Week 9 Studs, Duds, and Supervillains!

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Week 9 recap on today’s fantasy football podcast! Reactions to a monster week from C.J. Stroud, Travis Kelce’s dud, and Gabe Davis’ goose! Plus, can Bijan Robinson overcome the NFL’s greatest supervillain? All this and the Week 9 edition of Monday Punday! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for November 6th, 2023.

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Appreciation for Joshua Dobbs 02:07

  • The hosts praise Josh Dobbs for stepping in as a backup quarterback and defeating Arthur Smith’s team without much practice time.
  • They express gratitude towards Josh Dobbs for his performance and the service he provided to fantasy football managers.

“Destroying the supervillain. Yes. That is snidely whiplash freaking Arthur Smith. No practice. It took, it took Josh Dobbs. Literally nothing.” “Oh. Thank you. Josh Dobbs. Oh, you’re giving him the dub? Yeah. I mean, he got the dub. Yes. We are all forever indebted to Joshua Dobbs for the service that he provided.”

Cardinals vs. Falcons 02:58

“Oh man, who am I going to root for this week against the Atlanta Falcons? Who am I going to root for? It’s our Cardinals.” “Yes. And Kyler. Let’s go. Now are you. Are you conflicted? No, I’m not conflicted at all. I want a pure and utter beatdown of.”

Social Media 03:31

  • The hosts encourage listeners to follow them on social media platforms and promote their Instagram and Twitter accounts.
  • They provide the handles for the hosts’ individual accounts as well.

“But anyways, follow us on the social media as instagram.com/fantasyfootballers.” “You can follow Jason at Jason FFL. I am at FF Hitman and Andy is at Andy Hall away.”

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Daniel Jones Injury and Backup Situation 05:50

“The quarterback Daniel Jones likely out for the year with a torn torn ACL.” “Well, I mean, he’s a in his defense. He has a third stringer who is not ready yet to start.”

Dallas Goedert‘s Injury and Impact 07:40

  • The hosts mention Dallas Goddard’s forearm fracture and predict that he will likely go on injured reserve for about four weeks.
  • They note that when Goddard missed games last year, it resulted in an increased role for Davante Smith.

“Eagles, Tyda and Dallas Goddard who fractured his forearm against the Cowboys.” “However, we did see when Dallas Goddard missed games last year. Yeah, that is where Davante Smith. Yes, caught fire. Huge bump.”

Injury to Cam Akers and Arthur Smith’s Reputation 08:57

  • The hosts discuss the unfortunate injury to running back Akers, who tore both Achilles tendons.
  • They mention the growing frustration towards Arthur Smith, referring to him as a supervillain and the self-fulfilling prophecy of people hating him.

“Vikings running back K makers tore his Achilles on Sunday. No, this is not deja vu. This is not a repeat. This is a new injury to his other leg.” “He is he is the supervillain. It’s been a like a one of the self-fulfilling self-fulfilling prophecy of him getting himself into this situation where people on the outside are getting frustrated with him.”

Double down on the back and forth 10:30

  • The conversation escalates with each party doubling down on their stance.
  • The situation is entering a phase where it is expected to worsen.

“And then he just doubles down and then we double down and we’re in the quadruple down portion of the back and forth where it’s only going to get worse.”

Press conference talk 10:38

  • The host and guest discuss watching a press conference after a loss.
  • They express interest in watching the press conference but mention that they haven’t done so yet.

“So I didn’t watch any of his press conference yet from the loss. But I haven’t either. I really want to do that.”

Gems from the press conference 10:48

  • The guest mentions expecting some interesting moments from the press conference.
  • They mention the possibility of the coach acting like a know-it-all and showing off to the audience.

“There’s got to be some gems of him being an only old know-it-all man.”

Injury updates 10:55

  • The location is the Fantasy Footballers headquarters where a group viewing is happening.
  • They talk about the reason for Josh Dobbs playing due to injuries to Jaren Hall and KJ Osborne.
  • KJ Osborne suffered a brutal hit but seemed to be okay.
  • Jay was watching the game along with his group and they had popcorn.

