Week 6 Waivers & Streamers + Jason Weeps

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Week 6 waiver wire pickups! On today’s fantasy football podcast, top waiver adds at each position with lots of big-name players dealing with injuries. Plus, QB streamers to consider, NFL News, and a Monday Night Football recap. Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for October 10th, 2023.

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Monday Night Football Game Analysis 03:11

  • The hosts discuss the Monday night football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Las Vegas Raiders.
  • They joke about the underwhelming performance of both teams’ offenses.
  • Detailed player statistics and performances are discussed.
  • The hosts mention the unexpected inactive status of Packers’ player Aaron Jones and the impact on AJ Dillon‘s performance.

“Before we get into that, the Monday night football game, the Green Bay Packers 13 points, the Las Vegas Raiders 17 points, just an absolute screaming fart fest from both teams.” “And this is a defense that you want to target. Jordan Love barely completed more than 50% of his passes, threw three interceptions, 182 yards, no touchdowns.” “Really, all of his production came on a close your eyes and pray and throw the ball up to Christian Watson and then Watson, and a beautiful bomb touchdown.” “Josh Jacobs continues to plot along, 20 carries for 69 yards and a touchdown.” “We knew he was struggling with the injury was on the injury report, but I think it was surprising to most people because this was an injury that kept him out. And then he came back last week and played in that game.” “Of course, AJ Dillon finally gets volume and has himself an okay day, 76 yards on the ground and a touchdown.” “The ineptitude of the Packers was only slightly bested by the Raiders. But like they just were completely dominant.”

Davante Adams‘ Performance 06:50

  • The hosts discuss Davante Adams‘ underwhelming performance in the game due to his injury.
  • They mention his limited usage and low fantasy points.
  • The hosts express confidence in his ability to heal and improve.

“Speaking of targets, DeCoy Adams. Davante. Yes. DeCoy Adams. Believe he had one target for one catch in the first half.” “He’s injured. I mean, he, I, yes, you could say that he’s injured, but especially that the, it didn’t turn into a big point.” “I’m not worried at all about Davante Adams. This is a guy who has been dominating, has a shoulder injury, you know, got the shot, got out there.”

Conclusion 09:19

  • The hosts joke about moving on and transitioning to news.
  • They again refer to the lackluster game as a “fart fest.”

“I’d like to take Gasex and move on.” “Farts to plenty, everybody.”

Injury updates 09:46

  • If a player is placed on the IR, they will be out for at least four games.

“If he’s on the IR, he is out at least four games.”

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  • Justin Jefferson of the Vikings suffered an injury and the team’s performance might extend his absence even further.

“Shifter was like, hey, could be a lot more if the Vikings don’t win games.”

  • Dolphins running back Myles Gaskin is expected to miss multiple weeks due to a knee injury.

“He’s expected to miss multiple weeks with his knee injury suffered this past Sunday.”

  • There is uncertainty whether Gaskin will be placed on the IR or not, as he is getting a second opinion.

“He is getting a second opinion to determine whether or not he needs to be on the IR.”

  • Jason laments the loss of both Jefferson and Gaskin in his League of Record team.

“That, I mean, losing Jefferson for, Jason is headbutting his microphone.”

Jason’s frustration and determination 11:53

  • Jason expresses his frustration and uncertainty about managing his team in the face of multiple injuries.

“I don’t know exactly what to do.”

  • Jason shares that their league of record is a keeper league, which adds more significance to their team decisions.

“Our league of record is a keeper league. So we care even more than just about this year. We care about the future.”

  • Despite his struggles, Jason believes in the mantra of not giving up in fantasy football.

“I don’t care if you start 0 and 4, 0 and 5. You can make the playoffs. I’m going to get these stars back. You can always compete. So I say, no, never give up. Never surrender.”

Waiver wire chaos 13:14

  • The hosts discuss the unpredictable nature of the waiver wire this week, with several teams and players to consider.

“This is the craziest waiver wire week.”

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  • Multiple NFL teams have players worth considering for the waiver wire, but the situation for each is unclear.

“Like there are four different teams where there are several players where you could take your shot at being right. Nothing is clear.”

