Week 7 Studs & Duds + Tight End Dominance

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Week 7 recap on today’s fantasy football podcast! Which bad performances are the most worrisome for fantasy football managers rest of season? Plus, standout studs, injury news, and best Monday Punday submissions! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for October 23rd, 2023.

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Injury Update: Kyren Williams 00:03

  • Jason discusses Kyron Williams being placed on injured reserve.

“Well, this news, Kyron Williams, this came before kickoff, but he’s been placed on IR.”

Bijan Robinson Feeling Ill 00:03

Atlanta Falcons running back, Bijon Robinson was, quote, not feeling all that great.” “There’s no one on planet Earth who has Bijon Robinson who did not start Bijon Robinson, because it was halftime of the game before the reporting started coming out of what is going on.” “It is tremendous news that he was feeling sick.”

Update on Bijan Robinson‘s Health 00:05

  • Jason provides details about Bijan’s health shared in an interview.

“So I watched the interview with Bijon afterwards talking through this.” “Please tell me he didn’t say I felt fine.” “It was a little strange because it seemed like he, you know, he wasn’t feeling well.” “He said he didn’t, he didn’t take a COVID test.” “He wasn’t sure his head was hurting.” “He felt worse the night before than the day of.” “And, but he said he talked to coach Smith and the coach Smith said, we want to make sure you’re good to go next week.”

Ravens dominance on offense 16:12

  • The Ravens offense was incredibly effective against the Lions defense, with Lamar Jackson completing 21 out of 27 passes for 357 yards and 3 touchdowns, along with a rushing touchdown.

“Every single thing they did was like they knew what the Lions defensive play call was and they called exactly what they need to.”

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Importance of time in the pocket for NFL quarterbacks 16:32

  • The key to being a successful quarterback in the NFL is having sufficient time in the pocket to make plays and avoid pressure.
  • Good pass protection allows quarterbacks to carve up opposing defenses.

“If you have a couple seconds, you decimate that league.”

Offensive and defensive lines as crucial elements of successful teams 16:55

  • Strong offensive and defensive lines are a common trait among the best teams in the league.
  • The ability to control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball contributes to a team’s success.

“That’s what the best teams in the league will have in common with their offensive and defensive lines.”

Patrick Mahomes‘ impressive performances 17:06

  • Patrick Mahomes has been performing exceptionally well, with 32 completions out of 42 attempts for 424 yards and 4 touchdowns.
  • Mahomes had a favorable matchup against the Chargers, but upcoming games against Denver and Miami also present opportunities for strong performances.

“This was the type of matchup you really wanted for Mahomes. […] It’s going to be juicy here for Mahomes.”

Quarterbacks with standout performances 17:36

  • Gardner Minshew and Josh Allen were among the quarterbacks who had impressive fantasy performances in Week 7.
  • Minshew scored a total of four touchdowns, while Allen had two touchdowns and one rushing touchdown.

“There were three quarterbacks that made mistakes but crushed for your fantasy team.”

Controversy over quarterback push 18:24

  • There is a debate among the hosts about whether or not push assists should be allowed for quarterbacks.
  • Some are in favor of it, believing it allows certain quarterbacks like Jalen Hurts to excel, while others believe it needs to be eliminated.

“Are you pro push?” – “I am pro push.”

Excitement over players with unique abilities 18:49

  • The hosts express their enthusiasm for players who possess exceptional abilities or “superpowers” in the game.
  • They make a comparison to Superman and appreciate when individuals find ways to stand out.

“I like when people find superpowers. I like Superman. He’s the best; like, this play is awesome.”

Impressive performances by running backs 19:21

  • De’Anthony Foreman had a standout performance with 16 carries for 89 yards and three touchdowns, despite playing fewer snaps than Darrington Evans.
  • The hosts discuss Foreman’s impressive plays, including jumping over tackles and making impactful plays on the field.

“He had a couple of plays that were just man plays. I mean, they looked great.”

Solid performances by Alvin Kamara 20:42

  • Alvin Kamara had a strong fantasy performance, with 14 targets, 12 catches, and good production for fantasy football managers.
  • Although Kamara excelled, the hosts acknowledge the negative impact his success has had on the performance of the Saints as a team.

