NFL Week 13 Weather Conditions (Fantasy Football)

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Well, here we go. November came and went without too many games getting impacted by the weather. December isn’t playing by those same rules. This weekend we will have numerous games, primarily along the East and Northeast Coast that are impacted by weather. If you haven’t yet, definitely read Matt DiSorbo’s Whether Weather Really Matters article along with this article to give you all the best information on who will be impacted and how much they will be impacted. Let’s get this party started!

Remember – games in domes are NOT listed!

Early Afternoon Games

Indianapolis Colts @ Tennesse Titans

LOW impact. It will be an overall nice day in Nashville. Winds will be a little higher to start the game with sustained winds in the low teens gusting to the high teens but those speeds will decrease throughout the game. High temperature will be in the upper-50s.

Los Angeles Chargers @ New England Patriots

HIGH impact. This will be a wet game. Expect rain throughout the majority of the game with it being heavy at times, currently looking at a 70% chance of rain during game time. The silver lining is that it won’t be windy with sustained winds in the high single digits. This is going to be a challenging game for both teams, if you have a viable alternative you can start then I’d flex to them. High temp in the low-50s.

Atlanta Falcons @ New York Jets

HIGH impact. Another wet, rainy, miserable game in the Northeast. This game has the highest chance of rain (90%) during game time. Winds will be in the high single digits, so not too much of an impact there. There will be an impact on ball security, I don’t think you bench your studs but if you have a good alternative it would be a good idea to flex. High temp will be in the low-50s. 

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Arizona Cardinals @ Pittsburgh Steelers

HIGH impact. Let’s start off with the good news here, the rain for this game looks like it’ll be lighter than the other morning games! However, the bad news is that this is shaping up to be the windiest of the early games with sustained winds in the mid-teens throughout the game. The combination of rain and winds is going to be hard on QBs, WRs, and kickers. If you have other options in those positions, I’d flex to those (if they are playing in better weather only!). High temperature in the mid-50s.

Miami Dolphins @ Washington Commanders

MEDIUM impact. Most of the rain will have moved out of the area by game time but there still may be a stray shower here or there, especially during the first half. Winds will be fairly light and in the single digits throughout the game. I am concerned about the field conditions at FedEx field because there will be rain beforehand, so keep that in mind for your players. Start your usual players and hope that the field is covered before game time! High temps in the high-50s.

Afternoon Games

Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

LOW impact. There’s a small chance of rain during the game (around 20%) but it’s nothing to worry about. Largely light winds in the single digits and temperatures in the lower-80s throughout the game. Why can’t all games be like this? Start your players as usual in this one.

San Francisco 49ers @ Philadelphia Eagles

MEDIUM impact. The Northeast rain woes will continue into this game, unfortunately. The good news is that the rain, while around, will be slowly dissipating throughout the game. So while it may be wet, it’ll slowly be getting better. Winds will be in the single digits throughout game time with a high temp in the mid-50s. Start your studs.

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Sunday Night Game

Kansas City Chiefs @ Green Bay Packers

LOW impact. There will be some snow on Sunday before the game, however, most of that will stop prior to kickoff. No impact from winds with speeds in the high single digits. It is going to be a cold night in Lambeau with a minimum temp during game time right above freezing. Welcome to winter in Wisconsin.

Monday Night Game

Cincinnati Bengals @ Jacksonville Jaguars

LOW impact. It’s looking like a downright nice evening in Jacksonville for Monday night. Temperatures will be in the low-60s, no significant chances of rain, and winds in the single digits. Start your players as normal!

Remember that weather, just like football, is a dynamic thing and can change!  Good luck!

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