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There’s a popular poker proverb used in the opening lines of the movie Rounders that goes:

“If you can’t spot the sucker at the poker table within the first half hour, then you are the sucker.”


Everyone seems to have an opinion when it comes to fantasy football, but those opinions are often skewed by a few highlights or some partial story they heard on T.V. while getting ready for work. The people that do well in fantasy football are the ones that can put all of the most recent information and data available into context and make informed decisions. If you want to know who the sucker is in fantasy football, look for the person that goes out and buys a magazine right before a draft.

Fantasy football is constantly evolving. A player in the NFL can be the next big thing one week only to be discarded the next week with an injury or roster change. You need a resource at your fingertips that can evolve along with the NFL to generate the latest information and projections. The Fantasy Footballers Ultimate Draft Kit was designed to give you the tools and information that will make you the shark in your draft.

Premium Ranks

The Fantasy Footballers took rankings “to the limit” by allowing you to select the ranks of players across multiple scoring formats. The ranks are available by position or as a composite Top 200 Overall list. This is what it looks like in the Ultimate Draft Kit:

PPR rankings

Premium Fantasy Football Rankings menu in the Ultimate Draft Kit

Rankings are present everywhere, but these are Premium Ranks. The difference between ranks and Premium Fantasy Football Rankings is the thought processes and logic behind them. The Premium Ranks in the Ultimate Draft Kit include blurbs next to each player that weigh the pros, cons, and narratives that could help or hurt each player’s fantasy season. The great thing about The Fantasy Footballers is that you have three guys that can and do have very different opinions. If you’re anything like me, you don’t just want ranks. You want to know the reasons some people are high on a player while others are low so that you can decide which opinion makes the most sense. Sharks make informed decisions while others select players from a list that may or may not be up to date.

PPR Rankings

WR Premium Rankings in the Ultimate Draft Kit

Identifying Tiers can be tricky, but the Footballers have you covered. Tiers are incredibly useful to help you identify when it’s time to snag a player right before a drop-off in value for players from that position group. The UDK includes the option to view the Premium Ranks, in each scoring format, with Tiers.

2022 Ultimate Draft Kit
We do the work. You dominate your draft.
Get the 2023 UDK
Expert Lists

There is no greater feeling in fantasy football than finding a Sleeper in the later rounds. Watching your buddy use a high draft pick on a player with Bust written all over him is pretty entertaining too.

The Footballers created a section to warn you off on players with Bust potential and identify those Sleepers everyone is hoping to nab. The Expert Lists section also includes Breakout and Value players that you should target to form the foundation of your fantasy teams.

2016 Projections

Opinions and ranks are one thing, but Projections tie it all together. Rankings need to be supported by numbers that make sense. Rankings that are created without the aid or availability of projections aren’t worth your time to review. Each of the three Footballers put their fantasy football projections out there for you to review and compare/contrast.

fantasy stats

2016 Quarterback Stat Projections

The other advantage of having access to projections is your ability to create your own rankings in leagues with less common scoring systems. The Scott Fish Bowl (SFB) is a charity fantasy football league that included 480 fantasy analysts and fans this year. The creator of the league tweaked the scoring system to help running backs value vs. wide receivers.  This year’s SFB480 included a scoring system that awarded .5 points per reception for wide receivers and running backs, 1 point per receptions by tight ends, and .25 points awarded for each rushing attempt. Good luck finding rankings that reflect that sort of scoring system!

With the Footballers projections, it would have been easy to convert the raw projections into new point totals and generate your own rankings. Anyone playing in a league with a quirky scoring system may find the Footballers 2016 projections incredibly handy.

Video Profiles
RB fantasy

Running Back Videos

The Footballers put together 2-3 minute video segments on 99 players. Each segment breaks down some of the factors that influenced past performance and what we can expect out of 2016. Debating between Adrian Peterson and David Johnson? Watch the fantasy football videos to help you decide. These are conveniently accessible right inside the Premium Ranks as well.


Reports sound really boring and too much like work, but the Reports section contained in the UDK is chock-full of useful information. Normally, the best information we have is past performance, but changes in staff, the NFL Draft, and Free Agency ensure the 2016 season will be totally different from 2015. The Ultimate Draft Kit breaks down how these changes are likely to affect teams and fantasy production in the first year through a Coaching Changes summary, Rookie Review, and Free Agency Review.

The Footballers are also updating Average Draft Positions and Injury Reports frequently leading up to the season. It would be nice if everyone stayed healthy, but we know injuries are a fact of life especially when the pads go on. Staying on top of the injury status of players is key to getting maximum value in your draft. The Reports section also includes reference material like the Bye Week Breakdown, and Strength of Schedule to help prepare you for your draft.

2022 Ultimate Draft Kit
We do the work. You dominate your draft.
Get the 2023 UDK

The Footballers also included Printable Cheatsheets. If you’re an excel nerd like me and like to have an excel master sheet for your draft, you can download the rankings straight from the website. This gives you a format to start with and allows you to make changes easily if you think that Tavon Austin is ranked too low for example. I’m not saying, I’m just saying (coughs and says 9TDs, 104 total touches last year).

PPR Rankings

Printable Fantasy Football Player Board

The Footballers also created a couple exclusive Bonus Episodes for people who invest in the Ultimate Draft Kit. The Bonus Episodes are full of tips and tricks that will separate the suckers from the sharks on draft day.


You couldn’t possibly read, review, and analyze all of the news and content that’s published on a daily basis. The Ultimate Draft Kit synthesizes all of the useful information that comes out daily into a simple format and screens out all of the fantasy noise. The Ultimate Draft Kit is a living reference source that can flex with the changes that will occur throughout the offseason. Luck never hurt anyone in fantasy football, but the long-term winners will be the people who consistently have access to the most relevant and up-to-date information. The Ultimate Draft Kit gives you the edge to dominate on draft day.

Get the 2016 Ultimate Draft Kit from the Fantasy Footballers

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