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This segment is from the 10/29/15 episode, watch the full episodes here –

What do you do if you smell collusion in your league? When is it ok to veto a trade and what should you look for? The Fantasy Footballers talk about unfair trades and what to do if you think someone is up to no good!

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Benjamin Caggiano "Cagg" (soft G's) says:

My trade is being vetoed, not b/c of collusion, but b/c the team that executed the trade with me is 1-6 and has been largely inactive all season. I sent him Jameis Winston and Evan Engram for Travis Kelce and the league is up in arms about it. (I am in first place at 6-1 and leading in scoring). The argument of those vetoing the trade is that a guy can’t just neglect his team for 7 weeks and then all of a sudden show up and make a bad league-altering trade. They also don’t like his drop decisions to cut Chris Thompson as result of the trade. He also dropped LeVeon Bell on the same day he accepted the trade which also just added to their argument that he clearly has no clue what he is doing so we can’t allow this. I have pleaded with them but they won’t listen. My final plea is that next year don’t suffer negligent teams and then you won’t need a veto policy. So frustrating! Luckily I have Ebron and I get to keep Engram now. Like I told them, the veto won’t save them. I’m coming for them, with or without Kelce.

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