Top 20 Tight Ends, Preseason Review, & Mailbag

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Fantasy Football Podcast for August 21, 2015. The Fantasy Footballers bring you the latest Fantasy Football updates, news, information, and talk about preseason week 2. The guys also go through thier pre-season rankings for Tight Ends, talking 1-20 and general draft philosophy on tight ends. Get ready for your 2015 draft in style with the #1 Fantasy Football show on iTunes, subscribe and win your league now!

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MIke says:

Hi –

So i am 13 minutes in and I left a comment – and it cuts me off. Ideally you could submit a comment and the video keeps playing.


Andy Holloway says:

Good point, will look into ajax commenting.

MIke says:

Hi – I would take advantage of little bookmarks that tell you where the guys start talking about a specific topics. This topic is about top tightends – but I am 13 minutes in and they just started talking TEs.


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