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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by a #footclan member detailing why the UDK is one of the best fantasy tools.

With the football season approaching at a rapid pace, chances are you’ve gotten that email, the one to inform you that your league has been renewed. As excitement rushes through your body you swiftly tell yourself how this year is going to be different. This year you’re going to finally defeat Dave from corporate. Then, just as quickly as you devoted yourself to make a change, you revert back to your same old ways. You do a quick google search to find some generic player rankings to see who you like this year. From time to time you read up on alerts you get on your phone, the same alerts that every other player in your league has received. Before you know it, it’s draft time and once again you’ve followed the same trend that has earned you back to back bids in your league’s Sacko Bowl. 

How do you stop this running trend of league irrelevance? It’s really quite simple, you have to broaden your knowledge. The NFL is an ever-changing world where one week a player is the bell of the ball, and the next week they’re sitting on their couch eating bonbons and hoping for a call from the new expansion indoor football league. Your limited research and run of the mill analysis will only get you so far in this game. There’s only one way to gather all the information you need to dominate on draft day, and that’s with a top-notch draft kit. 

We scoured the internet to find you a kit with the very best fantasy football draft tools around, and we believe we’ve found it. The Ultimate Draft Kit by The Fantasy Footballers has everything that you need to help take you from worst to first in this coming fantasy season. 

Tools to Help Separate you from the Pack 

If you have any interest in fantasy football, chances are you’ve taken some time and tuned in to the madly popular Fantasy Footballers podcast. The podcast, hosted by Andy, Jason, and Mike, has helped numerous people advance their knowledge of fantasy football, and become better players along the way. 

Well, the Fantasy Footballers are coming in clutch for you again, as they’ve decided to lend a helping hand once more by gifting us with the Ultimate Draft Kit. The Ultimate Draft Kit, which can easily be described by simply re-reading its title, offers all the best fantasy football draft tools you need to dominate your draft this coming season. Let’s take a look at some of the best features available to you below.

Projections & Rankings Done the Right Way 

The Ultimate Draft Kit features unique tier-based rankings to better help you group together players with similar projections. This tool is money come draft time by helping prevent you from reaching for a player when there are numerous players projected to produce similar statistical outputs. 

If you’re looking for your typical 1-2-3 rankings, The Ultimate Draft Kit also offers that in the form of their top 200. On one hand, the top 200 is a complete list breaking down the projected top 200 players in fantasy this upcoming season, regardless of position. On the other hand, tiers are only available in positional rankings. This is because grouping together a second-tier quarterback with a second-tier running back would be a disservice to you come draft time. 

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The UDK knows that value, and even at the top of the talent tree, they differentiate from position to position. So, while Tom Brady may rank towards the top of the tier rankings at the QB position, chances are you aren’t going to select him over a wide receiver who is equivalent to Brady in terms of tiers. 

Tier-based drafting is a must when you’re on the clock. It allows you to find the most talented player at the best possible value, which is essential for you to draft your players effectively. 

[Editor’s Note: Find out who the Ballers have in their top-10 WR rankings for 2019.]

Projections for Any Type of League 

The Ultimate Draft Kit carries over their expert rankings and tier-based drafting tools to accommodate any scoring setting. UDK’s fully customizable point settings allow you to switch between 0.5 pt. PPR, full PPR, standard, and multiple QB-based scoring settings. If that wasn’t enough, the UDK gives you the option to go in and manually insert all passing, rushing, and receiving point settings to help mirror your league. 

Once you’ve adjusted your point settings, the player rankings then shuffle to best align with your specified scoring setting. Along with the rankings changing, players will also change tiers at times based on format. If a running back is dominant on the ground but lacks the ability to impact the game through the air, chances are his tier placement may sit higher in standard scoring as opposed to PPR. 

Reception Perception: A One-of-a-Kind Feature

If you’re new to the Ultimate Draft Kit, chances are you’ve never heard of Reception Perception. I say that with near certainty, primarily because this tool is exclusive to the UDK. It may take a little while to wrap your head around, as it is a lot of information to take in, but once you get the hang of it you’ll quickly wonder how you ever got by without it.

Guru Matt Harmon has crafted a tool to help you get a better understanding of one of the most difficult positions to evaluate, the wide receiver. Reception Perception takes every intricacy of being a valuable wideout and formulates it to better help you make the right call come draft day. These advanced metrics break down everything to an exact percentage, from a wideout’s success by route, to his success against man coverage, to the number of routes run versus double coverage, and much more. 

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Reception Perception is hands down one of the best fantasy football draft tools known to man, and a true game-changer in the way you look at the wide receiver position.  

Risk Rating 

Risk Rating seems like such a simplistic tool on the surface, but one that pays dividends in the long run. We all have questions regarding specific players as we approach the regular season. The Ultimate Draft Kit found a way to assign a precise metric to best describe the amount of trust you should have in a given player. 

Risk Ratings are based off a number of factors a player has going for them as well as going against them. Factors like age, a decline in play, workload, off the field issues, and scheme fit are some of the more prevalent factors taken into consideration when setting one’s Risk Rating. Todd Gurley has a wide range of possibilities hence a higher risk rating. Find out Five Possible Outcomes for Todd Gurley in 2019.

Risk Ratings are invaluable when you are debating between players with similar projections. There will be no one to blame but yourself if you take a player with a high-Risk Rating, only to be burned by him during the season. 

Wait There’s More!

With the Ultimate Draft Kit, the features just keep rolling in. Expert analysts present you with their top sleepers, breakouts, and busts at each position. You can receive up to date news on coaching changes, injury reports, the strength of schedule, and more. Player profiles are available for more than 100 players in the form of short, precise videos breaking down the player’s outlook for the upcoming season. 

The UDK team takes a deep dive into specific player usage rates by detailing in precise measurements how a player is used on the ground and through the air. Check out a player’s red zone report to see if they are a factor inside the 20. Are you looking for consistency from your draft picks? The Ultimate Draft Kit offers consistency charts for each skill position dating back to the 2009 season. In this chart, you can find each player’s fantasy rank over the past decade.  


Receive all the information you could possibly ask for in a fantasy draft kit right at your fingertips. The majority of features available on the UDK desktop version are there for you once you’ve downloaded the app. 

The UDK app, which holds a 5-star rating in the apple store, is available for both iPhone and Android users. The app offers a sleek and extremely sound interface to allow users an enjoyable and easy to maneuver alternative to the desktop site for when on the go. 

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The Ultimate Draft Kit is a Must-Have for Serious Fantasy Players 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the Ultimate Draft Kit. It is tailored for both new and veteran fantasy players alike. The Ultimate Draft Kit offers every featured needed to best your league’s draft and dominate the fantasy season. While the kit is littered with tools, each feature serves a purpose and is not stuffed with filler features to seem more appealing to less advanced users. 

All tools and features are updated constantly to deliver the most real-time projections and expert takes. With the abundance of impressive and exclusive tools, I doubt you could want more. Yet on the off chance that you do, just ask, and you shall receive as seen with their recent additions to the UDK app. The Ultimate Draft Kit features top-notch customer service, giving the customers what they most desire. 

Grab the Ultimate Draft Kit today by visiting or going to the app store today, you won’t regret it. 

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