Early WR Rankings: Top 10 Countdown + Game Breakers, Waterworld

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Top 10 fantasy wide receivers for 2023 ahead of the NFL Draft! On today’s fantasy football podcast, get a range of outcomes and what could actually go wrong for the top-tier WRs! Plus, the latest NFL News including Trey Lance trade talks and more! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for April 20th, 2023.

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Announcing the Top 10 WR Countdown 00:00

  • The video continues the early rankings countdown with the top 10 wide receivers.
  • The hosts are having debates about the big names at the wide receiver position.
  • They discuss whether these players will be on any of their fantasy teams come draft season.
  • Viewers are encouraged to like, subscribe, and enjoy the video.

Podcast Introduction 00:30

  • The Fantasy Footballers podcast is hosted by Andy Holloway, Jason, and Mike Wright.
  • The hosts are excited to get going with the top 10 wide receiver countdown on today’s show.
  • They preview next week’s shows, which will cover the early quarterback rankings and NFL draft predictions.

Waterworld Debate 02:24

  • The hosts debate the movie Waterworld and its merits.
  • They compare it to the upcoming NFL draft and hunt for new writers for their team.
  • Viewers are encouraged to visit FootClanHelp.com to apply to become part of the team.

Hunting for New Writers 03:54

  • The Fantasy Footballers are hunting for new writers to join their team.
  • They invite people who know their show well, love fantasy football, have experience, and have talent to apply.
  • Applicants are encouraged to visit FootClanHelp.com and submit a writing sample.
  • Following all of the Fantasy Footballers’ accounts is also recommended.

Allen Robinson Trade 06:21

  • The hosts discuss the recent trade of Allen Robinson from the Rams to the Steelers.
  • The Steelers receive Allen Robinson and a seventh-round pick, while the Rams receive a slightly earlier seventh-round pick.
  • The Steelers will only have to pay $5 million of the $15 million owed to Allen Robinson.
  • The Rams are now paying $10 million to not have Allen Robinson, which the hosts find amusing.

Allen Robinson‘s Performance 07:38

  • Alan Robinson had a great performance a few seasons ago, being a top 12 wide receiver for back-to-back seasons.
  • However, his performance has declined since joining the Chicago Bears.
  • The Los Angeles Rams signed Robinson, hoping to improve their team and make it to the Super Bowl.
  • Unfortunately, Robinson’s performance did not improve, and his talent seems to have gone to waste.
  • Mistakes regarding talent evaluation are a common occurrence in the NFL.

Waterworld 07:41

  • Waterworld is being used as a metaphor for a situation where a lot of investment has gone into something and there is little to no return.
  • The video is discussing the Trey Lance situation, where several teams have shown interest in him, including the Minnesota Vikings.
  • They also discuss the possibility of Kirk Cousins joining the San Francisco 49ers, as he is friends with Kyle Shanahan.

Dynasty Leagues 11:12

  • In dynasty leagues, it is essential to have depth at quarterback and to pick up emergency starters.
  • Sam Darnold could be a good option to stash on the bench in case he becomes a starter.
  • This could be an excellent opportunity for Trey Lance if he is not part of the 49ers’ future, as they could get the most value for him at this stage in his career.

Injury Notes 11:59

  • Amari Cooper had surgery to repair a core muscle injury that he played through last season.
  • Jalen Hurts had surgery to remove hardware from his ankle, which was a minor thing as he is already working out.
  • The Eagles have given him a new contract.

Wide Receiver Rankings 14:18

  • The show’s hosts are going to rank the top 10 wide receivers for the 2023 fantasy football season.
  • They have already ranked players 20 through 11 in a previous episode.
  • There is a discussion of how many wide receivers repeat as top 10 players each year, with an average of 3.6 over the last decade.
  • Injuries are a factor, but the most wide receivers to repeat from the previous year’s top ten is five.

Jaylen Waddle at Number 10 15:25

  • Jaylen Waddle, a wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins, is ranked at number 10.
  • He was the wide receiver seven last year, with 1356 yards, eight touchdowns, and 117 targets.
  • He is 24 years old and has elite separation quick twitch speed.
  • The hosts discuss the potential cap on his upside, which they believe is more due to concerns about his quarterback Tua’s health and performance than Waddle’s own abilities.
  • They note that Waddle had a bit of a rough patch in the back half of the year when some teams started scheming against the Dolphins’ interior passing game.
  • While Waddle is seen as a safe choice, his success is somewhat dependent on Tua’s performance and health.

