Week 8 Studs & Duds + Reactions & Breaking News!

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Week 8 reactions and breaking news on today’s fantasy football podcast! Find out which studly performances standout the most and which duds are the spookiest going forward! Plus, injury news, and the Week 8 edition of Monday Punday. Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for October 30th, 2023.

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Reaction to Monday Night Game 02:32

  • The hosts express frustration and anticipation regarding the outcome of the Monday Night Football game.
  • They talk about the performance of specific players in their respective leagues.

“It’s been quite like counting on the Raiders…That voice was just me, white knuckle waiting…Amun Rath…Jared Goff.”

Vikings quarterback situation 08:52

  • The Vikings may consider trading a quarterback before the deadline.
  • It is more likely that they will rely on Nick Mullins until he returns.
  • The Vikings currently have rookie Jared Hall and Sean Manion as their other options.
  • The return of Nick Mullins is expected in week 10.

“This is not just a huge blow for the Vikings fans. This is a huge blow for Jordan Addison managers, a huge blow for Justin Jefferson managers.”

Impact on Vikings players 09:23

  • The quarterback situation is a concern for fantasy managers of Jordan Addison and Justin Jefferson.
  • Uncertainty with the quarterback affects the performance and potential of the wide receivers.
  • The lack of stability at quarterback also affects the decision-making process in dynasty leagues.

“Yeah, you expect it to be much more difficult for the Vikings to have victories, which makes it less likely that Jefferson comes back quickly.”

Impact on T.J. Hockenson 09:59

  • The absence of a reliable quarterback affects the performance of T.J. Hawkinson.
  • With limited options at tight end, Hawkinson may still be started.
  • However, there is uncertainty and concern regarding his production.

“Like Addison will be on my bench even though he’s great. It just stinks.”

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Vikings’ offensive changes 10:12

  • The Vikings’ passing game will likely be affected with the change in quarterback.
  • The high pass rate and total passes per game may decrease in the future.
  • The team may rely more on the run game, utilizing players like Cam Acres and Madison.

“They can’t do that. And Cam Acres, you know, didn’t have a really good game, got into the end zone. Madison was sadison, but both those guys are going to get more run, I think.”

Uncertainty surrounding Matthew Stafford 13:00

  • Matthew Stafford injured his right thumb and may be placed on IR.
  • His will negatively impact the receiving options in the offense.
  • Trusting any receiving options on the will be difficult during Stafford’s absence.

“This is very similar to the Viking situation where in the meantime, while Stafford is away, it is going to be very difficult to trust any receiving options there.”

Possible backup quarterback options 12:03

  • There is a possibility that the Vikings may explore backup quarterback options.
  • Quarterbacks like Heineke and Tannehill, if available, may be considered.
  • The team may look for cost-efficient options to fill the void left by the starting quarterback.

“I would have brought up Heineke’s name, but he had to take over this past weekend. I would have brought up Tannehill’s name, but he’s recovering from injury.”

Concerns about Cooper Kupp and Puka Nacua 13:22

  • Cooper Cup had a couple of bad games in a row.
  • Concerns arise regarding his performance and future outlook.
  • The potential absence of Matthew Stafford further compounds the issue for Puka Nacua and Cooper Cup.

“And it would be devastating to both.”

Updates on other injured players 13:03

  • Kenny Pickett left the game with a rib injury and may be a game-time decision for the next week.
  • Drake London exited with a groin injury.
  • Desmond Ritter suffered a concussion but cleared the protocol.

Kenny Pickett left the game against Jags with a rib injury. He looks like he’ll be a game time decision next week potentially.”

Speculations on Kyler Murray‘s status 14:57

  • Cardinals coach John Gannon stated that Josh Dobbs would start in Week 9.
  • There is uncertainty surrounding Kyla Murray’s status.
  • The possibility of Murray staying on injured reserve is mentioned due to financial implications.

“I think that no, no, no, I think there’s no chance. Tyler just stays on pop. Like this season is now they have the number one pick right now.”

