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Fantasy Football Q&A and a lot more! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason answer questions of all kinds, including a look behind the scenes! Plus, league format discussion, dynasty trades, and a new edition of Best Ball Breakdown! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for June 15th, 2023.

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Fantasy Football Format Question 04:16

  • The hosts discuss their favorite alternatives to having a kicker or defense in fantasy football leagues.
  • Some options mentioned include adding a third wide receiver or adding a second flex position.
  • The hosts share their preference for extra flex options, as it allows for more roster construction flexibility.
  • One host mentions that they do not play in leagues with kickers and would rather have an extra flex position.
  • Another host mentions enjoying playing with defenses and prefers to have both extra flex positions and a defense.
  • The hosts briefly speculate about the possibility of getting rid of defenses in NFL football.

“Really, if you’re in a half PPR, certainly if you’re in a full PPR, adding a flex, really it’s pretty similar to basically making a three wide receiver system because once you get past the top 24, 36 wide receivers and running backs, then those flex positions are usually going to be filled with wide receivers and PPR formats.” 04:28

“I don’t really have anything against having kickers in your league, but the point is more like every position has a lack of predictability to a degree. Kickers has the most.” 09:43

Defenses in Fantasy Football 09:46

  • Not a lot of time is spent on drafting defenses in your draft season.
  • The best defenses get selected a few rounds ahead of other defenses.
  • The timing of when to draft a defense is strategic.
  • Regardless of what others say about defenses, we like them.
  • Have you ever been burned by a defense pick?

“And it’s strategic as to when you go in and grab one. So regardless of what the, the doosers say about defenses, we like them.” 09:57

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Defense Strategy in Dynasty Leagues 10:10

  • The difference between dynasty leagues and redraft leagues regarding defenses.
  • In dynasty leagues, not having defenses allows for a different experience.
  • The waiver wire aspect of defenses in redraft leagues adds a fun element.
  • In dynasty leagues, playable defenses are not typically available on the waivers.

“I just like not having to, that’s fine. I pick defense. I do, I do prefer it in dynasty leagues to not have defenses and the difference there.” 10:17

Mark Andrews vs. Kyle Pitts Trade 11:20

  • A listener asks about trading Mark Andrews for Kyle Pitts.
  • Jason mentions a previous discussion about trading Kelsey for Pitts.
  • The hosts discuss the age difference between Pitts and Andrews.
  • They lean towards keeping Andrews due to his consistent performance.
  • They mention the age gap between Travis Kelce and Pitts as well.

Kyle Pitts is 22.7 years old. Mark Andrews is 27 years old.” 12:45

The Dirty Mouth on the Pickleball Court 14:32

  • Discussion about who has the dirtiest mouth outside business hours.
  • Jason is known for breaking paddles on the pickleball court.
  • They all admit to occasionally getting loose with their language during games.

“Listen, Jason is broken like six paddles so far on the pickleball court.” 15:09

Rooting for a Second NFL Team 15:48

  • The hosts discuss whether they have a second team they root for.
  • Andy mentions that he changes his favorite team each year.
  • Jason usually picks the underdog or Cinderella-type team to root for.
  • Mike mentions the Packers, but his loyalty has wavered.

“But I say for me, it’s the Vikings, but pretty much every year, like kind of what Jason’s talking about of he finds a team.” 17:58

Loyalty to Teams and Players 18:37

  • Loyalty to a sports team does not necessarily have to be based on where you grew up.
  • Fantasy football has changed fandom because people now have alliances to specific players rather than teams.
  • Fans might have loyalty to a player who has helped them win a championship, leading them to follow that player’s career and root for their current team.
  • Fantasy football makes watching any game exciting because fans are invested in the performance of the players they love.

“Fantasy has changed fandom in general. Like my son’s favorite team is the Chargers. Now it’s not because of a birth lottery. It’s not because of their defense. It’s because he loves Austin Ekeler.” 19:22

Consuming UDK Content 21:06

  • There is a lot of content in the Ultimate Draft Kit (UDK).
  • The rankings are a good starting point for drafting and gathering information.
  • The UDK includes blurbs, individual player profile videos, and research and analysis tabs.
  • It is recommended to watch the videos as a whole, as they provide valuable information.
  • The cheat sheet creator can be used to customize rankings based on specific scoring settings.
  • The analyzer tool can be used to assess the success of a draft.

Favorite Podcast Memories 23:32

  • The hosts discuss their favorite memories from the podcast.
  • One memorable moment was their first big live show in Minnesota, where the crowd’s overwhelming support moved them emotionally.
  • Another memorable moment was when the Ducers surprised the hosts with a live recording for episode 1000, featuring their wives.
  • Early memories of recording in a small, hot bedroom in Arizona also hold a special place in their hearts.

