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Fantasy outlook for the Vikings, Lions, Bears, and Packers! On today’s fantasy football podcast, find out which NFC North players to target in fantasy football drafts! Plus, a new edition of Best Ball Breakdown! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for July 20th, 2023.

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NFC North Breakdown

  • Aaron Rodgers is no longer part of the NFC North.
  • The hosts will break down the entire division.

“The fantasy players are gonna make a big difference and some gambles we might be taking with our drafts. Tune in.”

Live event announcement

  • The hosts announce a live event on Saturday, August 26th at the Palace in Los Angeles.
  • Tickets can be purchased at

Super Bowl victories

  • The NFC has won the Super Bowl 29 times, while the AFC has won it 28 times.
  • If the Chiefs win again, it will even up the count between the two conferences.

“It’s kind of incredible. NFC has won the Super Bowl 29 times. The AFC has won the Super Bowl 28 times. We are the best.”

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Analysis of NFC North Division

  • The NFC North division has historically been dominated by the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers.
  • However, with Rodgers now gone, the division is wide open and there are multiple teams that could potentially win.
  • Every year, there is a team that goes from worst to first, and this division provides that opportunity.

“It’s been a long time since I have been able to separate the words NFC North and a kind of like a picture of Aaron Rodgers.”

Minnesota Vikings Offense

  • The Minnesota Vikings had a successful season last year, winning 13 games.
  • Despite a negative point differential, they managed to win close games.
  • The offense is largely intact from last season, with Kirk Cousins leading the way.

“Is this offense going to be boring for fantasy players? That’s the question.”

Alexander Mattison as Dalvin Cook‘s Replacement

  • With Dalvin Cook‘s uncertain future, Alexander Madison is poised to take over as the starting running back.
  • Madison has performed well in the past when filling in for Cook, averaging 16.9 fantasy points per game.
  • However, his overall metrics are not as strong, and it’s unclear how the team will utilize him in the passing game.

“He’s kind of been the opposite. He’s had low efficiency under Forakari. He’s built for a workload.”

Ranking and ADP of Alexander Mattison

  • The Fantasy Footballers have different rankings for Alexander Madison, but all are relatively high.
  • His current ADP is RB 24, but his potential as a starting running back could make him a valuable pick in fantasy drafts.

“But not unreasonable. RB 24 is his ADP. I think I’ve got him too low.”

Alexander Mattison‘s Upside

  • Madison has the opportunity for a significant workload based on the current depth chart.
  • His volume alone could make him a top 20 running back.
  • There is also the possibility that Madison performs well and becomes a running back one.

“He’ll be a top 20 back just from volume alone, but there is the chance that he’s good, that he performs in the manner that we’ve seen him play when he’s had the opportunity to be the guy.”

Alexander Mattiison’s ADP and Value

  • Madison’s current ADP of RB 24 is low due to a slow transition, rumors, and the presence of Dalvin Cook.
  • Drafting Madison at his current ADP could be a very good pick.
  • With his floor and the potential of the Vikings offense, Madison is being drafted at a value.

“So his, his ADP I think is, is nerfed in part by that and he’s a very good pick because of that.”

Minnesota Vikings Offense and Volume

  • The Vikings offense is expected to play fast and score a lot of points.
  • In the previous season, they had a high-scoring fourth quarter.
  • Madison’s value could increase if the team continues to score heavily due to their defense.

“And if they’re scoring a lot of points to keep up with the bad defense, I’m in.”

Alexander Mattison as a Pass-Catcher

  • While it’s uncertain if Madison will be the primary pass-catching back, he has shown the capability in college.
  • Madison was featured heavily as a pass-catching running back during his time at Boise State.
  • This opportunity is now available for him in the Vikings’ offense.

“He was heavily featured as a pass-catching running back. I mean, so, and had the skills to do it. So I think it’s just now the opportunity is finally there.”

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Other Running Backs in the Vikings’ Backfield

  • Kenane Nwangu could potentially pose a threat to Madison’s receiving work.
  • Dwayne McBride has limited involvement in the passing game.
  • Ty Chandler and Dalvin Cook are considered the main competition, but Madison is still believed to be the best running back on the roster.

“Nwangu was the, I think the one that’s the biggest threat to him taking away receiving work.”

The Potential of Jordan Addison and KJ Osborne

  • Jordan Addison, although undersized, is expected to be utilized across the field in the Vikings’ offense.
  • KJ Osborne has shown capability as a wide receiver in the past.
  • The absence of Adam Thielen opens up opportunities for both Addison and Osborne.

“The fact that he’s replacing an Adam Thielen who ran the second most routes in the NFL, the opportunity is there, the talent is there, the bad defense.”

TJ Hockenson‘s Outlook

  • Opinions on TJ Hawkinson vary, but he has the potential for success.
  • He has had notable performances since joining the Lions.
  • His target pace suggests he could have a productive season.

“If the touchdowns come…”

“He was catching 102 receptions.”

Jared Goff‘s Fantasy Outlook

  • Jared Goff had a solid performance last year, finishing fifth in points per game.
  • However, he struggled on the road and was not a reliable fantasy starter.
  • Goff’s value may be tied to the number of rushing touchdowns from running back Jamal Williams.
  • If Williams’ touchdown numbers decrease and wide receiver Jameson Williams becomes a playmaker, Goff’s fantasy outlook could improve.

“He isn’t a prolific touchdown thrower, which is part of why I think Jamal Williams had so many touchdowns.”

The Detroit Lions Offense

  • The Lions have a favorable schedule early in the season, facing teams like Kansas City and Seattle at home.
  • Jared Goff will have some weapon options, including rookie wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown, Jamal Williams, Marvin Jones Jr.
  • The team also wants to utilize their running backs in the passing game, which could benefit Goff’s fantasy production.