“He is a must-start right now. Yeah, he’s perfect for fantasy and terrible for the Saints.”

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Jahmyr Gibbs‘ breakout game 21:05

  • Jameer Gibbs had an outstanding game, contributing a rushing touchdown, 10 targets, and 58 receiving yards.
  • Gibbs played a significant percentage of snaps and showcased his versatility, providing optimism for his future performances.

“This was everything you dream of him getting. That kind of market share while still being involved.”

Uncertainty surrounding the Bears’ backfield 21:58

  • The hosts discuss the split carries between Jonathan Taylor and Zach Moss, each having 18 carries in a game.
  • There are questions about the future distribution of carries and whether Jonathan Taylor will become the primary ball carrier for the team.

“Is that going to continue rest of season or will the transition be made to Jonathan Taylor to be the dude?”

Promising performance by Gus Edwards 22:35

  • Gus Edwards had an exceptional 80-yard reception, and although he didn’t score a touchdown, he was effective in the rushing game against a strong run defense.
  • The hosts discuss the potential for continued success for the Ravens’ offense under their new coordinator, considering the talent they have.

“I think you’re going to see some more of this. I mean, it was as perfect as it could go.”

Jonathan Taylor‘s solid performance 23:35

  • Jonathan Taylor had a good game with 18 carries for 75 yards and a touchdown.
  • The hosts analyze the snap breakdown and question whether Taylor will continue to share carries evenly with Zach Moss.

“When you’re watching [the game], it felt like it had two extra quarters in it. It just went on forever.”

“The Ravens offense was incredibly effective against the Lions defense, with Lamar Jackson completing 21 out of 27 passes for 357 yards and 3 touchdowns, along with a rushing touchdown.”

Recap: Running Back Performances 24:11

  • Between the two running backs, there were almost 36 carries on the ground.
  • The split between the two running backs is not expected to change significantly.
  • The split is predicted to be close to a 55-45 split.

“I mean the fact you had almost what 36 carries on the ground between the two.” – The Fantasy Footballers

Jonathan Taylor‘s Performance 24:27

  • Jonathan Taylor had a good game and is considered a stud.
  • Zach Moss may steal a touchdown occasionally, but Taylor remains a reliable starter.
  • It is advised to keep flexing Zach Moss in favorable matchups.

Jonathan Taylor, he’s in the studs. But can you keep starting Zach Moss?” – The Fantasy Footballers

James Cook and Other Running Back Performances 24:53

  • James Cook had a solid performance with 13 carries for 56 yards on the ground and 3 receptions for 46 yards and a touchdown through the air.
  • Say Kwan had a decent day with 21 carries for 77 yards and a score.
  • Jerome Ford and James Cook were standouts in their respective games.

James Cook 13 for 56 on the ground 3 for 46 and a touchdown through the air.” – The Fantasy Footballers

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Darrell Henderson‘s Emergence 27:13

  • Daryl Henderson showed up as a stud with 18 carries for 61 yards and a touchdown.
  • Henderson is expected to be the primary running back for the next few weeks.
  • Brooks suggested Henderson’s potential during the waiver show, and it turned out to be accurate.

“Yeah he’s going to be the dude for the next few weeks that was the pickup to make.” – The Fantasy Footballers

Devonta Smith‘s Struggles 30:22

  • Devonta Smith has had five consecutive subpar weeks.
  • The passing game has been strong overall, but Smith’s performance has been disappointing.
  • It seems like there is a clear hierarchy in the passing game, with Smith being the secondary option.

“You saw Goddard start to play better. He’s being more involved and Devonta Smith has five subpar weeks.” – The Fantasy Footballers

AJ Brown‘s Dominance 29:10

  • AJ Brown continues to dominate with a fifth consecutive game of 125+ receiving yards.
  • He had 15 targets and caught 10 passes for 137 yards.
  • Brown is the clear wide receiver one and is terrifyingly effective on the field.

AJ Brown pretty much manhandling the league right now.” – The Fantasy Footballers

Michael Pittman‘s Recent Performance 32:38

  • Pittman had a couple of underwhelming weeks, but he bounced back with a strong performance.
  • He finished with two receptions for 83 yards and a touchdown.

“And then he suddenly didn’t and two for 83 and a touchdown for a pity city.”

