NFC East Breakdown + PUP or No PUP

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Another exciting division preview on today’s fantasy football podcast! Fantasy breakdown for the Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, and Commanders! Find out what to expect from these teams after an offseason with lots of changes. Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for July 25th, 2023.

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Melvin Gordon signs with Ravens, J.K. Dobbins on PUP 04:31

  • Melvin Gordon signed a one-year deal worth up to $3.1 million with the Ravens.
  • J.K. Dobbins has been placed on the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) list for the start of training camp.
  • Dobbins has not fully participated in any practices this offseason due to contract negotiations.
  • It was initially believed that Dobbins’ absence was a holdout for a new contract, but the team placed him on the PUP list.
  • Gus Edwards, another Ravens running back, has not participated in any activities yet due to a hamstring injury.
  • The Ravens signed Gordon to ensure they have a running back available for practice.

“I think before we move on from the Melvin Gordon news, it’s worth noting that this is not just J.K. Dobbins on the PUP.” 06:39

“They have to have someone to practice.” 07:06

Understanding the PUP list and its implications 06:04

  • Being placed on the PUP list during this time of the year is different from being placed on it during the regular season.
  • Players can be added to or removed from the PUP list freely during the offseason.
  • Placing a player on the PUP list does not necessarily mean they will miss the start of the regular season.
  • Fans should not overreact to players being placed on the PUP list this early in training camp.
  • Not making it to the PUP list at this stage may indicate a more significant concern.
  • Monitoring the health of Dobbins and Edwards throughout training camp will be important.

“The PUP right now, you can go on it, you can go off it, you can go back on it, back off. It is just really a helpful tool for the NFL teams.” 06:30

Evaluating Odell Beckham Jr. and Justin Jefferson 09:12

  • In the early years of his career, Odell Beckham Jr. was seen as a valuable dynasty asset, but injuries ultimately derailed his career.
  • Justin Jefferson is currently considered a rock-solid and valuable player in the dynasty format.
  • The perception of players can change quickly in fantasy football due to injuries and other unforeseen circumstances.

“Crazy to think how quickly things change in fantasy football.”

Evaluating Javonte Williams‘ PUP Status 10:02

  • Javante Williams was not placed on the PUP list to start training camp.
  • This news does not guarantee that he will not be placed on the PUP in the future.
  • It’s important to monitor the situation and not jump to conclusions.
  • In the past, players have avoided the PUP list despite initial concerns about their injuries.
  • If Williams remains off the PUP list in the next two weeks, it could be a positive sign.

“This is so shocking. Now, this does not guarantee that he will not be placed on the PUP.”

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Assessing Javonte Williams‘ Fantasy Value 11:30

  • There is optimism surrounding Javante Williams’ recent news, but it’s still likely to be a shared backfield for the season.
  • The coaching staff selected Somaje P. Ryan as well, indicating that both players will have opportunities.
  • It’s crucial to consider the potential time-sharing situation when drafting Williams.
  • With a shared workload, Williams may be a fourth or fifth-round pick.

“I still think that there is a high likelihood this is a shared backfield for the duration of the season.”

Impact of Jimmy Garoppolo‘s PUP Status 12:01

  • Jimmy Garoppolo has not been placed on the PUP list, which is positive news for fantasy managers.
  • Having Garoppolo as the starting quarterback increases the value of other players on the team, such as Devonte Adams.
  • It’s important to have a reliable starting quarterback to maximize fantasy production.

“Yes, you do. Yes, you absolutely do. You do not want… Brian Hoyer out there on the field.”

Davante Adams‘ Underrated Fantasy Value 13:13

  • Devonte Adams has consistently performed at a top-five wide receiver level when healthy.
  • Despite his consistent success, Adams is being drafted as the eighth wide receiver off the board.
  • It might be foolish to undervalue him, considering his potential as one of the best receivers in the game.
  • Adams deserves more respect in fantasy drafts, given his track record and elite performance.

