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Draft Day is here! On today’s fantasy football podcast, NFL Draft Predictions from Andy, Mike, and Jason! Plus, best landing spots for fantasy football, draft day mailbag, and the Bijan watch is on! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for April 27th, 2023.

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Draft Predictions 00:00

  • This episode is all about the draft and the team’s predictions for who will be picked where.
  • They will discuss the fantasy ramifications of where certain players go.
  • They will answer questions such as who’s going to fall into the second round or trade back into the first.
  • The show will be filled with speculation and draft predictions.

Bijan Watch 01:34

  • The show introduces “Bijan Watch,” where the team will be tracking the potential draft pick of Bijan Robinson.
  • Jason has been consuming mock draft content in anticipation of the draft.

Ultimate Draft Week Giveaway 04:14

  • The team announces a special giveaway for Ultimate Draft Week, including a signed Jaylen Waddle jersey, a signed DK Metcalf jersey, and a listener league spot.
  • To enter the giveaway, fans need to pre-order the 2023 Ultimate Draft Kit by April 30th.
  • Fans who have already pre-ordered are automatically entered.

Aaron Rodgers Trade 05:12

  • Mike shares his thoughts on the Aaron Rodgers trade news.
  • He believes Green Bay did well for themselves with the draft compensation they received.
  • The Jets gave up a significant gap in the first round for a gamble on a player who may be done after this year.
  • For fantasy football, fans are excited to see if Aaron Rodgers still has enough left to make Garrett Wilson a top-five guy.

Lamar Jackson Trade 07:17

  • The team discusses the Lamar Jackson trade rumor and the possibility of a team trading two first-round picks for a young stud prime MVP.
  • There may be more to the Odell Beckham Jr. trade to the Rams than meets the eye.
  • The Jets’ deal for a first-round pick swap this year and a second-rounder next year for a chance at Aaron Rodgers is also discussed.

Discussing quarterbacks drafted in the top 15 picks over the last 10 years 08:02

  • The speaker compiled a list of quarterbacks drafted in the top 15 picks over the last 10 years.
  • He asked his co-host to say “happy” or “sad” when he said each quarterback’s name, based on whether or not they were successful.
  • They determined that many of the quarterbacks on the list were “sad,” meaning they were not successful in the NFL.
  • The speaker explained that teams take a shot on quarterbacks in the draft because it’s necessary to win at the NFL level.

Aaron Rodgers trade and its implications for the Jets 10:14

  • The speaker discussed the recent trade of Aaron Rodgers to the Jets.
  • He acknowledged that it’s a gamble for the Jets, but it’s necessary to take risks to win at the NFL level.
  • The speaker suggested that the Jets may have been better off waiting until after the draft to make the trade, as they would have had better draft capital to work with.
  • The speaker and his co-hosts discussed the Jets’ lack of options at quarterback outside of Aaron Rodgers.

Predicting the destinations of quarterbacks in the draft 12:08

  • The speaker and his co-hosts discussed their predictions for where various quarterbacks will be drafted.
  • They began by discussing Bryce Young, who they all agreed will be drafted by the Carolina Panthers.
  • They then discussed their differing predictions for Will Leviss, with one host predicting he will be drafted by the Texans and another predicting he will be drafted by the Colts.
  • The speaker shared that a well-respected beat reporter has predicted that Will Leviss will be drafted by the Texans, but ultimately he stuck with his original prediction of Leviss going to the Colts.
  • The group acknowledged that it seems insane for a team drafting at number two to not take a quarterback, but they still predicted that the Texans would not take one.

NFL Draft Predictions 15:43

  • The speaker predicts that bananarama will be drafted by the Raiders, but not in the top five.
  • The speaker and Jason tied in their NFL draft predictions last year.
  • The speaker thinks Levis and CJ Stroud should not be top five picks, but he believes they will be in his mock draft.
  • The speaker compares CJ Stroud to Justin Fields and thinks he will be selected second overall by the Texans.

Draft Day Trades 17:05

  • The speaker predicts that the Cardinals will trade with the Titans and that the Colts will either stick with the third pick and take a defensive player, or move up a spot to select their preferred player.
  • The speaker believes the Cardinals will be bombarded with phone calls if CJ Stroud is not selected second overall.

Anthony Richardson and Quarterback Predictions 18:31

  • The speaker predicts that Anthony Richardson will be drafted by the Raiders.
  • The Seahawks are predicted to draft a talented player to help them potentially win a vulnerable division, and the Raiders are predicted to want a quarterback more than is being reported.
  • The speaker believes the Seahawks will draft Anthony Richardson for the same reason.

Hendon Hooker 20:46

  • The Texans are predicted to select Hendon Hooker at the 12th pick.
  • The Titans are predicted to select Hooker at the 11th pick.
  • The speaker thinks the Seahawks may trade up to draft Hooker.

End of Part 2 22:11

Predicting landing spots for running backs 22:13

  • The hosts are taking a break before discussing the landing spots for running backs.
  • They come back to discuss their predictions for Bijan Robinson’s destination in the NFL draft.
  • Bijan Robinson is a highly sought-after running back, but his draft position is difficult to predict.
  • There is a lot of fantasy football excitement around Bijan Robinson, which has elevated his status in the fantasy football community.
  • Bijan Robinson could go anywhere in the first round of the draft according to some mock drafts.
  • The hosts are discussing their predictions for Bijan Robinson’s landing spot in the draft.

