Fantasy Football: 2QB Mock Draft

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The Fantasy Footballers were out of town Tuesday, June 20th but thankfully they left the equivalent of an entertaining movie that could be popped in by the substitute teacher. They did so in the form of a 2QB mock draft on Fantasy Draft Wizard. These are always fun as you get to follow along round by round with the thought processes behind each pick. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

To get the full experience you can access the full draft results and check out the entire episode here.

12 teams, Full PPR
2 QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, 1 Flex, DST, K, 5 Bench

Round 1, Pick 6

Antonio Brown, WR
As a general rule, the Footballers seem to be in agreement that the first round is too early to take a QB, even in a league where you must start two. That being said it’s not uncommon for the elite QBs to go very early in this format, which is nice because it allows studs like Antonio Brown to fall to you at #6 overall. This was a no-brainer consensus pick for a full PPR league.

Other players considered: Julio Jones, Odell Beckham Jr

Round 2, Pick 6

Devonta Freeman, RB
At this point, 8 QBs have come off the board which might be scary to some who aren’t used to this format. They may feel pressure to get in on the early QB action for fear of missing out on a good option for their QB1 spot. But there’s no fear shown with this pick as the guys swoop up Freeman, the only RB who has had at least 1000 yards rushing in each of the last 2 seasons. Andy did point out that if somehow Andrew Luck had fallen to this spot, that would have been the pick.

Other players considered: Jordy Nelson

Round 3, Pick 6

Rob Gronkowski, TE
With other solid options on the board at positions of greater scarcity, this became somewhat of a “let’s see what happens if we do this” pick. TE is a position like QB in a 1QB league where there’s really no need to draft one early in general. That is unless you can get a true difference maker at the position like Gronk. If he stays healthy this roster just got a lot more dangerous.

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Other players considered: Todd Gurley, Dez Bryant, Lamar Miller, Kirk Cousins

Round 4, Pick 6

Matthew Stafford, QB
Finally, the 1st QB for this roster was drafted. Stafford was the 14th QB off the board overall in this 2QB mock. Andy and Jason were perfectly happy with it, Mike was much more hesitant, pointing out that Stafford, despite finishing top 12 at this position, did have a pretty rough stretch in the second half of the season where he really let you down. To him, there isn’t much of a difference between Stafford and Andy Dalton who he expects to be there in the next round.

Other players considered: Philip Rivers

Round 5, Pick 6

Sammy Watkins, WR
We’re getting into the middle rounds so you can expect more debates on picks as personal rankings, preferences, and strategies collide. Andy is thinking is what is the best RB2 option left on the board to pair with Devonta Freeman since there are so many great options at WR, one will surely make it back to us. However, Jason and Mike were looking at Sammy Watkins’ upside and felt that he is a level above all of the other options that are left at the position. Andy didn’t disagree since none of the RBs left were very inspiring, and I mean, there’s always Frank Gore.

Other players considered: Ty Montgomery, Spencer Ware, Ameer Abdullah, Andy Dalton

Round 6, Pick 6

Carson Palmer, QB
Having just taken a WR, there were still many good options on the board at that position but the Ballers instead decide to fill out their QB2 position with a vet on a pass heavy offense that feels fairly safe with decent upside.

Other players considered: Tyrod Taylor, Golden Tate, Larry Fitzgerald

Round 7, Pick 6

Larry Fitzgerald, WR
Fitz falling to the 7th round felt like a gift having strongly considered him a full round earlier. He was the #11 WR in PPR last season, #7 the year before that and brings some nice solidity to this roster that has some volatility with Watkins and Gronk. He’s a great value in the 7th round and didn’t require much debate.

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Round 8, Pick 6

Frank Gore, RB
At this point, they still didn’t have an RB2, and no one says RB2 like Frank Gore. You never feel great about drafting him, he doesn’t have much upside, but he is reliable and steady not unlike Larry Fitzgerald who was taken in the last round. The Ballers really seem to want to solidify the roster at this point after taking some shots on huge upside in the earlier rounds.

Other players considered: Sam Bradford, Smash Jackson (Paul Perkins), Mike Gillislee, Theo Riddick, Danny Woodhead

Round 9, Pick 6

Theo Riddick, RB
When you wait until the 8th round to take your 2nd running back, it might be a good idea to grab value at the position if it falls to you which is exactly what happened here with Riddick, who’s a great asset in PPR leagues. Frank Gore reliable though he’s been is 34 years old, so this pick made a ton of sense for a quasi-Zero RB squad.

Other players considered: Sam Bradford, Paul Perkins

Round 10, Pick 6

Willie Snead, WR
Once again Sammy Biscuits has fallen, but with Willie Snead still on the board at such a great value they decide to push the issue of rostering a 3rd QB and pass on Bradford once again.

Other players considered: Sam Bradford

Round 11, Pick 6

Alvin Kamara, RB
Not only did Bradford go before their next pick, so did Brian Hoyer who Mike had mentioned as a potential target for the QB3 earlier. This left the likes of Jared Goff as the best available option at QB while players with a ton of PPR upside like Alvin Kamara remain on the board. The guys agreed at this point that it would be best to seek a QB3 as a flier in the later rounds or hypothetically spend up for one on waivers when they became available.

Other players considered: Terrance West, Matt Forte

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Round 12, Pick 6

Jeremy Maclin, WR
Strangely, Andy is the only one not on board with this pick. He prefers John Brown’s upside to Maclin. But he’s overruled in favor of Maclin

Other players considered: John Brown

Round 13, Pick 6

Josh Doctson, WR
Josh Doctson represents plenty of upside at the WR position, who will also be an easy cut if he doesn’t pan out.

Other players considered: Josh McCown

Round 14, Pick 6

Josh McCown, QB
This is where knowing your league rules comes into play. If your league doesn’t require you to draft either a kicker or a defense and you are drafting early, it’s a great strategy to not draft either. This way you can hold extra positional players whose value could rise between draft day and Week 1.

Round 15, Pick 6

Robert Turbin, RB
Again, there was no need to take a kicker or defense with this pick, so why not grab Frank Gore’s handcuff. If Gore stays healthy through the offseason, Turbin will be an easily cuttable player since you haven’t actually invested anything in him.

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