“Last year, all the doubts pushed his ADP to a stupid place, and he still finished at number three.”

Evaluating Josh Jacobs and Potential Holdouts 15:27

  • Josh Jacobs was seen boarding a flight out of Las Vegas, leading to speculation about his future.
  • This offseason, multiple running backs have been involved in contract disputes and potential holdouts.
  • While there may be some initial concerns, it is expected that these running backs will ultimately report to training camp.
  • From a fantasy perspective, it’s crucial to monitor the situation and be aware of any potential holdouts.

“I believe that these running backs will have to be there just in the end.”

Concerns about Kadarius Toney‘s Injury 16:14

  • Kaderious Tony, a first-round draft pick in 2021, underwent an offseason knee procedure and aggravated the injury while fielding a punt.
  • He is expected to miss time during training camp, with uncertainty regarding his availability for the regular season.
  • Fantasy managers should monitor updates on Tony’s injury and be cautious when considering him for their teams.

“Kaderious Tony who underwent an offseason cleanup procedure on his knee aggravated the injury.”

Kadarius Toney‘s Injury History 16:45

  • Kaderious Tony has a history of injuries including three hamstring injuries, two ankle injuries, a quad oblique, a knee scope, and a foot injury.

“He’s had three hamstring injuries, two ankle injuries, a quad oblique, a knee scope, a foot.”

  • There is debate among experts whether Kaderious Tony can be labeled as injury prone.
  • Some Twitter doctors argue that he is not injury prone, while others disagree.

“I mean, look, I know that the Twitter doctors hate the injury prone label and they come out and they say Kaderious Tony is not injury prone.”

Wide Receiver Options for the Giants 17:05

  • Despite the uncertainty surrounding Kaderious Tony’s injuries, the Giants have multiple options in their wide receiver room.
  • Travis Kelsey is considered a reliable target and a viable option.
  • Some believe Rushy Rice or Justin Ross could emerge as potential targets.

“And there’s that wide receiver room right now is it’s like we could wait… I think we could wait so much breath debating on which wide receiver thinks going to be best. Almost like last year… You just need two words. Travis Kelsey… But if you’re saying what wide receiver there, do you take a shot on it’s Rushy Rice?… My whole point is we shouldn’t be. We did this last off season. It was stupid… There’s also a lot of people that think it’s Justin Ross.”

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Uncertainty about Emerging Wide Receivers 17:39

  • While there is hope for the emergence of a standout wide receiver, none of the current options are on the same level as Tyreek Hill or have the same chemistry with Patrick Mahomes.
  • Tricking the potential of a specific wide receiver is speculative.

“But none of them are Tyree kill and Patrick Mahomes… But none of them is my whole point is we shouldn’t be… My homes… So, you know, that that’s just so unfortunate for Naim Heinz.”

Nyheim Hines‘ Injury and Impact on the Backfield 19:21

  • Naim Heinz suffered an unfortunate injury in a jet ski accident, requiring surgery and ruling him out for the 2023 season.
  • James Cook‘s role in the backfield will likely increase with Naim Heinz sidelined.
  • Damian Harris and James Cook are expected to be the primary options in the backfield for the Eagles.

“Naim Heinz will miss the 2023 season… And so if it’s Damian Harris and James Cook, James Cook is going to be on the field more than he would have been.”

Giants’ New Signature Players 19:50

“The Giants signed some mediocre players. Oh man… welcome to the team… Why don’t you play the slot along with Sterling Shepherd and Jalen Hyatt and Paris Campbell and Wandaille Robinson?”

Uncertainty Surrounding Tyreek Hill‘s Situation 20:27

  • Tyreek Hill and the Chiefs have resolved their differences, indicating a positive resolution to any previous issues.
  • The details of the resolution are unknown.

“Also Tyree Kill is, let’s call it all good from the situation of the marina… They have resolved their differences.”

