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Fantasy Football Podcast for August 19, 2015. The Fantasy Footballers are back again and talking top 20 quarterbacks and quarterback philosophy with Numberfire’s JJ Zachariason. Learn the ins and outs of streaming quarterbacks in fantasy football, get the latest rankings to prepare you for the 2015 fantasy draft, and catch up on the latest fantasy football news, notes, and information. The #1 show on iTunes for a reason, let the guys guide you to a 2015 championship!

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Montana says:

The thing about early qbs is that it’s insurance against a bust. Wr and rb has a 50% bust rate. You take a bust and wait on a QB, your done. Taking QB first cuts your overall team upside but guarantees a non bust in rnd 1.

Justin says:

I completely agree. Although most experts would disagree, I love taking the early-middle round QBs. This year that would be Peyton or Russell Wilson. I love the consistency and comfort level of trotting those guys out there as opposed to worrying about the bust games that the QBs after them often put up. Last year the two early-middle guys were Stafford and Luck, and although Stafford busted, I nabbed Luck in the 5th round last year and he was a huge part of my fantasy success. I think either Peyton or Wilson, or even both, will do the same this year.

Aj says:

Who cares? Unless your in a 16 team league or 2QB league, that makes no diffrence. “Non-Bust” tell that to the guy who went out and got Peyton early last year, or A-Aron when he went down, or Vick, Brady. I can go on and on even. RB’s all day. There are about 15-20 RBs you might want, there are 30-40 wrs I wouldnt mind having. Just sayin…

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