Week 8 Waivers & Streamers + Lineup Locks

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Waiver wire pickups for Week 8! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason discuss and debate top player pickups at each position! Plus, QB streamer options, 49ers vs Vikings recap, and more! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for October 24th, 2023.

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Monday Night Football recap 02:36

  • Vikings won against the 49ers with a score of 22-17
  • 49ers on a losing streak, lost to a backup quarterback
  • Surprising defensive struggles by top defenses
  • Kirk Cousins performed exceptionally well

“Monday Night Football. Everybody saw this coming. Vikings 22. San Francisco 17. We have a losing streak for the 49ers. Not a good one. They lost to a backup quarterback and to the Browns.”

Christian McCaffrey‘s performance 04:10

  • McCaffrey was mostly held in check by the defense
  • Limited rushing yards, but scored two touchdowns and made receptions
  • Offensive line struggles for the Panthers
  • Longest touchdown reception of McCaffrey’s career

Christian McCaffrey gains 45 rush yards on 15 attempts and three a carry and doesn’t really have any impact in the first half of a game other than a goal line carry, which anybody could have done. He held him in check completely. Yeah, fantasy football he delivered because he had two touchdowns, had some receptions as well.”

49ers’ struggles and Brock Purdy 06:26

  • 49ers lost two consecutive games
  • Quarterback Brock Purdy had two interceptions and played poorly
  • Questions arise about the future of the 49ers and their quarterback situation

“I mean, they better write the ship because if Brock Perti has a third bad game, people are going to start getting loud. Did you rather have Brock Perti running this offense or Dak Prescott? Oh, that’s interesting.”

Cam Acres and Alexander Mattison 08:33

  • Cam Acres received more touches compared to Alexander Madison
  • Uncertainty regarding the division of snaps between the two running backs

“The Acres outtouched Alexander Madison. So it’s something to keep our eye on.”

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Alexander Mattison‘s Hard Hits 08:38

  • Alexander Madison is known for taking hard hits.
  • Despite his body angles, he frequently gets blown up during games.

“Nobody takes harder hits than Alexander Madison.”

News and Notes with Jason 09:02

  • Jerome Ford has a low grade high ankle sprain and will likely miss several weeks.
  • Pierre Strong is a strong consideration for waivers in the running game.
  • Kevin Stafanski is awaiting Deshaun Watson‘s shoulder MRI.

“Our injury expert of the day, explain to me how Jerome Ford now has a low grade high ankle sprain.”

Deshaun Watson‘s MRI Confusion 09:32

  • Deshaun Watson‘s injury situation is unclear.
  • Although he cleared concussion protocol, he did not play due to a shoulder issue.
  • Deshaun Watson‘s MRI was done as a precaution, even if he wasn’t actually hurt.

“Why is Deshaun Watson not in this game? What is happening? This is how you do it. This is how you cover yourself.”

Dawson Knox‘s Wrist Surgery 10:29

  • Dawson Knox underwent wrist surgery with an unknown timeline for return.

Dawson Knox, wrist surgery, unknown timeline.”

Week 8 Waiver Recommendations 10:37

  • This week has several strong waiver wire pickups across all positions.
  • There are three solid tight end pickups available.
  • Justin Fields is doubtful for Week 8, making him a risky choice.
  • Bilbo is a great streaming option due to the favorable matchup against the Chargers’ weak secondary.

“This is actually a pretty good week for waivers. There’s a handful of almost every position that I think is worthy of picking up the tight ends this week.”

Justin Fields‘ Performance Assessment 11:01

  • Justin Fields‘ performance in the previous game was not impressive for fantasy purposes.
  • Although he had good decision-making and completed 72% of his passes, his yardage and fantasy points were low.

“I mean, he had basically a perfect passer rating, but it was just checking the ball. I mean, this was Chad Pennington stuff.”

Off-field Incidents 12:32

Jordan Addison earlier this off-season, arrested off the field for speeding. We have a second one. Chris Olave, reckless operation of a motor vehicle for speeding 35 miles over the speed limit.”

Miles Sanders‘ Injury and RB Committee 13:11

  • T. Higgins, Tana Hill, and Miles Sanders are dealing with injuries.
  • Frank Wright mentioned that the RB mix for the Philadelphia Eagles could change week to week and be a committee-based approach.
  • Chuba Hubbard has been performing better than Miles Sanders, making him a preferable start in a plus matchup against Houston.

