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On today’s fantasy football podcast, big news, announcements, and advice! Get the fantasy fallout from Deshaun Watson’s suspension, lots of training camp updates, and how to win a spot in the Footballers Listener League! Plus, does the double elite TE strategy work in fantasy football drafts? Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for August 2nd, 2022

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ptrsoccer13 says:

FANTASY FOOTBALLERS IS THE BEST PODCAST OUT THERE. The other football podcasts are not as smart or funny as the fantasy footballers, I need to get in the listeners league

Dillon Taylor says:

Listen, I live for fantasy football. I even think of football when I’m being intimate with my wife.

Nutzyg says:

Would very much like to join the listener league, please and thank you.

John Turner says:

My 8 day old son told me I should apply for the listener league as I was working out in my garage and listing to the pod with him!

Salah-Aldean Abdullah says:

Hey Footballers, been fan since 19’ I enjoy the amalgam of fantasy football content and humor. I would love to have the opportunity to join alongside the three of you in a fantasy matchup. I’m not very creative so spent a lot of time figuring out how to make myself draw out to be selected but I noticed days were limited, so here I am simply asking.


Zach Flynt says:

Hey ballers,
I’m not sure if this is where I sign up for the listener league or not. I love you guys. I haven’t missed a show in 2 years. Y’all give the best advise and have really helped me in my leagues. I would love the opportunity to play in a league with you guys and see your amazing talents up close and personal.

Mac says:

One “The Muth is Luth” 3XL t-shirt: $29.99
Three Chipotle tacos: $10.60
One “My Football Family” hardcover book: $18.99
Scoring a free spot in the Footballers Listener League: PRICELESS!

jeremy_delvaux says:

Hello some combination of Adam, Dave, Jamey and Heath. Please let me in your league.

Kyle Wright says:

Hi Ballers! I do a Power Rankings write-up every week for a league I run and I would happily bring my services to the table if you guys invite me to your listener league!

Here are some examples:

#6 Springfield Atoms (-3 from last week): I’m 95% sure all women are into choking and Shannon definitely put that on display for all of us this week when she set her lineup! Better luck next week!

#7 Luck’d and Loaded (-2 from last week): More like Fuck’d and Loaded after that loss! Jordan is right on the edge of losing a trip to the playoffs!

#11 Bender Like Beckham (-): Stick a fork in them! This team is about as good as Allen Robinson this year!

#12 Greg’s Dogshit Team (-): 5 losses in a row and just lost their best player! At least Greg is getting a lot of practice in for ass-eating season!

Chad Louden says:

Fantasy player looking for fantasy league. I like long walks around the living room watching my team get destroyed, I like a good dinner butter while talking trash to my opponents, and lying awake at night debating who I should put in my flex.

Maxwell Pilcher says:

Hey fantasy footballers, I’ve been listening for 2 years now. You guys do an awesome job, and are funny while doing so. I’m really interested in joining the listener league and can concur that I will be one of the more active members.

Socks says:

Hey Ballers! Thinking this year I am thinking that you need a super competitive lady footballer aboard! Been a fan for years. Thanks for helping me my league last year! Gotta love when the men in my life message ME for fantasy advice! So thanks for making me look super knowledgeable and cool :) Live in LA (Go Rams!) and sadly had to miss the live podcast because it was my turn for the good ‘ole covid. Throw a gal a chance!!!

Josiah says:

Howdy Ballers,

If you are thinking what could make the listener league draft better, you are in luck my friends. I am a magnet for all those fantasy landmines. If I was running for fantasy football president my slogan would be “make drafts great again”. What were some of my picks you may ask? In the leagues I played in last year: MT, CMC, Ridley, Mike Williams (2nd half of year) and I’m sure there are more I’m forgetting haha! All jokes aside I love the podcast, I have been ruined for any other fantasy football podcast they just can’t compare. I’m a honest and God fearing man. I’d enjoy playing in a league with you guys. Thanks for the show.

– Josiah

Tim K says:

Hey Ballers, I’m not sure this is where you submit your entry to the listener league! I’m Tim from Cleveland! Jason, I love your take on K.Hunt! I have cerebral palsy and I run my family’s league! It is a 12-team full ppr! I haven’t win a chip yet but I’m always in the semifinals every year thanks to you guys! Love the show! You guys make my day!

Drew Hurwitz says:

Dad joke of the day:

Always take a defense first. Since they can’t get injured.

Drew Hurwitz says:

Hey Ballers!

My name is Drew and I am 23 years old. My father placed my brother and I in a fantasy league with our school friends at the age of 7. I have since moved into my new apartment and have put up 2 TVs. One for the redzone and one for the Patriots. Would love to join the league and rub it in my cousins face who has recently became one of your biggest fans. Enjoy the season! Wish you both the best.