Anthony Richardson and Gardner Minshew‘s Impact on Wide Receivers 32:51

  • Richardson is great for fantasy, but Minshew is better for wide receivers.
  • The potential of Minshew starting may have a positive impact on the wide receivers.

“We’re all in man I mean Anthony Richardson is unbelievably great for fantasy but he’s not as good for these wide receivers as Gardner Minshew.”

Tyreek Hill‘s Outstanding Performance 33:00

  • Hill had a dominant game with 11 receptions for 88 yards and a touchdown.
  • He was targeted heavily, especially when Waddle was off the field.

“Tyree Kill is unguardable 11 for 88 and a touchdown against the Eagles who knew that they were going to throw to him every play especially when Waddle was off the field didn’t matter.”

Puka Nacua‘s Breakout Game 33:10

  • Nakua had an impressive game with eight receptions for 154 yards and a 44 percent target share.
  • His performance solidified his status as a top fantasy option.

“Huge game for Puka Nakua Jason you called it eight for 154 44 percent of the targets there’s a reason Pupacup was in the top of the show is because Puka took over.”

Puka Nacua and Ja’Marr Chase‘s Historic Record 33:27

  • Nakua and Chase became only the second and third players in NFL history to surpass 700 receiving yards in their first seven career games.
  • Both players have had an elite season and are here to stay.

“Only two players in NFL history was 700 receiving yards and their first seven career games as per ESPN 754 and 752 receiving yards for Puka Nakua and Jamar Chase. I mean Puka has been as elite as you could possibly be and he is for real and he is here to stay.”

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Mixed Performance from Matthew Stafford 33:53

  • Stafford has been inconsistent, and despite begging for a big game, it hasn’t materialized.
  • He could have performed better earlier in the game, but some questionable refereeing may have hindered his performance at the end.

“Yeah, we can’t get a boom game from Stafford even if we beg for it. Yeah, I mean they got kind of jobbed towards the end of that game with some refing but yeah he could have done better earlier.”

Notable Wide Receiver Performances 34:10

  • Almond Raw had an impressive performance despite being in garbage time, with 13 receptions for 102 yards.
  • Mike Evans continued his good season with six receptions for 82 yards and a touchdown.
  • Coralyn Sutton and Christian Kirk also found the end zone in their respective games.

“Almond Raw ended up in Garbage Town 19 targets for. You know he doesn’t always have to produce in Garbage Time but man 13 for 102 in just some yucky Garbage Time. Mike Evans continues a good season six for 82 and a touchdown. Coralyn Sutton scored again. Christian Kirk on Thursday night.”

Rashee Rice‘s Promising Performance 34:41

  • Rice had a solid game with five receptions for 60 yards and a touchdown.
  • He played the most snaps among the wide receivers, which is an encouraging sign for his future fantasy production.

“Let’s talk about Rashi Rice because you know you saw more of what you wanted to see. Five for 60 got into the end zone. Played the most snaps. Mm-hmm the snaps are what I always wanted to see. But I think we’re seeing that transition right. Like Rashi Rice keeps producing.”

Disappointing Fantasy Output from Justin Herbert 38:18

  • Herbert had a rough fantasy performance with only 11 points and one passing touchdown.
  • Two interceptions further decreased his fantasy production.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs defense deserves credit for their strong performance against the Chargers’ struggling offense.

“I’ll be honest when all the Monday-punday submissions for Justin Herbut came in and Herb Barf or whatever else you guys were submitting. I was kind of shocked because like I watched this game and I you know with the family we’re eating food and you know it starts so hot right like the game was back and forth wasn’t it like 1717. And then I never really looked at the fantasy output for Justin Herbut after that and well it just didn’t get the job done. 11 fantasy points one passing touchdown. That doesn’t help if you throw two picks now you’re like you’re either at no passing touchdowns if you’re in a four-point league or you get two points you know in a six-point league. So we’ve talked about it quite a bit. The Kansas City defense is for real. There are struggles right now with the Chargers offense.”

Performance Recap 39:32

  • The team’s performance has been disappointing, with a record of two wins and four losses. 39:35
  • The Steelers, in contrast, have a record of four wins and two losses. 39:37

“They’re two and four… Steelers are four and two.”

