Early RB Rankings Countdown: 20-11 + Spurts & Bunches

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Early running back rankings for 2023! On today’s fantasy football podcast, get a range of outcomes for a handful of RBs as the NFL Draft approaches! Who is ranked outside the top 10 but has the upside to finish there? Plus, big NFL News including Odell Beckham joining the Ravens! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for April 11th, 2023.

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NFL News 05:51

  • The Baltimore Ravens have signed Odell Beckham Jr. to a one-year deal worth at least 15 million dollars. It was unexpected since Beckham hasn’t had more than six touchdowns in a season since 2016.
  • Lamar Jackson was reportedly actively recruiting him, leading some to speculate that Jackson will stay in Baltimore.
  • Beckham had another ACL tear since his time with the Los Angeles team.

Pool Talk 00:40

  • The hosts discuss their pool activities and preferences, including diving and cooling down.

Ultimate Draft Kit 04:12

  • The Ultimate Draft Kit, which can be found at ultimatedraftkit.com, offers full player projections for every relevant fantasy football player across all positions.

Pre-Draft Running Back Countdown 04:05

  • The hosts start their pre-draft running back countdown, starting with numbers 20 through 11.
  • They will cover the top 10 in the next episode.
  • They will also be projecting numbers for the players in their countdown.

Social Media 04:55

  • The show can be followed on Twitter at @theFFBallers, with Andy Holloway at @AndyHolloway, Jason Moore at @jasonfffl, and Mike Wright at @FFHitman.
  • The show is also on other social media channels, including Instagram and TikTok.
  • The show can be watched on YouTube at youtube.com/thefantasyfootballers.

Recap 05:11

  • A recap of other episodes is given, including the Dynasty show and the DFS betting podcast.

Lamar Jackson drama and the possibility of Odell Beckham Jr. joining the Ravens 07:53

  • There were rumors that the Colts might trade for Lamar Jackson if the quarterback they wanted wasn’t available at the fourth pick in the draft.
  • There are keeper leagues that need to know what’s happening with Lamar Jackson.
  • It’s possible that the Ravens might draft two high-profile wideouts, but they have already signed Odell Beckham Jr.
  • The Ravens are betting on Beckham, but it’s uncertain whether he can hang with younger players after two ACL surgeries.
  • Beckham’s signing might mean less volume for Rashod Bateman.
  • Lamar Jackson has a history of throwing to favorite players repeatedly.
  • Beckham might have more targets, but he might not score a lot of fantasy points.

Richie James signs one-year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs 12:24

  • Richie James was pretty good last year with 57 catches, 569 yards, and four touchdowns with the Giants.
  • It’s not a meaningless deal for Patrick Mahomes, but it’s only for one year.
  • It’s interesting to see what the Chiefs will do in the draft.

Tyreek Hill‘s retirement plan 13:06

  • Tyreek Hill plans to retire after the 2025 season and become a gamer.
  • This won’t change much for those who trade for him because they are mostly interested in the next three years.

Contract expiration date and dynasty league implications 14:04

  • Discussion around players with contracts that extend beyond three years and their value in dynasty leagues.
  • If a player is still elite during three years of the contract, they will still provide production for dynasty leagues.
  • There is a buying opportunity for players with a shorter window for contention in dynasty leagues.

Briefs Hall’s injury recovery 15:51

  • Discussion on Briefs Hall’s injury recovery and potential to bounce back quickly.
  • Examples of young elite running backs that have recovered quickly from ACL injuries.
  • The head coach’s positive report on Hall’s recovery progress is a good sign.

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray‘s recovery 17:36

  • Kyler Murray is cleared to resume workouts 13 weeks after surgery.
  • Despite initial concerns that he might not play this season, Murray is expected to return sooner than later.
  • There were rumors of the Cardinals trading for Mac Jones, and Murray’s quicker recovery may have put an end to those rumors.
  • Joe Mixon is being charged with aggravated menacing in connection with an incident from January.
  • Joe Mixon is set to appear in court on April 19th for a first-degree misdemeanor, which is the highest degree of a misdemeanor.
  • If charged, he could face up to six months in jail.
  • There is new evidence in the case against him, and the Bengals’ Executive Vice President of Business Operations is concerned with Mixon’s off-field issues.
  • The Bengals are drafting a running back, possibly Zach Charbonnet, and may not keep Mixon due to his high cap hit and past legal troubles.

