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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by a #footclan member detailing why the UDK is the best fantasy draft kit.

What exactly makes a good fantasy draft kit? When you’re on the search for the best fantasy draft kit you want to look for one that can provide you a number of options. Accurate projections, expert analysis, endless features, and a variety of other useful tools are just some of the crucial aspects you need. With these and more, you can dominate your league’s fantasy draft this season and for years to come. 

The Ultimate Draft Kit is one of the most proven kits of its kind. It takes those features we listed above and improves on them tenfold. Take a look at what makes the Ultimate Draft Kit by The Fantasy Footballers the best fantasy draft kit on the market, and why it is useful for seasoned and new fantasy players alike.

Top-Notch Tools

Are you sick of the same old overpriced draft kit with the same mundane takes, rigid flexibility in rankings, inability to carry over to your specific league type, and limited features? The Ultimate Draft Kit has fixed all of that with their abundance of top of line tools. All of their features are built with a modern approach and backed by expert opinions and statistics. 

Reception Perception 

For the majority of first time UDK users, Reception Perception is unlike anything you’ve likely seen before. In fact, the methodology of Reception Perception is exclusive to the Ultimate Draft Kit. Reception Perception was created by Matt Harmon five years ago to help better evaluate the wide receiver position and its various nuances. 

Reception Perception breaks down the top 50 players at the wide receiver position, along with the incoming 2019 rookie class. There are some players that you can just look at and know they’re great. However, not everyone looks like Julio Jones coming off the bus, and not everyone dominates on the field the way he can. That kind of talent is easy to evaluate. 

Instead of relying on “looks,” with Reception Perception you can evaluate what a player’s strengths and weaknesses are down to an exact percentile. For example, a certain player may excel specifically in the short and intermediate passing game, but not be much of a deep threat. If that player was then traded to the New England Patriots, the chances are that wideout would fit seamlessly into the Pats’ offense. That type of scenario is exactly what Reception Perception is for. It brings together skill sets and schematic fits to ensure you can make a slam dunk pick come draft time.  

[Editor’s Note: Find out who the Ballers have ranked in their top-10 WRs for 2019]

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Award-Winning Projections 

Every draft kit has some sort of player ranking system available for their users. Yet not many can claim to continuously produce the most accurate rankings around, year in and year out. That is, everyone except the Ultimate Draft Kit because they have some of the most accurate predictions in the game. Over the past several seasons, the UDK has landed in the top five of the Fantasy Pros expert competition for the accuracy of their predictions. 

The UDK top 200 is a fan favorite amongst users. It is where the three Fantasy Footballers each rank their top 200 players for the upcoming fantasy season, regardless of position. Each player has a consensus ranking based off of the experts’ placement of the player on each of their boards. 

Tier Based Player Rankings Lead to a Successful Draft

The top 200 sounds like a great, trustworthy, incredibly useful feature that any draft kit would be lucky to have. So why would the Ultimate Draft Kit try to persuade users from utilizing it come draft time? Because a list of the top 200 players regardless of position in no way helps you best determine the correct selection to make during your draft. 

Instead, you should opt for the method of tier-based drafting. In the Ultimate Draft Kit, each position ranking is separated into tiers. These tiers help group together similar players projected to put up comparable points for the upcoming fantasy season. The tier tool is a lifesaver because it helps you avoid that major reach that you’ll kick yourself making for the next handful of months post-draft. Learn more on Understanding Tier-Based Drafting.

Projections Catered to Your League’s Scoring Settings

The Ultimate Draft Kit’s stellar player rankings and projections carry over across all league scoring settings. As a UDK member, you have the option to select between standard scoring, .5-point PPR, full point PPR, 4 points per TD pass, and 6 points per TD pass. If that’s not enough options for you, the UDK also offers a fully customizable feature where you can manually insert all custom passing, rushing, and receiving point settings to mirror your league’s specific scoring format. They then change the rankings based off of your preferred scoring setting, so you receive a perfectly tailored experience.

