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Time to come up with a plan…

The Fantasy Footballers‘ Draft Analyzer might be the most extensive draft analyzer on the market. The Draft Analyzer tool will evaluate your team for strengths and weaknesses, dish out a letter grade, insights for team improvement, and expectations heading into the new season.

Let’s will unpack all of the different features of the analyzer including how it works, how to import your teams, and the in-depth analysis that occurs.

Some of the other features were reviewed here:

Let’s review fantasy football’s best draft analyzer which is exclusive to the Ultimate Draft Kit+.

How Does the Analyzer Work?

There are a couple of options available to upload your team. Currently, teams can be imported from ESPN, Sleeper, or Yahoo. You can also manually add teams and name them accordingly. If you want to see how a mock draft did, add those players in to get a feel of what went right or wrong in your mind.

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You also have the option to edit existing teams so if you make an off-season trade or even mess around and see what different configurations could look like. Here’s a sneak peek at my decade-long 10-team home league:

Perhaps the biggest advantage is finding other teams in your league and using the analyzer to exploit their weaknesses. You can manually enter each name and then use this information in trade offers and send screenshots to boast.

Taking This a Step at a Time

After running through rankings and projections, your team is given an overall grade based on how your roster relates to the Footballers projections in the Ultimate Draft Kit.

The Strengths & Weaknesses section gives an overview of each of your starting positions (based on the roster configuration you set up) as well as the all-important depth grade at RB and WR positions. It’s important to always remember that “you don’t win your league on draft day”. Any analysis must be nuanced as the context of each league is so crucial. Consider this analysis in the context of your league and look for opportunities to optimize this roster heading into 2022 and throughout the season.

The Starting Roster Breakdown takes your roster and gives a number of key metrics to give you

This gives you the individual player information with links to their player profiles for hours of deep diving.

Analysis That Goes Deep

For the Baller Analysis section, your team is thoroughly examined to dissect each player and how they make up your roster construction. We want to obviously have the best players in every single starting spot but the overall makeup, flexibility, and depth at each position matter just as much. Each team is assigned the following:

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  • Baller Rank– The Footballer who likes your team the most based on his 2022 projections
  • Difference Maker– The player that will carry your team the most and gives you a positional advantage.
  • Highest Risk– The player who carries the highest risk rating according to the Footballers’ projections.
  • Team Consistency– The reliability score for your starting lineup based on past performance

The UDK+ Insights section takes this a step further

  • Breakouts– a fantasy player that is primed to become a fantasy darling. A fantasy superstar. A fantasy game-changer. These are players who flashed, showed signs of success, and with another year under their belt might just surprise you with incredible seasons.
  • Sleepers– Players who are drafted later or not drafted at all but are primed to emerge as fantasy football impact players in some capacity. Many of these players have a chance to excel due to a number of reasons, including opportunity, scheme, circumstance, and more.
  • Busts– These are guys not guaranteed to fail but have some things working against them and represent a high-risk situation for fantasy owners. Things might look beautiful on the outside, but beware, and at least consider some of the bust candidates below as you assemble your fantasy football roster.
  • Values– Values aren’t guys you should be reaching for, but rather guys who will drop to where they shouldn’t. When you draft these guys at their current Average Draft Position, we feel you’ll be getting a steal. Every team needs to have guys who represent solid value on their team, alongside their sleepers and breakout candidates.
  • Injury ReportOur injury expert Matthew Betz gives his professional medical opinion on recovery timelines, early-season insights, and how extensive each injury is related to the rehabilitation process.

Time to Move Forward & Act!

What every single fantasy football manager needs to way forward because the season hasn’t even started yet! It’s one thing to receive a grade and to show you where your team is strong or weak. Injuries, poor performance, and poor in-season management can train wreck even the best teams with a good grade. After digesting all of the insights from your roster breakdown, Baller Analysis, and UDK nuggets, it’s time to develop a strategy and action plan to carry this thing out to a #FootClan championship.

The Action Plan section tackles your biggest issues related to starters and depth. Leverage your roster and the insights this brings to be active on the waiver wire or considering an early season pivot.

Often, we leave the draft and usually assume the best-case scenario with our players. Everyone will have hits but the misses hurt even more because you spent so long assuming things would go right that in the meantime you missed out on pouncing on the latest waiver wire hotness. Before the season starts, set an action plan and be willing to make the changes necessary to “withstand victories”.


I bought the UDK. How do I upgrade to the UDK+? The UDK+ is the upgraded version of the UDK where you also get access to the new Dynasty Pass tool for dynasty and rookie resources, the Draft Analyzer tool for grading your drafts, and the DFS Pass all season long for DFS picks and lineup building. You can upgrade from the UDK to the UDK+ at a pro-rated discount on your account page at

Does it work for dynasty? The Draft Analyzer was designed to support rosters for all league types and formats including Dynasty leagues.  We’ll be working to expand with additional dynasty analysis for larger roster sizes as well into the future.

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What is the risk rating? The risk rating is a consensus of each of our individual risk evaluation on a player. Part of managing a successful fantasy football team is mitigating risk and recognizing which players are concerns by way of playing time, injury risk, inconsistency, and the like. These scores are meant to serve as a guide as you build your fantasy team with a balance of stability and risk.

How do I dunk on the rest of my league with this? At the bottom of your team’s analysis, you can share your report grade/findings on Twitter or Facebook. Heck, take a screenshot and consider how you can troll the rest of your league. You’ve set the foundation of your squad so a small victory wouldn’t hurt anyone, right?

How can I share feedback? Our team is here to help, you can reach our support team via email: We’re committed to rapid bug fixes, improving the product, and helping you maximize your fantasy football success. Reach out if you have any issues.


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