Fantasy Time Machine + Jonathan Taylor Fallout

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Find out which players will surprise in 2023! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason jump into the Fantasy Time Machine! Who is this year’s Josh Jacobs? Which QB will have a career resurgence like Geno Smith? Plus, fantasy fallout from Jonathan Taylor remaining on the PUP.  Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for August 30th, 2023.

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Backup Running Backs in Fantasy Drafts 05:31

  • The hosts discuss whether it is worth using a late draft pick to select a backup running back as an insurance policy. They express differing opinions on this strategy, with the majority considering it a wasted pick. 05:31

“The question of the day. Do you like to use a late draft pick to grab the backup running back to your RB one as an insurance policy or do you view it as a wasted pick?”

Backup Running Back Strategy 05:53

  • One host argues that drafting a backup running back is drafting for your floor and that it only works in a limited number of cases. They highlight situations where a backup running back can be beneficial for short periods but caution against relying on it for an entire season. 05:53

“Yeah. Look, should something happen to your starter, maybe you have a plug and play running back who’s going to come in and give you some production. The problem is we remember very fondly when it works, but it has only worked a small amount of times.”

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Pitfalls of Drafting Backup Running Backs 07:49

  • Another host points out the potential pitfalls of drafting a backup running back, such as committing too much draft capital to a single backfield or overvaluing the backup compared to other players. They recommend considering the season-long value and potential pitfalls before selecting a backup running back. 07:49

“And if the value of the backup is assured, like, if you know they’re going to be great, they generally go higher in the draft and then you’re committing two higher draft capital picks on the same backfield.”

Drafting Backup Running Backs 09:35

  • Fantasy managers often struggle with deciding whether to draft multiple promising running backs or stick with one clear starter.
  • Having multiple breakout potential running backs can lead to uncertainty about who to start, or fear of dropping a player who ends up performing well.
  • The examples of Charbonnet and Kenneth Walker illustrate the dilemma of holding onto both players even if one breaks out.
  • In the past, teams like Carolina had two great running backs and it was difficult to decide who to start when both were healthy.

“Because sometimes no one breaks out and you’re stuck with all of them and you don’t know which one to start.” 09:35

Drafting Backup Running Backs: Not Playing for First 10:20

  • Drafting a backup running back as the last pick is often a safer strategy to avoid a terrible season.
  • Losing a starting running back and relying on the backup rarely improves the team’s performance.
  • The objective is to add a great asset to the team by acquiring a backup running back from another manager whose starter is injured.

“You’re not playing for first, you’re playing for, well, I just don’t want to have a terrible season.” 10:20

Drafting Backup Running Backs in Dynasty Considerations 10:51

  • In dynasty leagues, it can be beneficial to have the backup running back as a guaranteed starter.
  • The scarcity of available starters in dynasty leagues makes drafting late-rounders who may become starters more crucial.
  • However, this strategy differs from redraft leagues where drafting someone else’s backup is riskier.

“Obviously, dynasty is completely different. I like having the backup in dynasty.” 10:51

Jonathan Taylor Fallout: Injury Update 11:16

  • The bombshell news about Jonathan Taylor dropped at 4pm Eastern.
  • Jonathan Taylor remains on the Colts and will miss a minimum of four games while on the PUP list.
  • The decision to keep him on the PUP list raises concerns about the Colts’ strategy.

“The bomb dropped at 4pm Eastern yesterday… No trade. Jonathan Taylor remains on the Colts.” 11:16

Jonathan Taylor Fallout: Contract Implications 12:03

  • Jonathan Taylor‘s absence from the first four games still counts towards fulfilling his contract.
  • If Taylor remains on the PUP for six weeks, he fulfills his contract regardless of playing time.
  • However, this situation allows Taylor the option to hold out or negotiate during the offseason.

Jonathan Taylor, he will miss the first four games… He gets to figure out what’s going on during the off season.” 12:03

Jonathan Taylor Fallout: Trade and Roster Uncertainty 13:55

  • The Colts’ decision to keep Taylor on the PUP list may likely prevent him from playing for the Colts this season.
  • Trade scenarios are complicated, as any team that acquires Taylor will also miss him for the first four weeks.
  • The uncertainty surrounding Taylor’s injury and trade potential adds another layer of complexity to his fantasy value.