  • The hosts aim to guide fantasy managers in making logical and high-probability waiver claims.

“We’re going to try to make the most logical decisions, the highest probability bets and help you order your waivers.”

Additional injury updates 14:00

  • Cardinals running back James Conner is expected to miss multiple weeks due to a knee injury.

“Cardinals running back James Conner is expected to miss multiple weeks with the knee injury he got versus the Bengals.”

  • The Cardinals signed Tony Jones Jr. as a possible replacement for Conner.

“The Cardinals immediately signed Tony Jones Jr.”

Dan Campbell’s Optimism 14:20

  • Lions coach Dan Campbell expresses confidence that wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown, who has an abdomen injury, will return to play.

“Dan Campbell says he feels pretty good… about Amon-Ra St. Brown playing.”

  • The hosts find comfort in Campbell’s positive outlook on St. Brown’s injury.

“That makes me feel good because I was in the back of your head when you see someone missing all the practices in the game with an abdomen.”

Deshaun Watson‘s injury situation 15:01

  • Deshaun Watson remains day-to-day with a rotator cuff contusion and is taking his time to ensure he doesn’t risk his contract.

Deshaun Watson remains day to day with the what sources are saying is a rotator cuff contusion… Make sure that he doesn’t jeopardize his already fully guaranteed contract.”

  • Watson’s matchup against the 49ers this week may not be favorable for him.

“He has to play the 49ers this week. I’m pretty sure it’s feeling real bad… I think it needs one more week.”

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Tight end injury concerns 16:33

  • Bills tight end Dawson Knox is in the concussion protocol and is expected to miss upcoming games.

“Bills tight end Dalton Knox was placed in the concussion protocol on Monday.”

  • Travis Kelce, the Chiefs’ tight end, did not practice, and fantasy managers are advised to have a backup plan.

“Travis Kelsey listed as a did not practice… You need to pick someone up to have a pivot.”

Bye week updates and upcoming challenges 17:34

  • In Week 6, the Packers and the Steelers are on bye.

“This week we have two teams on by. We got the Packers and the Steelers.”

  • Fantasy managers should plan ahead for Week 7, as multiple teams will be on bye, including the Bengals, Cowboys, Jets, Panthers, Texans, and Titans.

“Bengals, Cowboys, Jets, Panthers, Texans, Titans, all on the bye.”

  • Greg Dulcich is expected to return soon, potentially impacting the Broncos’ tight end situation.

Greg Dulcich, which is a name worth mentioning. I don’t know. We should throw him into our tight end waiver wire as well.”

Diontae Johnson‘s Potential Return 19:18

  • Deontay Johnson is eligible to return starting next week, which makes him an interesting trade target for fantasy players.
  • Johnson’s return could provide a boost to the Broncos’ offense.

“Deontay Johnson is eligible to return starting next week.”

Running Back Injuries and Options 19:29

  • Cleal Herbert of the Chicago Bears will miss time due to a high ankle sprain.
  • Roshan Johnson, a rookie, has been rumored to surpass Herbert, but he also left last week’s game with a concussion, so his availability is uncertain.
  • Deontay Foreman, a free agent pickup, is another option for the Bears.
  • Travis Homer, who is typically a special teams running back for the Bears, also has an injury.

“Cleal Herbert will miss time due to a high ankle sprain.” “Roshan Johnson has an opportunity but is dealing with a concussion.” “Deontay Foreman could be a good pickup.” “Travis Homer also has an injury.”

Bears’ Upcoming Games and Value of Backups 20:23

  • The Bears have a favorable schedule with upcoming matchups against Minnesota, Las Vegas, and the Chargers.
  • With Herbert and Roshan Johnson’s availability uncertain, there is potential value to be found on the Bears’ roster.
  • Deontay Foreman could be a great start against Minnesota if Herbert and Roshan aren’t available.
  • Foreman’s performance could potentially solidify his position even when Herbert returns.

“The Bears have a favorable schedule ahead.” “Deontay Foreman could be a great start against Minnesota if Herbert and Roshan aren’t available.” “Foreman’s performance could solidify his position even when Herbert returns.”