“Jay, we’re having a whole group viewing at the popcorn inside of the Fantasy Footballers headquarters. The reason why Josh Dobbs is playing is because Jaren Hall left with a concussion as did KJ Osborne. Both were mean were brutal hits. KJ Osborne was out cold for a bit but seemed to be OK ish. I mean for him. He has a head injury but like was you know kind of smile and wave and as he was getting carted off.”

Injury updates continued 11:22

  • Other injury updates include Josh Downs aggravating his knee injury and Christian Watson being evaluated for chest, back, and concussion injuries.
  • They discuss Watson’s consistent struggle with staying healthy.
  • They also mention the inconsistency of Jordan Love as a quarterback.

Josh Downs of the Colts aggravated his knee injury. He had to exit early so he will be questionable going into next week. Packers wide receiver Christian Watson was evaluated for chest and back injuries on Sunday against the Rams. He was also evaluated for a concussion towards the end of the game. This guy. I mean he cannot stay healthy. No, that’s been his biggest issue is staying healthy although I don’t know at this point if that’s the biggest issue or if Jordan Love being his quarterback is the biggest issue.”

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Inconsistency of Jordan Love 11:52

  • They mention Jordan Love‘s performance being inconsistent during the game.
  • Love performed poorly in the first half but improved significantly in the second half.
  • They touch on the overall season showing Love’s inconsistency.

“It was weird. I mean it was full Jekyll Hyde because Jordan Love was atrocious in the first half and then was very good in the second half. He was definitely much better but over the course of the season, I feel like the sample is large enough now to like he’s had a couple of amazing plays on the this season. Jordan Love has done some really good stuff but he is so incredibly inconsistent with that. That like there’s just too much you know when 75% of what you’re doing is bad and 25% is great. You can’t be good enough in the 25% to make up for the majority of the time.”

Impressive stats despite poor performance 12:34

  • Despite Jordan Love‘s poor performance in the first half, his overall stats were decent.
  • They mention his completion percentage, passing yards, and yards per attempt.
  • The hosts highlight the contradiction between his poor play and solid stats.

“He was so bad in the first half and yet ended 20 of 26. So that’s 77% completion percentage, 228 yards, 8.8 yards per attempt.”

Brett Rypien and the Texans game 12:58

  • The hosts discuss Brett Rippin’s poor performance and label him as one of many quarterbacks this week who were not up to par.
  • The Texans-Buccaneers game is described as an intense back and forth between both teams’ offenses.

“Brett Rippin was one of the handful of guys this week that were so beyond not NFL quarterbacks that it was like that we don’t need to watch this game. You can’t do anything. It was unbelievable. Just a back and forth. Both teams’ offenses were absolutely doing work.”

CJ Stroud‘s impressive performance 13:49

  • CJ Stroud‘s performance is highlighted, breaking a rookie record with his passing yards and touchdowns.
  • The hosts express their admiration and belief in Stroud’s talent.
  • However, they discuss their cooler stance on his fantasy value due to his playing style as a pocket passer.

CJ Stroud: 470 passing yards, that is the rookie record, five touchdowns. He is currently on pace for 4800 yards and 30 passing touchdowns… I’m in love. I mean we said this super early on in the season. We talked about like OK it’s we’re calling it now it’s official he’s really really the real deal he’s good. He’s going to be great… For fantasy purposes, I’m still much cooler on him than a superstar fantasy asset because I think he’s going to be a pocket passer.”

Unimpressed by Jalen Hurts 17:56

  • The hosts express their initial underwhelmed impression of Jalen Hurts and his performance this season.
  • They find it hard to believe that he consistently produces excellent fantasy numbers without seeming to do anything extraordinary.
  • They compare him to quarterbacks like Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes who seemingly have standout plays.

“I’ve been watching this year and been so thoroughly unimpressed like I’m watching him like it just doesn’t seem like he’s doing anything special… He’s just, he’s just like let me toss it up here. He’s just lunchbox and yes… He’s basically a not just a quarterback one but a top-half quarterback one every single week no matter what.”