Miles Sanders with the shoulder and then Frank Wright came out. This is a credit to Mike who said it early. He said the RB mix could change week to week and it will be largely by committee.”

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No Bye Weeks in Week 8 14:49

  • There are no bye weeks in Week 8, allowing teams to have full strength lineups.
  • Some fantasy managers hope to face opponents who have players on bye weeks.

“Guess how many bye weeks we have this week, gentlemen? How about zero?”

Top Waiver Wire Targets 16:27

Darrell Henderson is going to grab a lot of headlines this week as he should.”

Darrell Henderson 17:02

  • Henderson is the top priority on the waiver wire. He knows the Rams’ system and has the potential to take over the starting job.
  • Despite a tough matchup against Dallas, he will have at least three more games as the starter.
  • He had a 60% share of the running back attempts and played 57% of the snaps.

“Henderson is the one I want to go after. Dallas is not the best matchup, but then we get green Bay and with Kyren on actual IR now, you have at least three more games of Henderson being the starter.”

Other Top Waiver Wire Targets 16:53

  • Cream Hunt and Pierre Strong are also high on the waiver wire list.
  • The season-long value of Hunt makes him a priority if available.
  • Pierre Strong has an opportunity in a successful running game, but his talent is still uncertain.

“Like those three guys are at the tippy top of my waiver list. So I would put Henderson number one…I would rather have cream hunt.”

Jeff Wilson 20:19

  • Jeff Wilson disappointed fantasy owners who spent fab on him.
  • It’s uncertain if he will improve enough to be a viable option.
  • Stashing him and monitoring his performance for a few weeks could be a wise move.

“This was not what you wanted to see if you spent fab on Jeff Wilson. Does it get better? I do believe it will get better, but does it get good enough is the question.”

Pierre Strong and Royce Freeman 18:57

  • Both Peer Strong and Royce Freeman have potential, but Freeman is preferred due to his touchdown and volume potential.
  • Peer Strong’s value is uncertain, and there is no guarantee that Ford will be out.

“I would rather have Royce Freeman as a guy that could come in, get a touchdown, get enough volume over Peer Strong.”

Devin Singletary 21:14

  • Singletary is an interesting option coming off the bye week.
  • He can likely be picked up for little-to-no fab.
  • Facing Carolina, he has the potential to produce in Week 8.

“Don’t forget about him. They take on Carolina. He’s very interesting. Probably can be picked up for very little fab, if anything.”

Emari Demercado 21:46

  • D. Mark Cotto was expected to have a significant role, but he was outperformed by Keontae Ingram.
  • Keontae Ingram played 80% of the snaps and had 18 opportunities, including five targets.
  • D. Mark Cotto may not be the best option due to upcoming tough matchups against Arizona and Baltimore.

“D. Mark Cotto, like everyone picks him up the week prior because it looks like he’s the most talented running back in the room because he was and they expect him to get the work. And then he doesn’t get the work and you had Keontae Ingram as the dude, Keontae Ingram this last week.”

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“He played 80% of the snaps, 18 opportunities, including five targets. I mean, the upcoming schedule for Arizona, Baltimore, Cleveland, not, not my favorite. Definitely not.”

Players to Pick Up 23:32

  • The Baltimore Ravens defense is a good team to avoid in Week 8.
  • Foreman is a viable option if Foreman gets dropped due to Rachon news.
  • Tajé Spears is a must-pick in half of your leagues, as he is available in half them.
  • Derek Henry may be traded soon and Spears could step into a flex start role.

“They call that a Watsoning… Other names too, like the fatigue on Rochon Johnson right now.”

Zeke and Rhamondre Stevenson‘s Performance 25:11

  • Both Ezekiel Elliott and Ramonri Stevenson were top 24 running backs in Week 8.
  • Zeke seems to be getting a decent share of the goal-line work.
  • Ramonri is still seeing a lot of targets in the passing game, saving his fantasy value.

“Zeke got back into the end zone… where the passing game is still going to Ramonri.”

Promising Rookie Wide Receivers 28:01

  • Rookie wide receivers tend to have a larger impact in the second half of the season.
  • Joshua Palmer is a top pick up option at wide receiver.
  • Rashi Rice should also be picked up, but playing him depends on the matchups.
  • Other rookie wide receivers showing promise include Joshua Downs, Jackson Smith, the Jigba, Tank Dell, Michael Wilson, and DeMario Douglas.

