The Fantasy Footballers’ Final Mock Draft of 2021

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The Fantasy Footballers participated in their final mock draft of 2021 during Friday’s episode. Andy began from the 1.05, Jason from the 1.08, and Mike from the 1.12. They used Sleeper 12 team PPR settings for this mock draft and drafted for a total of 13 rounds.

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Andy: Ezekiel Elliott (1.05)

Dalvin Cook, Christian McCaffrey, and Alvin Kamara had before Andy’s pick. The guys agreed that those are the top three RBs. Andy felt comfortable taking Elliott at the 1.05 over Derrick Henry, who was likewise available. He declared he would draft Elliott over Henry in both half or full PPR leagues.

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Jason: Aaron Jones (1.08)

Jason hoped that either Elliott or Aaron Jones would be obtainable with this pick. Luckily for Jason, he was able to select Jones as his RB1. He made note that Jones has been a top-5 RB over the last two years. Aaron Rodgers is returning to the Green Bay Packers, which makes this a more pleasant pick. Furthermore, Jamaal Williams is no longer a Packer which bodes well for Jones. Jason said he would have passed on Saquon Barkley if he was still on the board.

Mike: Najee Harris (1.12)

Turn and burn is the name of the game for Mike’s team. Mike knew that after these two picks, he would have to wait a while until his following selection. By the time it got back around to him, all of the top running backs would be gone. This thought process is why Mike elected to go with an RB-RB approach with his first two picks.

Mike: Antonio Gibson (2.01)

At this spot, Mike was contemplating Austin Ekeler but eventually decided on Antonio Gibson as his second running back. While Mike believes Gibson is riskier than Ekeler, as in Ekeler has the better floor, he also believes Gibson has the better ceiling. These thoughts ultimately led to Mike drafting Gibson over Ekeler. And now we wait.

Jason: Joe Mixon (2.05)

One pick before Jason, Travis Kelce was selected. Jason wanted to look at WR or RB here with Kelce out of the picture. Joe Mixon was Jason’s choice here as he is a three-down back who has no real competition for touches. Jason recognized he’s been low on Mixon, but after statting the team out, notes that Mixon should be in for a good season. Mixon will see loads of time on the field, which suggests he can suck for real football and be great for fantasy purposes. Also of note, the Samaje Perine beard picture does not scare Jason. Is it fake? There was a discussion.

Andy: DK Metcalf (2.08)

Andy figured Jason would go the Clyde Edwards-Helaire route with his last pick, and then Andy would go with Stefon Diggs or Calvin Ridley. Both of those players went right before Andy’s turn to draft, so obviously, they went to ad reads to delay the pick. Coming back from the ad break, Andy noted he did not want CEH here. He is satisfied with running backs that you can get later as your RB2, such as JK Dobbins, David Montgomery, and Chris Carson. This mock draft is Andy’s first time selecting DK Metcalf this year, who he thinks is a Top 5 talent. Edwards-Helaire ended up going one pick after Andy’s selection.

Andy: JK Dobbins (3.05)

Like Andy earlier stated, he did feel comfy taking Dobbins as his RB2. And that’s just what he did in Round 3. When Andy made his Dobbins selection, Keenan Allen, Allen Robinson, and CeeDee Lamb were still on the board. He recognized that he needed to grab an RB2 before they all dried up, so he passed on taking a WR. Dobbins will have guaranteed volume on one of the best rushing attacks. He took Dobbins over Swift and Carson, who were also sitting there.

Jason: Allen Robinson (3.08)

This round is the round where Jason starts hoping Darren Waller will fall in the draft. Waller had been taken previously in this mock, so Jason decided to look away from the TE position. Jason is pro “grabbing a stud TE,” but he looked at a different position since he missed out on one of those elite TEs. His debate here was between Robinson and Lamb. Jason thinks Lamb is the more risky choice between the two, mainly due to his unknown ceiling. Robinson, on the other hand, is the safer choice who should see 150+ targets. The Bears wideout also has back-to-back WR1 seasons. Robinson might not have the upside Lamb has. Still, the security Jason can get from Robinson is why he selected him here. Even with Lamb being a My Guy, Jason couldn’t avoid taking Robinson.

