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Early RB Rankings: Top 10 Countdown + Player Debates | Fantasy Football 2023 – Ep. 1394

  • The video is a countdown from number 10 to one for the top running backs in Fantasy Football 2023.
  • The hosts ask for comments on which running back people are targeting in this year’s draft.
  • Austin Eckler, a professional football player, introduces the podcast.
  • The video is from the Fantasy Footballers podcast hosted by Andy Holloway, Jason Moore, and Mike Wright.
  • Jason was absent due to illness, and Mike was serving jury duty.
  • The hosts discuss the best time to have a dynasty startup draft and suggest after the NFL draft.
  • The video discusses the news that Saquon Barkley will not sign the Giants’ franchise tag, and the Giants have no interest in signing him long-term.
  • According to a report on Fox Sports, the Giants pulled back the offer they had previously given him.
  • The hosts suggest that the Giants will rent him for a year or two more and then move on if he doesn’t dominate.
  • The video also mentions a report that it doesn’t look like Aaron Rodgers will be traded before the draft.

Trade Rumors Surrounding Aaron Rodgers and the Packers 07:41

  • The hosts discuss the ongoing rumors about Aaron Rodgers‘ future with the Green Bay Packers.
  • There was a question on the “footcast” about what percentage chance Aaron Rodgers plays for the Packers this year, and the hosts think it’s zero percent.
  • There are rumors about a potential trade involving the Jets’ first-round pick, but it’s still uncertain what will happen.

Ken Griffey Jr. T-Shirts and Baseball Talk 08:39

  • The hosts briefly discuss Ken Griffey Jr. t-shirts and baseball.
  • Kyle owns six Ken Griffey Jr. t-shirts and talks about how some people have entire basements dedicated to the baseball player.
  • They mention that Bobby Bonilla is still getting paid from his deferred contract with the Mets.

Dalvin Cook Rankings Debate 09:39

  • The hosts begin discussing their early RB rankings, starting with Dalvin Cook at number 10.
  • One of the hosts has Cook ranked higher than the others.
  • They mention that Cook finished at number 10 last year and there are question marks about his future with the Minnesota Vikings.
  • The hosts discuss Cook’s past explosive plays and his lower production in 2021.
  • They also mention that Justin Jefferson is becoming more of a focal point for the Vikings.

Naji Harris Rankings Debate 11:56

  • The hosts discuss Naji Harris, who comes in at number 9 on their RB rankings.
  • One of the hosts has Harris ranked higher than the others.
  • They mention that Harris finished as the RB14 last year and had a slow start due to an injury.
  • The hosts talk about Harris’ potential as a three-down back and his situation with the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • They discuss how they expect the Steelers offense to improve in year two with Kenny Pickett at quarterback.

Naji Harris and Jalen Warren Debate 14:17

  • Naji Harris is a reliable and well-rounded runner who has played every single game but has been inefficient with sub-four yards per attempt both seasons.
  • Jalen Warren is a good player who was dialed in getting 40 plus percent of the snaps towards the end of last season, and some rumors mid-season that there could be a formal change at running back.
  • Naji Harris has the potential to be a value pick and was running back five in the second half of last season when he was doing well for Fantasy purposes.

Derrick Henry Debate 18:00

  • Derrick Henry has been a top-four fantasy running back in three or four seasons and has the potential to be a dominant top-six running back for fantasy.
  • Age and wear and tear are concerns, but Henry’s top-end potential is still high, and he has the potential to help win a league.
  • There are questions about the Titans’ situation, including whether they will trade up for a new quarterback or end up in the doldrums with nobody at quarterback for a while.
  • Drafting Derrick Henry is a boom or bust decision, but there’s no world where he is ever the running back 20.

Josh Jacobs vs Kenneth Walker III 22:23

  • Josh Jacobs is ranked 4th and Kenneth Walker III is ranked 8th by one of the hosts
  • Jacobs had an impressive season last year with 340 carries for almost 1,600 yards, 12 rushing touchdowns, and caught 53 passes, finishing at RB3.
  • Kenneth Walker III showed potential as a rookie and finished at RB16.
  • Jacobs is expected to catch more passes, but Kenneth Walker III is younger and has the potential to do better.
  • Some think that last year was an outlier season for Jacobs, while others believe that he can put up similar numbers this year.