“It was our first time. Like I don’t care at all now at all. Just, I don’t, you know, I expect it. The Megalashow, you guys better bring it.” 24:43

  • Checking download numbers for the show
  • Excitement over breaking a new record with 25 downloads in an hour
  • Mike’s dedication to updating the Slack channel with hourly updates
  • Antonio Gibson day as a highlight, especially when Adrian Peterson was waved
  • Singing and blasting music to celebrate big moments
  • Winning the millie maker
  • Reflecting on the friendships made and looking forward to creating more memories

Cooper Kupp‘s Health 27:41

  • Question about Cooper Kupp‘s health for the upcoming season
  • Matthew Betts, the injury expert on the team, provides insights
  • Kupp had a high ankle sprain in week 10 but had a successful procedure
  • Confidence that Kupp will be 100% by training camp
  • Matthew Betts also hosts an injury podcast for additional resources

Perfect Number of Wings 29:48

  • Question about the perfect number of boneless wings for one person to order for a game
  • Panel members discuss their opinions
  • Numbers suggested: 12, 10, and 24
  • Mention of the debate in households about ordering more or trying to “thread the needle” with the order

Figurines on the Desk 31:02

  • Question about how the figurines on the desk for the show are decided
  • Brooksie, the set designer, explains it is mostly random with some consideration for relevant players being discussed

Chris Godwin vs Jordan Addison 32:07

  • Dynasty league question about choosing between Chris Godwin and Jordan Addison
  • Confident in Addison’s potential and youth
  • Concerns about Godwin’s potential decline
  • Discussion on the uncertainty of NFL draft picks and the possibility of them not meeting expectations

Shower Routine and PB&J Technique 34:12

  • Twitter question about shower routine and making the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Shower Routine 34:23

  • The hosts discuss their shower routines.
  • They question if there is a specific phrase or method for showering.
  • One host mentions that they do their hair before washing their body.
  • Another host comments on the order in which they wash their hair and body, raising concerns about potentially dirtying the body after washing the hair.
  • They debate how thoroughly they wash different parts of their body, including the feet.
  • One host admits to only washing their feet if they are dirty and rarely washing them otherwise.
  • They discuss priorities in the shower, emphasizing that pits and privates are the main focus.
  • A host shares that they occasionally step out of the water to do a full-body lather for a deep clean.
  • One host mentions that they wash their legs every shower but in a lazy manner.
  • The hosts reveal their preferences for using a loofah or bare hands while showering.
  • They also talk about trying different shower tools, like silicon scrubbers, but not finding them effective.
  • One host admits to using fancy shower gel.
  • The conversation transitions to the topic of making a perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

“Pits and privates, my friends. That’s the … it’s pits and privates. Those are the priorities. Everything else is just a bonus.” 36:06

“I do wash my legs every shower, but it is the laziest thing you have. I’m talking fresh, fresh body wash on and I just, I quickly reached down and just go, yep, yep. That’s it. Just to say, check the box.” 37:30

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Making a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich 38:44

  • The hosts discuss the process of making a perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  • One host explains that they spread peanut butter on both sides of the bread, scrape the knife clean, and then add jelly on one side before placing the two slices of bread together.
  • They debate the order of spreading the peanut butter and jelly, with one host insisting on jelly being on top of the peanut butter.
  • The hosts reminisce about a story where one host ordered multiple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on a cruise ship for late-night snacks.
  • They agree that drinking milk with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is important, and one host mentions dipping their peanut butter sandwich in milk for added enjoyment.

“You don’t go peanut butter on one piece of bread and then jelly on top of the peanut butter. You jelly the other.” 39:22

“I think it’s very important to have, you ever, you ever done the Dippy? White bread and milk. If it’s just a peanut butter sandwich, I dip it 100%.” 40:31

  • One host claims that peanut butter and honey is vastly superior.
  • Another host agrees that peanut butter and honey is great but won’t call it superior or inferior.
  • The hosts discuss their preferences for different types of jelly, including blackberry and strawberry.
  • One host prefers blackberry, while another prefers strawberry.

“Peanut butter honey vastly superior.” 40:43

  • “Peanut butter honey is great.” 40:45
  • “It’s great.” 40:47
  • “And I won’t call it superior but I won’t call it inferior.” 40:48

Jelly Preferences 40:54

  • The hosts share their preferences for different types of jelly.
  • One host likes blackberry jelly and describes it as their favorite.
  • Another host mentions that they prefer strawberry jelly.
  • There is a playful discussion about whether apricot jelly should have chunks.
  • One host prefers smooth preserves and marmalade.