“It feels that way… things can change with, with dollars and cents.” 13:55

Colts Running Back Situation 14:57

  • The Colts’ running back situation is uncertain due to Jonathan Taylor‘s injury and potential absence.
  • Deon Jackson and Evan Hall both had opportunities to start during preseason but are risky options.
  • Zack Moss is expected to be the starter once he returns from a broken arm.
  • Starting a Colts running back in Week 1 is a guessing game, making it a challenging situation for fantasy managers.

“You’re just flat guessing when you want to say, okay, it’s going to be Evan Hall… Zach Moss is active, I would presume that he will be the starter.” 15:18

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Jerry Jeudy Injury Update 17:39

  • Judy’s return is uncertain, but he could be back within a couple of weeks. However, it is unlikely that he will be there for week one of the season.
  • The Broncos are actively searching for wide receivers, indicating a lack of healthy players at the position.

“Judy could be back, but I doubt that he is there week one, which gives Mims an opportunity.”

DJ Chark‘s Optimism 18:23

  • DJ Chark is optimistic that he will be able to play in week one against the Falcons.

DJ Chark optimistic. He can play in week one against the Falcons. That is surprisingly good news.”

Patriots’ Risky Move 19:37

  • The Patriots released Brian Hoyer, leaving Mac Jones as the only quarterback on the roster.
  • This decision is considered risky as an injury to Jones would leave them without a backup quarterback.
  • The Patriots may try to sign Hoyer to the practice squad if he clears waivers.

“But that’s the, this is a huge risk by the Patriots. I saw some beat writers talking about what are they doing? And it has to do with other injury concerns throughout the team that they had to make some really hard decisions. Cause as of right now, Mac Jones is the only quarterback on that roster.”

Dak Prescott‘s Fury 20:41

  • Dak Prescott is reportedly furious about the lack of communication regarding the Trey Lance trade and the release of Will Greer.
  • Adding a high draft capital pick without informing the starting quarterback adds pressure and potential confidence issues.

“No, I guess. Dak’s interview is as controlled fury as you can get. Wasn’t told about it. No heads up. Furious about Will Greer.”

Identifying Surprise Players from Last 25:37

  • The premise of this segment is to identify players that surprised last year and apply the same filters to potentially identify surprise players this year.
  • Amari Cooper had an amazing start to the season last year and was a surprise player.
  • Josh Jacobs and Gino Smith were also surprise players last year.
  • The goal is to analyze what made these players special and how to apply those filters to find this year’s surprise players.

“If we could travel forward in time, who would be this year’s version of players that flat out surprise last year?”

Amari Cooper as a Surprise Player 26:11

  • Amari Cooper was drafted as the wide receiver 26 last year but ended up as the wide receiver 9.
  • He had 132 targets, 78 receptions, 1,160 yards, and 9 touchdowns.
  • Cooper had as many top 12 weeks as AJ Brown and one more than Jalen Waddle and Amon-Ra St. Brown.
  • Despite being undervalued and dropping in drafts, Cooper consistently performs well and can be a tremendous value.

“Usually when a player is a good value, like three, four years in a row, it just keeps happening.”

Diontae Johnson as a Potential Surprise Player 27:26

  • Deontay Johnson of the Pittsburgh Steelers is currently going as the wide receiver 35.
  • He had been a wide receiver one before and is a great route runner and first down receiver.
  • The Pittsburgh offense is expected to be vastly improved, with two running backs, Pat Fryermuth at tight end, and two talented wide receivers.
  • Johnson is a late-round pick that offers stability to a fantasy team’s wide receiver core.

“You don’t find wide receivers every day at wide receiver 35 that are guaranteed to get 120 targets.”

Courtland Sutton‘s Relevance 29:50

  • Cortland Sutton of the Denver Broncos is being overlooked by the fantasy community.
  • Despite a rough year last season, there are positive reports of his performance in camp.
  • With Jerry Judy potentially out and the Broncos’ offense looking improved with the arrival of Sean Payton, Sutton has the opportunity to be a relevant fantasy player.
  • He had impressive stats when Jerry Judy was off the field last season.

