NFL DFS DraftKings Thanksgiving Day Slate Picks (Fantasy Football)

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Happy Thanksgiving, #FootClan! I hope you enjoy the three-game DFS slate on Turkey Day and have a great holiday. Before diving into specific picks for this three-gamer, I wanted to provide some thoughts on how to handle smaller slates. If you’re looking for more analysis for the Thanksgiving Day Slate, Kyle and I also broke down this slate on this special episode of the Fantasy Footballers DFS podcast.

Additional Resources for the Thanksgiving Day Slate:

Strategy for Smaller NFL DFS Slates

  • Avoid setting strict rules – Given that there’s only three games, if you set specific rules for your lineups, there’s a good chance you’ll be excluding lineup constructions that have a legitimate chance to win. For example, on the main slate with 12 or 13 games, we’re usually avoiding two RBs from the same game (and definitely the same team) or stacking our QB with just one or two pass catchers. On a small slate, you can stack with three or four options if you think that team goes off, or you can play multiple players against your defense. The list of viable players on this slate is small, and if you’re avoiding players against your D, you’ll be limiting access to some of the best plays on the slate. This isn’t to say you should actively try play multiple players against your DST, but if the rest of your lineup works, don’t be afraid to do it.
  • Expect higher roster percentages – With a smaller player pool, the roster percentages are going to condense. On the main slate, we’re used to finding good players who are 5-8% rostered. That simply doesn’t exist on smaller slate. “Contrarian” plays are likely those who are listed somewhere around 15-20% on this slate. Similarly, the “best plays” on the slate are going to hover around 40-50% in GPPs.

  • Utilize late swap if you’re behind – The Roster Percentage Report for this slate can be very helpful as it will allow us to know what our opponents are likely to do. With three games all happening independently of the others, we’ll have a lot of actionable information based on how the contrarian and chalky options performed in the Buffalo and Detroit game. As a result, if you played a contrarian player in the first game and that player did not perform, you’ll want to get off the board in the second and third games.

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