Debating Josh Jacobs and Kenneth Walker III Rankings 24:15

  • There is disagreement among the hosts about the rankings of Jacobs and Walker III.
  • One host likes Jacobs better because he had an outlandish season last year, and they have doubts about whether Walker III’s rookie season was an anomaly or not.
  • Another host likes Walker III better because of his youth and potential, and because he sees the Seattle Seahawks offense being better than the Raiders without Derek Carr and Darren Waller.

Derrick Henry‘s Season 21:56

  • The hosts discuss Derrick Henry‘s upcoming season.
  • They believe that he is a monstrous outlier of a man who will continue to perform well even at an older age.
  • They expect him to be good this year, and some have him ranked as high as number one.

Josh Jacobs‘ Career 24:27

  • One host thinks that last year will be the best career year for Josh Jacobs.
  • They believe that his previous two years were not as good as last year, which might suggest that last year was an outlier season.
  • However, they still think that Jacobs will put up similar numbers this year.

Draft Cost for Josh Jacobs 26:30

  • One host thinks that Josh Jacobs‘ draft cost will go way higher this year.
  • They are surprised that he is ranked behind other players like Bruce Hall, Nick Chubb, Kenneth Walker III, and Bijan.
  • Some people might be taking the view that it’s always hard to believe in a player after an anomaly year.

Josh Jacobs and his breakout season 27:06

  • Josh Jacobs had a breakout season in 2020, but there are doubts about his sustainability.
  • He was a first-round pick and was expected to be a top running back in the league.
  • He has been a top 20 running back for all four years of his career.
  • Many people expected more from him in his rookie season when he was RB18.
  • Jacobs has been good, but not great in the past, and his 2020 performance was surprising.
  • He had over 400 opportunities in 2020, which is a significant increase from his previous years.
  • There are concerns that he may not be as efficient with that many opportunities again.
  • Another concern is that the Raiders may add another running back in the draft, reducing Jacobs’ workload.

Will Levis and other draft prospects 29:47

  • Will Levis is a draft prospect that the fantasy community is not high on.
  • The community needs someone to dislike, and Levis has been nominated for that role.
  • The NFL may not always get it right, and fans’ opinions can be valuable.
  • It is possible that Levis could be drafted by the Raiders, which would be bad for the team’s fantasy output.

New helmet technology for quarterbacks 31:47

  • The NFL has approved a new helmet for quarterbacks to reduce concussions.
  • The new helmet is supposed to reduce concussions by 7% over current models.
  • The exterior shell will dent a little bit, like a crumple zone in a car.
  • This will visually make the helmet look worse, but it will be better for the players.
  • There is hope that the helmet will have a visor that shows peripheral vision.

Kenneth Walker and Rashad Penny 32:34

  • Kenneth Walker is a running back that the Fantasy Footballers like a lot.
  • Rashad Penny is no longer on the Seahawks, creating an opportunity for another running back.
  • Penny had a great rookie season, but there was a lull in his performance from week 13 on.
  • Penny was also injured twice, which is a concern for his longevity.
  • Comparing running backs, Josh Jacobs has been healthy for the most part, while Penny has been injured.

Kenneth Walker and Seattle Seahawks 33:14

  • Kenneth Walker is an electric player, and we know he is going to have big plays.
  • Seattle Seahawks are one of the scariest Landing spots for Bichon Robinson because they have two first-round picks.
  • Seattle might select a running back in the first round of the draft after losing Rashad Penny and dealing with injuries.
  • Kenneth Walker overproduced in the touchdown column, but it’s his profile.
  • He had 17 15+ yard runs, which is a feather in his cap but can be variable over time.
  • He averaged 2.3 targets per game, which is a little concerning.
  • Josh Jacobs is slightly ahead of Kenneth Walker in the rankings.
  • It would be quite something to see Seattle select Rashad Penny in the first round and Kenneth Walker in the second round.
  • The pass-catching part of his game is concerning.