“Cortland Sutton has a path to be a very relevant fantasy player.”

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Cortland Sutton’s Delayed Delivery 33:09

  • Cortland Sutton has been in the NFL for six years, but his production has not lived up to expectations.
  • Despite impressive target per outrun numbers, Sutton has not been able to translate them into production.
  • There is still hope for Sutton to improve, especially if quarterback Peyton Russ shows improvement.

“You’re going into year six with Cortland Sutton and we’re still waiting for the package to get delivered.”

Jerry Jeudy‘s Injury Concerns 33:55

  • Jerry Judy has been plagued by hamstring injuries, which have hindered his performance.
  • Although there is enthusiasm about his early return from his current injury, there are concerns about future setbacks.
  • Judy’s injury history raises doubts about his ability to deliver consistent production.

“Chuck that dart and the hamstring injury for Judy. We can be enthusiastic about his early return, but then will there be another return and another like Judy has been way worse?”

Comparing Sutton’s and Judy’s Performance 34:32

  • When Jerry Judy missed two games last year, Cortland Sutton had solid fantasy performances, scoring over 10 points in both games.
  • Sutton’s numbers were not spectacular, but they showed his potential to produce when Judy is absent.
  • This suggests that Sutton’s performance can improve if he can establish himself as the main target in the absence of Judy.

“Denver needs a new Denver. You had the three solid games at the beginning of the year. And then you had the two games that Jerry Judy missed last year… That’s 10 points. I’ll take that.”

The Vibey Pick of DeAndre Hopkins 34:48

  • DeAndre Hopkins is an older player but still holds fantasy potential as the number one target on the Tennessee Titans.
  • Despite his age, Hopkins has historically been great for fantasy football and could still produce this season.
  • The uncertainty surrounding Hopkins makes the speaker indifferent about drafting him at his current ADP.

“I’m really indifferent on him. Whereas at his ADP and that’s where Cooper was for me last year, which, which is funny there, Mike, is that you were indifferent about him. I Cooper, but that was a mistake, right?”

Damian Pierce as the Potential RB Steal 38:28

  • Damian Pierce of the Houston Texans has shown similarities to the running style of Josh Jacobs.
  • Pierce is the standout running back for the Texans and has been playing every snap with the starters.
  • If Pierce becomes involved in the passing game and takes on all three downs, he has the potential to lead the league in rushing and provide excellent fantasy value.

“I like that. I think Damian Pierce might end up being in contention to lead the league in rushing. And that’s what Josh Jacobs did last year, so, um, that’s where I’m at.”

Cam Akers as a Volume Play 40:57

  • Cameron Acres is expected to have an enormous workload in the backfield.
  • The depth chart suggests that Acres will be the primary running back for the team.
  • Acres is being drafted in the sixth round, making him a low-cost gamble in fantasy drafts.
  • The probability models predict that Acres will be an okay fantasy asset.

“I think this is a volume play.”

Comparing Cam Akers to Josh Jacobs 42:06

  • Cameron Acres shares similarities with Josh Jacobs in terms of his potential impact and breakout potential.
  • Both players have the opportunity to become league-winning picks.
  • Acres reminds the speaker of Jacobs, who has had successful fantasy seasons based on opportunity and workload.

“He reminds me in those ways of Josh Jacobs. I think that he could be that league-winning type of pick.”

The Potential Role of Kyron Williams 42:11

  • Kyron Williams is seen as a potential backup option for the team.
  • While there isn’t much on-field production to support this, there is speculation that Williams will play a significant role.
  • Williams was reportedly part of the team’s plan even before he got injured in week one.

“I think that Kyron could factor in more than you’re anticipating.”

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Alexander Mattison‘s Opportunity in the Minnesota Vikings Backfield 43:01

  • Alexander Mattison has secured the backup role behind Dalvin Cook.
  • Despite not being overwhelmingly positive, Mattison has become the starting running back in the team’s depth chart.
  • In previous seasons when given opportunities, Mattison has produced impressive fantasy numbers.
  • The Minnesota Vikings coaching staff has shown confidence in Mattison, even noting his involvement in the passing game.