“Blackberry is my favorite.” 40:59

  • “And then the dreaded apricot.” 41:26
  • “Apricot sounds like he wants chunks in there.” 41:30
  • “Yeah…there are chunks in there.” 41:33

Preferred Time Zone for Watching Football 42:35

  • The hosts answer a question from Instagram about their preferred time zone for watching football.
  • One host prefers East Coast time because it allows them to watch football after putting their daughter to bed.
  • Another host agrees that East Coast time is ideal for watching football.
  • They mention that being able to watch games in the morning on Sunday is a bonus.

“I would prefer East Coast time…having Sunday mornings more free.” 42:54

Most Fun Fantasy Players 44:08

  • The hosts discuss the most fun players they have had on their fantasy rosters.
  • One host mentions Todd Gurley as the most fun player because of his consistent high-scoring performances.
  • Another host mentions Tyreek Hill when he played with Patrick Mahomes during a breakout year.
  • They also mention LaDainian Tomlinson as a highly productive and enjoyable fantasy player.
  • One host enjoyed having Jalen Hurts on their roster last year.
  • Antonio Brown is also mentioned as a fun player to have due to his big plays and high-scoring potential.

“My answer is Todd Gurley…you know you have a player that every single week you put him in there you win the week because he scores like 45 points.” 44:15

  • “I enjoyed Jalen Hurts last year.” 44:59
  • “For me it was Antonio Brown…just watching every game because you know at some point in this game a ridiculous 30-40 yard touchdown is going to happen.” 45:06

The Nickname Dispute 46:21

  • The hosts discuss a marital dispute over a nickname for one of the hosts.
  • The nickname “Al Borland” was initially given to him due to his resemblance to the character and his handyman skills.
  • However, one host accidentally referred to him as “Al O W L” and the nickname stuck.
  • It is mentioned that both versions of the nickname are technically correct, but the winner is the one who is referred to as Al.

“It was Al…it was just a slip and it sounded like Al.” 47:00

  • “Now his nickname is Al O W L Borland.” 47:05



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Best Chess Player 47:40

  • The hosts discuss the best chess player in the studio.
  • They mention that Rob, the CTO and lead programmer, is a strong chess player.
  • It is suggested that Rob could potentially beat Papa Josh, another chess enthusiast.

“It’s possible that Rob…could beat him.” 47:53

  • The person speaking also knows how to play chess and has played for a couple of years.
  • They mention that they can do moves like castling.

Foosball Skills 48:31

  • They discuss their foosball skills and the different roles they play.
  • The person speaking considers themselves the best defender.
  • Andy is praised for being good at offense and defense.
  • They joke about being a well-rounded team in terms of skills.

Best Ball Breakdown 50:30

  • They announce the start of the Best Ball Breakdown segment.
  • The host mentions that they have been enjoying playing more fantasy football leagues with Underdog Fantasy.
  • They discuss a recent draft they did and the fun they had.
  • They mention that they will be discussing their favorite last round pick in best ball from the previous week.

Players Refused to Draft in Best Ball 51:50

  • They discuss players they refuse to draft at their current Average Draft Position (ADP) in best ball leagues.
  • Devonta Smith is mentioned as a player with a high ADP but not preferred by the speaker due to other players available at that position.
  • Deebo Samuel, Travis Kelsey, TJ Hockenson, and D’Andre Swift are also mentioned as players the speaker refuses to draft at their current ADP.
  • DJ Moore is highlighted as being drafted as the wide receiver 26 but is considered unlikely to perform well due to the Chicago Bears‘ offensive situation.

“Davante Smith is the wide receiver 13, but I can’t see myself taking him at that ADP when I could take players like Derek Henry or DK Metcalf who I have ranked higher.” 52:35

“I refuse to draft Travis Kelce at the current ADP of 105. I would rather take Mark Andrews a few rounds later.” 53:55

“Debo Samuel, TJ Hawkinson, and DeAndre Swift are also players I refuse to draft at their current ADP.” (3229, 3239, 3260)

DJ Moore is being drafted as the wide receiver 26, but his situation with the Chicago Bears is not favorable for fantasy production.” 54:56

Best Ball Breakdown 56:08

  • Best Ball Breakdown is presented by Underdog Fantasy.
  • Viewers can get their first deposit matched up to 100 bucks using the code “ballers”.

Recap and Breaking News 56:13

  • The show will be back next week to recap all the breaking news and more.
  • Early breakout sleepers, busts, and values will be discussed.

“We will recap all of the breaking news and a whole lot more” 56:13

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Thank You and Goodbye 56:27

  • The hosts thank the listeners for their questions and engagement.
  • They bid farewell and thank the audience for listening.

“Goodbye goodbye thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy footballers podcast” 56:27

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