I want to stand up and give you a round of applause for your dedication to learning how to play Daily Fantasy Football. The desire to learn, improve, and compete in a fun new arena is paramount for your future success. This is why I personally have immersed myself in the Ultimate Draft Kit that Andy, Jason, and Mike have prepared. I’ve been looking for an edge over my evolving league mates and I feel more prepared this season than any in recent memory.

Bankroll and Why It Is Important

Everyone has a different amount of discretionary funds that they choose to play around with. For some, it might be a few dollars here and there while others are trying to make a substantial amount of money playing Daily Fantasy Football. I personally fall in between both of these categories and while I am not playing the volume of someone who uses DFS as their primary income, I have been using it to take care of a tremendous amount of monthly payments for the last several years.

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