Early QB Rankings: Top 10 Countdown + Rodgers Traded!

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Aaron Rodgers traded to the Jets! On today’s fantasy football podcast, reactions to the big trade, NFL Draft hype, and the top 10 fantasy quarterbacks for 2023! When should you target the elite QBs in fantasy football drafts? Plus, a look at how the late round QB strategy is changing in fantasy football! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for April 25th, 2023

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News and notes from around the league 04:52

  • Jameson Williams, Lions wide receiver, is suspended for six games of the 2023 season for violating NFL’s gambling policy.
  • This is a huge blow for all dynasty managers who expected to finally see him on the field.
  • He won’t be there for six weeks in redraft leagues, which is a big absence.
  • It’s possible he goes undrafted in some leagues, but he will be drafted by most.
  • Cowboys have exercised the fifth-year option on CeeDee Lamb.
  • John Lynch expects Trey Lance to remain in San Francisco for 2023.
  • Teams have been interested in him, but the market is not as hot as it was when he was a rookie.

Breaking News: Aaron Rodgers Traded! 08:27

  • The Fantasy Footballers just received word that Aaron Rodgers has been traded.
  • The Jets receive Aaron Rodgers, pick number 15, and a 2023 fifth-round pick.
  • The Packers receive pick 13, second 42, sixth 207, and a conditional 2024 that becomes first if Rodgers plays 65% of the plays.
  • The deal seems fair, and the Packers moved up two spots in this year’s draft.
  • This feels like a really fantasy football style trade, and it’s amazing how much the optimism and potential just disappear when a player is not a rookie.

Aaron Rodgers traded 09:49

  • The hosts discuss Aaron Rodgers‘ trade to the New York Jets.
  • They agree that neither team was screwed over in the deal, and it was fair compensation.
  • The trade involved a second-round pick this year and presumably first-round picks in future years, possibly even two second-round picks.
  • The Jets had leverage over the Packers because they could have waited until after the draft to trade for Rodgers, which would have left the Packers with less time to find a replacement quarterback.

Other NFL news 10:54

Quarterback rankings 12:09

  • The hosts go over their early quarterback rankings for the upcoming fantasy football season.
  • They note that there is a clear top tier of quarterbacks, but past that, the rankings become more difficult to parse.
  • They mention that the incoming rookie quarterbacks are still an unknown quantity and could shake up the rankings.
  • Justin Herbert is the only rookie quarterback they have been high on in the past.
  • The hosts say that they don’t want to play fantasy football with quarterbacks like Kirk Cousins, Gino Smith, or Jared Goff.
  • They mention that Aaron Rodgers could potentially crack the top ten if he has a good season with the Jets.
  • They note that Rodgers was the thirteenth-ranked quarterback last season, but had been much higher in previous seasons.

Tua Tagovailoa 18:40

  • The hosts reveal that Tua Tagovailoa is ranked tenth in their early quarterback rankings for fantasy football.
  • They note that Tua had a solid rookie season, throwing for 3500 yards, 25 touchdowns, and only eight interceptions.
  • They also mention that Tua excelled at throwing deep balls to Jalen Waddle and Tyreek Hill.

Dak Prescott at number 9 21:46

  • Dak Prescott is ranked at number 9 on the early QB rankings.
  • The Fantasy Footballers also added an “upside meter” to their draft kit rankings to measure players’ potential to outperform their draft position and projections.
  • Dak has a solid track record for fantasy football, but he dealt with injuries last year.
  • He was able to make CeeDee Lamb a star last year, but the team lacked help elsewhere.
  • The addition of Brandon Cooks to the team is a plus, but the offensive system is changing to run the ball more.
  • Dak is becoming more of a pocket passer, and his rushing yards have gone down.
  • He has a stable fantasy production and a moderate upside potential, but he may not have the same kind of high potential as other quarterbacks like Jalen Hurts.
  • Dak is not as sought after as he used to be, so he could be a potential value pick for those who want to delay their quarterback pick and still get consistency.