Comparing Jaylen Waddle to Tee Higgins 19:06

  • The hosts compare Jaylen Waddle to Tee Higgins, a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals.
  • They note that Higgins is a bruiser and a great receiver, but lacks Waddle’s speed and game-breaking capability.
  • Waddle’s physical ability and potential for big plays make him a more exciting fantasy investment.
  • The targets per route run stat is discussed, with Waddle having fewer than Higgins.

Waddle’s stats and injury history 21:05

  • Waddle doesn’t have an elite number in terms of games played or missed.
  • It is interesting to see how many games Tua Missed and what the splits look like in those games.
  • Waddle did not miss a game last year, but he played through injury like T Higgins did.
  • Waddle’s ceiling is so high.

Garrett Wilson‘s potential 21:42

  • Garrett Wilson comes in at number nine and is just 22 years old.
  • He has wide receiver one upside and is physically gifted.
  • Wilson had the most targets of a rookie wide receiver since Anquan Boldin, but not all of them were good targets.
  • Aaron Rodgers ending up in New York could vastly improve his targets and quality of targets.
  • Wilson is a gamer and can beat you on big plays.
  • When Zach Wilson was the quarterback, Garrett Wilson‘s targets were down at six per game, but the addition of Aaron Rodgers would be a pretty big deal.
  • If the defense is too good, it could keep Wilson outside of a breakout season, but we’ll see how things play out.

CeeDee Lamb‘s performance last season 26:43

  • CeeDee Lamb finished at wide receiver six last year, with 107 receptions, almost 1400 yards, and nine touchdowns.
  • He did it all, everything you wanted from a wide receiver one.
  • The story of the season for Lamb was Dak Prescott.

CeeDee Lamb‘s 2022 Outlook 27:08

  • CeeDee Lamb had a fantastic 2021 season, despite facing obstacles like Dak Prescott‘s injury and backup quarterback play.
  • With changes to the Cowboys’ offense, including the loss of Zeke and the addition of Brandin Cooks, Lamb’s production in 2022 is uncertain.
  • However, Lamb is a true playmaker and his massive production at the age of 23 puts him in company with some of the all-time greats.
  • Currently being drafted as a top pick, Lamb’s potential and previous production make him a safe pick for guaranteed production.

Davante Adams‘ 2022 Outlook 31:10

  • Davante Adams has been a consistent top-three fantasy wide receiver for the past four or five years.
  • Adams had a fantastic 2021 season, despite a downgraded quarterback.
  • However, with the loss of Aaron Rodgers and change in quarterback, there are variables that could cast some doubt on Adams’ future production.
  • Still, Adams is a top-tier player and could easily be a top-five guy, but there are other players that some may believe in more.

Comparing Youth and Experience 33:16

  • When deciding between players like CeeDee Lamb and Davante Adams, one must choose between youth and athleticism versus a known commodity with variables.
  • Lamb is young and has a lot of potential, but there are unknowns with the Cowboys’ offense in 2022.
  • Adams is a known commodity, but with the loss of Aaron Waller and change in quarterback, there are variables that could affect his future production.
  • Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and strategy when drafting.

Raiders’ Quarterback Situation and Davante Adams 33:45

  • Raiders have been tied to trade-up rumors for Levis or Anthony Richardson.
  • If they end up with a first-round quarterback, Jimmy G is expected to play half the season and the other quarterback to come in.
  • In that case, Davante Adams‘ ranking may lower, but he was still very dominant last year, having six games where he was a top-three weekly wide receiver.

Stefon Diggs 34:25

  • Stefon Diggs is one of the most discontent men in football.
  • He didn’t show up to the off-season program.
  • He has gotten 166, 165, and 154 targets in three straight years, finishing at three, seven, and four.
  • His targets went from 166 to 165 to 154, and people are trying to figure out why he’s mad.
  • However, as a fantasy player, he’s kind of automatic right now.
  • He’s an automatic production machine, and you can’t go a game as the Buffalo Bills without heavy involvement from him.
  • If DeAndre Hopkins goes to the Buffalo Bills, it would destroy and wouldn’t make for a bad season from Diggs or Hopkins.
  • But it would certainly take the top five upside of either out because the defenses are going to do different things in games.

AJ Brown 37:09

  • AJ Brown has been in the top 12 two of the last three years, and injury is the only thing that seems to slow him down.
  • He is ranked number five on the early ranks and is the alpha of a dynamic offense.
  • He is too physically dominant to be stopped by opposing defenses, and he always seems to get his.
  • He led the NFL in receiving yards on vertical routes and was fourth in air yards per Target.
  • Jalen Hurts, the quarterback of the Eagles, isn’t afraid to throw the ball up.
  • AJ Brown is very young, physically strong and bigger than all of these DBS out there.
  • The only issue here is that he could become the number two in target order.
  • However, he is still getting the ball downfield, and there is passing game upside.

