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The Ultimate Draft Kit is the reflection of the opinions and projections of three fantasy experts. There are very few certainties in fantasy football, which leads to disagreement. It helps to have different viewpoints and understand why The Fantasy Footballers like or dislike a player so that you can make informed decisions on draft day. If you used the Ultimate Draft Kit last year, you’re going to love it even more this year.

A lot of people buy magazines or find rankings on other sites, but the Ultimate Draft Kit pulls back the curtains to reveal how the Footballers came to their rankings and how you can apply them. Since the Ultimate Draft Kit is constantly updated, you know you’ll be walking into your draft ready to dominate armed with the latest information.

Just like the Ultimate Draft Kit evolves through the offseason to give you the most updated information, the Footballers have added segments to the 2017 kit to give you the biggest edge on draft day, including Reception Perception data on at least 50 NFL wide receivers and average draft position (ADP) reports.

Here’s a video preview to the 2017 UDK:

Premium Rankings with Tiers

The 2017 premium position rankings include 2017 Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Wide Receivers, and Tight Ends. The rankings allow you to create a strategy for who you want to draft and where to build the strongest team, but there is a lot of context that gets lost with most rankings. The amazing thing about the Ultimate Draft Kit is the information available to you beyond the actual rankings. This includes player notes, projected point totals, risk ratings, and tier breakdowns.

The rankings also include auction values to help you navigate auction drafts. The best part about the rankings is that they’re dynamic. Injuries and changes to depth charts will be reflected in the rankings throughout the offseason. The Ultimate Draft Kit is a living, breathing document constantly evolving to give you the latest information.

Matt Harmon’s Reception Perception

Brand new to the Ultimate Draft Kit is Reception Perception. Reception Perception is a charting system created by NFL Media analyst Matt Harmon to study the wide receiver position in a way no one else does including charts and analysis. Check out the work he did for the Fantasy Footballers on some of the wide receivers from the 2017 rookie class.

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This level of wide receiver analysis will be available on at least 50 veteran NFL wide receivers with the purchase of the Ultimate Draft Kit. You won’t be able to find this level of insight to the wide receiver position anywhere else.

Projected Point Totals

The Footballers give you projected point totals and tier breakdowns for different scoring systems including standard, ½ point per reception (.5 PPR), and full PPR leagues. The projected point totals help you identify tiers that you can use to make tough drafting decisions and identify scoring gaps. They’re also useful for making keeper and dynasty decisions.

Player Notes, Offseason Overview, and Strength of Schedule

The NFL is fluid and dynamic. Change is constant, especially once training camp kicks off.  The player notes section talks about some of the narratives and changes that may impact a player for better or worse. You might know about some of the bigger news stories like the firing of Jeff Fisher, but do you know who the offensive coordinator is in Jacksonville and how that could impact Allen Robinson? The player notes, offseason overview, and strength of schedule sections will come in handy when you’re debating between two similarly ranked players for your team.

Player Profile Videos

It’s one thing to read about players, but it’s another to watch the Footballers debate about them. The Footballers dive into 100+ of the biggest fantasy football names and share player commentary, predictions, and compare and contrast the things fantasy stars have going for or against them heading into 2017.

Sleepers, Breakouts, Busts, and Values

There is nothing sweeter than finding a late-round sleeper especially if your league mates are drafting early-round busts. The Footballers identify sleeper candidates at every position who are primed to emerge. Find out which mid-to-late round players are ready to breakout and leap into the fantasy elite. Avoid the players that will let you down or are too risky in 2017.


The Footballers included extra podcast episodes only available when you receive the Ultimate Draft Kit including 10 Offseason Tips & Tricks and 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Fantasy Football. They’ve also included a section with weekly ADP reports so that you can identify which players are trending up or down.


I love seeing people holding magazines when I walk into a draft. I know it means they spent good money on a magazine that was outdated the minute it hit the presses. Don’t get me wrong, the strategies and analysis contained in the magazines are written by the best of the best fantasy football experts, but the contents of the magazine may be weeks or months old by draft day.

I also know that the Footballers are immersed in fantasy football the entire year with their award winning podcast. Their insights and the tools they provide in the Ultimate Draft Kit is the edge you need on draft day. Good luck this year and let us know when you win those #FootclanTitles.

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