2016 Fantasy Football Mock Draft: 12-Team

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In honor of the new Fantasy Footballers Articles section and with fantasy draft season just around the corner, the Footballers and writing staff got together for a friendly mock draft.  We used the Footballers Approved format, 12 teams, half-point per reception.  Our starting line-ups will have 1 QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, Defense, and Kicker.

Round 1
Round 1 Player Position Team Owner
1.01 Antonio Brown WR Steelers Wenrich
1.02 Le'Veon Bell RB Steelers Sanders
1.03 Julio Jones WR Falcons Martinez
1.04 Odell Beckham Jr. WR Giants Wright
1.05 David Johnson RB Cardinals Strickland
1.06 Todd Gurley RB Rams Denlay
1.07 Adrian Peterson RB Vikings Meaney
1.08 A.J. Green WR Bengals Moore
1.09 Dez Bryant WR Cowboys Borgognoni
1.10 DeAndre Hopkins WR Texans Carmean
1.11 Ezekiel Elliott RB Cowboys Ludwig
1.12 Rob Gronkowski TE Patriots Weisse

Round 1 saw the big name WRs go early as expected.  All of these players are deserving of 1st Round selections, with no real surprises.  In most drafts this summer, I will be watching for the rookie Ezekiel Elliott.  It almost feels like Ludwig is drafting the entire Dallas Cowboys Offensive Line with that pick.

Round 2
Round 2 Player Position Team Owner
2.01 Lamar Miller RB Texans Weisse
2.02 Mike Evans WR Buccaneers Ludwig
2.03 Allen Robinson WR Jaguars Carmean
2.04 Jamaal Charles RB Chiefs Borgognoni
2.05 Alshon Jeffery WR Bears Moore
2.06 Jordy Nelson WR Packers Meaney
2.07 Keenan Allen WR Chargers Denlay
2.08 Brandon Marshall WR Jets Strickland
2.09 Mark Ingram RB Saints Wright
2.10 Doug Martin RB Buccaneers Martinez
2.11 Demaryius Thomas WR Broncos Sanders
2.12 Brandin Cooks WR Saints Wenrich

Here, we saw a few fantasy studs who are coming off of season-ending injuries get selected.  If Charles, Nelson, and Ingram can return to form, they could be good values here in the 2nd Round.  You have to love the upside of Lamar Miller in Houston; he should see a career high in touches.

Round 3
Round 3 Player Position Team Owner
3.01 Amari Cooper WR Raiders Wenrich
3.02 Thomas Rawls RB Seahawks Sanders
3.03 Matt Forte RB Jets Martinez
3.04 LeSean McCoy RB Bills Wright
3.05 Sammy Watkins WR BIlls Strickland
3.06 Devonta Freeman RB Falcons Denlay
3.07 T.Y. Hilton WR Colts Meaney
3.08 Eddie Lacy RB Packers Moore
3.09 Golden Tate WR Lions Borgognoni
3.10 Randall Cobb WR Packers Carmean
3.11 Jeremy Maclin WR Chiefs Ludwig
3.12 Jarvis Landry WR Dolphins Weisse

Round 3 is where team strategies begin to reveal themselves.  It looks like we have two Zero RB believers in Carmean and Wenrich.  It will be interesting to see which strategy pays off, the traditional approach or the new hotness that is Zero RB.  Also of note is the slide of Devonta Freeman into the middle of Round 3.  At the time of this mock his ADP is sitting in the early 2nd, around pick 14.  I don’t love the player, but you have to love the value.

Round 4

Round 4 Player Position Team Owner
4.01 Dion Lewis RB Patriots Weisse
4.02 Jordan Reed TE Redskins Ludwig
4.03 Julian Edelman WR Patriots Carmean
4.04 Eric Decker WR Jets Borgognoni
4.05 Ryan Mathews RB Eagles Moore
4.06 Latavius Murray RB Raiders Meaney
4.07 C.J. Anderson RB Broncos Denlay
4.08 Jonathan Stewart RB Panthers Stickland
4.09 Carlos Hyde RB 49ers Wright
4.10 Matt Jones RB Redskins Martinez
4.11 Michael Floyd WR Cardinals Sanders
4.12 Donte Moncrief WR Colts Wenrich

Wenrich and Carmean stuck to their guns in Round 4, each drafting his fourth WR in a row.  They will certainly be stacked at that position.  Jordan Reed stands out to me as the premier risk-reward player in this round and perhaps the entire draft.  When healthy, Reed can be a difference maker.  Sharp-eyed drafters may have also noticed some overlapping bye weeks on my team.  I now have Keenan Allen, Devonta Freeman, and C.J. Anderson all with Week 11 byes.  I am not overly concerned with this when I am drafting, especially when the bye week in question is so late in the season.  There is so much that can happen between now and Week 11, I’m sure I can work something out before it becomes a problem.

