The TRUTH About Fantasy RBs in 2015, Part 1 Ep. #168 – The Fantasy Footballers

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Fantasy Football Podcast for January 19, 2016. The Fantasy Footballers are back yet again discussing fantasy football running backs. We break down the numbers and tell you the TRUTH about fantasy football RB’s in 2015. How’d the big boys perform? Who was a plug and play every week RB option? Who was an up and down hurt your team performer? Who could be trusted? Who will have a horrible fantasy year next season and who is primed for upside on your fantasy football team? Don’t miss a minute of this episode as Andy, Jason, and Mike deliver the GOODS on fantasy RB’s (Part 1)

What can we expect from the rookie RB crop?

Will Adrian Peterson continue to be effective?

What do we expect from the injured RB’s of 2015?

00:20- Intro
01:00- Larry Fitzgerald, Packers at Cardinals
07:00- What did you learn from the Divisional Round, NFL & Fantasy wise?
No lead is totally safe! Seahawks at Panthers
Home-field advantage
11:35- Weekly Rewind
Injury Updates: Greg Olsen, Big Ben, Jared Allen
Who’s the new coach for the Philadelphia Eagles?
Zach Ertz, Travis Kelce
19:00 The TRUTH about fantasy RBs in 2015: Part One
Devonta Freeman
Adrian Peterson
Doug Martin
DeAngelo Williams
Todd Gurley
Lamar Miller
David Johnson
Chris Ivory
Matt Forte
Latavius Murray

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