Studs performances this week 24:25

  • Sam Hal had an outstanding game against the Philadelphia Eagles, putting up 397 passing yards and four touchdowns.
  • John Dodson had a great game as well, catching eight passes for 108 yards and a touchdown.
  • Dak Prescott had a fantastic performance, going 25 for 31 with 304 passing yards and four touchdowns.
  • Justin Herbert had a monster game against the Chicago Bears, starting 15 for 15 and making big plays.
  • Tua had a solid game against New England, playing well after being held in check earlier in the season.

“Sam Hal put up 397 yards and four passing touchdowns, one of the best passes I’ve seen in weeks.”

Dak Prescott‘s second-half potential 27:04

  • Dak Prescott‘s schedule looks favorable in the second half of the season, facing teams like Carolina after a tough matchup against the Giants.
  • Despite struggling with their running game, the connection between Dak and CDLAM is on fire.
  • Dak’s second-half potential looks promising.

“The second half for Dak is very good. They’re not running the ball well, but the connection between CDLAM and Dak Prescott is on fire right now.”

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The Gus Bus and the running back performances 28:54

  • Gus Edwards had a standout game with three touchdowns against the Arizona Cardinals.
  • He has been performing consistently, averaging 17 opportunities per game and ranking as the RB6 in the last two weeks.
  • Christian McCaffrey continues to impress, having scored a touchdown in 17 straight games.
  • Alvin Kamara had a monster game.

Gus Edwards got it done with three touchdowns. Christian McCaffrey is unstoppable, and Alvin Kamara was a monster.”

Studs & Duds 30:46

  • Christian McCaffrey is considered the clear number one running back, but the debate is about who is number two.
  • Alvin Kamara is in contention for the number two spot.
  • Kamara has remained in RB1 territory since his return and has been impressive with a high number of targets.
  • While Kamara is not necessarily ranked as number two, he is certainly good enough to be part of the conversation.

Alvin Kamara is at least in the conversation [for the number two running back]. He has not been outside of RB1 territory since he’s been back. He has so many targets and he’s looked really, really good.” 31:01

Alvin Kamara Dynasty Trade 31:24

  • The question arises about trading Alvin Kamara in dynasty leagues.
  • Kamara is not considered a valuable long-term asset like Saquon Barkley.
  • The presenter was offered Kamara and additional assets for Josh Jacobs, a 25-year-old running back.
  • The decision to make the trade depends on belief in Kamara’s performance for the rest of the season and the desire to compete for a championship.

“What do you do in that situation? Because obviously Josh Jacobs is young enough to be a valuable asset in dynasty for a long period of time, whether it’s with this team or another team. Like I don’t think any of us are swapping [Saquon] Barkley for Kamara right now in a dynasty, are we?” 32:22

Uncertain Future for Kamara 33:25

  • Alvin Kamara is currently under contract for a couple more years.
  • The team has the option to cut him after next year, with a manageable dead cap.
  • Beyond next year, the team’s plans for Kamara are uncertain.
  • Kamara’s production has been heavily reliant on receiving targets rather than efficient rushing.

“Right now, Kamara is still under contract for a couple more years. He would be, they can get out, but they can get out next year. I don’t know that they would. I don’t know that they want to, but just saying next year a post, if I’m seeing it right on over the cap, a post-June 1st would turn into just a 1.6 dead cap.” 33:25

CeeDee Lamb‘s Dominant Performance 36:35

  • CD Lamb had an outstanding performance with 12 receptions on 14 targets for 158 yards.
  • He was clearly the best player on the field and could have had even more yards if the game had been more competitive.
  • Lamb accounted for 41% of the team’s targets.

“He was so much better than everybody. He would have been over 200 if this game had any competitive fire over the back half. 41% of teams targets.” 36:40

Rashid Shaheed‘s Performance 39:15

  • Shahid had three targets and played 27% of snaps. 39:29
  • Shahid’s performances rely on long bombs. 39:48
  • Shahid is not playing many snaps. 40:03
  • Shahid is a risky pickup. 40:09

“If you’re picking up Shahid, it’s because of the bombs and the connections.”

AJ Brown‘s Performance 40:21

AJ Brown is a terrifying human being.”

Arizona utilizing their tight end 44:15

  • Arizona has been heavily targeting their tight end in the passing game.
  • This consolidation of targets to the tight end has resulted in record-breaking performances.
  • The tight end broke the record for most receptions in a game by an Arizona Cardinals tight end.
  • This tight end is one of only three in NFL history to record 14 or more targets in a game at age 23 or younger.