The league is still going on with about 4 original members left. I look forward to this time all year long

BetterThanBrooks says:

Hello ballers! Is this how you enter for the listener league? I hope so! I am better than Brooks and that’s all you need to know about me. Footballers nation LETS RIDE!

ricky19137 says:

My name is jeff

*please let me into your league*

Juan R says:

I’m not gay but my boyfriend is… The names Juan… like 2 Mexicans playing basketball… Juan on Juan… hope to join the league and learn a thing or 2

Sheldon Higginbottom says:

I’m not good at the jokes but love to visit the potty city occasionally. Enjoy laughing at all the great ones. Especially if the Lizard (Lazard) is making them. Always down for a fun time.
Hope this is the right spot. Thanks for the consideration

Shaun Talbert says:

Ballers & Ducers,

Does a one legged duck swim in a circle?

Does a frog have a water tight deucer?

Should I be extended the honor of being selected to participate in the 2022 Listener League?

Common answer to each of these is the same ………. yes

Totally appreciate the consideration.

Formidable Opponent (w/ a mustache)

Go Titans.

Tebert says:

Hey Ballers,

I started playing fantasy football clear back in 1991. That league, believe it or not, is still going strong today! I won the league championship 2 out of the first 3 years……..and HAVE NOT WON SINCE! That makes it going on a 29 year drought! That league started so far back that stats had to be done by hand by the commisioner using the newspaper and then mailed to the owners! Believe it or not, none of the rules of that league have changed in all that time, as the commisioner loves the TRADITION of what we started so long ago! We do use a website now, so we don’t have to wait on stats and results! Would love to have the opportunity to join you all in what I would consider an honor of participating in this year’s listener league! Feel it would be tying together the past and the present for me!

wallertheballer says:

Does the hollywood Brown news make you want to speed away from him?

Thanks for the great content

NoahTh6 says:

Hey Ballers, my name is Noah and I’ve been watching the show for years now and can’t get enough! I love fantasy football, but unfortunately not involved in a good league and am having trouble finding a competitive one with people I know :(. Just throwing this out there to see if maybe there is a chance to get in, but I understand if no one sees this. It would be so cool to play in a league with you three. I appreciate all the content you guys put out. You really help people, like myself, to escape for an hour or so everyday and put a smile on our faces in a world nowadays were we really need it :)

Westin says:

Hey Ballers. I had a terrible nightmare last night. I was in a world of no fantasy football, ghost towns everywhere, buildings burning. It was like the apocalypse… the fantasy apocalypse… Before I knew it, I was being chased by a small target goblin, I don’t remember his name but he kept making kissy noises and had an evil laugh that still haunts me today. After avoiding being gobbled, I ran into the ghost of Adam Gase in a graveyard. I don’t remember a single word he said to me because all I could think about were his evil haunting crazy eyes staring deep into my soul, warning me to leave before it’s too late. That’s when I woke up… and realized my destiny… to apply to join the listener league and rid the world of the incoming fantasy apocalypse!

Looking forward to another great year of fantasy football, cheers fellas!

Alex says:

I may be a competent fantasy player, but that doesn’t mean I’m smart. I will trade all of my skills that I developed by watching only Home Improvement and football when I grew up, just for a single opportunity to tackle that jokester Al Borland. It’s Tool Time fellas.

Alex Currie says:

What’s up Ballers, Tim The Tool Man Taylor once said “Man pain is when you do something stupid” that quote is irrelevant to my request to join it’s just a great quote!

Can’t wait to chat with you banter with you and sustain some man pain injuries as I will no doubt hate my draft 3 seconds after I draft. After all One more head injury and we win a trip to Hawaii. #Aloha #SendMeToHawaii also. Broncos Country… Lessss Riiiiiiide…

Alex Currie says:

What’s up Ballers, Tim The Toll Man Taylor once said “Man pain is when you do something stupid” that quote is irrelevant to my request to join it’s just a great quote!

Can’t wait to chat with you banter with you and sustain some man pain injuries as I will no doubt hate my draft 3 seconds after I draft. After all One more head injury and we win a trip to Hawaii. #Aloha #SendMeToHawaii also. Broncos Country… Lessss Riiiiiiide…

Tyler says:

Hi Footballers!!

After switching from a rival fantasy football podcast to you guys, I have been instantly hooked and love the blend between humor and quality information. I have been playing fantasy for a few years now and am always very active in my league. I love participating in trades with other league members to shake things up, as well as adding my fair share of fun smack talk! Over all very happy go lucky and easy going!

I’m a dairy farmer from New York and would love to play with you guys this season!

#gotmilk #gotroom?!

Calbright says:

I enjoy dinner butter. I play favorites, it’s The Fantasy Hitman – I can be swayed.

I want to play.

Nick Hernandez says:

Hello kings and squires (for your own interpretations of who is who) I am but a measly peasant, who is terrible at fantasy football. That is, until I discovered this royal group of men, Andy Mike and Jason, that gave me new life and meaning almost 5 years ago now. Last year I won 5/5 of my leagues and am now looked at as royalty like yourselves to my fellow league members. It would be a privilege, and honor, to battle against you gentlemen, in a fantasy football duel to the death, and be paid handsomely in the end, by the richest king in all of the land, Kyle AKA #KingDucer

Kenneth Washington says:

Listener since ‘19,UDK owner,Mediocre Fantasy Football player! Need I say more!?

P.S my wife doesn’t want me spending anymore money on Fantasy Football this year so with being a free entry I would love to partake in. Love the show!