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D’Onta Foreman vs. Roschon Johnson 21:27

  • Deontay Foreman is a recommended pickup over Rochon Johnson due to the uncertainty of Johnson’s availability.
  • Foreman has been playing ahead of Johnson and could take on a larger role if he performs well.

“Deontay Foreman is a great pickup option over Rochon Johnson.” “Foreman has been playing ahead of Johnson and could take on a larger role if he performs well.”

Justice Hill as a Rest-of-Season Pickup 24:10

  • Justice Hill from the Baltimore Ravens should not be on waivers but is available in almost 70% of leagues.
  • Hill is expected to be utilized in the passing game and can be flexed or played as a running back throughout the rest of the season.

Justice Hill should not be on waivers.” “Hill can be flexed or played as a running back for the rest of the season.”

Challenges of Upcoming Matchups for Baltimore Ravens 25:45

  • The Baltimore Ravens face tough matchups against Tennessee and Detroit, which may limit the running game’s success.

“The Baltimore Ravens face tough matchups against Tennessee and Detroit.”

Waiver Wire Pickups 25:56

  • D. Mark Hado is available and worth considering for your fantasy football team.
  • He has been performing well when given the opportunity.
  • Consider picking him up if he is available in your league.

“You have Amari D. Mark Hado who is available.”

Running Back Situation 26:07

  • James Connor’s injury opens up an opportunity for the next man up, who is expected to see significant playing time.
  • The potential wild card is the return of Keyon to Ingram, who has been out with a neck injury.
  • However, the speaker does not have a favorable opinion of Ingram’s playing ability.

“So Connor goes out week five… He is the next man up… But we have the wild card of… a key on to Ingram has been missing a few weeks here with a neck injury… He’s not a good player… That is my stance on key on to Ingram.”

Emari Demercado‘s Performance 26:43

  • D. Mark Hado showed promise and performed well in a previous game.
  • He has potential as a waiver wire pickup.
  • However, the upcoming schedule against strong defenses may impact his future performance.

“But D. Mark Hado had some juice… He got it done when James Connor was out against the Bengals.”

Approach to Arizona Running Backs 26:54

  • The situation with Arizona’s running backs is uncertain, as multiple players could be involved.
  • Given the uncertainty, the speaker suggests being cautious and not overpaying for any particular player.
  • They recommend pursuing the cheaper option and spreading out bids to increase the chances of acquiring a useful player.

“How are you approaching the Arizona running backs and let’s also how aggressive are you?… This week is wild because this week there are six, seven, eight guys that you can… I don’t think I’m going to overpay… I want to get the cheaper option of… I’ll put out $15 bids and I’ll shotgun them around.”

D’Onta Foreman and the Dolphins Running Backs 28:26

  • Deonta Foreman is considered a worthwhile pickup by the speaker.
  • However, they caution that there are no guarantees with any of the available running backs.
  • For the Miami Dolphins, there is a messy situation with multiple players having potential involvement.
  • The speaker suggests prioritizing Jeff Wilson Jr. if he is activated, but warns against starting any Dolphins running back this week.

“So I’m approaching it as if Chianta Ingram is not going to be active… Tony Jones has been active this season, played in games… Personally what I saw from DiMarcato last week, he knows the system… For the dolphins, I am prioritizing Jeff Wilson Jr… You could luck your way into a situation, but it could be Ahmed… It could be Brooks… It could be Wilson if he is active.”

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Jaleel McLaughlin and the Denver Broncos 30:26

  • Joliel McLaughlin of the Denver Broncos remains available in about half of the leagues.
  • The speaker believes there is a chance he may get meaningful playing time, potentially as a starter.
  • However, once Javante is back, the running back situation in Denver could become crowded with three players involved on a struggling offense.

“Joliel McLaughlin of the Denver Broncos… remains available in about half a leagues… There’s a chance that… he work his way into actually getting some meaningful snaps… Once Javante is back, I think you’re going to have three running backs involved on a bad offense.”