Potential Rookie Running Backs for the Cincinnati Bengals 21:23

  • If the Bengals do not keep Mixon, they will need a new running back.
  • Possible rookie running backs include Zach Charbonnet, Bijan Robinson, Kendry Miller, and Roshan Johnson.
  • Travis Etienne could also be a good fit, but he is unlikely to fall to the Bengals in the draft.

Dynasty Stash: Travyion Williams 25:26

  • Travyion Williams, a running back for the Cincinnati Bengals, should be picked up and stashed in Dynasty leagues.
  • He has a one-year deal with the Bengals and could see more involvement in the offense if Mixon is not on the team.

Other Rookie Running Backs to Watch 24:28

  • Other rookie running backs to consider in Dynasty leagues include Bijan Robinson, Zach Charbonnet, Donovan Edwards, and Jerrion Ealy.
  • Travis Etienne and Najee Harris are likely to be drafted early and may not be available in Dynasty leagues.

Spurts & Bunches 25:57

  • The hosts take a break to discuss the concept of “spurts and bunches” in Fantasy Football.
  • Spurts refer to players who have a few great games throughout the season, while bunches refer to players who have a lot of average games with a few great games mixed in.
  • It’s important to analyze a player’s consistency and potential for spurts and bunches when drafting for Fantasy Football.

Overview of RB Rankings 26:40

  • The video will cover the rankings of running backs from 20 to 11.
  • The rankings will not be deep dives but they will talk about the range of outcomes for some players.

Alvin Kamara at 20 27:14

  • Alvin Kamara is ranked 20th in this year’s running back rankings.
  • Kamara’s ADP in basketball is much worse than that at RB33.
  • He missed two games last year and was the running back 18.
  • Kamara’s production has been elite in the past but he is adjusting to a new normal with a new quarterback and a legal situation that will almost assuredly include some form of suspension.
  • His trial date for battery charges is in late July, which is during training camp.
  • There are many questions surrounding Kamara more than ever in his career.
  • The Saints also signed Jamal Williams to a three-year deal.
  • Kamara’s efficiency has been decreasing and he has had fewer touches.
  • The touchdowns have kind of gone away as this offense went from Drew Brees in a high-powered, high-scoring machine Sean Payton LED structure to now they know they’ve got a superstar in Kamara.
  • It is uncertain how good Kamara will be when he comes back from suspension.

JK Dobbins at 19 32:03

  • JK Dobbins is ranked 19th in the running back rankings.
  • He is 24 years old and in a contract year.
  • He was productive last year but was often injured.
  • The big question with Dobbins is more Lamar than Dobbins himself.
  • Dobbins has been a really good running back and really efficient.
  • His injuries have been the issue.

JK Dobbins‘ potential and risk 33:00

  • Dobbins had a complicated story. He was part of the crop of good rookie running backs and was a second-round pick.
  • He had Mark Ingram in front of him in his first year, but he eventually took over the job in the second half of the season.
  • He hit some long touchdowns in that period, but it didn’t seem sustainable.
  • Then, he got hurt, and his second year was deleted.
  • This past year was also deleted due to his injury.
  • It’s hard to gauge who JK Dobbins is as a player because his story includes one and a half deleted years.
  • Dobbins is not a pass-catcher. In fantasy football, the best backs are those who score touchdowns and catch the ball, and that’s not going to be Dobbins.
  • He’s likely to be drafted around running back 20.
  • Dobbins’ archetype is similar to Nick Chubb.
  • The new OC, Todd Monken, is more pass-heavy than the previous one, Greg Roman.
  • Dobbins’ 17-game pace for total receptions is only four, which means he’s not a top 12 guy.

Miles Sanders‘ potential 36:01

  • Sanders is a brand new Carolina Panther with a new contract.
  • The team wants to run the ball well, and they have a great offensive line that can move people.
  • The new OC, Thomas Brown, is the first-time offensive coordinator.
  • Sanders has the potential to be a top 12 running back.
  • The team wants to establish the run to protect their rookie quarterback.

