The Fantasy Footballers’ Top-10 WR Rankings for 2022

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On Friday’s show, the Fantasy Footballers talked top-10 WR rankings and the high-end players that will make a difference for your fantasy teams.

Top 10 WR Rankings

A note heading into the top ten – we looked at the top ten ADP WRs over the last five years, and there was a 44% bust rate where they finished outside the top fifteen. However, of those busts, 55% were due to injuries.

1. Cooper Kupp, LAR  

ADP 1.06/WR1
Andy 1 – Jason 1 – Mike 2

Kupp had a season for the ages last year, with fourteen weeks as a top-12 WR. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and his connection with Stafford is fantastic. Even though reception and TD regression is possible, the probability of Kupp finishing as a top-five WR is almost guaranteed.

2. Justin Jefferson, MIN  

ADP 1.07/WR2
Andy 2 – Jason 2 – Mike 1

Jefferson has the most receiving yards ever for a WRs first two years in the NFL, and he is even more strong at home than he is on the road, averaging over 100 receiving yards per game. Jason reminds us that the Vikings’ new HC Kevin O’Connell is looking to implement a more pass-happy approach this season which could spell even more success for Jefferson moving forward.

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3. Ja’Marr Chase, CIN

ADP 1.09/WR3 
Andy 4 – Jason 3 – Mike 4

A 22-year-old with the second most fantasy points by a rookie WR behind only Randy Moss, Ja’Marr Chase is poised to have another stellar season. Chase was very boom or bust in 2021, and if you draft him, you have to hope that he becomes the clear-cut WR1 on the Bengals to give you a little more consistency.

4. Stefon Diggs, BUF

ADP 2.03/ WR5
Andy 5 – Jason 4 – Mike 3

Last year Diggs fished as WR7 and had the fifth most targets and the second most red zone targets. Even though he was catching passes from The Stallion, only 72% of his targets were deemed catchable. He had fewer boom games than in previous seasons, but with 26-29% target share from Allen, he is still an incredibly valuable WR.

5. Davante Adams, LV

ADP 1.12/WR4
Andy 3  –  Jason 5  –  Mike 5

It is time to send in the car for Davante Adams, and how much will the QB change impact him? Andy is the highest on Adams, and he feels he will have no problem switching from Aaron Rodgers to Derek Carr. Andy thinks Adams is a safer WR and has a little more upside than Diggs. Jason worries about TDs for Adams and does not see him as a lock for double-digit TDs this year.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

6. Deebo Samuel, SF

ADP 2.12/WR8
Andy 7 –  Jason  –  6  – Mike 7

Newly paid Deebo finished as the WR2 in 2021, and he enters the season with new QB Trey Lance. Samuels’ rushing floor is insane for a WR, plus his incredible yards after catch numbers, spell another strong year on the horizon for him. His usage in the running game might diminish this year, but that should not affect him too much value-wise.

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7. CeeDee Lamb, DAL 

ADP 2.04/WR6
Andy 6 – Jason 8 – Mike 8

All of a sudden, the cheese stands alone in Dallas, and it might be Lamb’s year to shine with the chance to get his hands on 181 vacated targets. Jason tells us that Dak is the big issue here because he spreads the ball around. To bring value to this draft spot, Lamb needs more than six TDs in 2022.

8. Mike Evans, TB

ADP 3.03/WR10
Andy 9 – Jason 7 – Mike 6

Consistency king Mike Evans returns as Tom Brady’s number one guy, following a season where he finished as WR8. Evans has had eight straight 1000-yard seasons, and with Brady as his QB, this continues to be a strong possibility in 2022. Andy expects another consistent season from Evans.

9. Mike Williams, LAC

ADP 5.03/WR19
Andy 8 – Jason 12 – Mike 9

Williams came out hot at the start of 2021 and fizzled out as the season progressed, leaving us with two great weeks to end the year. The guys are all in on Williams, and you should be able to get him at a little bit of a value in your home leagues. He does have volatility built in, but that means that there is a high-end range of outcomes for him – aka week-winning performances.

10. Michael Pittman Jr., IND  

ADP 4.09/WR16
Andy 13 – Jason 10 – Mike 11

Pitty City breaks into the top-10 with a former MVP as his new QB. Pittman had a breakout 2021 season and the competition for targets is almost non-existent. Andy reminds us that for Pittman to go from good to great; Matt Ryan has to deliver this season. He needs opportunity from a more consistent source, and Matt Ryan is clearly better than Carson Wentz.

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