the quarterback position for this team, which could be a very potent offense in 2024.
  • He could be in just a year from now, depending on Jared Goff‘s performance and contract situation.

Jordan Addison’s Fantasy Prospects in Minnesota 45:01

  • Jordan Addison, a wide receiver, was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in the first round.
  • He has a talent like T.G. Hawkinson that will demand targets, but he will be playing in the slot.
  • Addison will be involved, but this is a lower ceiling higher floor landing spot for him.
  • This is because the offense runs through Justin Jefferson and the talent of T.G. Hawkinson.
  • There are better quarterback situations in other teams like the Los Angeles Chargers and Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Long-term dynasty outlook is a little bit scary because of how much the Minnesota Vikings hate Kirk Cousins.

Dalvin Cook‘s Future in Minnesota 47:23

  • The rumors before the draft were that Dalvin Cook may not be the guy for Minnesota.
  • The fact that Minnesota did not invest in a running back during the draft makes it less confident that Cook is gone.
  • However, it is still 50-50, or even 60-40, that he is off the Vikings.
  • They did draft Dwayne McBride in the seventh round, but he’s not a pass catcher.
  • The fact that they almost went entire draft without grabbing a running back does make me a little bit less confident that Dalvin Cook is gone.

Commanders and Giants Draft Recap 49:08

  • Commanders invested in the defensive side and trenches.
  • Drafted a six-round running back, Brian Robinson, whom they had a third-round grade on, but it’s not consequential.
  • Giants invested in a third-round draft pick on Jalen Hyatt, who slipped and a fifth-round running back in Eric Gray.
  • Hyatt is an outside slot receiver who was the 10th wide receiver off the board.
  • Giants needed a slot wide receiver and had many wide receivers, including Hyatt, Wondale Robinson, Isaiah Hodgins, Paris Campbell, Darius Slayton, and Sterling Shepherd.
  • Jalen Hyatt’s arrival doesn’t affect the view of Wondale Robinson with his draft capital, but it’s a shot to Slayton and Hodgins.
  • Hyatt’s addition doesn’t affect the hopes for Campbell and Shepherd, who are returning from injuries.
  • Giants’ wide receiving core was not that bad, and adding Jalen Hyatt was a good move.
  • Daniel Jones has been a big winner of this whole offseason process adding Jalen Hyatt and other receivers.
  • Giants are a wait-and-watch team for fantasy purposes, as it’s unclear who will be part of the rotation.

Cowboys Draft Recap 52:08

  • Cowboys didn’t invest in a running back until the sixth round when they drafted Duzvon, whose father was a long-time Cowboy.
  • Duzvon is five feet five inches, which is the shortest running back that has ever existed.
  • Duzvon was productive in college, with 1400 yards on the ground and 468 through the air in 2021 and 1550 rushing and 378 through the air in 2022.
  • Duzvon’s production is outrageous, but college success doesn’t always translate to the NFL.
  • Cowboys drafted a new tight end, Luke Shoemaker, in the second round, which is a great landing spot for future use.
  • Dak Prescott loves to throw to the tight end position, and this is good news for Shoemaker’s future.
  • Holding on hopes for either Ferguson or Henderson as nasty boys off of your waiver wire? Goodbye.

Eagles Draft Recap 56:02

  • Eagles invested in defense, specifically the University of Georgia’s defense.
  • Swift’s trade was already discussed at the beginning of the show.

NFC West Draft Recap – Cardinals 56:29

  • Cardinals traded from three to twelve six and drafted an offensive tackle, which is good news for Kyla Murray.
  • Cardinals needed help on the offensive line, and this pick helps them.
  • Michael Wilson out of Stanford was a bit of a surprise in the third round, but he is an excellent talent.
  • Wilson is big and looks like the prototypical NFL wide receiver, but he just dealt with injuries every single year, which is the knock on him.

Arizona Cardinals QB situation 57:05

  • The Arizona Cardinals drafted quarterback Clayton Tune in the fifth round.
  • With Kyler Murray‘s injury history and backup quarterback Colt McCoy being 38 years old, there may be an opportunity for Tune to step up.
  • There is a legitimate chance that Tune could start as the week one starter for the Arizona Cardinals if Murray is unable to play.
  • The Cardinals could potentially have two top-five picks in next year’s draft, which could affect Kyler Murray‘s future with the team.

Los Angeles Rams draft recap 58:30

  • The Rams had an interesting draft, with Cam Akers and Kyren Williams being the big winners.
  • Although they didn’t add another weapon for their wide receiver depth chart, they did draft an extremely high draft capital wide receiver in the fifth round, Pooka Williams.
  • They also drafted running back Zach Evans, who was one of the highest recruits coming out of high school to college.
  • The Rams may have opened the door for Evans with Akers’ injury history and recent release.

Seattle Seahawks draft recap 01:00:27

  • The Seahawks drafted Jackson Smith and Jigba at 20th overall, despite having DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett on their depth chart.
  • Smith and Jigba is good enough to force the issue at some point and may eventually take over a bigger role in the future.
  • They also drafted running back Kenneth Walker, which could affect the workload split between him and Zach Charbonnet.
  • Geno Smith may be a late-round target with the addition of Smith and Jigba and Charbonnet coming to town.

Kenneth Walker‘s fantasy outlook 01:02:57

  • There will be debate over Zach Charbonnet’s fantasy value going forward due to the addition of Kenneth Walker.
  • Walker’s upside may be affected by splitting work with Charbonnet.
  • The path to a McCaffrey-esque workload may not be there for Walker anymore, and he may lose some third-down and goal-line work.
  • He may still be a low-end RB1, but his upside is affected by the addition of Charbonnet.

General quarterback outlook 01:05:13

  • There are roughly ten quarterbacks that are considered good options for fantasy football.
  • Geno Smith may be a late-round target due to the additions of Smith and Jigba and Charbonnet in Seattle.

Jake Moody: The Third Round Kicker 01:05:56

  • The San Francisco 49ers drafted Jake Moody in the third round as a kicker.
  • Shanahan’s comments about the pick were that they didn’t need any starters, except for a kicker.
  • The 49ers had half their team injured by week one, and they picked Moody to solve that problem.
  • The team also added a lot on the defensive side, including drafting players like Christian McCaffrey, corners and edge linebackers.

Fantasy Football Winners in the NFC 01:07:00

  • The 49ers have existing depth chart players, locked and loaded for the next season.
  • The team has great depth, as seen in the NFC championship game between the 49ers and Eagles.
  • The Eagles focused on building their roster with great draft picks, while the 49ers focused on having great starters.
  • The 49ers added great players in the draft, including a cornerback and defensive linemen to train behind excellent people.

Updates on the UDK Plus 01:07:44

  • The rookie rankings have been updated and are available in the Ultimate Draft Kit (UDK).
  • The team will soon release dynasty startup rankings and super flex rankings, along with a mock draft.
  • The team is also updating the “Risers and Fallers,” “Draft or Trade Targets,” and “My Fantasy Hitman” sections.
  • The third big drop for the dynasty pass is coming soon.
  • Listeners are encouraged to subscribe to the Fantasy Footballers’ Dynasty Podcast and join the football community on
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