Fireworks, Football & The Fourth: An Interview with Mike Wright

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Happy Fourth of July #FootClan! We’re still a month out from minicamp and yet even today on this great American holiday, we still can’t get fantasy football off our minds!

We decided to catch up with Mike “The Fantasy Hitman” Wright and ask him a few Independence Day-themed questions.

Question 1: Share one of your favorite Fourth of July memories.

Mike: I was on a trip to Minnesota with my wife in early July. Now at that time, fireworks were not legal in any sort in Arizona, so I had almost no experience with them. We went to a Walmart or some kind of shop like that and there were fireworks for sale everywhere. I was in complete shock. I have traveled a good bit, but apparently never over the 4th. So, I of course, insisted we purchase a huge kit and we went to town that night. It was incredible.

Question 2: Mike, you’re considered by some a food connoisseur of sorts. And we know it doesn’t get more processed and it doesn’t get more American than hot dogs… What’s the best hot dog you’ve ever had?

The best hot dog I’ve ever had isn’t the fanciest or most impressive. But I like mine a little bit burnt, then cover that bad dog in cheese and bacon bits. I’ve seen the Sonora dogs and other things, but that’s a bit much for me. I’ll take mine with the standard, artery-clogging condiments.

Question 3: We’re celebrating the 240th year (or ten years away from the Sestercentennial) of our great nation. When do you feel most like an American…

I feel most American on Sunday nights. I’m not the best with my eating habits, but I try to stay somewhat in control during the week. However, on Sunday nights I go get whatever horrifying and gluttonous concoction the fast food places have whipped up. I overeat, I watch TV with my wife, and then I sleep.

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Question 4: If you were talking with someone from another country (Bonjour!), how would you explain how integrated football is with being an American?

Having to explain football to an international friend, I’d say think of the popularity of soccer or futbol, and that’s basically what football (the REAL football) is over here. It’s a game so popular, the Super Bowl is an unofficial holiday and people that haven’t given a second thought to watching a sports game all year will go to a party and watch it. It’s pure hotness my friend.

Question 5: Let’s do a little word association. We’ll name a popular firework and you think of a fantasy football player who best represents the essence of that firework and tell us why.

Sparkler: Tyler Lockett because he’s so shiny this year

Fire Crackers: Adrian Peterson, he’s a classic

Smoke Bomb: Lev Bell. He gives you an explosion before vanishing from your team

M-80: Thomas Rawls, he’s small but powerful. I mean c’mon the dude is 5’9″!

The Dud Firework: Melvin Gordon. Big disappointment 

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Roman Candles: Tevin Coleman, there might not be anyone faster in a straight line

Fountains: DJax, the man only brings the flashy stuff

Big Finale: Gotta be Antonio Brown cause he’s the G.O.A.T.


For of more of Mike’s hot takes on life, check out the YouTube channel under the playlist “Show After the Show”.

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