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Fantasy Football Podcast for July 16, 2015. The Fantasy Footballers have the opportunity to sit down with Pat Mayo from the FNTSY Sports Network, pouring over a number of fantasy football topics across the board, including some head to head rankings debates! The guys also take some time to chat news and notes from around the fantasy football world, answer fantasy football questions from the #FootClan and bring you everything you need to know this offseason. Don’t miss Andy, Jason, and Mike on another episode of the Fantasy Footballers Podcast.


Travis McCollom says:

Hey guys, foot clan member Travis here reporting for duty, sirs. splinter and the turtles are hot on my trail so I don’t have much time but thanks so much for the insightful fantasy information and advice without constantly arguing and yelling over one another like other uncivilized podcasts. On to my question….

I have the 5th pick in a serpentine style draft that is half point PPR. I will keep Jeremy Hill in the 9th round and Alshon Jeffery in the 8th round.

In regards to draft strategy what would you recommend I do?

I am considering Gronk @ 5 then Rodgers or Luck in the second. I think I can stock up on WR and RB later on, since I’m pretty sold on Alshon and Hill doing well enough. Should I take Foster or Lynch or another RB instead at 5? Or possibly a WR?

I think if I cOuld lock up the guaranteed best TE and QB id give myself an advantage. considering the volatility of RBs year in and year out that are taken early, I think I’d rather take what seems to be a guarantee in Gronk.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much, I can’t get enough of the fantasy footballers!

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