“I mean, when you have a team that’s throwing the ball to the tight end as much as Arizona was, which is exactly what we said on Thursday Friday, you’re throwing to, you know, and you consolidate it to one athletic target.”

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Uncertainty around future performances of Taysom Hill 44:57

  • Taysom Hill had a solid performance with two touchdowns, but his route participation decreased with the return of Joanne Johnson.
  • While Hill can still be started due to his rushing touchdown potential, there are concerns about his consistent performances going forward.

“So going forward, he’s always someone you can start because of the rushing touchdown upside that exists. And in a matchup against Chicago, you could see that again, but he is not someone that I am super bullish on repeating performances.”

Surprising performances from various tight ends 47:40

  • Several tight ends had standout performances.
  • David Njoku looked impressive with his athleticism and involvement in the passing game.
  • Fergie had a strong connection with his quarterback and should continue to be involved.
  • Logan Thomas found the end zone, indicating potential for future success.

David Njoku looked real good this week… Fergie got into the end zone… Logan Thomas back into the end zone.”

Disappointing performances from Lamar Jackson and Trevor Lawrence 48:38

  • Lamar Jackson had a disappointing game with only 157 passing yards and one touchdown.
  • Trevor Lawrence has struggled in recent weeks and there are questions about dropping him with the return of Dak Prescott.
  • Although Lawrence has been playing well, the success of the Jacksonville offense is heavily reliant on Travis Etienne.

“Very disappointing performance from a quarterback that you thought was going to be a complete smash… Trevor Lawrence is going on the bye and the question now is, do you drop Trevor Lawrence? Because if Dak is there, you do.”

CJ Stroud‘s Poor Performance 51:14

  • CJ Stroud had a disappointing game, going 16 for 24 with only 140 yards and no touchdowns.

“We had a very good start to the week here on the show, but one of them did not perform CJ Stroud, 16 for 24, 140 and nothing.”

Tony Pollard‘s Decline 51:41

  • Tony Pollard‘s performance has been underwhelming recently, with only 12 carries for 53 yards in this game.
  • Pollard’s longest run was only for 13 yards, compared to his previous weeks where he had longer runs.
  • This trend of explosive plays from Pollard followed by a dip in performance resembles Lamar Miller‘s time in Miami.
  • Despite being in a rushing-focused offense, Pollard has not scored since week one and has been averaging only 3.9 yards per carry.
  • Additionally, Pollard has not been heavily involved in the passing game.

“And I’m not saying Tony Pollard is bad, but I think if I told you eight weeks into the season that you have a running back that has not scored at all since week one is 3.9 on the ground in this, you know, heralded rushing McCarthy offense.”

Concerns about Tony Pollard‘s Ankle Injury 53:14

  • There are concerns about Tony Pollard‘s ankle injury that he suffered last year, which required season-ending surgery.
  • The fact that the Dallas Cowboys used the franchise tag on Pollard and traded away Ezekiel Elliott indicates a level of confidence in his recovery.
  • However, it remains to be seen if the ankle injury is still impacting Pollard’s performance.

“If the, you’ve rewind the clock, Tony Pollard had a devastating season ending ankle injury last year. And that’s why when it was, he got the franchise tag and Z got shipped out. It was, oh, that’s very interesting. That’s a vote of confidence for Tony Pollard being able to come back. But curious if that is still a problem for him.”

Disappointing Performances of Other Running Backs 54:12

  • Kenneth Walker had a dud game, with only eight carries for 66 yards and no touchdowns.
  • Rhamondre Stevenson had a disappointing game, rushing 10 times for 39 yards.
  • Similarly, Zeke’s performance was also subpar, with only seven carries for 36 yards and no targets in the passing game.

“And then Kenneth Walker finally had a dud eight for 66. No touchdown. Sharpen a 59% of snaps. It sucks… Ramon Dre and Zeke Ramondre, 10 for 39 on the ground. Zeke seven for 36 on the ground. Four targets for Ramondre. No targets for Zeke. But the bad. Yep. Disappointing game. Very, very disappointing fantasy. Yes, output, but still, still that 60, 40 split we’ve been seeing.”

