NFL Week 14 Weather Conditions (Fantasy Football)

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Last weekend was some fun huh? We had numerous games impacted with rain, some wind, and even thunderstorms delaying a game. The good news is that while we still have some weather impacts this week, it’s already shaping up to be a better weekend with fewer games having to deal with Mother Nature’s wrath. Let’s see what this weekend has in store for us and remember to read Matt DiSorbo’s Whether Weather Really Matters article along with this article to give you all the advantages you need this time of year!

Remember – games in domes are NOT listed!

Early Afternoon Games

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears

MEDIUM impact. It’s going to be a cold day in Chicago with a high temperature during game time in the mid-30s. There will also be some stronger winds to deal with. Sustained winds will be in the low-teens, with gusts up to the high-teens/low-20s. The good news is that those winds will be slowly tapering off throughout the game, however, it will still cause some impacts to WRs/QBs and kickers with a more likely reliance on the RBs.

Indianapolis Colts @ Cincinnati Bengals

LOW impact. It’ll be a good day for football in Cincinnati with high temps in the low-40s, winds in the high single digits, and no chance of rain. Start all players with confidence.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Cleveland Browns

MEDIUM impact. A cold and wet day awaits us in Cleveland on Sunday afternoon. There is a 30% chance of rain and a rain/snow mix during the game, which combined with a high temp of 39° F will make conditions miserable. The good news is that the rain (or snow) will be fairly light and won’t result in any accumulation on the field. Winds will be pretty cooperative, staying in the low-teens. There will likely be more of a reliance on the ground game and short passes throughout most of the game. 

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Houston Texans @ New York Jets

HIGH impact. One of the worst weather games of the week right here. There is a 100% chance of rain during the game with it being heavy at times. In addition, winds will be starting in the low-teens and gradually increasing throughout the game to the high-teens/low-teens. I guess the good news is that it’ll be kind of warm with a high temp in the mid-50s. I’d lean away from most all offensive players in this game for a more favorable game.

Los Angeles Rams @ Baltimore Ravens

HIGH impact. Another fun game ruined by the weather. There will be a lot of rain, heavy at times, along with some potential thunderstorms. Winds will be in the high single digits, gusting up to the mid-teens throughout much of the game. Just like the rest of the weather-impacted games. this tends to favor the ground game and hurt the passing attack so if you have someone you can flex to that’s not in this game it may be worth it.

Afternoon Games

Seattle Seahawks  @ San Francisco 49ers

LOW impact. A beautiful day for football in San Francisco. High temperatures will be in the upper-50s with winds in the single digits and no rain. Why can’t all games be like this?

Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs

LOW impact. No rain, high temps in the mid-40s should make for quite a nice game. The wind speeds are the only thing to take note of, sustained winds will be in the high single digits and there will be some gusts up to the high-teens. Nothing to bench any of your studs over.

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Monday Night Games

Tennessee Titans @ Miami Dolphins

MEDIUM impact. Winds are going to be the biggest issue during the game. Sustained speeds will be in the high-teens gusting to the low-20s. No rain and the temperature during game time will be in the low-70s. Winds of this speed usually impact WRs, but is this enough to bench Tyreek? Personally, I don’t think so but just know that the winds will be around and check before kickoff.

Green Bay Packers @ New York Giants

MEDIUM impact. All of the rain will have moved out of the area by the time the game starts, so the only impact will be wind speeds. Expect those to be in the lower-teens throughout the majority of the game, however, I don’t think it will be enough to significantly impact the passing game.

Phew! Remember that weather, just like football, is a dynamic thing and can change!  Good luck!

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