Bijan Robinson’s potential landing spots 22:46

  • The hosts discuss possible destinations for Bijan Robinson in the draft.
  • They went through picks 6-25 and considered if they were possible destinations for Bijan Robinson.
  • The hosts find it difficult to predict where Bijan Robinson will land.
  • If he goes in the top 10, it would be against the trend that the NFL has taken with running backs.
  • There are serious mock drafts that have him going from 8 to 30 and all of them are reasonable.
  • The hosts discuss the most enjoyable destinations for Bijan Robinson based on entertainment value.

Predicting landing spots for Jahmyr Gibbs and Zach Charbonnet 25:39

  • The hosts discuss their predictions for the landing spots of Jahmyr Gibbs and Zach Charbonnet.
  • Jahmyr Gibbs is a running back with great speed and is projected to be drafted in the second round.
  • The hosts find it difficult to predict where Jahmyr Gibbs will land.
  • The Miami Dolphins are a possible destination for Jahmyr Gibbs.
  • The Patriots are a possible destination for Jahmyr Gibbs, especially since he has a connection with Bill O’Brien.
  • The hosts change their predictions for Jahmyr Gibbs’ landing spot during the discussion.
  • Zach Charbonnet is a big-bodied running back who is projected to be drafted in the later rounds.
  • The hosts predict that Zach Charbonnet could be a good fit for the Dallas Cowboys or the Chicago Bears.

Zach Charbonnet predicted to go to Atlanta 28:32

  • Zach Charbonnet is predicted to go to the Atlanta Falcons in the second round of the draft at pick number 44.
  • The prediction is that the Falcons will resist the urge to pick him at eighth overall and instead shore up other parts of their team before picking him up in the second round.

Six Wide Receivers to Watch 28:51

  • The video presents six wide receivers to watch out for in the NFL draft.
  • The six wide receivers are Jackson Smith and Jigba, Addison, Zay Flowers, Johnston Hyatt, Josh Downs, and Jason’s favorite player.
  • The video’s hosts discuss the potential of each receiver and make predictions about which teams will pick them up.

Predictions for CJ Stroud and Jackson Smith and Jigba 29:10

  • The hosts make predictions about which teams will pick up CJ Stroud and Jackson Smith and Jigba.
  • The predictions are that the Houston Texans will pick up CJ Stroud and that the Baltimore Ravens will pick up Jackson Smith and Jigba.
  • The hosts discuss the potential benefits of these picks and how they could help rebuild the teams.

Predictions for Jordan Addison, Quentin Johnston, and Zay Flowers 30:32

Final Thoughts 33:54

  • The hosts discuss how the draft is unpredictable and that sometimes players can go higher or lower than expected.
  • They make final predictions and discuss the potential outcomes of the draft for various teams.
  • They also discuss the importance of equipping rookie quarterbacks and making smart decisions in the draft.

Wide receiver predictions 35:09

  • Discussing potential wide receiver picks for the upcoming NFL draft.
  • Wondale Robinson is predicted to be a good slot wide receiver.
  • Paris Campbell and Jameson Crowder are also discussed as potential picks.
  • Jalen Hyatt is a player that one of the speakers really likes and predicts will be selected by the Kansas City Chiefs at pick 31.
  • Josh Downs is another potential pick, with one speaker predicting he will be selected by the Titans.

Tight end predictions 37:42

  • Michael Mayer is predicted to be selected by the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Another speaker predicts he will be selected as the heir apparent to TJ Hawkinson by the Lions.
  • Dalton Kincaid is discussed as a potential pick, with both speakers agreeing he will be selected 28th by the Cincinnati Bengals.
  • Darnell Washington is predicted to be selected by the Saints.

Draft predictions update 39:58

  • The speakers discuss how they have updated their draft predictions.
  • There have been changes made live during the video.
  • The updated predictions will be shared on social media.

Best draft day traditions 40:29

  • The speakers answer a question from Instagram about their favorite draft day traditions.
  • One speaker mentions watching the movie “Draft Day.”
  • They also mention having a draft day party with friends and family.

Draft Day Traditions 40:55

  • Watching the draft is considered a tradition for some people.
  • Some people combine watching the draft with doing home chores.
  • Food and watching the draft are the only requirements for some people.
  • Mike is coaching his son’s football team this year and will miss some of the draft.

Predicting the Best and Worst Destinations for JSN 41:24

  • JSN is considered one of the top Wide Receiver prospects in the upcoming NFL draft.
  • The group discusses the best and worst destinations for JSN.
  • Kansas City is considered the best destination for JSN.
  • Minnesota is considered a great spot across from Justin Jefferson.
  • New England is considered the worst spot for JSN because they have a history of ruining Wide Receivers.

Draft Day Memories 42:33

  • The group shares some of their draft day memories.
  • Brooks remembers Aaron Rodgers falling to the 24th pick in the 2005 NFL draft.
  • Andy remembers celebrating Josh Rosen‘s pick which turned out to be a bad decision.
  • Jason remembers not drafting Adrian Peterson, which was a bad decision.

Ultimate Draft Kit Week Prizes 44:19

  • The group announces the Ultimate Draft Kit Week prizes. –
  • The prizes include a listener league spot, Jaylen Waddle signed jersey, and a DK Metcalf signed jersey.
  • The group will be live at 6 p.m. Eastern on Friday to recap the first round of the draft.
  • They will also look forward to rounds two and three where the rest of the draft picks will be made.
  • The group encourages listeners to join their fantasy football community on and follow them on Twitter at theFFballers.
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