Miami Dolphins Running Backs 31:42

  • The situation with the Miami Dolphins running backs is messy but has significant upside.
  • Jeff Wilson Jr. is a priority pickup, but the speaker advises caution in starting any Dolphins running back this week.
  • Rashad Ahmed and rookie Chris Brooks are also in the mix, but Jeff Wilson Jr. is considered the top option if he is active.

“This one is the messiest, but also has tremendous upside… I don’t believe you can start the dolphins running back this week… It could be Ahmed… It could be Brooks… It could be Wilson if he is active.”

Jeff Wilson as a Waiver Wire Pickup 33:16

  • If Jeff Wilson is active, he may not immediately receive a heavy workload.
  • Last year, he had three weeks as a top 24 running back while playing only half the season for the Dolphins.
  • Some people consider him a top pickup this week, but others do not think he will maintain his role once Ahmed or Achan return.

“I don’t think they’re coming and throwing him straight to the wolves and saying, hey, you’re going to get 15 opportunities this game.” 33:16 “Keep in mind he [Jeff Wilson] only played half the season for the Dolphins.” 33:33

Other Waiver Wire Additions and the Importance of Trying 34:19

  • There are other players to consider picking up if you don’t want to spend too much or have already used up your budget.
  • The host advises always trying to pick up players, especially at this point in the season when some managers may be fatigued from waivers or not confident in their chances of getting players.
  • Sometimes unexpected pickups happen, and it’s worth putting in a small bid.

“Always try to pick up players because there’s a weird mentality advice that happens right around now every season where people, maybe they’re fatigued from waivers.” 34:21 “The worst thing that can happen is you don’t get him or the best thing is you get a player for very cheap.” 35:02

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Chuba Hubbard as an Insurance Back 35:07

  • Chuba Hubbard is more than just an insurance back at this point.
  • He has performed well and may have more opportunities in the future, potentially surpassing Miles Sanders.

“I think he is actually a little bit more than an insurance back at this point.” 35:12 “It could turn where Chuba is the one who is really in charge.” 35:38

Stashing Other Team’s Backups 35:48

  • It is a good time to start stashing other teams’ backups.
  • The host mentions some potential players to consider, including Rico Dowdell, Ronnie Rivers, Tank Bigsby, and Kendra Miller.

“Start stashing other people’s backups.” 35:48 “But Kendra Miller has some juice.” 36:22

Wide Receiver Adds: Joshua Palmer and Quentin Johnston 37:14

“Make sure you pay attention to the Los Angeles Chargers wide receivers.” 37:14 “They are definitely on some waiver wires.” 37:38

Importance of Using Waiver Wire Rankings on the Website 38:02

  • The hosts recommend using their website’s waiver wire rankings tool to better navigate the waiver wire.
  • It helps with remembering which players to target and who the hosts prefer.

“Pull up the waiver rankings on the website.” 38:23 “Make it easy on yourself.” 38:25

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Evaluating Wide Receiver Picks: Quentin Johnston vs. Joshua Palmer 38:29

  • The hosts debate whether Quenton Johnston or Joshua Palmer is the better pickup.
  • They discuss their performances and potential for the future.

“I think Palmer’s probably still my number one pickup.” 39:46 “I have switched to Palmer over Quge.” 38:36

“I think Palmer, while his ceiling is not as high as Quentin Johnston, Palmer is a guy that I think you’re going to be able to plug and play as like a, you know, a wide receiver three and get 10, 12 points, you know, regularly in fantasy.” 39:49

Josh Downs as a Solid Pickup 39:50

  • Josh Downs, rookie wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts, has been having a solid season.
  • With the change in quarterback, downs could see an increase in targets and production.

Josh Downs against Tennessee be a top 20 fantasy wide receiver when Gardner came in.” 40:40 “Dude, Gardner is going to throw the ball so much more than Anthony Richardson.” 40:36

“This last week you had Josh Downs against Tennessee be a top 20 fantasy wide receiver when Gardner came in.” 40:40

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Josh Downs‘ Performance with Gardner 40:52

  • In Gardner’s previous start in week three, Josh Downs had 12 targets and eight receptions.
  • This indicates that Downs could be a reliable option with Gardner at the helm.

