Week 8 Matchups, The Daily Dose, & TNF Review

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Fantasy Football Podcast for October 30, 2015. Week 8 preview part two! The Fantasy Footballers deliver your daily dose of fantasy football knowledge, including special DFS insight from FNTSY Sports Network’s Chris Meaney and we are breaking down the week 8 fantasy football match-ups. Get everything you need to know to make smart lineup decisions, start/sits, trade questions, waiver decisions and more. The #1 podcast for a reason, tune in to the Fantasy Footballers to get exactly what you need to dominate your fantasy league.

Can the New England Patriots be stopped?

Would you start Darren McFadden in Week 8?


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Intro- 0:20
Juanbelievable Stat of The Week?- 4:25
News & Notes From Around The League- 7:05
Fantasy Forecast- 18:50
Giants – Saints- 14:40
49ers – Rams- 19:30
Buccaneers – Falcons- 22:36
Jets – Raiders- 25:25
Seahawks – Cowboys- 29:20
Packers – Broncos- 32:05
Colts – Panthers- 36:15
Interview with Chris Meaney- 41:15
Mailbag- 50:50

We do the work. You dominate your draft.

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