Trevor Lawrence at number 8 24:46

  • Trevor Lawrence is ranked at number 8 on the early QB rankings.
  • He is 23 years old and impressed at the end of last season, with a playoff matchup performance that ranked him as QB7 on the best ball rankings.
  • He was able to jump from QB22 as a rookie to QB8 last year.
  • The addition of Calvin Ridley to the team is a plus, and Christian Kirk has emerged as a player to watch.
  • The team is looking at a long-term deal with James Robinson, and they have Travis E.T.N. in the backfield.
  • The Jacksonville situation is positive, and Trevor Lawrence could be a top pick for those who want to wait and take a quarterback later in the draft.

Justin Herbert at number 7 27:52

  • Justin Herbert is ranked at number 7 on the early QB rankings.
  • He is 25 years old and had a disappointing season last year due to lack of production.
  • He was able to pass for a lot of yards, but he only threw 25 touchdowns, which was a step down from his breakout season in 2020 where he threw 38 touchdowns.
  • The team lost Jalen Geithen and Keenan Allen was not as productive, but they are investing in a wide receiver in the draft.
  • The Fantasy Footballers believe that Herbert has a huge opportunity for a bounce-back season.

Other quarterbacks discussed

Justin Herbert‘s potential and dynasty outlook 28:58

  • Justin Herbert‘s potential is high, and he has a ceiling of finishing top three.
  • He has the ability to throw for nearly 5,000 yards, but the number of passing touchdowns will be a deciding factor whether or not he is a disappointment.
  • He is expected to fall a little in terms of draft position this season, and he did not rush for many yards last year.
  • In dynasty, it is suggested to take lower-ranked Herbert or Burrow every year since both are very similar in terms of talent.

Lamar Jackson‘s complicated story and future potential 32:00

  • Lamar Jackson has a complicated story in terms of fantasy football, where he broke it during his MVP season.
  • However, he has not completed a season inside the top 10 since then, and 2023 will be four seasons removed from his number one overall finish.
  • The fantasy community has adjusted to his performance, but there is still hope that he will improve with better weapons, including the addition of Odell Beckham.
  • Jackson will have to make a transition at some point and won’t be able to run for 1,200-1,300 yards a year forever.

Justin Fields‘ potential for fantasy football 34:22

  • Justin Fields was a wrecking ball for fantasy from week six onward when the team finally adjusted their offense to make him better.
  • He averaged 5.3 designed runs per game during that stretch, but there were concerns about his sacks, turnovers, and mistakes.
  • Despite the concerns, Fields is considered elite in terms of fantasy football, and he had 10 games from week six onwards where he was a quarterback one.
  • The addition of DJ Moore and Darnell Mooney will further enhance his performance.

The value of mobile, rushing quarterbacks in fantasy football 36:00

  • Mobile quarterbacks can rush for over 1,000 yards and still have passing weapons that matter, such as AJ Brown and Devon Smith for Jalen Hurts and Stefan Diggs for Josh Allen.
  • DJ Moore may not be at the same level, but he is easily the best receiver on the team, and Darnell Mooney will also help Fields.
  • Fantasy players have learned from last year that mobile quarterbacks are too valuable to pass up, and Justin Fields is expected to be the last drafted high-potential dual-threat quarterback available.

Joe Burrow at #4 37:35

  • Joe Burrow is ranked at #4 in the early QB rankings.
  • He was the quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals last year.
  • He threw for 4,400 yards, 35 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions.
  • He was the only quarterback last year to finish as the number one overall player three times during the season.
  • He accomplished this without Jamar Chase for part of the year last year.
  • Burrow is an elite talent and has a great offense with great wide receivers.
  • Potential changes to the quarterback or running back room after the draft could affect his ranking.

Burrow’s cost and importance of passing touchdowns 38:55

  • Burrow’s high ranking could be costly for fantasy football players.
  • Players who draft him will need to see north of 35 passing touchdowns.
  • Passing touchdowns are an important factor for quarterbacks.