Mike: CeeDee Lamb (3.12)

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Here, Mike noted that RB did indeed dry up. Now there are “dead zone RBs” available in this area – Josh Jacobs, Darrell Henderson, Miles Gaskin, Mike Davis. They all have the potential to be fire, but they could also not perform well. Mike turned his attention to Lamb, deciding to draft the Dallas Cowboys wideout as his WR1.

Mike: D.J. Moore (4.01)

Touchdowns are desperately needed for D.J. Moore this season, and Sam Darnold will need to be better at quarterback in Carolina than Teddy Bridgewater was last season. Since Mike is drafting from the turn, the Ballers brought up that sometimes you have to take your guy early and can’t play ADP games in this position.

Jason: Amari Cooper (4.05)

This year, Jason sees Lamb and Amari Cooper as Top-12 wide receivers, so he felt good deciding on Cooper. He believes Dallas is the team with the best odds to have two top-12 WRs this season.

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Andy: Julio Jones (4.08)

Andy chose not to go Metcalf and then Lockett, so he selected Julio Jones instead. He did not desire a running back here. Andy stated that Jones “doesn’t have the chance to be nothing.”

Andy: Miles Gaskin (5.05)

Again, Lockett was available here, but Andy took a shot on Gaskin, who was still available in the fifth round.

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Jason: Mark Andrews (5.08)

Jason did a fist pump when he could draft Mark Andrews in the fifth round. All the elite tight ends were off the board, but the borderline elites were still available (Andrews and TJ Hockenson). Jason went with Andrews and discussed how he wouldn’t have to play the waiver wire for tight ends.

Mike: Chase Edmonds (5.12)

The RB dead zone was still alive, with Davis, Edmonds, and Javonte Williams available. If James Robinson were still there at this spot, Mike would still not take him. Mike believes Edmonds is the guy to take at this point in the draft.

Mike: Chase Claypool (6.01)

Another Chase joined Mike’s mock draft roster. Chase Claypool is one of Mike’s My Guys, so the choice was apparent here.

Jason: Brandon Aiyuk (6.05)

Jason had his eye on Raheem Mostert since Mostert’s back is fine (per Mostert). Ultimately, Jason went with Brandon Aiyuk here, one of his My Guys and someone with upside at WR3.

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Andy: Javonte Williams (6.08)

Here, Andy selected his fourth running back of the day with Javonte Williams. He knew what his plan was, and he executed it perfectly. He wanted Williams here, and then he planned to come back around and take Trey Lance.

Andy: Trey Lance (7.05)

“All are welcome on the Trey Lance Express!” exclaimed Mike when Andy took Lance. Another quarterback that Andy likes to take here is Tom Brady. Still, Andy wanted to roster Lance before someone else had the chance. He also noted that he could take another starter in the final round (Ben Roethlisberger, Kirk Cousins, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and sometimes Jalen Hurts in the second to last round) if Lance doesn’t start off the season as starting QB.

Jason: Damien Harris (7.08)

Post Sony Michel trade, Damien Harris looks to be a good pick. Michel would have eaten into Harris’ carries. If Mac Jones starts the season over Cam Newton, that is good news for Harris: he won’t have to worry about Newton vulturing touchdowns.

Mike: Trey Sermon (7.12)

Mike took rookie Trey Sermon with his seventh-round pick. He brought up that Mostert might be fine now, but he has been hurt plenty throughout his career. Even if Mostert is healthy all year, Sermon will still have a role on the offense.