Overview of the NFC East 21:04

  • The NFC East had all four teams finish with a winning record, unlike the NFC South.
  • The podcast will analyze the changes in the teams’ offenses and make predictions for the division.

“The NFC East, first division since 2008 with all four teams at 500 or better… Looking at the changes from year to year, how the offenses are going to perform, what we can expect, and then we’ll predict the division and the division winners…”

Eagles running back situation 24:05

  • The Eagles have made changes to their running back room.
  • Miles Sanders is no longer a part of the offense.
  • They have brought in Rashad Penny and DeAndre Swift.
  • Both Penny and Swift have shown potential but have dealt with injuries.
  • The team seems to be planning on giving each running back an opportunity.

“I tend to believe they’re going to give each guy an opportunity on a regular basis.”

Rashaad Penny‘s potential 25:03

  • Rashad Penny has shown great potential when he’s been on the field.
  • He has been highly productive and a dominant force.
  • His per carry basis has been the best amongst running backs.
  • He has consistently performed well when given the chance.

“He’s been a dominator…awesome for real life and awesome for fantasy.”

Eagles offensive strategy 25:44

  • The Eagles have a strong offensive line.
  • They do not heavily involve their running backs in the passing game.
  • Their passing to running backs ranked last or near the bottom last season.
  • Rashad Penny’s strengths align well with this offensive style.
  • DeAndre Swift is a great pass catcher and will be part of a committee.

“I think if you’re trying to look for a rollout from Jalen Hertz, Rashad Penny, he can get that ball and he gone.”

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Late-round opportunities 26:31

  • Both Rashad Penny and DeAndre Swift can be drafted late.
  • They may not be standout players, but they don’t cost much.
  • Taking a chance on Penny could be worthwhile due to his potential.
  • If one of the two running backs gets injured, the other could become very valuable.

“So I want to take my shot on Rashad Penny late.”

Kellen Moore‘s Departure 30:31

  • Kellen Moore, considered one of the best young offensive minds, got fired because he wasn’t good enough and had failed to land any head coaching jobs in recent cycles. 30:31
  • It’s unclear why Moore wanted to move on from McCarthy, but it’s interesting that he wanted to work with Justin Herbert. 30:52
  • The Cowboys might slow down their pace of play under new offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, as Mike McCarthy has expressed a desire to do so to save the defense. However, the roster makeup favors a pass-heavy approach. 31:06

“I mean, I think the answer of are they going to slow down is absolutely yes.” 31:37

Potential Disappointments on the Cowboys Roster 31:54

  • Losing Dalton Schultz and uncertainty surrounding Michael Gallup‘s performance post-injury could affect the offense. 31:54
  • While Ezekiel Elliott‘s return to the team was initially thought to be likely, recent reports suggest it is now unlikely, leaving Tony Pollard as the primary option at running back. The current depth chart at the position is not very promising. 32:10
  • CD Lam is expected to perform well, but the value of other players like Dak Prescott and Brandon Cooks is questionable. 33:08

“I think maybe, you know, CD-Lam will be fine.” 33:08

Challenges for the Cowboys Offense 33:29

  • Despite having a solid defense, the Cowboys’ win total could decrease due to challenges on the offensive side. Mike McCarthy aims to limit turnovers by Dak Prescott. 33:34
  • Brian Schottenheimer’s approach differs from Kellen Moore‘s, and while the offense might still perform well, drafting Cowboys players could be risky based on their current average draft position. 33:51

“That being said, this is a team while the offensive coordinator is changing. There’s been a lot of continuity here.” 34:25

Value of Cowboys Players in Fantasy Drafts 34:36

  • Dak Prescott is being drafted too early, while Tony Pollard is still worth a pick in the third round. 34:38
  • CD Lam is being drafted at his ceiling, and Michael Gallup could outperform his average draft position if he continues to recover from his ACL injury. 34:54
  • The tight end position is uncertain, and the holdout of offensive lineman Zach Martin may pose a problem for the offense. 35:08