Stability and longevity of Joe Burrow vs. Josh Allen 39:53

  • Joe Burrow has endless stability and longevity in dynasty leagues.
  • Josh Allen‘s peak right now is more guaranteed and will be higher.
  • Running quarterbacks have a shorter shelf life in dynasty leagues.
  • Pocket passers like Aaron Rodgers have inconsistent touchdown stats.
  • Drafting Herbert or Burrow, whichever one had fewer touchdowns last year, could be a better strategy.

Upper Echelon QBs 42:22

QB Rankings Discussion 43:35

  • Drafting quarterbacks too high is a mistake due to opportunity cost.
  • Outside of injury, the top 3 quarterbacks are weekly dominators for fantasy.
  • Mahomes finished first last year but has a lower rushing baseline than the other two.
  • It’s important to consider the running back or wide receiver that would be sacrificed to draft a quarterback.

Breaking News 44:31

  • Breece Hall tweeted that his knee feels a little healthier now.
  • He changed his profile picture to Aaron Rodgers.
  • The hosts speculate that it’s related to the recent Aaron Rodgers trade news.

New York Jets Discussion 46:26

  • The New York Jets are a fun story for fantasy purposes.
  • They have acquired weapons like Breece Hall and Garrett Wilson.
  • The hosts do not believe they are Super Bowl contenders despite an easier schedule.
  • The Jets’ win total is projected at 9.5.
  • The Jets could potentially win the division but the hosts do not think they will.

QB Rankings Discussion Cont’d 48:02

  • Hurts, Allen, and Mahomes are the top 3 quarterbacks in the rankings.
  • Jalen Hurts‘ had 13 rushing touchdowns last year, which may not be sustainable.
  • If his rushing touchdowns go down, his passing touchdowns may go up to make up for it.

Jalen Hurts‘ Running Game 48:48

  • The hosts discuss Jalen Hurts‘ success in the running game.
  • They mention that Hurts’ is not the only one succeeding in the running game.
  • They talk about Bijan, who is also part of the team.

Jalen Hurts‘ Red Zone Performance 48:56

  • The hosts discuss Jalen Hurts‘ performance in the red zone.
  • They mention that he had 43 red zone carries, which is the most of all time.
  • They think that the red zone performance can ebb and flow from season to season, but there is one place where it is sticky.

Jalen Hurts‘ One Yard Scrum 49:15

  • The hosts talk about Jalen Hurts‘ success rate when they have one yard to go.
  • They mention that when they are on the one-yard line, every football fan knows the play that’s going to run.
  • They say that Jalen Hurts‘ has a 90% hit rate with that play because of his ability to squat up to 10,000,000 pounds.
  • The hosts think that Jalen Hurts‘ one-yard scrum is a little bit more predictive.

Jalen Hurts‘ Performance and Ultimate Draft Week 49:49

  • The hosts remind viewers that Jalen Hurts‘ was far and away the quarterback one.
  • They mention that he ended up getting injured, missed week 16, 17, but up until that point, he was ahead of my homes, ahead of Josh Allen in a per game basis.
  • They promote the Ultimate Draft Week, where viewers can win some big prizes like a signed Jaylen Waddle Jersey, DK Metcalf Jersey, and a listener league spot.
  • Viewers can go to ultimatedraftk.com to pick up their UDK, which releases in about a month, and they can get it at the lowest possible price.
  • The hosts mention that they are adding some new features this year, like the UDK plus, which has a ton of content that’s out right now.
  • The UDK plus has all the dynasty information, so much coming right after the draft, dynasty rankings, rookie recaps, and reviews, a new mock draft, and everything is going to be in the UDK plus at UltimateDraftKit.com.

Closing 50:49

  • The hosts thank viewers for tuning in and say that Mike will be back for the next episode.
  • They mention that they’ll be back with some draft predictions and viewers shouldn’t miss it.
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