“This is an outrageous deal for a high powered offense getting their starting running back in the sixth round.”

Comparing Mattison to Najee Harris 46:33

  • Mattison’s situation resembles that of Najee Harris, who also benefits from ample opportunity.
  • The player’s talent may not be top-tier, but the secure role presents significant potential for fantasy production.

“Madison feels like Minnesota Najee to me.”

“If Najee were playing for the Minnesota Vikings and Kirk Cousins, that offense that you expect to be better, Najee is much better than Madison.”

The Potential of Derek Carr 47:19

  • Derek Carr is the speaker’s pick for this year’s version of Geno Smith.
  • The speaker acknowledges that Carr may not be a top-tier quarterback in terms of talent.
  • However, Carr benefits from being on a probable division championship team and has the potential for a career resurgence.

“This is me trying to catch a Gino Smith before he happens.”

Derek Carr‘s Potential Resurgence 48:39

  • Derek Carr looks to be in great shape, incredibly cut after spending the off-season doing curls rather than throwing a football.
  • He has a competitive chip on his shoulder after the departure from Las Vegas and positive comments about his time there.
  • The Saints’ solid weapons include Chris Olave, Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara, Kendra Miller, Jamal Williams, and a group of touchdown-scoring tight ends.

“I think the stars might align this year. I think Derek Carr could have a lot of impressive performances.”

Baker Mayfield‘s Potential Rebirth 51:44

  • Baker Mayfield is in a similar situation to Derek Carr, where he’s a highly drafted quarterback who flamed out and was a bust.
  • Despite the low expectations, Mayfield has looked very good in the preseason and has great weapons to work with, including Mike Evans.
  • Mayfield’s ability to check it down or chuck it deep, combined with his capable check-down guy Rashad White, could lead to a surprising season.

“Baker is the most perfect pick. He has every opportunity to come out here and restore his career.”

The Potential of Sam Howell 54:44

  • Sam Howell has impressed in the preseason and could be a top 12 quarterback.
  • In Washington, which had a low first half pass rate, the new offensive coordinator Eric BNM could bring a more pass-heavy system similar to Kansas City.
  • With Terry McLaurin and Dodson as a strong wide receiver one and two combination, Howell could thrive.

“And Sam Howell, I mean, he unleashes the wolf, something like the hair he’s got it and he runs wild.”

Sam Howell‘s Fantasy Potential 56:24

  • Sam Howell is a college quarterback with great rushing ability.
  • In his final year, he ran for over 800 yards and 11 touchdowns.
  • He has the potential for fantasy success at the quarterback position.
  • Despite being drafted late, Howell has shown promising skills on the field.

“That is the secret for fantasy success at the quarterback position.”

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Comparison to Josh Allen 57:10

  • When escaping the pocket and breaking through, Howell resembles Josh Allen.
  • Although he may not have the same physical stature, his quick feet make him a threat.
  • Howell’s ability to extend plays and create opportunities sets him apart.

“He looks a lot like Josh Allen when it comes to escaping the pocket.”

Surrounding Weapons 57:30

  • Howell has strong supporting players in Curtis Samuel and Antonio Gibson.
  • These multifaceted, talented players can enhance Howell’s fantasy production.
  • McLaurin, Dotson, and Samuel are all valuable options for Howell to target.

“He’s a multifaceted, talented player who’s had great involvement before.”

Blue Supermoon Misconceptions 58:45

  • A blue moon refers to a full moon occurring twice in one month, but it is not actually blue.
  • A supermoon happens when the moon is closer to Earth and appears bigger and brighter.
  • The term “blue supermoon” is a combination of these two phenomena.

“It’s a blue moon, which happens, you know, how often rarely every blue moon.”

Moon Terminology 59:40

  • A “blood moon” occurs during a lunar eclipse and appears red.
  • A “harvest moon” has an orange or reddish color due to its position in the sky.
  • Green moons do not occur.

“Is that more red? Yes. Do we get any green moons? No.”

Fun Moon Facts 59:51

  • The hosts discuss various moon-related topics such as lunar eclipses and moonshine.
  • Mike expresses his interest and knowledge in space.

“I like space, man. It’s fun.” – Mike Wright

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