Early Fantasy Football Mock Draft for 2017

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We’re officially one week from the NFL Draft, and an exciting incoming rookie class is certain to shake things up. However, as a year-round podcast, The Fantasy Footballers will tell you it’s never too early to study rankings, lose sleep over your keeper choices, and participate in mock drafts. On the March 23rd podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason did just that. Mock Draft episodes are always fan favorites, as you get to hear the reasons behind each pick, and other players in consideration.

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To get the full experience you can access the full draft results and listen to all of Episode #363.

12 teams, Standard Scoring
QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, 1 Flex, DST, K, 5 Bench

Here’s a summary of the draft, picking from the #3 spot:

Round 1, Pick 3

David Johnson, RB
This was an easy choice- the pick would be whichever player between DJ, Le’Veon Bell, and Ezekiel Elliott was left. There’s an argument to be made for each player as the #1 player selected in Standard formats. In Half and Full PPR, we all believe that Le’Veon Bell and David Johnson have an advantage.

DeMarco Murray and Jay Ajayi went at picks 10 and 11. Ajayi at number 11 was a bit of a surprise. He had monster games last year but other games were sub-par, averaging 50-60 yards. Jordy Nelson went at pick 12. Since 2011, he has the 2nd most receiving TDs, and he didn’t even play in 2015.

Round 2, Pick 10

Mark Ingram, RB
Both Jason and Mike wanted Ingram here. Andy expects a big Todd Gurley bounce back so would rather have him at this spot to pair with David Johnson.

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Yes, Voice of Public Opinion- Aaron Rodgers was still available here. However, a common strategy on this show is to wait on QB and to take RBs and WRs early. Other players considered: DeAndre Hopkins, Allen Robinson, Rob Gronkowski.

Round 3, Pick 3

Doug Baldwin, WR
Baldwin was easily the highest ranked WR left on the board. While taking him as the WR1 on your roster might not feel exciting; the often overlooked, Doug Baldwin, has finished as a WR1 (Top 12) the past two seasons.

Other players considered: Rob Gronkowski, Keenan Allen, Sammy Watkins, Alshon Jeffery. These talented WR options were avoided due to injury concerns.

Round 4, Pick 10

Latavius Murray, RB
When you get to this round, you can really start to use your Tiers. Ask yourself: How many guys are left in each tier, each position? Latavius Murray is the last remaining high volume RB at this tier, so he was the pick. While his situation isn’t great, there were still a handful of solid WRs left. Other players considered: Terrelle Pryor, Michael Crabtree.

Round 5, Pick 3

Michael Crabtree, WR
He was considered with the last pick, so since he came back again, it was an easy choice. Starting the team out with 3 of the first 4 picks as RBs, Baldwin and Crabtree are a very reliable duo at WR.

Round 6, Pick 10

Jamison Crowder, WR
Crowder was the pick here in big part because of how much of a red zone weapon he was for the Redskins last season. While he’s more of a PPR play, he will still put up solid points in Standard scoring.

At this point, Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees were off the board. Still, there was no chance of taking a QB here, because of the bargain bin QBs to choose later in the draft. Just before the Footballers’ pick, Jarvis Landry went late in the 6th round due to the Standard format, but was a great value there. Eric Decker was another great value, just one pick earlier. Other players considered: Golden Tate, DeSean Jackson, Brandon Marshall, Zach Ertz.

Round 7, Pick 3

Doug Martin, RB
This may be surprising as Martin is starting the season with a suspension. Jason: “This is the place in my draft I switch to upside.” Having 3 starting RBs on the roster ahead of this pick, makes it worth the risk. Having Martin take up a bench spot is a bummer, but worth the upside of another quality starting RB from Week 4 and on. Other players considered: Tyreek Hill.

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Round 8, Pick 10

Tyreek Hill, WR
As mentioned last pick, it’s all about upside here. On very limited snaps last season, “Tyreek The Freak” had monster production in the second half of 2016, finishing as the WR15 in Standard scoring on the season. Other considerations: Kyle Rudolph.

Round 9, Pick 3

Kyle Rudolph, TE
Despite Mike’s affection for Kirk Cousins, there were still three QBs he considers a QB1 left on the board. This just goes to show why you can wait at QB. There’s a bigger tierdrop offf with Kyle Rudolph to the other TEs compared to Cousins and the other QBs.

Round 10, Pick 10

John Brown, WR
While Adam Theilen would be a solid pick here, that would be three players from a low-powered offense (Vikings). John Brown has shown, when healthy, he can be a great WR. Other players considered: Adam Thielen, Tyrell Williams.

Round 11, Pick 3

Kirk Cousins, QB
It was time to take a QB, and Captain Kirk was the choice. He was considered two picks ago, and still available in the 11th. Other players considered: DeAndre Washington.

Round 12, Pick 10

DeAndre Washington, RB
Andy’s strategy here is wanting a guy who can make an impact in Week 1. Right now (pre-NFL Draft) DeAndre Washington is a necessary part of the Raiders’ rushing attack. Other players considered: Cameron Meredith.

Round 13, Pick 3

Arizona Cardinals, DEF/ST
There’s a strategy to NOT draft a Defense at all (if your league rules allow it). The idea is that you take a shot on another upside guy, a handcuff perhaps, battling for a bigger role, because sometimes things change on the depth chart between your fantasy draft and the start of the regular season.

Round 14, Pick 10

Matt Bryant, K

Stay tuned for more mock drafts leading up to the season!

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Be sure to do plenty of your own fantasy football mock drafts throughout the offseason on Fantasy Draft Wizard.

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