Dak Prescott‘s impressive consistency 17:17

  • The hosts discuss Dak Prescott‘s performance in recent games, consistently ranking high as a fantasy quarterback.
  • They express confidence that his ranking will stay high after the current week.
  • The upcoming games for Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys are mentioned.

Dak Prescott: 374 passing yards, three passing touchdowns… he is currently the QB2 and I will be so bold to say the farthest he will fall after tonight would be quarterback three… Next week he gets the Giants, the Panthers, the Broncos, Seattle, Philadelphia. That is the stretch run here. Delicious for Dak Prescott.”

Impressed by Jalen Hurts despite initial doubts 18:24

  • Despite their initial skepticism about Jalen Hurts, the hosts express their appreciation for him as both a player and a person.
  • They admit that he consistently performs well in fantasy and has become a centerpiece for their own teams.

“You know, he was my, my guy last year… I’ve been watching this year and been so thoroughly unimpressed like… but every single week here going back from week two on… he’s basically a not just a quarterback one but a top-half quarterback one every single week no matter what.”

Inconsistent performance by Josh Dobbs 19:31

  • The hosts discuss Josh Dobbs’ performance in the game, noting his poor knowledge of plays during the match.
  • They mention his rushing yards and touchdown but also highlight the upcoming game against the Saints, suggesting it won’t go as well for Dobbs.

“He didn’t

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TJ Hockenson‘s performance 00:12

  • TJ Hockenson is expected to be fine.
  • He received regular treatment and Addison will be okay.

“But the good news is I think we saw enough life, like TJ Hockenson is going to be fine. I mean he was still getting the regular TJ Hockenson treatment and I think that Addison will be OK.”

Kirk Cousins and eliminated players 00:12

  • Addison, Puka, and Cooper Cup were eliminated from fantasy football.
  • This was because Brett Rippin Farts couldn’t get them the ball.
  • Cooper Cup was super involved but in a fake way, so it’s sketchy moving forward.

“It’s not the Kirk Cousins Addison you had, but we had the questions of are they is Addison eliminated, like though that was the fear for Puka and Cooper Cup, and last and they were yesterday, they were eliminated. They were gone for fantasy football because Brett Rippin Farts was just not able to get them the ball.”

Justin Jefferson‘s return and Joe Burrow‘s performance 00:12

  • There’s uncertainty about Justin Jefferson‘s return.
  • Josh Allen continues to perform well.
  • Joe Burrow had a great game against Buffalo, following his earlier scare with a hurt finger and calf.

“The point being I think Addison over the course will be OK. We do have the Justin Jefferson variable of is he coming back. I don’t think anyone has real information on that just yet. Josh Allen continues to be a stallion and Joe Burrow 348 and two against Buffalo. It was just a great continuation of Joe Burrow was back. We had a little bit of his own scare in this one. I mean his he had a hurt Fingie which was very bloody and then he had to it was he or I saw they were doing something to the calf the calf that he’d heard at training camp and it was oh no.”

Bengals’ wins and 49ers’ comeback 00:12

“Yeah, no, no, no, no, no, but he was fine. Please don’t revert to early-season injured Joe Burrow because that was not fun. I really enjoy the Bengals being great. This is four wins in a row now and this is two big wins in a row. San Francisco 49ers, the Buffalo Bills. That’s saying OK, you all counted us out. I counted them out and here the window is open. They are back.”

Running back studs 00:13

  • Rashad White performed well against the Houston Texans.
  • He had 20 carries, two rushing touchdowns, and four receptions.
  • He is the running back 15 on the year and will face the Tennessee Titans next.

“Rashad White, keep targeting the Houston Texans with running backs. It worked out 20 for 73. I mean, it’s not very efficient, but 20 carries and two rushing touchdowns and four receptions. He is the runback 15 on the year gets to take on the Tennessee Titans in San Francisco next.”

Trading high on running backs 00:13

  • It’s recommended to trade high on running backs who get a lot of volume.
  • Rashad White is a good asset for fantasy, but it may be possible to get more value for him.
  • It’s suggested to trade up for someone who is better.