RB Rankings Discussion 39:05

  • The hosts discuss the Carolina Panthers‘ chances of winning their division.
  • They mention quarterbacks Baker Mayfield, Kyle Trask, and Derek Carr.
  • They also mention potential rookie quarterback picks for the Panthers, including Bryce Young.
  • Despite the firing of their head coach and the departure of Christian McCaffrey, the hosts are optimistic about the Panthers’ prospects.

James Connor Ranking 40:11

  • James Connor is ranked at 17 in the early RB rankings.
  • The hosts discuss Connor’s potential for success in the upcoming season.
  • They note his impressive performance from week nine onwards last season.
  • However, they caution that his success will depend on his workload and the overall state of the Cardinals’ offense.
  • They also mention the possibility of the Cardinals drafting a running back in the upcoming draft.

Aaron Jones Ranking 43:14

  • Aaron Jones is ranked at 16 in the early RB rankings.
  • The hosts discuss his past performances and his potential for the upcoming season.
  • They note his talent as a pass-catching back, but also mention his lack of consistency.
  • They express concern about his ability to perform without Aaron Rodgers.
  • They also note his age as a potential factor in his performance.

David Montgomery Ranking 45:14

  • David Montgomery is ranked at 15 in the early RB rankings.
  • The hosts discuss his recent contract with the Detroit Lions.
  • They express agreement with his current ranking.
  • They note his strong performance in the latter half of last season, including four consecutive 100-yard rushing games.

David Montgomery and RB Risk 45:32

  • David Montgomery is a good running back in the NFL who is often overlooked.
  • Montgomery has a good offensive line in Chicago, and Jared Goff has never been a Red Zone quarterback.
  • Montgomery can still catch the ball and score touchdowns.
  • Montgomery carries the risk of losing goal-line opportunities to DeAndre Swift, who touched the ball about 13 times a game his rookie year and 16 times the following year, though that number dropped to 10.
  • Montgomery is very intriguing but carries a lot of risk.

Rhamondre Stevenson and the Patriots 48:00

  • Rhamondre Stevenson is a good player, but the Patriots’ landing spot is not the best for Bijan.
  • If Bijan is drafted by the Patriots, there is potential that there will be seismic activity across the United States that is measurable.
  • The Patriots love drafting Alabama guys, and they brought in Bill O’Brien back from Alabama.
  • Gibbs would make sense here, but we won’t know if they invest in a running back until the draft is over.
  • Assuming they don’t, Stevenson is very excited.

Dynasty Players and Rhamondre Stevenson 51:03

  • Dynasty players should be worried enough to trade Stevenson if someone comes in and pays the Patriots to do what they do every year, which is to look for a running back who can give them insane value.
  • However, the Patriots also have specialties like Stevenson’s pass-catching capabilities.

Nick Chubb‘s 2023 Fantasy Outlook 52:10

  • Nick Chubb is a top-tier running back who finished as the RB5 last season.
  • Some analysts believe Chubb will dominate again this season and finish as the RB1.
  • Chubb’s ability to catch passes is a concern as he only caught 27 passes last season.
  • The Cleveland Browns‘ offense might not be very good this season, but Chubb’s talent should carry him.
  • If Deshaun Watson returns to his previous form, it could boost Chubb’s fantasy value significantly.
  • There is a chance that Chubb could be a cap casualty next season when his cap hit is $16.2 million.

Travis Etienne‘s 2023 Fantasy Outlook 57:11

  • Travis Etienne is a 24-year-old running back who finished as the RB17 last season.
  • Etienne’s ranking at RB12 is fair as he has high upside potential.
  • Etienne had a good showing in the NFL playoffs, which could be a promising sign for his fantasy outlook.
  • Etienne is not being talked about much in the offseason, which is strange given his talent.

Other Running Backs to Watch 55:53

  • The Browns’ depth chart behind Nick Chubb is sparse, with Jerome Ford being the only notable running back.
  • If the Browns draft a running back in the second round, it could impact Chubb’s fantasy value.
  • BJ and Robinson are the only other running backs who could be a threat to Chubb’s workload.
  • Kareem Hunt was a touchdown vulture threat last season, but he won’t be back.

Jamir Gibbs’ Potential Impact 51:45

  • The New England Patriots signed Jamir Gibbs, a rookie running back with pass-catching abilities.
  • Gibbs’ signing shouldn’t impact Nick Chubb‘s fantasy value as Chubb wasn’t in the pass-catching role last season.
  • Gibbs could be a valuable addition to the Patriots’ offense and could help boost their overall performance.

