The Fantasy Footballers’ QB Rankings Part 2 for 2021

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Last week Andy, Mike, and Jason broke down their top 10 QBs going into the 2021 season. To be fair, there was a good percentage of agreement regarding who each baller put in their top ten. As we drop down the rankings, there is a little more disparity between them. Looking at these QBs, it is important to remember that if you punt the QB position early and choose to draft it late – which is often recommended – it is important to look at opening schedules. Let’s look at the QBs ranked 11-20.

11. Jalen HurtsPhiladelphia Eagles

Andy 13 | Jason 10 | Mike 9
ADP: 8.05 / QB10

Although Jalen Hurts has a fantastic rushing baseline, last season, he was on a 17-game pace of 196 rushing attempts, he brings concerns. Hurts does not have a massive proven WR core to throw to, which could make drafting Hurts a Philadelphia Eagles issue, not a Jalen Hurts issue. Unless DeVonta Smith comes back from injury, it is unclear who the breakout WR will be. The massive rushing upside and improved offensive line might be enough to draft Hurts, but there is potential for him to bust.

12. Taysom Hill/Jameis WinstonNew Orleans Saints

Andy 12 | Jason 12 | Mike 10
ADP: n/a (both 18th+ round)

Without a clear-cut starter announced in New Orleans, the Ballers have put the generic New Orleans starting QB as their number 12 QB. Even with their vastly different styles, the two men end up statting out similarly and could be the sneakiest QB to draft, as most people will ignore them due to the lack of clarity. If Taysom Hill is named the starter, he was QB4, 11, 8, and 11 in his four starts last season. Conversely, if it is Jameis Winston, you know he will throw the football tons, giving you fantasy upside even with interceptions. Mike even suggests that if you are drafting early, you could draft both players with your final two positional picks and simply drop the non-starter when the season begins.

13. Kirk CousinsMinnesota Vikings

Andy 11 |Jason 19 | Mike 13
ADP: 12.09 / QB18

Captain Kirk Cousins, set your phasers to average. That being said, Cousins is a reliable option in 2021. Above-average most weeks, but not an elite option. Cousins did have a solid finish in 2020, ending the year as QB11, and continues to have one of the most explosive WRs in the game to throw to in Justin Jefferson. Because of this fact, Andy is slightly more bullish on Cousins than Jason or Mike. Going in the 12th round, drafting Cousins will not cost you too much draft capital and could continue to be a decent streaming option.

14. Matt RyanAtlanta Falcons

Andy 15 | Jason 15 | Mike 16
ADP: 11.09 / QB15

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Another reliable QB with great weapons, including the rookie Kyle Pitts, Ryan is a QB that will often be playing from behind and, therefore, will throw for an abundance of yards. When looking at Ryan, there are several concerns – losing Julio Jones and gaining a new offensive coordinator and head coach, and therefore having to learn a new system. He does open the season against the Philadelphia Eagles, so he might be a good streaming option starting the year.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

15. Matthew StaffordLos Angeles Rams

Andy 17 | Jason 13 | Mike 19
ADP: 9.01 / QB11

Jason’s late-round target is Matthew Stafford this season. Stafford seems like he could be set up for an incredible year – the Sean McVay offense, a plethora of passing targets, and still somewhat young. Even with being injury-prone, Stafford has many potential upsides this season. Now playing with a team with a much better defense, one must ask, how much will Stafford actually need to throw?

16. Joe BurrowCincinnati Bengals

Andy 20 | Jason 16 | Mike 18
ADP: 9.08 / QB13

Joe Burrow is coming back from injuring basically everything with abbreviations in his left knee, and Andy feels strongly that the upside is not there with Burrow at the point he is being drafted in the ninth round. Burrow clearly has elite weapons around him. However, with his questionable recovery paired with a brutal opening schedule, it might be wise to wait if you believe in the player. Mike suggests the potential of picking Burrow up after week three if he shows sparks of greatness.

17. Trevor LawrenceJacksonville Jaguars

Andy 16 | Jason 21 | Mike 21
ADP: 10.02 / QB14

Frequently confused with 90’s television pop icon Joey Lawrence, rookie QB Trevor Lawrence has a solid chance to start week one. After the first preseason game this week, it was clear that Lawrence has some reliable pass-catching options in Jacksonville, especially seeming to make a strong connection with Marvin Jones Jr. He also has a solid rushing baseline. Over the last eight years, only four rookie QBs have finished as a top-15 fantasy QB. Let’s see if Lawrence can make it five.

18. Ben RoethlisbergerPittsburgh Steelers

Andy 22 | Jason 15 | Mike 22
ADP: 18.04 / QB27

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Even though Big Ben was “terrible” last season, he still managed to throw for almost 4000 passing yards, 33 passing TDs and ended up at QB14. Roethlisberger again has some great receivers in addition to a potential bell cow RB in Najee Harris. He has a tough season opener, but his schedule opens up a little after that. However, Big Ben is turning 40 this year and seems to need to be protected with scotch tape and bubble wrap in that he threw only one play-action passing TD the entire 2020 season.

19. Ryan FitzpatrickWashington Football Team

Andy 19 | Jason 24 | Mike 15
ADP: 15.02 / QB22

Ryan Fitzpatrick always seems to have weekly upside, especially when drafted this late. Still, the Washington Football Team might be a slightly slower offense than what we usually see Fitzpatrick in. He has a couple of great receivers in Terry McLaurin and Curtis Samuel, but he might not get to play with them the entire season in that he has not played 16 games in a season in over five years. He has started an entire season’s worth of games only one time in the past eight years. Fitzpatrick could still be a great late-round streamer who has a decent starting schedule.

20. Baker MayfieldCleveland Browns

Andy 18 | Jason 18 | Mike 23
ADP: 12.01 / QB16

Baker Mayfield is playing behind the best offensive line in football; however, it is for a team that is a solid run-first offense. He still has some weapons out there, and if a high-pressure weather system passes over Ohio with less frequency this year, Baker could be a great late-round QB target.

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