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Tough decisions to make on today’s fantasy football podcast! Andy, Mike, and Jason choose one player to keep, trade, and cut in real draft scenarios! How do you choose between max upside vs safety? Plus, the latest NFL News and hype, Dynasty trade discussions, and more! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for June 6th, 2023.

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Introduction 00:00

  • The hosts introduce the theme of the video, which is Keep Trade Cutting a group of players in different situations, rounds, and arc types, with some mailbag discussion included.

Diablo 4 and video game talk 00:52

  • One of the hosts is playing Diablo 4, a video game that involves fighting demons and using powers.
  • The other host comments on the fact that he used to play a lot of video games and buy them, but now he keeps them stored on his hard drive.
  • They joke about one host being husband material due to his responsibilities, but the other host mentions that he still has time to play video games.
  • They mention that most people were probably playing the UDK, a fantasy football tool, instead of Diablo 4.

The Ultimate Draft Kit 02:29

  • The UDK is a comprehensive fantasy football tool that includes player profiles, sleepers, breakouts, busts, and other features.
  • The hosts mention that the UDK has the same amount of original content as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.
  • They encourage viewers to check out the UDK and UDK Plus at

Draft analyzer release 02:56

  • The draft analyzer for the UDK will be released on July 1st.

“Well, let’s say the draft analyzer is July 1st” 02:56

Other topics 03:14

  • One host mentions playing Street Fighter 6.
  • The other host jokingly comments on their midlife crisis.
  • They mention someone named Al Borland who helped with a flat tire.
  • They also mention a giveaway for a Justin Jefferson signed jersey, which has ended.

Upside Tight End Targets 05:19

  • When drafting tight ends, it’s important to look for players with some upside as the number two option on their team.
  • Don’t expect them to be the number one option as it’s too much of an ask.
  • Names to target include David Njoku and Greg Dulcich.
  • Don’t waste roster spots or double your odds by drafting two bad tight ends instead of one good one.
  • Tight ends outside the top few usually don’t perform well, so streaming off waivers is a good option.

    “Two bad tight ends do not equal one good tight end.” 05:33

Tight End Draft Targets 06:57

  • Look for the path of a tight end to become the second option on their team or have an easy pass to the position.
  • David Njoku is a good option since he was underutilized in stretches last year.
  • Pat Freiermuth is also a solid pick given his promising numbers in yards but not so much in touchdowns.

    “The path to the mute, being the number two option for Pittsburgh, it still exists to me.” 07:42

Tight End Update 08:56

  • Despite being hesitant to call it a Dalvin Cook update, there is some news and notes to cover.
  • No new update on Cook, unfortunately.
  • The team declined to comment on the situation.
  • Head coach Mike Zimmer said the situation will be handled internally and that he expects Cook to show up for mandatory minicamp.
  • The team also announced the signing of OT Evin Ksiezarczyk and released LB Blake Lynch.

    “News and notes from around the league.” 08:52

Possible Upside Trade Targets 09:01

  • The video hosts discuss trading for Dalvin Cook, despite him currently being a Viking.
  • There were reports of a trade between the Dolphins and Vikings close to happening in March, but it fell through.
  • Some speculate that Minnesota delayed the trade because they would have incurred more of Cook’s contract’s financial burden if the trade had happened earlier.
  • The hosts doubt the fact that the Vikings have drafted Devon Achane in the third round means they would not consider a trade.
  • The clear-to-resume-training status of Cook is seen as an important factor in the trade talks.

“And it, um, what’s wild though

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Comparing T. Higgins, Jalen Waddle, and Devonta Smith in Fantasy Football 17:33

  • T. Higgins and Jalen Waddle have similar consistency percentages (58.8%).
  • Devonta Smith has a higher consistency percentage (64.7%) than both Higgins and Waddle.
  • Smith had a higher target share and more red zone targets than Waddle.
  • All three players played in the 2019 National Championship game.

    Devonta Smith‘s consistency is up at 64.7%. He also had higher red zone targets. Like that’s the one area where Jalen Waddle was very deficient compared to the other two. He just had eight of them whereas the other two were at 12 and 13.” 19:27

Evaluating Running Backs 21:43

  • This segment of the video discusses evaluating three running backs: Isaiah Pacheco, Rashad White, and Damian Pierce.
  • Damian Pierce is considered the most talented of the three.