Tyreek Hill 39:45

  • Tyreek Hill comes in at four; he was the wide receiver two last year.
  • Every bit of concern and doubt in the offseason was foolish, according to the fantasy community.

Tyreek Hill is a first round pick 40:01

  • Tyreek Hill had an outstanding season with 170 targets, 1700 yards, and seven touchdowns in 2022.
  • Hill led all wide receivers in yards per route run at 3.2.
  • It is safe to pick him in the first round for the 2023 season, and his performance is expected to remain consistent.

Jaylen Waddle‘s value 41:07

  • Jaylen Waddle‘s ADP is wide receiver 11, and his value is approximately at the two-three turn.
  • It is not recommended to draft Jalen Waddle in the first round because he may not perform as well as Tyreek Hill.
  • Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson are two other players ahead of Jalen Waddle in ADP.

Ja’Marr Chase‘s value 42:32

  • Jamar Chase had a fantastic season, finishing as the wide receiver 12 in just games played.
  • He is the wide receiver three on the early rankings, with a guaranteed volume of expected fantasy points per game.
  • He is expected to continue getting better, and he may finish as the wide receiver one for the 2023 season.

Chase’s consistency score 45:33

  • Chase’s consistency score for being the number two ADP wide receiver is a B, which is not bad.
  • He is consistent, with an average of getting above the benchmark of a good wide receiver game 58.8% of the time.
  • He may be volatile with his performance, but he is a fun player to have and may win games.

Cooper Kupp‘s ranking 46:07

  • Cooper Kupp is ranked at number two by Mike, and number one by Jason.
  • He is an excellent pick for the first round due to his consistency, and he may be preferred over Jamar Chase and Justin Jefferson.
  • Kupp is a safe pick with a high floor, and he has a connection with his quarterback.

Cooper Kupp as a game breaker 46:15

  • Cooper Kupp is a game breaker and is always open on the field. He does something to avoid being covered or to remain open at the end of a play, making him an outrageous player.
  • Despite his age and an injury at the end of last season, he remains a solid fantasy asset.
  • People may fall for young studs, but Cooper Kupp‘s past performance makes him a top pick for a redraft league.

Matthew Stafford‘s injury concerns 48:08

  • Matthew Stafford has chronic back problems, which raises concerns about his ability to finish the season.
  • There is a possibility of him retiring before the season, but the odds are that he will play.
  • The Rams need to protect him by fixing their offensive line, or he may miss more games, which would be a problem for Cooper Kupp‘s fantasy value.

Rams’ overall performance 49:01

  • The Rams were a bad team last year, and their recipe for success may not change this year.
  • The team may not have a great offense or defense, and this could impact Cooper Kupp‘s production.
  • The Rams added a few players, but there has to be some pass-catching solutions outside of Cooper Kupp.

Justin Jefferson‘s performance 50:35

  • Justin Jefferson ranks second on the top 10 countdown and has 6th most receiving yards of all time.
  • He had a great season last year with 184 targets, 128 catches, 1809 yards, and 8 touchdowns.
  • However, he was inconsistent, busting in 29 of his games and being held under 50 yards seven times.
  • The Vikings need another receiver to bring consistency into focus.

Adam Thielen‘s loss and KJ Osborn‘s performance 52:10

  • Adam Thielen played a full season and may have opened up enough opportunities for Justin Jefferson.
  • However, KJ Osborn, who is always in the crowd, may not be the solution to bring consistency into focus.

WR Consistency 53:02

  • There is a discussion on the consistency of the best fantasy wideouts.
  • The hosts believe that there will always be some level of inconsistency until a field stretcher or a threat in specific situations is added to the team.
  • The lack of consistency could hurt Justin Jefferson unless someone else is added to the team.

Justin Jefferson 53:21

  • Justin Jefferson is discussed.
  • There are not many things going wrong for him.
  • He might break 300 targets.
  • The hosts would throw to him if he was their quarterback or running back.

Ultimate Draft Kit 53:40

Big Announcements 53:51

  • There are big announcements coming soon regarding Ultimate Draft Week.
  • The hosts do not reveal what the announcements are but promise a smattering of horns.
  • They also joke about playing the harmonica and mention Bob Dylan.

Conclusion 55:05

  • The episode comes to a close.
  • The hosts thank the listeners for tuning in and supporting them.
  • They remind listeners that the draft is coming up.
  • The episode ends with a goodbye and a thank you to the deucers.
  • Listeners are encouraged to join the fantasy football community at jointhefoot.com and follow the hosts on Twitter at the FF ballers.
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