The Fantasy Footballers’ Top-10 RB Rankings Countdown for 2023

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Andy, Mike, and Jason continue to work their way through the RB rankings as the season gets closer. Yesterday the guys discussed RBs 20-11, and if you missed it, you can check it out here. Today it is on to RBs 10-1.

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RB10 – Jonathan Taylor (Colts)

ADP: 1.12 / RB5

Andy – RB13 / Jason – RB8 / Mike – RB12

It is getting scarier and scarier to talk about drafting JT, as he is returning from an injury from last season to a team that has not made it clear that they want to move forward with him entering a contract year. Jason’s risk meter is beeping. Although he has all the red flags that the guys talk about, including a rookie QB, Taylor has very little backfield competition, so if he drops in your draft, that might be the only time you grab him.

RB9 – Rhamondre Stevenson (Patriots)

ADP: 3.02 / RB11

Andy – RB12 / Jason – RB11 / Mike – RB3

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Mike loves Rhamondre. And understandably so – he was the GUY in New England last season with a 17% target share on a questionable offense. This year should be better offensively, with 2022 being a year where the Patriots were 32nd in rush success rate and 31st in expected points per play. Rhamondre was the RB8 from Week 3 on last year, and he is competing with names like Kevin Harris and Pierre Strong Jr. for touches this season.

RB8 – Tony Pollard (Cowboys)

ADP: 2.12 / RB9

Andy – RB7 / Jason – RB9 / Mike – RB6

Tony, Tony, Tony is an explosive player with the chance to run the Dallas backfield this year. The Cowboys lost Zeke and have yet to add a veteran RB, and he has the potential to again be extremely efficient with his touches. He is not a true three-down back, so can he survive as the RB1 the whole season – especially on a team saying they want to “slow down the offense?”

RB7 – Bijan Robinson (Falcons) *Rookie

ADP: 1.08 / RB3

Andy – RB5 / Jason – RB5 / Mike – RB9

It’s the Bijan minute. A dominant player at Texas, walking away with PFF’s record for forced missed tackles with 104. He also had over one-third of the team’s yards and comes into the NFL on a team whose offense was 2nd most in average time of possession last year. Bijan will get the opportunities, even with bruiser Tyler Allgeier and Cordarrelle Patterson still on the team. And wait till you see him catch the ball…

RB6 – Josh Jacobs (Raiders)

ADP: 2.09 / RB8

Andy – RB7 / Jason – RB6 / Mike – RB4

We all slept on Josh Jacobs last year, who was incredible. He had the 5th most rushing yards over the last decade and had over 400 opportunities. There is some doubt contract-wise, but Jason is confident he WILL play for the Raiders this year, and he is willing to take on the risk of drafting him. Remember, Zamir White could also factor in.

RB5 – Saquon Barkley (Giants)

ADP: 1.09 / RB4

Andy – RB6 / Jason – RB3 / Mike – RB8

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Saquon is in camp and has no competition, so Jason is all in on the guy. He manages an incredible workload – in 2022, he was 4th in carries, 6th in targets, and 3rd in expected fantasy points. Don’t overthink this.

RB4 – Derrick Henry (Titans)

ADP: 2.06 / RB7

Andy – RB4 / Jason – RB7 / Mike – RB2

Oh, look, Derrick Henry is still here, and the Titans look rejuvenated. His age and the subpar offensive line will definitely put doubt in your mind, as he is one of the riskier picks early on in drafts. Plant your flag and face the consequences with an RB who has a delightful fantasy playoff schedule.

RB3 – Nick Chubb (Browns)

ADP: 2.02 / RB6

Andy – RB3 / Jason – RB4 / Mike – RB5

An improved offense could help Chubb be even more successful this season, especially if it garners him more pass-catching work. The RB1 for the 1st half of 2022 should also have the backfield relatively to himself and the 2nd highest-ranked offensive line by PFF for 2023.

RB2 – Austin Ekeler (Chargers)

ADP: 1.05 / RB2

Andy – RB2 / Jason – RB2 / Mike – RB6

The incredible pass-catching RB that is Austin Ekeler had 36 red zone TDs in the last two years, which is as many as Nick Chubb has had in his entire five-year career. It is a new OC and system over in Los Angeles, and the man is getting older, but the guys are betting he has a few impactful fantasy seasons left. You might see some slight TD regression this year, so be ready.

RB1 – Christian McCaffrey (49ers)

ADP: 1.02 / RB 1

Andy – RB1 / Jason – RB1 / Mike – RB1

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The consensus RB1, when McCaffrey plays, he is elite. Over the last four years, in games with over 40% of snaps, he averaged over 22 fantasy points per game. Remember, he moved to San Francisco midway through the season last year, so in 2023, he had the entire offseason with the team to polish anything that needed polishing. Expect a massive year.


Pat Gatewood says:

You talked, somewhat briefly, about Brian Robinson. I’m a league where you keep rookies forever in the round in which you draft them, would you keep Robinson, or Isaiah Pacheco if they’re within a (late) round of each other?

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