Hayden Grow says:

Howdy Ballers,

I am unworthy of the listener league. My past draft strategies are much like papers straws… in that they are utterly useless. Im a mental midget when i’m on the clock and i have the grace of Carson Wentz attempting a 3rd down conversion. However, for what i lack in grace, Intelligence or suction power i compensate with blind optimism. That no matter how far behind i may be that i will not abandon my team, you or the fellow listeners!

Mo Trevino says:


Hello gentlemen, I was wondering if you could assist me. I am a future, successful business owner and need some business direction. How can you help me, you ask? Well, I thought you’d never ask. Fantasy Football develops skills in business that assures that a business runs smooth and is effective. Every successful business owner needs a hobby (why not a hobby with someone I listen to more than my wife), some camaraderie, the need to learn the arts of negotiation, develop analytical skills and learn conflict resolution skills.
I know that by being in the Listener League I will learn and develop all these skills and more. Thus, turning me into a successful business owner!

I really hope you can help,

Markus Sujansky says:

Gentlemen of the Jury:
My client, Mr. Sujansky, is not defined by his previous fantasy performances. His back-to-back early exits in playoffs do not decide his worth, but instead justify his value. He has learned humility from drafting Saquon over CMC the year Saquad saw a week 2 exit and the Stanford product break records. He has learned to look at spiritual ADP instead of being a follower, which led him to draft Breshad Perriman and Trent Sherfield before pre-season. My client fully acknowledges that he looks like a Goober for these picks, but insists that they are only the tip of the iceberg. One day, he will find the ultimate value, and will rest on his laurels, a man within Nirvana. The Prosecution is slandering Mr. Sujansky as a “nobody”, insisting that “He isn’t a real defendent” and “We’re not even in a courtroom”. I trust you will see through these feeble attempts to dissuade you from choosing him as a member of the listener league. Do your morals justice, gentlemen, and side with the Truth.

Ian Bruce says:

Unfortunately I dont have a league to play in this year as the league I’ve played in the last 3 years were ran by 2 commissioners that were both best friends, one of which was a coworker of mine. After 2 years of suspicious trades that other players were unwilling to veto by both comissioners i vowed last year to be my last year to play fantasy with them, fortunately for me I did win the league last year as Cooper Cupp was just unstoppable and my team in general just went off. So now here i am with no home league to play this year and i am looking into bestball on both draft kings and underdog. These are new to me but i am starting to get up to speed thanks to you guys. I’d love to be able to play with you astute gentlemen and i love the competition. Thanks for the consideration fellas

Brady Mitchell says:

Halla for the Ballas:
Anyone else thinks Jason is like Fred from “What’s New Scooby Doo.” He’s a man who can solve many a fantasy problem & knows how to look for clues in the midst of a foggy situation. Mike is similar to Bugs Bunny from the Looney Tunes Show. He’s the man in charge, but in a lowkey way, asserting his dominance only when necessary. He’s very passive, but when he’s passionate about something (like Bugs is with his Spargle) he will fight for it. Last but not least, Andy is like Jerry from Tom & Jerry. He’s quite enjoys poking fun at and trying to get a rise out of his fellow co-hosts of the show, similarly Jerry tries to get a rise out of Tom the Cat.
Fred Jones, Bugs Bunny, and Jerry are a legendary trio of cartoon character. And, with this type of dialed in analysis, the listener league seems to be a fitting reward for such detailed and accurate description. Thank you, and God bless.

Mike Teach says:

Bonjerno Ballers!!

Here’s my feeble attempt to gain acceptance to the listeners league.
My name is Mike, I’m a Long time listener of the fantasy footballers podcast. I recently just graduated from nursing school while working 40 hours a week so I was doing about 70-75 hour weeks this last year… man am I ready for some FOOTBALL!
Full disclosure, I love fantasy football and look forward to y’all’s podcast on a daily basis. Don’t tell my fiancé, but it’s literally the highlight of my day to listen while Im at the gym.
A little more about me- Statistically, I make it to playoffs every year more than my other league mates and have gotten to the championship 4 times in the last 9 years… but sadly I am currently 0/4 on championship wins. My league mates make fun of me for it all the time.
Hopefully my luck changes this year!
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yancey James says:

Not sure if this is where you sign up for the listener league? But here it goes….
I would love to participate, I’m a longtime listener and you guys have inspired me to launch my own fantasy football podcast! It’s called “The Average Joe Fantasy Football Show” soon to come to the airways! Thanks for an always entertaining show!

Ted says:

Last season I used to be able to download the podcast right from this type of page. Is it here and I’m missing it?

Masuhara says: Is this an email or website? I’m getting delivery failed when emailing and address not found searching online.

Kody Palmer says:


Not sure how to submit for the listener league entry. Albeit I’m a little intimidated. I don’t if am a smart fantasy guy or a good fantasy guy but maybe Im a fun fantasy guy. Listener since ‘17.

John Langfield says:


Not sure how to submit for the listener league entry. Albeit I’m a little intimidated. I don’t if am a smart fantasy guy or a good fantasy guy but maybe Im a fun fantasy guy. Listener since ‘17.

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