Round 5
Round 5 Player Position Team Owner
5.01 Danny Woodhead RB Chargers Wenrich
5.02 Giovani Bernard RB Bengals Sanders
5.03 Kelvin Benjamin WR Panthers Martinez
5.04 Tyler Lockett WR Seahawks Wright
5.05 Jeremy Hill RB Bengals Strickland
5.06 Aaron Rodgers QB Packers Denlay
5.07 John Brown WR Cardinals Meaney
5.08 Doug Baldwin WR Seahawks Moore
5.09 Russell Wilson QB Seahawks Borgognoni
5.10 Jay Ajayi RB Dolphins Carmean
5.11 Jordan Matthews WR Eagles Ludwig
5.12 Cam Newton QB Panthers Weisse

Wright opted to go with Tyler Lockett in Round 5, although his teammate Doug Baldwin was still on the board, buying into the upside of the young talented receiver.  You can find Mike Wright’s projections, justifying his decision, in the Ultimate Draft Kit. We also saw a mini-run on QBs in the back half of this round.  Personally, I would prefer to wait until the later rounds for a QB, but this is a perfect example of staying water and letting the draft come to you.  Aaron Rodgers was a popular 1st Round pick in 2015. With Jordy Nelson returning and a slimmed down Eddie Lacy, I believe he can return that value if/when he falls this far.  Fantasy Football Calculator has the ADP for both Rodgers and Cam Newton is late in the 3rd round, tough to pass on either in the 5th.

Round 6
Round 6 Player Position Team Owner
6.01 DeVante Parker WR Dolphins Weisse
6.02 DeSean Jackson WR Eagles Ludwig
6.03 Duke Johnson Jr. RB Browns Carmean
6.04 DeMarco Murray RB Titans Borgognoni
6.05 Greg Olsen TE Panthers Moore
6.06 Jeremy Langford RB Bears Meaney
6.07 Larry Fitzgerald WR Cardinals Denlay
6.08 Michael Crabtree WR Raiders Strickland
6.09 Frank Gore RB Colts Wright
6.10 Allen Hurns WR Jaguars Martinez
6.11 Coby Fleener TE Saints Sanders
6.12 Charles SIms RB Buccaneers Wenrich

Greg Olsen to me represents a tipping point in the draft.  I see him as one of the last studs at the TE position.  It will be interesting to see if this triggers a run, or if the teams settle in, and wait to grab a value at TE in the later rounds. Round 6 also held some value at RB with Murray, Langford, and Gore all currently pegged for starting roles in their respective offenses.

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Round 7

Round 7 Player Position Team Owner
7.01 Andrew Luck QB Colts Wenrich
7.02 Drew Brees QB Saints Sanders
7.03 Emmanuel Sanders WR Broncos Martinez
7.04 Willie Snead WR Sanits Wright
7.05 Melvin Gordon RB Chargers Strickland
7.06 Kevin White WR Bears Denlay
7.07 Ben Roethlisberger QB Steelers Meaney
7.08 Marvin Jones WR Lions Moore
7.09 Ameer Abdullah RB Lions Borgognoni
7.10 Justin Forsett RB Ravens Carmean
7.11 Rashad Jennings RB Giants Ludwig
7.12 T.J. Yeldon RB Jaguars Weisse

A pair of stud QBs came off the board to kick off Round 7, followed by Big Ben in the middle of the round.  I may start to sound like a broken record, but again, the starting running backs that are available in the middle rounds this year continues to surprise me.

Round 8
Round 8 Player Position Team Owner
8.01 Corey Coleman WR Browns Weisse
8.02 Isaiah Crowell RB Browns Ludwig
8.03 Travis Kelce TE Chiefs Carmean
8.04 Zach Ertz TE Eagles Borgognoni
8.05 C.J. Prosise RB Seahawks Moore
8.06 Chris Ivory RB Jaguars Meaney
8.07 Delanie Walker TE Titans Denlay
8.08 Torrey Smith WR 49ers Strickland
8.09 Kamar Aiken WR Ravens Wright
8.10 Theo Riddick RB Lions Martinez
8.11 Bilal Powell RB Jets Sanders
8.12 Tevin Coleman RB Falcons Wenrich

Drafters began to feel the pressure at the TE position this round, with three being picked in the first half. This might also be a good spot to check in on our Zero RB drafters: Wenrich grabbed a pair of pass catching RBs in Woodhead and Sims, backed up by the upside of Tevin Coleman.  While Carmean took a shot on some young backs with some injury history in Jay Ajayi and Duke Johnson Jr.  At face value, Kamar Aiken appears to be the reach of the draft so far. His ADP is pick 160. Here, Mike Wright selected him with pick 93.  Is the public too low on Aiken? Time will tell.