“Yeah, 100%. I mean, he’s a good asset for fantasy. It’s just a matter of, are you can you capitalize and get more from him off of a number one overall performance three good weeks in a row people being needy for him? You know, that’s just I personally I would see if I could try to trade up to someone that I think is just better.”

Josh Jacobs looking good 00:14

  • Josh Jacobs had a good performance with 26 carries and two rushing touchdowns.
  • However, he had zero targets, which is not desirable.
  • It’s not a concern that the new quarterback won’t target Josh Jacobs, as he had a lot of targets in a previous game.

Josh Jacobs, he looked pretty good after the house cleaning that the the that ownership went with 26 for 98 to rushing touchdowns but zero targets. We don’t like to see that. Is that he really have no targets. He had no targets. The thing is this is two games with a no connexion and in the previous one he had a ton of targets. So, this doesn’t make me afraid of like oh no the new quarterback is going to not target Josh Jacobs.”

Raiders’ celebration and Ramond Ray Stevenson’s performance 00:14

  • The Raiders’ locker room was celebrating as if they had made it to the playoffs after a victory.
  • Ramond Ray Stevenson has been performing well and is the running back nine over the last month.
  • He had a 64-yard run and six targets.

“That’s why you had 26 carries. He looked good and man, is that Raiders locker room. You talk about the video, the Stoges. Oh my goodness. The Stoges, the Stoges were sparked up. These guys were celebrating like they just made it into the playoffs. Yeah. This was their Super Bowl, like it was, they’re so happy game, game one without the former crew got the victory. Ramond Ray Stevenson the plan continues to work. Yeah. He’s the running back nine over the last month. That’s where you know we said trade for him at that point. And he’s been he’s been pretty good. Obviously, he was Ramond Ray Stevens sucks last week. But he was very, very good this week at a 64-yard run. Fast as I’ve seen him look six targets.”

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Gus Edwards‘ performance and Justice Hill‘s snap count 00:15

  • Gus Edwards had a great performance with five carries and multiple touchdowns.
  • Despite limited playing time, he was the running back six on the week.
  • In contrast, Justice Hill had a high snap count but didn’t perform well for fantasy.

Gus Edwards, oh what? Yeah. What if if you faced Gus Edwards this week. I am so sorry because it was ridiculous. He had five carries. He had no targets. He had five carries. He had five opportunities in this game. He barely played. He barely played in this game. Gus Edwards didn’t hit 20 percent of snaps. He was in a few times touched the ball five times and is the running back six on the week because multiple touchdowns will do that. He also had a 42-yard run. Yep.”

Alexander Mattison‘s performance and return of Aaron Jones 00:16

  • Alexander Madison performed well with two catches for 49 yards and a touchdown.
  • He hasn’t scored a rushing touchdown yet but is expected to get a lot of opportunities.
  • Aaron Jones had a good game with 20 carries, 73 yards, a rushing touchdown, and six targets.
  • It’s believed that they are back to their previous performance levels.

“It’s funny because his teammate Keaton Mitchell, rookie sensation maybe. I don’t know.

Studs and Duds 29:55

Noah Brown and Nico Collins, man.”

  • CJ Stroud had an incredible game with 11 targets and 6 receptions for 114 yards. 30:33

CJ Stroud was just on fire. He was incredible.”

  • CD Lamb had a stunning performance with 16 targets and 11 receptions for 191 yards. 31:15

“Holy crap man 16 targets 11 for 191. We didn’t get a touchdown, unfortunately, but he looks unstoppable right now.”

  • Amari Cooper scored a touchdown in a unique play where the ball ricocheted off a teammate’s helmet. 32:09

“It ricocheted off, flew to the end zone and landed in Amari Cooper‘s hands, and it counts.”

Jahan Dotson‘s Redemption 34:34

  • Johan Dotson had an incredible last three games with 8, 10, and 8 targets. 34:59

“He’s on pace for 1,200 yards and 147 targets. Basically what we hoped for coming into the season.”