“I, I think this is the time… we’ve talked about this in the draft season where, you know, rookie wide receivers are making a huge impact more and more as the years get more advanced in the NFL…”

Relevant Wide Receivers – DeMario Douglas and Kendrick Bourne 29:28

  • DeMario Douglas, despite being injured, has been gaining more playing time and making important plays.
  • Douglas should be picked up in dynasty leagues.
  • Jack Bourne has been performing well for the New England Patriots and can be considered if Juju Smith-Schuster is out.

“For redraft, I would agree… That’s where the rookie can just maybe win the job.”

Key waiver wire pickups 30:37

  • Kendrick Bourne has seen increased playing time and targets in the last couple of weeks.

“If I know that he’s going to be on the field because it’s 93% of snaps, both of the last two weeks.”

  • Bourne has been a spot start but has the potential to be a full-time player.
  • Consider picking up Bourne over Douglas in a redraft league.

Productivity when snaps are up 31:13

  • Bourne has been productive for fantasy when his snaps are high.

“Whenever his snaps are up, he produces for fantasy.”

Jason’s thoughts on Jaxon Smith-Njigba 31:20

  • Jason wonders if it is the right time to trade high on JSN given Metcalf’s absence and Lockett’s underwhelming performance.

“With the fact that Metcalf was missing, you had a really underwhelming game from Lockett.”

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Consider holding on to JSN 31:31

  • Despite recent concerns, Jason advises holding on to JSN due to potential second-half improvement.

“Just because of what Jason was talking about over the second half.”

Improvements in JSN’s game 31:45

  • JSN has shown improvement in his performance, proving himself as a stud wide receiver.

“Oh, look, he’s the stud wide receiver you drafted in the first round, the first wide receiver taken this year.”

Challenges faced by JSN 31:58

  • JSN faced challenges such as a cast on his hand and blocking issues, causing some setbacks.

“He was dealing with challenges blocking and I loved the comments from his head coach, which is what led me to put him in my DFS lineup and be more excited about him was the fact that, Hey, maybe he’s just wasn’t that healthy.”

Not dropping Gabe Davis, Calvin Ridley, or Tyler Lockett 32:20

“No, but Gabe, Gabe Davis last two weeks feels bad.”

Holding Gabe Davis on the bench 32:37

  • Gabe Davis has earned a spot on the bench due to his recent underperformance.

“That Gabe Davis has certainly earned his way to being on the bench.”

Tyler Lockett‘s struggles 33:18

  • Tyler Lockett‘s performance and lack of receptions raise concerns.

“You have Tyler Lockett, who’s been in the top 15 at the wide receiver position for five straight years, sitting at wide receiver 46 now, just 27 receptions total on the season.”

Expecting Tyler Lockett to improve 33:22

  • Despite his struggles, there is hope that Tyler Lockett will bounce back, especially against Arizona.

“I do, but I understand the concern for Tyler Lockett.”

No lineup locks among struggling players 33:55

“No, I don’t think they have to be lineup locks, especially the next two weeks.”

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Potential trades or acquisitions with future matchups in mind 34:28

  • Consider trading high or making acquisitions based on upcoming matchups, such as holding onto Lockett for brighter days ahead.

“That’s where you could either trade people high now, you know, try to get something for a lock at the name value, the name recognition, expecting that you’re not really wanting to play them the next two weeks or and or trade for those players in a couple of weeks because I do think brighter days are ahead for Lockett.”

Top three tight end pickups 35:00

“My top option is Taysum Hill, but I think that the top options are Taysum Hill, Dalton Schultz, and Dalton Keene.”

Considerations for Dalton Schultz and Dalton Kincaid 36:12

“So did Dalton Schultz get a kind of an artificial bump that will go away once take down?”

Watching Your Players 37:45

  • It is important to watch your own players in fantasy football.
  • Your opponents’ players should not be your primary focus.
  • This is the policy because you want to monitor your own player’s performance.

“You have to watch your player. That is the policy.”

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Utilization of Players 38:03

  • It is important to consider the utilization of players when making decisions.
  • The hosts discuss the matchups and the utilization of different players.

“The utilization has been there.”

Streaming Quarterbacks 38:23

  • The hosts discuss the matchups for different quarterbacks.
  • They mention Taysom Hill, who has a great matchup against the Colts.
  • They also mention K.K., who is playing against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Taysom Hill is a great one against the Colts and K.K. gets the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.”

Tight End Options 38:56

  • The hosts suggest some tight end options for fantasy football.
  • They mention Jill Deverit and Logan Thomas as potential pickups.
  • They discuss the targets and performance of Logan Thomas.

