Week 7 Waivers & Streamers + Quge Disappointment!

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Top waiver wire pickups for Week 7! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason sort through a tricky waivers week with lots of injuries and bye weeks! Plus, QB streamer options, Cowboys vs Chargers recap, and more! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for October 17th, 2023.

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Fantasy Football Battle in League of Record 01:00

  • The hosts mention their own experiences in the “League of Record” where they are battling each other.
  • They discuss their current records and the pressure to win in this league.

“Boy, this is going to be a tough one. We have a waiver wire episode today and so much to say. Jason is already in full grimace with a shaking head… We are in the thick of it with you fighting for our lives in our League of Record.”

Fantasy Football Points and Consistency 02:13

  • One of the hosts mentions that they have scored a lot of points in their league but are still at a 2-4 record.
  • They discuss the frustration of consistently scoring high points but losing against certain players.

“There were a lot of people that said amen, brother when you said that you had scored a lot of points in your 2 and 4 because they have been coming in on X… And I’m not spiked like my team has been consistent.”

Unknown San Francisco Running Back Situation 03:33

  • The hosts discuss the uncertainty surrounding the San Francisco running back situation.
  • They mention the injuries to Christian McCaffrey and the potential split between Jordan Mason and Elijah Mitchell.
  • They highlight the lack of inside knowledge even within the locker room.

“I believe it is unknown even within the locker room as of now… But yeah yeah this week we’ll know whether Christian McCaffrey is playing and we’ll know whether it’s Elijah Mitchell or Jordan Mason as the primary man up next.”

Banter about Barbers and Haircuts 06:37

  • The hosts engage in banter about getting haircuts and the consequences of a bad haircut.
  • They jokingly discuss putting gum or motor oil in their hair as a challenge for the barber.

“I have an appointment later today with a barber… Do you pay this person? Yeah, do your job. It’s not charity work… Well, motor oil is better. I would assume because you can like… have you ever had gum stuck in your hair?”

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Monday Night Football Recap 08:08

“It was a bit of a snooze fest… Justin Herbert… had a very plus schedule to start the season… Dak Prescott I thought looked very good… Tony Pollard against the Chargers go 15 for 30 on the ground… and he had a 60 yard run but it was called back.”

Chargers’ Defensive Failure 09:56

  • The defender failed to complete the tackle on Tony Pollard.
  • Pollard got up and ran away from all the defenders, leaving them in disbelief.

“And then Tony Pollard got up having not been tackled and ran away from all the defenders.”

Quentin Johnston‘s Disappointing Performance 10:23

  • Quinton Johnson had zero receptions on two targets, including the final interception.
  • Johnson ran fewer routes than Gerald Everett, despite the team’s desperate need for him.
  • This is a huge disappointment, especially considering Johnson’s first-round draft status.

“Huge disappointment. Quinton Johnson ran fewer routes than Gerald Everett. Like, they need him desperately.”

Concerns about Quentin Johnston in Dynasty 11:37

  • The poor performance of Quinton Johnson raises concerns for those who traded for him in a dynasty league.
  • It is recommended to trade or recoup what you can, especially considering his lack of impact in his first year.

“I mean, I don’t know what if I traded for him in a dynasty, like I’d be worried.”

Other Underperforming Wide Receivers 14:55

  • Other wide receivers like J.Smith-Njigba are also having a poor start to their careers.
  • The concerns about Quinton Johnson were evident during the pre-draft evaluation, and his performance in Huge is reflecting those worries.

“This is like kind of where you’re seeing some of the worries you had on the prospect himself in Huge.”

Injury Updates 15:30

  • Kyron Williams is expected to be out of Week 7 due to an ankle injury.
  • David Montgomery has a rib cartilage issue and will be out for a little bit, including the upcoming bye week.
  • Justin Fields is doubtful for Week 7 and could be out longer due to injuries and the Bears’ draft position.
  • Ryan Tannehill has a high ankle sprain and will miss some time during the bye week.
  • Trevor Lawrence has a knee sprain, but it is not considered significant, and he may play on Thursday night.

“Bad news for the foot clan. Papa Josh has resigned. Jason, you said that Kyron Williams ankle expected to keep him out of Week seven.”

Outlook for Injured Running Backs 16:38

  • Zach Evans is the healthy running back for the Lions and is expected to receive the majority of the workload.
  • Devonta Foreman and Ingram D. Markado will also be in the mix.
  • Ronnie Rivers will be out for five weeks with a PCL strain.

“But you have a real like Devonta Foreman during 10 Evans situation.”

“Bad news for the foot clan. Papa Josh has resigned.”

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Hope for Jameer Gibbs 17:34

  • Jameer Gibbs is trending in the right direction for Week 7, giving fantasy owners hope for his return.

“Yeah, that is absolutely true. And we’ll talk about that Lions backfield in waivers as well.”

Updates on Justin Fields 17:41

  • Justin Fields is doubtful for Week 7 and could be out longer due to injuries and the draft position of the Bears.

Justin Fields doubtful for Week seven could be longer than that.”

Available running backs for waivers 28:36

“Let me let me just make let’s make this clear for people real quick under the the actual available everywhere players are only Zach Evans Jordan Mason and Craig Reynolds put him in order.”

Kareem Hunt‘s potential in fantasy football 29:26

  • Cream Hunt is a season-long player who can provide value in fantasy football.
  • With Nick Chubb injured, Cream Hunt becomes more important in the Browns’ offense.
  • Cream Hunt had a great game in the previous week, ranking as a top 10 running back, with 41% of the rushing attempts and 60% of the targets.

“Yeah those those are all the names the interesting name to me that I think is going to get lost in the slew of injuries is cream hunt.”