Chris Olave‘s Performance 35:46

  • Chris Olavi had a solid game with 6 receptions for 46 yards and a touchdown. 35:58

“But we got the touchdown.”

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Dalton Schultz vs. Jake Ferguson 37:29

“I’d rather have Ferguson.”

Cole Kmet Shines 38:07

  • Cole Kmet had an impressive game with multiple touchdowns, including one where he outmuscled the defender. 38:15

“And I really enjoy his little baseball celebration.”

Gabe Davis‘ performance 38:50

  • Gabe had a solid game with six receptions for 70 yards and two touchdowns.

“Oh JJ Watt used to do it. Maybe that’s what I’m thinking of.”

Michael Gallup‘s performance 39:01

  • Michael Gallup had an impressive game with seven receptions for 91 yards and a touchdown.
  • The connection between Gallup and Dak Prescott is starting to become evident, making Gallup the number two weapon in the Cowboys’ offense.

“Yeah, I mean, he’s the number two weapon in this offense. That’s clear now, right?” “You know, it’s not Gallup. It’s not Brandon Cooks. It’s Jake Ferguson.”

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Jake Ferguson‘s potential 39:15

  • Jake Ferguson‘s performance is of what we saw from Dalton Schultz last year, adding to his fantasy value.
  • If the continue to rely on their passing game, Ferguson should have a good game.

“So if they’re going to have to pass then I think Jake Ferguson should have a good game.” “It’s just like what we saw from Dalton Schultz last year.”

Missed opportunities for the Cowboys 39:27

  • The Cowboys were inches away from scoring more points.

“I mean they were inches away from lots more points for the Cowboys.”

Alfred Morris‘ impact 39:34

  • Alfred Morris, formerly a running back for the Manders, was a crucial player and a waiver wire superstar.

“It was Alfred Morris running back for the Manders. That was his go-to, you know freaking waiver wire superstar.”

Jonnu Smith‘s versatile performance 39:46

  • Jonnu Smith had a great game with five receptions for 400 yards and a touchdown.
  • He even had a carry, showcasing his versatility.

“He also had a carry because Arthur Smith got to the goal line says, you know what I need to do a jet sweep.” “It’s the perfect play design to sit down in the week while you’re prepping for the week and go how can I anger these fantasy football managers? I got it.” “There is rushing touchdown, so you can’t get points for Taylor Heineke a rushing touchdown to John who Smith the player who angers people the most.”

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Lamar Jackson‘s rushing dominance 43:11

  • Lamar Jackson had a great game, dominating the Seahawks with his rushing abilities.
  • Although his rushing performance was impressive, the lack of passing touchdowns in recent weeks is frustrating for fantasy managers.

“Dominated the Seahawks, ran like a gazelle had some great rushing attempts.” “Two really bad weeks in a row from Lamar.”

Tua Tagovailoa‘s struggles against strong teams 45:17

  • Tua Tagovailoa had a rough game against the Kansas City Chiefs, a team known for their strong defense.
  • When facing good teams, the Dolphins’ passing attack tends to struggle.

“Good teams are figuring out how to shut down the passing attack.” “I’m definitely leaving in the must-start category.”

Geno Smith‘s struggles 46:36

  • Geno Smith‘s performance as the Seahawks’ quarterback has been frustrating for fantasy football.
  • He has not scored more than 15 fantasy points since week three.

“The Seahawks were dominated. That’s right, very successful against me.” “It has been very frustrating for all Seahawks for fantasy football.”

Alvin Kamara‘s Usage 47:25

  • Alvin Kamara‘s usage against Washington is questioned.
  • It is unclear how he ended up in the list of “duds” for the week.

“The way that he’s being utilized. How does he possibly end up in this list?”

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Usage of Other Running Backs 47:41

  • Taysom Hill is not officially a running back but he was involved in the game.
  • An injury to Kendrick Miller is mentioned, but details are not provided.

“The other running backs and I mean and taste them Hill is not officially running back, but they got worked in.”

Kenneth Walker and Zach Charbonnet 47:55

“Yes, some of the worries about what Kenneth Walker could lose with Sharpnado in the beginning of the season appear to be happening now.”