Logan Thomas, you know, we’re back four for 51. The targets were there.”

Defensive Options 39:23

  • The hosts discuss different defensive options for fantasy football.
  • They mention Baltimore as a top choice if it is available.
  • The Chiefs defense is also mentioned as a good option against the Denver Broncos.

“Baltimore, please. If they got, you know, dropped for some reason, they play Arizona.”

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Consider Matchups and Rookie/Backup Quarterbacks 40:25

  • The hosts suggest considering matchups and rookie/backup quarterbacks when choosing defenses.
  • They mention that rookie/backup quarterbacks often have turnovers and are more prone to sacks.
  • They discuss the matchups for the Atlanta Falcons and the Minnesota Vikings.

“Rookie quarterbacks, backup quarterbacks being thrust into action. They almost always will have a couple of turnovers.”

Atlanta Falcons Defense 40:09

  • The hosts suggest considering the Atlanta Falcons defense as a sne option.
  • They mention that the Falcons are a good defense and have a favorable matchup against Tennessee.

“The Atlanta Falcons. They get, no, that ain’t stinky. That’s good process.”

Giants Defense 42:02

  • The hosts discuss the Giants defense and its performance in the past few weeks.
  • They mention that the Giants defense has looked outstanding and suggest considering it against the Jets.

“But how are they not play this week? Sure. I mean, they’re at home against Zach Wilson.”

Thumbs-Up for Dolphins Defense 43:39

  • The hosts mention the potential return of Xavier Howard and Jalen Ramsey the Dolphins defense.
  • They suggest considering the Dolphins defense against Mac Jones and the New England Patriots.

“So I’m just not sure if that’s this week. But if it is this week, you know, Mac Jones and the Patriots haven’t done anything offensively.”

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Emergency Surgery and Game Watching 44:55

  • Missed Friday’s show due to emergency surgery for his dog.
  • Dealing with uncontrollable vomit for his dog.
  • Waited at the ER while watching the game on his phone.
  • Watching Derek Carr and feeling conflicted.

“I missed Friday’s show because I was dealing with an emergency surgery for my dog, but that started Thursday night. I get home from work to uncontrollable vomit for my dog. So I’m watching Derek Carr and I’m like, I don’t know what I feel worse about right now.”

Derek Carr as Stream of the Week 46:18

  • Derek Carr is the stream of the week pick.
  • Indianapolis Colts are a good matchup.
  • Colts have a fast-paced offense.
  • Derek Carr has had high passing attempts in the last two games.
  • Alvin Camara is a good receiving option.

Derek Carr is the stream of the week pick. Indianapolis Colts are a good matchup. Colts have a fast-paced offense. Derek Carr has had high passing attempts in the last two games. Alvin Camara is a good receiving option.”

Kenny Pickett as a Streaming Option 48:49

  • Kenny Pickett is another streaming option.
  • Kenny Pickett had a strong performance.
  • The return of Deontae Johnson is beneficial.
  • Carolina is a favorable matchup for quarterbacks.

Kenny Pickett is another streaming option. Kenny Pickett had a strong performance. The return of Deontae Johnson is beneficial. Carolina is a favorable matchup for quarterbacks.”

Kyler Murray Stash and Ancillary Options 50:01

  • Kyler Murray is worth stashing on your roster.
  • The upcoming schedule is not favorable, but Murray’s talent is undeniable.
  • Ancillary options like Michael Wilson and Trey McBride may need to wait another week.

Kyler Murray is worth stashing on your roster. The upcoming schedule is not favorable, but Murray’s talent is undeniable. Ancillary options like Michael Wilson and Trey McBride may need to wait another week.”

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Minshew’s Fantasy Performance vs. Browns 51:25

  • Minshew faced the Browns last week and let them have a huge fantasy day.
  • He scored four times, with two of the touchdown passes being on broken plays.
  • Minshew had 55 pass attempts in the week before, but only 23 this past week.
  • He also runs a bit, ranking as the number three quarterback.

“I mean, two of those touchdown passes were pretty wild.”

Don’t Overlook Kyler Murray 52:14

  • Don’t be swayed by discussions about the Cardinals potentially moving on from Kyler Murray.
  • In the 10 full games he played last year, Murray was a top 12 quarterback in all but two games.
  • While he didn’t have as many huge spike weeks, Murray consistently performed as a solid and good fantasy quarterback.

“Last year when Kyler Murray was playing…he was very solid and a very good fantasy quarterback.”


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