    “But as I believe he is the most talented of these three, just as far as like if I’m a general manager in the NFL and I want to grab one of these backs, I think Damian Pierce showed a lot on film that was good.” 23:16

  • Pierce is predicted to lose volume as a day three running back, making it difficult for him to replicate performance from the previous year.

    “My expectation is that he is going to massively lose volume as a day three running back to Devin Singletary, who the new coaching staff brought in and is a very good running back.” 22:45

  • However, if he hits it will likely be the most significant of the group.
  • Pacheco may have more touchdown opportunities playing for the Chiefs.
  • White may benefit from additional opportunities due to a lack of other threats in his position group.

Potential Role of Dameon Pierce 24:19

  • It is suggested that Damian Pierce may be able to fill some of the void left by the departure of Rex Burkhead in the passing game.

    “But Damian Pierce had a good stretch from the bye week on where he, and games not knocked out, he was on pace for 58 targets, 41 receptions.” 24:36

  • If he is given additional opportunities in the passing game, he could become a valuable asset for a fantasy football team.

Fantasy football players being traded or cut 25:52

  • Raheem Mostert was cut or traded.
  • The speaker preferred to call him Rahim Mostert and not refer to his age.
  • Chase Edmonds was traded to the Denver Broncos.
  • This trade did not speak highly of the player.
  • Despite passing attempts going down for Rashad White, he will still be involved and get guaranteed volume.
  • Damian Pierce is being kept by one speaker, while another speaker is considering trading him.

Mark Andrews / DK Metcalf / Najee Harris 29:45

  • Mark Andrews reportedly said “very serious spotlight on Mike” in reference to Lamar Jackson and that Lamar’s “balls are incredible”

    Mark Andrews, when talking about Lamar Jackson, his balls are…incredible.” 30:17

  • The three players discussed are DK Metcalf, Mark Andrews, and Najee Harris
  • The team agrees that these players are a “Keep, Keep, Keep” situation
  • Some people might not like Najee Harris, but the speaker thinks he will have an excellent season and will be a top 12 running back in fantasy
  • Mark Andrews might be the speaker’s favorite pick in all of fantasy right now
  • Andrews provides a considerable advantage when paired with a first-round wide receiver or running back
  • The speaker prefers pairing Mark Andrews with a third-round running back like Austin Echler over taking Travis Kelsey and pairing him with Najee Harris
  • Although Andrews has been drafted early, it is not a 100% guarantee that he will perform well

    “I don’t think the Andrews case is a 100% guarantee that you’re happy with the pick.” 33:13

  • The video hosts discuss which players they would keep, trade, or cut in a game of Keep/Trade/Cut.
  • The players being considered are Mark Andrews, DK Metcalf, and Najee Harris.
  • The hosts note that all three players are being drafted in the third round.

    “These are all three third-round players.” 33:49

  • The hosts consider whether it is possible to keep all three, but note that doing so would require drafting both Najee and Metcalf in the first or second round.

    “That means you’re drafting Najee and Metcalf in like the first, second round.” 34:01

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  • The hosts ultimately decide to keep Mark Andrews, trade DK Metcalf, and cut Najee Harris.

    “I’m going to keep Andrews and I will trade DK Metcalf. I’m going to trade Najee and cut DK Metcalf.” 34:04

Keenan Allen, Calvin Ridley, Hollywood Brown 34:25

  • The video hosts consider three wide receivers being drafted close together.
  • These are Keenan Allen, Calvin Ridley, and Marquise “Hollywood” Brown.
  • The hosts note that they have all three players back-to-back-to-back in their rankings.

    “Three wide receivers being drafted close together, three players we have back to back to back in our rankings.” 34:30

  • The hosts discuss Keenan Allen‘s previous performances and consistency over time.

    Keenan Allen always gives you real nice tight samples…he’s fine.” 35:02

  • The hosts also discuss the potential risks and rewards of drafting Marquise “Hollywood” Brown.

