Mailbag! How can I find a great league to join? – The Fantasy Footballers

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This segment is from the 1/26/16 episode, watch the full episodes here –

Is Dez Bryant still worth a 1st round pick in 2016? What’s Adrian Peterson’s value? How can you find competitive players to connect with? What’s the deal with the Listener League? How did listeners get in last year? The Fantasy Footballers are committed to helping listeners find a great league with competitive players starting with!

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Bradley Charles says:

I love your show! I’m listening to it right now actually! I live in Kentucky and I nolife Fantasy Football! I love Fantasy Football! I also love football and had the opportunity to play Football at an NAIA college! I often speak on the radio about Football and various topics! I love Fantasy Football and will FOR SURE BE ACTIVE but not nagging… Love you guys long time hope you accept me!

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