Mike: Devonta Smith (8.01)

Devonta Smith drafted to Philadelphia means he’ll see plenty of volume. Jalen Reagor has been up and down in training camp. Mike thinks he has seen enough of Smith in training camp to want to roster Hurts’ future favorite target.

Jason: Curtis Samuel (8.05)

Jason looked, and every team had a QB. He decided to play the game of “are they taking a second QB?” and gambled, taking Curtis Samuel here. He was looking at Hurts or Ryan Tannehill, but he decided to go Samuel instead.

Andy: Laviska Shenault Jr. (8.08)

Andy knew he finished drafting RBs, so he put his focus on the WR position. Ultimately, he decided to select a second-year player who will be used similarly to Deebo Samuel in San Fransisco.

David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Andy: Robert Tonyan (9.05)

Robert Tonyan was the player Andy chose at 9.05. He realized he had to wait for 14 picks between this pick and his next pick, so he wanted to get a TE with a shot at doing something. Last season, Tonyan ended as TE3. I have been high on Tonyan, asking myself the same question Andy asked himself – “What if it accelerates from last year?” Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been talking him up.

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Jason: Ryan Tannehill (9.08)

Cash-out is what Jason did in this round. He chose Ryan Tannehill with his ninth-round pick. Both Tannehill and Hurts were options, but he concluded Tannehill was a little less risky. If Deshaun Watson were to sign with Philadelphia, that would be bad for Hurts.

Mike: Irv Smith, Jr. (9.12)

Mike was upset that Hurts and Tannehill went before his pick came around. He decided punting the quarterback position was the way to go now. Mike took Irv Smith, Jr. in this round because some teams were taking second TEs. No Kyle Rudolph. Adam Thielen found himself as Mike’s “Ice Player.” Let Irv swerve!

Mike: Michael Pittman (10.01)

Mike sees upside with the Michael Pittman pick. He didn’t need to go safe in this round, feeling secure with the wideouts he already rostered. If he were going to go the safe route, he would have chosen Corey Davis.

Jason: Gus Edwards (10.05)

Jason wanted to look at both WRs and RBs available in this round. Corey Davis was still there, and so was Darnell Mooney (although Jason wished to steer clear of that, not wanting to roster both Robinson and Mooney). Baltimore moved on from Mark Ingram, and the Gus Bus should be prepared to fuel up.

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Andy: Darnell Mooney (10.08)

As the draft progressed, Andy realized that it paid off to take Tonyan when he did. In the tenth round, he selected Darnell Mooney, adding a fourth wideout to his roster.

Andy: A.J. Green (11.05)

Here’s a player that was difficult to pin down. The Ballers discussed how they had been struggling to figure out when to take A.J. Green. Andy got the last position player of note he was looking at in this mock.

Jason: Henry Ruggs (11.08)

Jason was looking for someone who could be a surprise and have a break-out season. He likes Ruggs here as the number two target on the Las Vegas offense to complement Darren Waller. Jason makes sure to bring up that you could also go Bryan Edwards and possibly get the same results.

Mike: Matt Ryan (11.12)

Mike decided to take a quarterback in Round 11. He wound up punting the quarterback spot, choosing to stream a quarterback for week 1. Matt Ryan was Mike’s selection as he takes on Philadelphia at home. Kirk Cousins versus the Cincinnati Bengals was also in contention.

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Mike: Justin Fields (12.01)

Not the same upside that Lance has, but once Fields takes the field, he will have top-10 upside in Mike’s eyes.

Jason: Sony Michel (12.05)

Here is another player that could surprise this season. Sony Michel could see goal-line work in a potent offense.

Andy: Kirk Cousins (12.08)

In the first week of the season, Cousins has a cozy matchup against Cincinnati. If Lance does not end up starting the season, Andy knows he has Cousins.

Andy: Miami Dolphins Def (13.05), Jason: Indianapolis Colts Def (13.08), Mike: Minnesota Vikings Def (13.12)

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Rank the teams. What do you think about the teams the Ballers drafted?

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