    “Hollywood Brown was in contention for me because I don’t know what the heck’s going on in Baltimore…he could go anywhere from a wide receiver 12 to wide receiver 35.” 36:51

  • Keenan Allen has shown a nice sample size like Kenan Allen style, after Hopkins left the Cardinals.
  • Keenan Allen has the highest ceiling among the three players discussed.
  • No news is known about Kyler Murray‘s health for week one.
  • Marquis Hollywood Brown might not have a high ceiling based on Murray’s uncertain status.
  • Calvin Ridley has a lot of risk, however, he has the highest ceiling when with Trevor Lawrence.
  • The safest and best option is to Keep Keenan Allen due to his ceiling and lower risk.

Keenan Allen: The safest Choice 38:13

“However, his ceiling to me with Trevor Lawrence, if he develops into the one, I think he’s got the highest ceiling, but the keep when you factor in the ceiling and the risk is Kenan Allen” 38:00

  • Despite there being some risk with Keenan Allen, it is still the wise choice over the other two players.
  • Kenan Allen has a lot of potential due to both his individual ability and the team he is surrounded by.

The Risk with Calvin Ridley 37:55

  • Calvin Ridley has a lot of risk than the other two players.
  • Despite his risk, he still has the highest ceiling, but with Trevor Lawrence.
  • Ridley’s potential is based on whether Lawrence will continue to develop and help bring out the best in his gameplay.

Trading Calvin Ridley 39:33

  • There are always Calvin Ridley believers in fantasy football drafts.
  • Ridley has a higher ADP compared to others, making him a costly pick in any trade.
  • The audience member suggests trading Ridley as a wise move.

The Importance of Calvin Ridley‘s Performance 40:32

  • The potential success for Calvin Ridley in 2023 is hinged on his ability to become the number one in his offense.
  • If his performance is not up to this standard, the audience member suggests it will only be marginal or unsatisfactory.
  • The success of Ridley relies on his performance, making him a potentially high-risk choice.

Davante Adams and Jimmy Garoppolo‘s situation 44:57

  • The team’s QB situation raises the question of whether Devonte Adams could end up being a bust pick this year.
  • Jimmy Garoppolo has a “bum foot” right now, and the team has reworked his contract so that they can cut him if necessary.
  • If Jimmy Garoppolo is the starting QB during the preseason and is still practicing, would it be a reason to bail on Devonte Adams?
  • Adams put up impressive numbers with a backup quarterback last season, which may make him worth keeping.
  • It’s possible that he could have a subpar year if there is a downgrade at quarterback and the touchdowns don’t come as expected.

“There’s obviously a clear path to him busting if it’s a downgrade at quarterback and the touchdowns don’t come and he’s dinking and dunking and they’re not downfield targets like it was with Derek Carr.” 47:01

Jimmy Garoppolo‘s potential impact 45:27

  • If Jimmy Garoppolo is still the starting QB, how would he compare to Derek Carr, who played with Devonte Adams last season?
  • Jimmy Garoppolo‘s potential impact should be considered, as he may not lead the team to the same level of success that they had with Carr.

“I mean, how would, where do you see him, you know, as in a lateral or a downgrade from from what Derek Carr did for him?” 45:41

Davante Adams‘ future 48:02

  • Devonte Adams is currently one of the highest-paid wide receivers in the NFL and is highly productive.
  • However, he may not perform at the same level in the future, as he’s unlikely to maintain his dominance at the age of 33-34.
  • There’s a chance that he could have a subpar year this season due to the QB situation, but it’s too early to bail on him yet.
  • People playing dynasty with this type of player should consider selling him at some point.

“I think Devonte Adams is going to have a good year. And if I have him in dynasty, I’m 100% trying to sell him.” 48:43

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Trading Players in Dynasty Leagues 48:52

  • The hosts discuss whether to trade Hollywood Brown for Devonte Adams in a dynasty league
  • The trade would involve a 26-year-old Hollywood Brown
  • One host mentions that he has a solid receiving core but needs a star wide receiver to compete this year

    “I could compete this year, but I feel like I’m a star wide receiver away” 49:08

Discussing a Trade with Davante Adams 49:49

  • One of the hosts mentions that another team offered them Hollywood Brown for Devonte Adams
  • The team already has some championship wins and has aging players like Travis Kelsey and Derek Henry

    “It’s not how I usually play dynasty, but when you’ve won three championships in a row, you keep going until they all are dead and gone” 50:15

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