Tony Pollard‘s Disappointing Performance 49:26

  • Tony Pollard‘s recent performance has been subpar.
  • Despite playing a significant percentage of snaps, his fantasy output has been consistently low.
  • The upcoming matchups against the Giants, Panthers, and Washington appear more favorable for running backs.

“I don’t think it’s getting any worse, and the Giants and Carolina and Washington, the next three matchups coming up are all teams you should be able to run on.”

Evaluating Bijan Robinson‘s Performance 51:30

  • Bijan Robinson has been inconsistent in terms of fantasy production.
  • His disappointing games still offer decent fantasy points, but fall short of the desired output.
  • His worst game was likely influenced by a fumble.

“His disappointing games recently, 10.8, 10.5, 12.2. That’s still fine. It’s not what you hoped when you were drafting him in the first round.”

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Zack Moss as an Insurance Back 53:52

  • Zach Moss’s playing time has significantly decreased, making him an insurance running back.
  • If something were to happen to Jonathan Taylor, Zach Moss is expected to perform well.

“I think you’ve got to view as an insurance back at this point.”

“I am benching [Darrell Henderson] until Matthew Stafford is back.”

“The running back totals for the Buffalo Bills has stayed the same this year as it has been during the Josh Allen tenure, which is not very valuable.”

Cooper Kupp and Brett Rypien 56:01

  • The hosts discuss benching Cooper Cup if Brett Rippin, who they consider a bad quarterback, were to play for the Rams.
  • They make a humorous remark about both of them “ripping farts.”

“Unbelievably bad yours just nothing you couldn’t it would be like if I played quarterback”

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Devin Singletary 56:16

  • The hosts express frustration with Devin Singletary‘s performance, as he did not produce much despite being on the field for 75% of the snaps and receiving a significant number of rushing attempts and targets.

“How do the Texans put up that performance and Devin Singletary is on the field for 75% of the snaps and the guy does absolutely nothing.”

Ja’Marr Chase 56:42

  • Jamar Chase had a disappointing game, only catching four passes for 41 yards. However, he had eight targets and dropped a touchdown pass.
  • Despite this one bad week, the hosts continue to have faith in him and note that he has a favorable matchup against Chicago in the upcoming week.

“He just wasn’t very good Jamar Chase four for 41. He still had eight targets and a dropped egregiously dropped touchdown.”

Adam Thielen 57:27

  • The hosts discuss Adam Thielen‘s recent decline in production, referring to two consecutive “downish” games.
  • They mention that although he had a good number of receptions and yards in the previous week, they don’t view it as an off week.
  • They express their continued confidence in Thielen and expect a bounce back against Chicago in the next game.

“That’s two downish games for Adam Thielen […] I don’t view the previous week as an off week […] I’m fully continuing to be in on Adam Thielen.”

C.J. Stroud 58:22

  • The hosts criticize the Panthers’ decision to trade up and pass on selecting C.J. Stroud.
  • They acknowledge that Stroud may still become a good quarterback but highlight his poor performance so far, including bad reads and inaccurate throws.

“You traded up and you had the chance to take C.J. Stroud […] he has been so bad. It’s blown my mind because I feel like he wasn’t a horrible college.”

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Travis Kelce‘s Unusually Poor Performance 01:04:42

  • Travis Kelce had a disappointing game, going three for 14.
  • This was unexpected because Kelce is known for his consistent performance.

“It’s weird. How does this happen?”

Travis Kelce‘s Historical Performance Compared to Mark Andrews 01:05:28

  • Kelce currently has 111 fantasy points on the season, while Mark Andrews has 104.
  • This puts them right next to each other in terms of performance.
  • To find a target share as poor as Kelce’s this week, you have to go back to 2021 week 18.

“That’s how far back you have to go. How many games crazy?”

Hopeful Win without Travis Kelce 01:06:02

  • Despite Kelce’s poor performance, hopefully, fantasy managers were still able to secure a victory.

“Hopefully you were able to pull out a win without Travis Kelce doing normal stuff.”

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