Inconsistent Quarterback Performance 39:44

  • Justin Herbert had a bad game, with only one touchdown. His performances have been inconsistent this season. 39:48
  • Jared Goff had a poor game as well, with 53 pass attempts and no garbage time production. 40:02

“Herbert to two I had a bad game… He didn’t even garbage time.”

Fantasy Football Awareness 40:32

  • The importance of fantasy football is well understood by everyone in the year 2023. 40:32
  • The lack of communication regarding player health can be detrimental to fantasy football managers. 40:44

“Like this is the year 2023… Like how do you not have anyone know before the game that like B. John is… Unhealthy and will be limited.”

Disappointing Running Game 39:57

  • The team struggled to establish a running game, which limited their offensive effectiveness. 39:57
  • A strong running game would have opened up more opportunities for success. 39:59

“They couldn’t get the running game going… If they got the running game going I think everything would open up.”

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Disappointing Performances: Jared Goff & Josh Jacobs 40:02

  • Both Jared Goff and Josh Jacobs had subpar performances. Goff’s game was described as a “turd,” while Jacobs disappointed fantasy managers. 40:04

Jared Goff… It was a turd of a game… One touchdown and yeah he’s basically split the performances… Josh Jacobs… Super disappointing.”

Dashed Hopes and Unfortunate Situations 42:12

  • Fantasy football managers experienced the frustration of a reversed touchdown by Josh Jacobs, coupled with a dropped ball by Devonte Adams. The game slipped further out of hand after that. 42:03

“Fade to Josh Jacobs touchdown catch… Called back… But guess what… Touchdown… Drop the ball kick basically booted it out of the back of the end zone.”

Concerns and Uncertainty Around Austin Ekeler 42:48

  • Austin Eckler’s performance has been disappointing and his ankle injury seems to be affecting him. Fantasy managers may have to consider his long-term value and potential for missed games. 42:48

“Austin Eckler 14 for 45… This is kind of getting to is he going to be around to help you category for fantasy because if they have to like kind of protect him from his injury and share the work.”

San Francisco Offensive Situation 41:27

“I am excited for Jimmy Garoppolo‘s return next week… This was not the Brian Hoyer experience was not good.”

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Disappointing Packers Offense 46:41

  • The Packers’ offensive performance was lackluster, leading to concerns for both the team and fantasy managers. 46:36

“The Packers just put the Packers what a wet fart… What a wiper that is one where it’s like I can’t sit here anymore if I keep sitting you’re gonna see it on the outside so I gotta stand up.”

Keenan Allen‘s performance 47:55

  • Keenan Allen had a disappointing game with only four receptions for 55 yards on nine targets.
  • Joshua Palmer had more involvement in the game than Allen.

Keenan Allen for fifty five yards on nine targets, it was more Joshua Palmer in this one.”

Devonta Smith‘s performance 48:07

  • Devontae Smith is currently the wide receiver 32 of the season.
  • Young players like Smith are constantly evaluated for their long-term potential.

“Devontae Smith we talked about him at length earlier, he is the wide receiver thirty two on the year right now…you know are they evolving into a top twelve perennial talent…Smith is a great player but it’s clear that he is, you know like Waddle this year like Higgins this year there is a hierarchy that is reigning supreme.”

Gabe Davis‘ recent performance 49:06

  • Davis has had two consecutive underwhelming games with only 21 and 6 yards in each.
  • Although he has scored touchdowns in four different weeks, Davis’ low floor makes him a risky start.

“Gay Davis one four six is this…two two turds in a row this is…he has yet to reach forty yards…the floor is too low to make him someone that you have to start.”

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Amari Cooper‘s game 49:41

  • Amari Cooper had a slow start but ended up with two receptions for 22 yards on eight targets.
  • Despite the bad game, the high target volume is not a cause for concern.

“A Mario Cooper two for twenty two…it was a bad game…but the fact that you got eight targets I’m not really worried about…I think it’d be all right.”

Calvin Ridley‘s performance 50:21

  • Calvin Ridley has been disappointing this year compared to the initial high expectations.
  • Christian Kirk has surpassed Ridley in terms of performance.

Calvin Ridley or as some say Calvin Midley…Calvin Ridley‘s performance…Kirk is a lock…Calvin Ridley was the…next top five talent top five performer.”

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