Tony Pollard and Dallas Cowboys 36:12

  • Tony Pollard should have a huge opportunity this season if Zeke is gone.
  • He was the RB7 last year while being the backup running back.
  • He is the clear-cut leader right now, and he is the only main running back for a team that wants to run the ball more.
  • He is electric and explosive, and his efficiency numbers might come down a bit.
  • Tony Pollard might not stay this high in the rankings, but he has outstanding talent.
  • He has been living in second fiddle land, but he’s still been good for Fantasy when you wanted to play him.
  • He has fewer opportunities historically, but he has made a big mark and is good for Fantasy when he gets the chance.

Tony Pollard vs. Jamir Gibbs 39:26

  • Tony Pollard is often compared to Jamir Gibbs because they are both fast, electric, and smaller running backs.
  • Pollard weighed in at 210 pounds during the draft, which exceeded the 200-pound weight threshold for smaller running backs.
  • Despite being considered small, Pollard is not a small back, and he is often compared to Zeke.

Jonathan Taylor‘s potential 39:59

  • Last year, Jonathan Taylor was a top pick in fantasy drafts and is still considered one of the best running backs in the league.
  • He is 24 years old and has a history of dominant performances in both the NFL and Fantasy Football.
  • Though he has the potential to be a top pick again, there are some concerns about his situation with the Colts.
  • The team has a new coach, a new quarterback, and possibly a rookie, and the offensive line underperformed last year.
  • However, Taylor’s talent is undeniable, and he is a top-six running back when healthy.

Saquon Barkley‘s status 43:54

  • Saquon Barkley finished as the RB6 last year, but he had a low number of receiving yards 05:38 on 57 receptions.
  • He is still an elite talent and gets to play every down, but his predictability is decreasing as he ages.
  • Peak running back performance is usually around age 24, and Barkley is approaching 25.
  • Though he had a lot of targets last year, the Giants had a weak depth chart at wide receiver, which limited his efficiency.

Saquon and Austin Eckler rankings 45:54

  • Saquon Barkley had a decent year with Daniel Jones soaking up his check downs, but it won’t be enough to make him a top-three running back.
  • Austin Eckler had less efficiency in the receiving game in the past season, but he caught 107 out of 127 targets, making him a solid pick.
  • Eckler’s Red Zone efficiency has been insane, with 16 touchdowns in the past two years, more than Derrick Henry and Nick Chubb combined.
  • There is uncertainty about Eckler’s future with the Chargers, as they gave him permission to seek a trade this offseason when they couldn’t agree on a contract extension. However, they don’t need to worry about the long-term wear and tear on him, so they’ll likely use him as much as possible this season.

Christian McCaffrey 50:38

  • Christian McCaffrey is the number one running back for a reason, as he is talented in every facet of the game.
  • He has been invested in by the team and is better at throwing the ball than Jimmy G.
  • The only red flag with McCaffrey is the Elijah Mitchell issue, as Mitchell was there for only four weeks when McCaffrey got to the team, and his presence affected McCaffrey’s performance.

McCaffrey’s Snap Percentage 52:05

  • Last season, Christian McCaffrey was active for only a few games due to injury, and he shared snaps with Elijah Mitchell.
  • When Mitchell was injured, McCaffrey was the go-to running back, and his snaps increased to 82% and 89%.
  • However, the hosts worry that McCaffrey’s extreme upside might not be realized if his running back mates stay healthy.

Bijan Robinson 53:20

  • Bijan Robinson is a college football player who is expected to be a top pick in the upcoming NFL draft.
  • The hosts note that Robinson is currently ranked as the fourth-best running back in college basketball.
  • They are unsure of how to handle the hype surrounding Robinson, who is not yet in the NFL.
  • They also joke about creating a Dynasty name after Breece Hall.

Happiness Hedge for Bijan 54:51

  • The hosts discuss a fan’s suggestion to create a “Happiness Hedge” for Bijan’s potential landing spot in the NFL.
  • They mention that the odds-on favorite for Robinson’s team is the Washington Manders.
  • They also talk about how they would feel if Robinson landed with the Seattle Seahawks.

Show Wrap-up 56:07

  • The hosts thank their listeners for tuning in and remind them to follow the show on various platforms.
  • They also encourage their listeners to join their fantasy football community on jointhefoot.com and follow them on Twitter at the FF ballers.


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