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Fantasy Football Podcast for September 2, 2015. The Fantasy Footballers have all the answers on today’s show, as the guys spend time answering listener questions including questions for Week 1 of the 2015 NFL and fantasy football season. The guys also sit down with Christopher Harris from and talk murky situaitons at the QB and RB positions on a number of teams, as well as the depth-chart assassin Fred Jackson and his potential new home. The number one fantasy football podcast on iTunes, get all the latest news and information, and join the conversation at

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Craig Coffman says:

Howdy! Your podcast has quickly moved to the top of my listening list. I have two questions. The first is quick preference, and the other is just a larger sense.

Q1 – Last round flyer: Steve Johnson or Brian Quick?

Q2 – Preseason, it is sort of junk for figuring out ADP, right? I mean, Team X WR1 goes out for 12 plays, goes 1 of 3 for 12 yards, and it gone after the second drive. WR Who-Knows-What comes in and goes 3 of 5 for 80 yards and a TD. NEWS: WR1 not showing well while WR WKW was the highlight best offensive player of the universe!!!! This omits that is was versus DST3, 4, 5, X. People then value WR WKW super high. Being new to FF (only 2nd year), this signal to noise is junk. Are most of us better off ignoring the Preseason? I mean, in most situations WR WKW will NOT overtake WR1 based on pre-season, correct?

Thank you in advance, and I hope this helps simplify future pre-draft anxieties :)

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