Risk Rating 

We all know the old lunch pail guy reference of guys that show up and work their tails off day in and day out. That player may not be the most talented, but chances are you know what you can expect from them. The “lunch pail guy” leaves you with very little risk come draft time, as long as you don’t overdraft the player. 

Contrastingly, there are some players you wouldn’t touch with a 12-foot pole, and then others who fall somewhere in between the two. The Ultimate Draft Kit Risk Ratings give you a specific number down to the decimal point to help you gauge the level of trust you should have in a given player. Many factors go into setting one’s risk rating, such as age, consistency, injury history, and scheme fit, just to name a few. For example, Todd Gurley is a polarizing figure this year with lots of risks. [Editor’s Note: Check Out Five Possible Outcomes for Todd Gurley in 2019.]

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For example, a running back at the prime age of 26 years old who is coming off back to back 1,000-yard seasons and rarely dealing with an injury is likely destined to continue down a similar path to success. On the other hand, a running back who is coming off a strong year, but just celebrated the big 3-0 and is fighting off new competition in the backfield offers a lot higher risk versus reward.  

And So Much More!

The tools are endless when it comes to the Ultimate Draft Kit. Other standout features, such as the Dynasty Startup Guide, Dynasty rookie rankings, consistency charts, and strength of schedule, are just a few of the numerous fantastic features available to you in the Ultimate Draft Kit. 

Expert Analysis & Research 

The three hosts of The Fantasy Footballers Podcast team up with experts in the field of fantasy football to help deliver some of the most in-depth and precise fantasy information available on the internet.

Sleepers, Breakouts, & More

Looking for an impact player in the late rounds? Or maybe you’re wondering which players will take the step from contributors to must-starts. The Ultimate Draft Kit experts let you know which players you need to stop sleeping on, which are budding stars, and which players to avoid at all cost. These hot takes are backed by stats, player evaluation, and award-winning projections. 

Player Usage Rates 

Are you sick of having a player put up 30-points on your bench, only to get burned by putting him in your starting lineup the following week? We’ve all been there. With top features like market share, target share, and red zone reports, the chances of falling for a one-hit-wonder decrease exponentially. 

Constant Updates 

The NFL is constantly evolving, and news circulates at a rapid pace. To be successful in fantasy football, you have to be ahead of the rest when it comes to breaking news. You must gain knowledge that other players in your league don’t, it’s the only way to separate yourself and reach the next level in your league. The Ultimate Draft Kit does a phenomenal job of keeping an ear to all things football. You can receive breaking news alerts such as trades, injuries, and suspensions, all of which will be quickly incorporated into updated player rankings and projections. 

Updates in terms of players and NFL stories is not the only thing the Ultimate Draft Kit is constantly on top of. They also listen to their fans request and needs by adding new features to help benefit their users. For example, you can now draft, mark, star, and hide drafted players from your rankings through the UDK app. Ask and you shall receive when using the UDK. 

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Superb Interface 

Streamlined App 

To cement themselves as the best fantasy draft kit, the UDK needed a way for users to access the kit’s features from anywhere. With the Ultimate Draft Kit app, The Fantasy Footballers team has blown the competition out of the water. Users are enamored with the usability and constant updates to the app. Perhaps this is best conveyed by the 5.0 rating that iOS users have given the app in the Apple App Store. 

UDK Video Guides & Player Profiles 

The abundance of available features could leave new fantasy players slightly intimidated. The good news is, the Ultimate Draft Kit offers guideline videos for their users. These videos go into great detail explaining all their wonderful tools, how they operate, how they are beneficial to you, and how you should use them. 

The video features also carry over into the analysis side of things. The Ultimate Draft Kit team examines over 100 of the top fantasy football players in an in-depth thorough breakdown in short, precise, and easy to consume videos. If you have questions, whether player or tool-related, the UDK Video content has an answer for you. 

Sold Yet?

The features mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. The Ultimate Draft Kit is jam-packed with all the tools and information you desire, and the other features you didn’t know you needed. The price of just $29.99 seems like a bargain for the best fantasy draft kit out. This is especially true when you can use that money to help you win your league championship, and in return earn a big-time payout. 

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