Can’t Miss Weak Type of Guy 57:50

  • The speaker is discussing a young and talented running back who often had 40-plus yard runs that turned into touchdowns, but then things fell back to Earth.
  • The running back in question is Travis Etienne, who is being considered for drafting as a top 12 running back.
  • However, the head coach has stated that the team needs multiple backs to keep guys fresh, and they have already signed Uranus Johnson, Michael Hasty, and Snoop Connor.
  • Despite this, the speaker is still optimistic about Etienne’s potential and believes he could be a top five running back if the offense opens up and Trevor Lawrence takes a step forward.

Bruce Hall at 11 59:41

  • Bruce Hall is a college running back who is being discussed as a potential NFL player.
  • The speaker believes that Hall should not be on this show, but rather on another show in two days.
  • The show hosts have differing opinions on where Hall should be ranked, with Jason having him at nine, Mike having him at 12, and the speaker having him at 13.

Breece Hall 01:00:02

  • The speaker believes that Breece Hall‘s ranking may depend on how the early rankings are viewed.
  • Hall is considered a valuable back who catches passes, scores occasional touchdowns, and will touch the ball 12-14 times per game.
  • However, the speaker acknowledges that Hall may have a limited touches situation in the first few games due to his recovery from an injury.
  • The speaker is generally optimistic about Hall’s potential, but notes that running backs are typically less efficient and productive in their first year after an ACL injury.

Aaron Rodgers Factor 01:02:41

  • The speaker notes that Aaron Rodgers is a prolific quarterback who knows how to utilize running backs in space.
  • The offense will also feature prolific wideouts such as Garrett Wilson and Devonte Adams.
  • However, the speaker notes that there may be some uncertainty around the focal point of the offense and whether Jones will still be a running back one with Rodgers.

Injury Recovery 01:03:35

  • The speaker notes that there is a risk that running backs may not be as good for a while after an ACL injury.
  • On average, running backs are less efficient and productive in the first year after an ACL injury, but they tend to be much better in the following season.

Risk of drafting RB coming off ACL injury 01:04:10

  • The hosts discuss the risk of drafting a running back who is coming off of an ACL injury.
  • They mention that even though the player may be talented and young, the risk of injury is too high to invest a high draft pick.
  • The hosts speculate that the running back may be drafted in the second round of a fantasy football draft.

Drafting strategy for injured running backs 01:04:21

  • The hosts continue to discuss the strategy of drafting injured players.
  • They suggest that if a player has a high risk of injury, it may be better to wait until next season to draft them.
  • The hosts acknowledge that there is a world where the injured player could come back stronger, but it may not be worth the risk.

Top 20-11 RB Rankings Countdown 01:05:42

  • The hosts begin the countdown for their top RB rankings, starting at 20 and working their way down to 11.
  • They discuss each player’s strengths and weaknesses, and where they rank in comparison to other running backs.

Top 10 RB Rankings Countdown coming soon 01:05:50

  • The hosts indicate that they will continue the countdown in a future episode, where they will cover the top 10 RB rankings.
  • They mention that there will be more debates and discussions, and they will analyze each player’s potential for the upcoming season.

Fantasy football draft strategies 01:06:01

  • The hosts discuss strategies for drafting in fantasy football.
  • They mention that it’s important to keep track of each player’s value, and to be aware of players who may lose value after the NFL draft.
  • The hosts also mention that it’s important to draft players who have a high upside, and to avoid players who may be injury-prone.

Updates to fantasy football rankings 01:06:30

  • The hosts mention that their rankings are being updated every day as they receive more information about each player.
  • They encourage listeners to check out their Ultimate Draft Kit Plus, which includes rankings and analysis for dynasty leagues and rookie players.

Updates on NFL draft news 01:06:40

  • The hosts discuss recent news about the NFL draft, including changes in the betting line for the number one pick.
  • They speculate that there may be long-term implications for fantasy football, depending on which teams draft which players.

Conclusion 01:07:11

  • The hosts thank listeners for tuning in and encourage them to join their fantasy football community on JoinTheFoot.com.
  • They also remind listeners to follow them on Twitter at @theFFballers.

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