Speculation about Packers’ Running Back Situation 55:03

  • There are speculations that the Green Bay Packers are considering bringing in another running back which could impact Aaron Jones‘ role.
  • AJ Dillon had a decent game, but the ground game overall for the Packers has been disappointing.

“I think there’s a report that there, the Green Bay Packers are maybe running back. Oh, really? Yeah. Well, I did watch AJ Dillon.”

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Lackluster Performances from Isaiah Pacheco and Rashi Rice 56:21

  • Isiah Pacheco had a disappointing game, rushing only eight times for 40 yards.
  • Rashee Rice, although not included in the wide receiver duds, dropped a crucial pass that could have resulted in a long touchdown play.

Dameon Pierce‘s Performance 58:42

  • The hosts analyze Damian Pierce’s game.
  • They mention his rushing attempts and lack of involvement in the passing game.
  • They highlight his poor goal line success rate.

“Damian Pierce is not involved in the passing game and he has a 50% time share of a bad offense.” “I don’t know what Pierce’s goal line success rate is this year, but it’s not good.”

Negative Yards on Goal Line Carries 59:05

  • The hosts discuss Damian Pierce’s goal line carries.
  • They mention that he has eight red zone carries, but only one touchdown.
  • They note that he has a total of negative five yards on those carries.

“He’s had one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and he has one touchdown.” “But he’s also has a total of negative five yards on those carries.”

Frustrations with Dameon Pierce‘s Usage 59:51

  • The hosts express frustration with Damian Pierce’s usage.
  • They suggest that there should be a law to give players another opportunity after a called back touchdown.
  • They mention the idea of awarding one point for called back touchdowns.

“There should be a law that they get first dibs at that next play.” “Should start awarding one point for called back touchdowns.”

Chris Olave‘s Performance 01:00:33

  • The hosts discuss Chris Olave‘s performance.
  • They highlight his stats for the season, including a low touchdown count.
  • They praise his skills and note that he ranks seventh in targets among wide receivers.

Chris Olave this season is on pace for a thousand yards, two touchdowns, 90 receptions.” “I think he is a buy. I do too.”

Disappointment with Packers’ Season 01:02:34

  • The hosts discuss the disappointment among Green Bay Packers fans.
  • They mention a four out of ten rating for the season’s outlook.
  • They mention the struggles with the backup quarterback.

“Just not like your fandom for life. I’m talking about right now. Going into next season four.” “The more I watch, the more I’m like, I think we know the answer here.”

Zay Flowers vs. Chris Olave 01:04:25

“I don’t know what Zay Flowers really is, but the truth is right now he’s worse than Olave is on the year.” “Because of the kind of type of player that Zay Flowers is. That’s the way they’re using him.”

Note: Adjusted note to be a complete sentence.

Zay Flowers‘ Performance 01:04:51

  • Zay Flowers has not had any finishes as a Wide Receiver for this year.
  • He has one touchdown in the receiving game this year.

“You have no finishes as a Wide Receiver for one this year for Zay Flowers.”

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Concerns about Zay Flowers‘ Performance 01:05:23

  • Zay Flowers has had a pile of targets but has only gained 19 yards on five catches.
  • The low yardage could be attributed to the screen game strategy, but it is a cause for concern.
  • With eight weeks into the season, it is fair to have concerns about his performance for the rest of the season.

“That’s hard to only gain three yards. That’s called screen game. So I guess I’m getting a little concerned. I think it’s fair to have concerns for the rest of the season.”

Breaking News: Buffalo Bills Signing Leonard Fournette 01:05:35

“The bills are signing… Leonard Fournette, the dump truck coming to Buffalo.”

Reaction to Leonard Fournette‘s Signing 01:06:20

  • There is speculation about whether Leonard Fournette is worth picking up in fantasy football.
  • With Latavius Murray not performing well, the addition of Fournette could be a valuable asset to the Bills.
  • The signing of Fournette may lead to more targets for James Cook.

“I mean, is he worth picking up? Uh, speculative. Yeah, I mean, sure. He could end up- I mean, we’ve been playing Latavius Murray and if they think that he is- Well, we watched Murray get like stuffed up on the goal line three or four times. Yeah. Might have been enough. They’re like, yeah, this old vet isn’t getting it done. Let’s go get Leonard Fournette.”

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