Round 9
Round 9 Player Position Team Owner
9.01 Karlos Williams RB Bills Wenrich
9.02 Sterling Shepard WR Giants Sanders
9.03 Travis Benjamin WR Chargers Martinez
9.04 Sammie Coates WR Steelers Wright
9.05 Tyler Eifert TE Bengals Strickland
9.06 Arian Foster RB none Denlay
9.07 Tavon Austin WR Rams Meaney
9.08 Kenyan Drake RB Dolphins Moore
9.09 Kenneth Dixon RB Ravens Borgognoni
9.10 DeAngelo Williams RB Steelers Carmean
9.11 Laquon Treadwell WR Vikings Ludwig
9.12 Markus Wheaton WR Steelers Weisse

I really like the Tyler Eifert pick in this round.  His availability for Week 1 is still unknown, but considering Strickland is only gambling with a 9th round pick, the upside is enticing when Eifert does return. Cincinnati needs him in the offense.  It is also worth noting, that as of this draft, Arian Foster has yet to sign with an NFL team.

Round 10
Round 10 Player Position Team Owner
10.01 Javorius Allen RB Ravens Weisse
10.02 Ladarius Green TE Steelers Ludwig
10.03 Josh Doctson WR Redskins Carmean
10.04 Derrick Henry RB Titans Borgognoni
10.05 Mohamed Sanu WR Falcons Moore
10.06 Julius Thomas TE Jaguars Meaney
10.07 Dorial Green-Beckham WR Titans Denlay
10.08 Vincent Jackson WR Buccaneers Strickland
10.09 Antonio Gates TE Chargers Wright
10.10 LeGarrette Blount RB Patriots Martinez
10.11 Chris Hogan WR Patriots Sanders
10.12 Jerick McKinnon RB Vikings Wenrich

Round 10 featured some new faces and new places.  Josh Doctson and Derrick Henry are highly drafted rookies who are expected to contribute early in the NFL, while recent free agent signings Chris Hogan and Mohamed Sanu will look to make an impact in the high powered offenses in New England and Atlanta respectively.

Round 11
Round 11 Player Position Team Owner
11.01 Devin Funchess WR Panthers Wenrich
11.02 Gary Barnidge TE Browns Sanders
11.03 Ted Ginn Jr. WR Panthers Martinez
11.04 Philip Rivers QB Chargers Wright
11.05 Carson Palmer QB Cardinals Strickland
11.06 Stephen Gostkowski K Patriots Denlay
11.07 Stefon Diggs WR Vikings Meaney
11.08 Tom Brady QB Patriots Moore
11.09 Rueben Randle WR Eagles Borgognoni
11.10 Charcandrick West RB Chiefs Carmean
11.11 Jordan Howard RB Bears Ludwig
11.12 Michael Thomas WR Saints Weisse

If you want proof that waiting to take a QB works, just look at this round.  Three perennial Pro-Bowlers in Rivers, Palmer and Brady were available in the 11th round.  Once the drama around Brady deflates, his stock may settle into the late rounds, or if the suspension is lifted he will quickly move up draft boards.  I would also like to take a moment to defend my pick.  Yes, I took a kicker in Round 11.  I feel that “The Gost” is as sure a thing at his position as anyone in the league, and I wasn’t in love with the skill position players on the board.

Round 12
Round 12 Player Position Team Owner
12.01 Arizona DEF Cardinals Weisse
12.02 Eli Manning QB Giants Ludwig
12.03 Chris Johnson RB Cardinals Carmean
12.04 DeAndre Washington RB Raiders Borgognoni
12.05 Paul Perkins RB Giants Moore
12.06 Devontae Booker RB Broncos Meaney
12.07 Josh Gordon WR Browns Denlay
12.08 Breshad Perriman WR Ravens Strickland
12.09 Wendell Smallwood RB Eagles Wright
12.10 Shane Vereen RB Giants Martinez
12.11 Will Fuller WR Texans Sanders
12.12 Chris Thompson RB Redskins Wenrich

If you are drafting in late August or early September, I guarantee that Josh Gordon does not get drafted in the 12th round of redraft leagues. He will either be out of football and go undrafted or he will be reinstated which will send his ADP skyrocketing.  Wenrich found another nice pass-catching RB in Chris Thompson to add to his stable at the end of the round.

Round 13
Round 13 Player Position Team Owner
13.01 Vance McDonald TE 49ers Wenrich
13.02 Denver DEF Broncos Sanders
13.03 Nelson Agholor WR Eagles Martinez
13.04 Jeff Janis WR Packers Wright
13.05 Josh Ferguson RB Colts Strickland
13.06 Phillip Dorsett WR Colts Denlay
13.07 Kendall Wright WR Titans Meaney
13.08 Alex Collins RB Seahawks Moore
13.09 Tajae Sharpe WR Titans Borgognoni
13.10 Tony Romo QB Cowboys Carmean
13.11 Mike Wallace WR Ravens Ludwig
13.12 C.J. Spiller RB Saints Weisse

It is a little surprising to see C.J. Spiller drafted ahead of Tim Hightower in New Orleans, considering the impact Hightower had down the stretch in 2015.  However, I cannot fault Weisse for going with the upside of Spiller with such a late pick.

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Though this mock draft was scheduled for 15 rounds, in the interest of brevity I will conclude the article here as the final two rounds are more or less a list of Defenses and Kickers.

How did we do? Do you see any strategies that worked, didn’t work, or any players who were selected as values or reaches?  Let us know in the comments section.

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