“This feels like a team that… maybe even more this year with Jameer Gibbs, a team where any week you could catch lightning in a bottle.”

The Potential of Jahmyr Gibbs

  • Jameer Gibbs is an explosive player with great pass-catching abilities.
  • The Lions drafted him with high draft capital and have talked highly of his receiving skills.
  • The team is looking to utilize their running backs in the passing game, giving extra value to Goff.

“Jameer Gibbs is going to have a 40-yard touchdown reception this year… And those things will happen because he’s so explosive.”

An Unreliable Defense

  • The Lions had a weak defense last year, ranking 29th against the rush.
  • This suggests that the team may need to rely on their offense to keep up with opponents, potentially leading to more passing opportunities for Goff.

“At any week you could kind of roll the dice on some of these options… And if you catch one of those weeks where they are putting up a huge game…”

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Lions Offseason Moves

  • The Lions were the 30th ranked team against the pass last season.
  • They have been focusing on putting up more points this season.
  • The Lions have tried to strengthen their defense.

“You could have fixed it. You could have drafted a great edge rusher instead.”

Strange Decisions by the Lions

  • The Lions made some questionable decisions in the offseason.
  • They made a trade and focused on offensive players during the draft.
  • The decisions were criticized by fans.

“We’re talking about the, not joking, just looking at the facts of the NFL and the franchise tag and how the value of all these positions has gone up.”

Upside with Jahmyr Gibbs

  • Jameer Gibbs has a lot of potential for fantasy production.
  • He has a high ceiling and can hit home runs.
  • His pass-catching abilities are exceptional.

“Jameer Gibbs comes into the NFL as a top 10 receiving back in the NFL already.”

Amon-Ra St. Brown‘s Fantasy Value

  • Amon-Ra St. Brown is currently being drafted as a wide receiver nine.
  • He has shown his production ability in his rookie year.
  • St. Brown has a reliable and consistent performance.

“The fact that he finishes the wide receiver eight and you only had six touchdowns, you can see that this is going to be a top 15 wide receiver as kind of a guarantee.”

Packers’ Potential Improvement

  • There is uncertainty surrounding the Packers due to Aaron Rodgers‘ departure.
  • However, there is potential for improvement with Jordan Love as the quarterback.
  • The team’s well-run organization and strong roster can support Love’s success.

“Is there a world where this team makes a very seamless transition simply because of their kind of organizational stability?”

Jordan Love‘s Performance

  • Jordan Love‘s performance will be crucial for the Packers’ success.
  • He doesn’t have to be great, just not bad.
  • If Love can show his potential and perform adequately, the Packers can thrive.

“He just has to be what Jordan Love, I believe is, which is not bad.”

Packers’ Weapons

  • The Packers have built a strong supporting cast around Jordan Love.
  • They added tight ends and wide receiver Jaden Reed in the draft.
  • Christian Watson brings speed and playmaking ability to the team.

Christian Watson, I mean, this guy has wheels. You know, he just beats people in the secondary.”

Packers’ Players Potential

  • Doubts about the full potential of players like Watson, Dobbs, and the tight end room.
  • AJ Dillon was a disappointment last year.
  • Aaron Jones is the most known commodity.

“This team should outproduce this ADP.”

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NFC North Breakdown

  • The hosts discuss a playful moment where one of them pretended to spit in another’s face
  • They briefly touch on the potential upside of Cleal Herbert and Deont Forman for fantasy football drafts
  • Concerns are raised about the role of Justin Fields and the lack of pass-catching ability for these running backs
  • Cleal Herbert and Deont Forman are both considered viable options in later rounds of fantasy drafts

“Cleal Herber is extremely good… I would draft at least one of those guys for free in almost every one of my drafts.”

Division prediction

  • The podcast hosts are asked about their predictions for the division finishing order.

“I’m going to take the Packers to win this division.” “I’m going to take the Vikings.”

Reasons for Packers pick

  • The Fantasy Footballers’ pick the Packers to win the division due to their good defense.
  • The Lions have made efforts to improve, but it is uncertain if they can turn things around completely.
  • The Vikings are a strong contender, but the hosts believe the Packers have the edge.

“I’m taking the Packers to win.”

Vikings pick

  • Although the Lions are the betting favorites, one of the hosts chooses the Vikings to win the division.
  • The host believes the Packers have a good defense, and the Lions are still a bit uncertain.

“I’m going to go Vikings, Lions, Packers, Bears.”

Late quarterback strategy

  • The hosts discuss the strategy of selecting later round quarterbacks for best ball fantasy football drafts.
  • They mention that the winner of the Best Ball Mania had three quarterbacks selected in the later rounds.

“That is a fully legitimate strategy.”

Geno Smith as a value pick

  • One of the hosts mentions Geno Smith of the Seattle Seahawks as a value pick in the later rounds.
  • Geno Smith finished as the quarterback five last year.
  • He has a strong receiving core and added elite wide receivers and a good pass-catching running back.

“It’s wild to me that he’s down here at QB 15.”

Undervalued Kyler Murray

  • Another host believes Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals is being undervalued in fantasy drafts.
  • Despite concerns about his knee injury, Kyler has a history of being extremely productive.
  • The host argues that Kyler’s draft position does not reflect his potential for a good season.

“To me, Kyler Murray is being very undervalued.”

High upside quarterbacks

  • The hosts discuss other high upside late-round quarterback options, including Aaron Rodgers.
  • They mention the potential for big weeks and the upside these quarterbacks offer.

“You talked about it, Daniel Jones had some really big weeks.”

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Reminder for Underdog fantasy

  • The hosts remind listeners to take advantage of the Underdog Fantasy promo code “ballers” to get their first deposit matched up to $100.

“Get your first deposit matched up to $100 by using the code ballers.”

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