Chuba Hubbard as a waiver pickup 30:42

  • Chuba Hubbard is a good waiver pickup, especially considering the uncertain long-term health of Miles Sanders.
  • After the bye week, Chuba Hubbard has a favorable matchup against Houston, making him a viable option.

Chuba Hubbard who’s been very good.”

Other notable running backs 31:36

  • Jeff Wilson is a viable pickup for the San Francisco 49ers, especially given the favorable matchup against the Miami Dolphins.
  • Jalen Warren and Tajie Spears are backup running backs who might gain relevancy due to injuries and increased playing time.

“You know you kind of need to so it’s almost like he’s got a buy week whenever he is active.”

Latavius Murray and Ezekiel Elliott as options 32:12

  • Latavius Murray had a decent performance and saw an increased role in the Baltimore Ravens‘ offense.
  • Ezekiel Elliott had a touchdown called back and is still involved in the Dallas Cowboys‘ offense.
  • Comparing the offenses, the 49ers’ offense has been great, the Bills’ offense is also strong, while the Patriots’ offense has been underwhelming.

“So Murray is somebody you can throw out there in a pinch and the same goes for Zeke.”

Rashee Rice as a wide receiver pickup 35:42

  • Rashi Rice is a wide receiver to target on waivers, as he has potential and has been available in some leagues.

“My number one targets Rashi Rice.”

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“Yes I have. Of course. Yeah. You want to know why Rashi Rice is on waiver. I was shocked that he was. I noticed it completely and I was super mad.”

Top Wide Receiver Waiver Pickups 00:03

  • Rashi Rice, Josh Downs, Wondale Kendrick born Rashid Shahid are top names in the wide receiver position with less than 50% rostered.
  • Rice has shown great speed and performance when given the opportunity.
  • [Quote] “Now when Rashi Rice has been given the ball things happen. He’s also, he’s extremely fast north and south. So they’ve put putting him into a position where he can show that speed off.” 38:09
  • Downs has been a PPR monster regardless of yards per catch.
  • Kendrick and Shahid have been making splash plays.

“So I think that he is the best long term pickup.” 38:20

Other Wide Receiver Options 00:06

  • Wandaille Robinson is a favorite waiver pickup this week, especially in full PPR leagues.
  • Robinson has had consistent receptions in the past three weeks.
  • Paris Campbell had zero routes and Robinson had eight receptions for 62 yards.

“If you’re in a full PPR league, Wandaille probably shouldn’t be on waivers and he is actually widely available.” 39:17

Evaluating Wide Receiver Choices 00:07

  • Downs is preferred over Robinson due to his consistent performance.
  • Robinson’s offense is not reliable and he has had his best game without his starting quarterback.
  • Darius Slayton is also an option with good deep passes from Daniel Jones.

“I would take Downs over Wandaille. I would not.” 39:35

Evaluating Jahan Dotson and Quentin Johnston 00:13

  • John Dotson has been a disappointment in terms of performance and targets.
  • Quinton Johnson is also likely a drop.
  • Both Dotson and Johnson have not shown consistent talent.

“John Dotson has been an unmitigated disaster… Every expectation we have for John Dotson has not been met.” 41:12

Tight End Waiver Pickups 00:15

  • Pat Friarmyth is a top pickup if available in your league.
  • Jake Ferguson, despite a bad performance, doesn’t establish himself as a reliable starter.
  • Dalton Schultz has had three good weeks but should not be held through a bye week.

Dalton Schultz has been the tight end five, six, and two over the last three weeks.” 43:52

Michael Mayer and Other Tight End Options 00:19

  • Michael Mayer is a more talented rookie tight end with increasing involvement in the Raiders’ offense.
  • Johnny Smith and Gerald Everett are also potential pickups to consider.

Michael Mayer is more talented… I do think Johnny Smith is the least sexy pickup you could ever put into your tight end position that might get you more points than some of the sexier ones.” 45:14

Luke Musgrave‘s Fantasy Value 45:57

  • Luke Musgrave plays for a good offense and receives a lot of playing time, making him a valuable fantasy option among a pool of mediocre tight ends.
  • Musgrave is returning from a bye week, which makes him even more enticing for fantasy managers.
  • Musgrave is ranked highly on many fantasy footballers’ lists due to his potential and strong matchup against the Denver Broncos, whose defense is exploitable by tight ends.

Luke Musgrave…plays a lot of snaps and he’s necessary…he’s one of them.”

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Trey McBride‘s Role in the Offense 46:46

  • Trey McBride has been seeing an increased role compared to Zach Ertz in the offense, with more routes and snaps in recent games.
  • While McBride’s performance in one game might have been affected by garbage time, he still managed to make an impact, with four receptions for 62 yards.
  • It’s worth paying attention to this trend, as it could indicate a further transition towards McBride and a decreased role for Ertz.

“I’m not making anything of it, but I’m paying attention to it…if this transition goes further this week…you need to be aware of that and shift the expectations.”

Cleveland Browns Defense 47:38

“The Cleveland Browns are…one of the best defenses in the league…they are widely available and they shouldn’t be…I would put them on your team and keep them on your team.”

Other Defensive Streamers 49:46

“I’m going to throw the Raiders out there…I think they’re a great option…I think the Raiders are a great option…the Buccaneers…just solid…look for them if they’re not there today when you’re making your claims look for them tomorrow…the Jacksonville Jaguars against the Saints…I love playing defenses against broken things.”

Streamable Quarterback Options 51:11

“I’m going to go with Sam Howell…quietly the quarterback 12 on the season…I’ll throw Brock Purdy out there…the redemption game for Brock PurdyGeno Smith…playing against Cardinals…look for them if they’re not there today when you’re making your claims look for them tomorrow.”

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