“I think he [Michael Gallup] could easily be the two [wide receiver] for this team over Brandon Cooks.” 35:04

Outlook for the New York Giants 36:06

  • Despite their surprising performance last year, the Giants may struggle to sustain their success. The addition of Darren Waller helps, but the Saquon Barkley situation remains a concern. 37:24
  • The Giants’ offense improved under Brian Daboll, but the roster lacks significant talent, and injuries impacted their performance. 36:42
  • It is unlikely that the Giants will replicate their success from last year, leading to potential disappointment for fans. 37:10

“I believe that it is a hollow fools gold of a season last year that is going to come crashing down.” 37:10

Giants’ Performance Last Year 37:48

  • The Giants’ 9-7 record from last year may not accurately reflect their true performance.
  • They had a negative point differential, which suggests that their record was misleading.
  • It’s similar to the Minnesota Vikings, who also had a negative point differential despite a good record.

“But you think last year was a mirage of a 9-7 and 1 and they’re going back down.”

Close Game Scores 38:01

  • The Giants had multiple games last year that were decided by a close score, with a record of 8-4-1 in such games.
  • These types of games can often be influenced by luck and the ball bouncing the right way.

“Yeah, 8-4-1 score games for the Giants. Yeah, the ball bounced the right way for them and those are very non-sticky.”

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Giants’ Need for Improvement 38:14

  • Despite their record, the Giants need to make significant improvements to be competitive.
  • Adding Darren Waller to the passing game is a great addition, but it may not be enough.
  • The fact that they paid Daniel Jones and are sticking with him is also a concern.

“But I don’t believe it is enough and the fact that they paid Daniel Jones and they’re sticking with him… I think it’s going to come back down.”

Washington’s Quarterback Situation 45:30

  • Washington has played the most quarterbacks.

“Nobody has played more quarterbacks than Washington has.”

  • The team is unlikely to go many games without both starting quarterbacks playing.

“This team cannot win enough games consecutively to not see both of these players this year.”

“I just don’t see a scenario where, you know, they’re going 6-7, 8-1 with Sam Howell and Bresset never gets an opportunity.”

  • Coach’s job security often affects quarterback decisions.

“If you don’t win enough games, there’s going to be a coaching staff that’s on the hot seat.”

“Thankfully, you’ve got Terry McLaurin here, who’s used to playing with a hodgepodge of quarterbacks.”

“Thankfully, you’ve got the Widers’ Averwan here, Terri McClourin, who’s used to playing with a hodgepodge of quarterbacks.”

Wide Receiver Corps and Offensive Coordinator 46:19

“And I believe in them. I think there’s going to be a consolidation of targets. You believe in McLaurin and Dotson.”

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  • Eric Bieniemy, the new offensive coordinator, brings excitement to the offense.

“And I also believe in Eric Biennamy, the offensive coordinator who left Kansas City and Andy Reed and Patrick Mahomes.”

Concerns about Consistency and Running the Ball 48:38

  • Opportunities might not be consistent for McLaurin and Dotson.

“My concern is having consistent enough opportunities.”

  • Washington’s focus on running the ball might limit passing opportunities.

“This team is going to run the football, not throw the football, and rely on their defense to try to get by.”

Brian Robinson‘s Potential and Schedule Analysis 50:28

  • Bryan Robinson could have a standout performance against Arizona in Week 1.

“He was very inefficient as a runner… Against Arizona, I think he can look talented.”

  • Pay attention to early-season schedule factors.

“Those little top of the season schedule things are worth paying attention to.”

Predictions for the NFC East 52:01

  • The Eagles are predicted to win the division, followed by the Cowboys, Commanders, and Giants.

“After the Eagles, I’ve got the Cowboys, then the Commanders, then the Giants.”

“I’ve got the Eagles winning the division.”

“I think you’re going to be one of the worst teams in football.”

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