“Do you know how many targets Josh Downs had that week? 12.” 40:54

KJ Osborn as a Waiver Pickup 40:58

  • KJ Osborne is a good pickup in PPR leagues, especially with Anthony Richardson‘s injury.
  • Richardson has a grade three AC sprain and might miss three to six weeks.
  • Osborne will be the wide receiver one or two for the Vikings.
  • He may not have had the same production as Jordan Nattison, but he has received snaps and routes.

Josh Downs is a very, very good pickup.”

Increased Targets for T.J. Hockenson 41:21

  • With Justin Jefferson‘s injury, T.J. Hawkinson will likely see more targets.
  • Hawkinson could have a 30% target share and become an elite player.
  • The Vikings will need to rely more on the passing game without Jefferson.

“And then of course, congratulations if you have TJ Hawkinson. He’s going to have 10 targets a game at tight end, which is incredible.”

Interest in KJ Osborne 42:42

  • Despite Jordan Nattison’s potential, KJ Osborne is an intriguing option.
  • Osborne may have the opportunity to prove himself as a top-flight NFL wide receiver.
  • He had some decent opportunities last season when Adam Thielen was out.

“I am surprisingly interested… This is going to be his opportunity to show that he is who we think he is as a top-flight NFL wide receiver.”

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Tyler Boyd and Trenton Irwin as Waiver Options 44:51

  • Tyler Boyd had an okay performance with seven targets and six receptions.
  • If Tee Higgins is still unavailable, Boyd becomes a viable option.
  • Trenton Irwin is more suited for PPR leagues and had a good performance with 10 targets and eight receptions.

Tyler Boyd would be the name I would bring up.”

Curtis Samuel‘s Recent Performances 45:46

  • Curtis Samuel had two solid weeks with good target and reception numbers.
  • However, he may not be a reliable option due to the number of talented players on the Washington Football Team.
  • Chase his touchdowns might not be a prudent move.

“Not that Curtis Samuel isn’t a good player in his own right, but you have Logan Thomas. You have those other three wide receivers we just mentioned.”

Rashee Rice as a Stash Option 46:51

  • Rishi Rice could be a worthy stash on your roster.
  • The upcoming schedule for the Kansas City Chiefs presents opportunities for Rice.
  • While he hasn’t secured the number one wide receiver spot, his performance suggests potential.

“So he has not secured his place as like the number one wide receiver. But when he’s on the feet… I think there is a chance that over the next month or so things start to trend in his direction.”

Waiver Wire Pickups 48:27

  • The speaker suggests looking for Rishi Rice on the waivers this week and dropping other players in League of Record.
  • The speaker wants to note that they don’t want to drop anyone.
  • Logan Thomas is the number one pickup at the tight end position this week with 11 targets, 9 receptions, 77 yards, and a touchdown.
  • There’s a discussion about whether Logan Thomas is the number one pickup at the tight end position.

“I’ll swallow my pride and say the Colquemont looks good out there.”

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Dalton Schultz and Noah Gray 49:57

  • Dalton Schultz of the Houston Texans is mentioned as a potential pickup.
  • The speaker doesn’t chase after Dalton Schultz‘s performance of seven receptions for 65 yards and a touchdown.
  • Noah Gray is discussed as a pickup for Travis Kelsey managers in case Kelsey goes down.
  • The speaker doesn’t think Noah Gray would become a dominant force if Kelsey is injured.

“You throw him on your IR and you just look for a backup that could have an injury ahead of him.”

Streamers at DST 51:19

  • The Atlanta Falcons are suggested as a low rostered team with a good matchup against the Washington Manders.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs are mentioned as a higher percent rostered team with a favorable three-week schedule against Denver, the Chargers, and Denver again.
  • The Los Angeles Rams are considered the pickup of the week, especially against the struggling Arizona Cardinals.

“The Rams at home have a really good chance to produce turnovers, touchdowns, you know, and they’re 2% rostered.”

Streamer Quarterbacks 53:04

  • Matthew Stafford is recommended as a streamer quarterback for the week against the Arizona Cardinals.
  • The speaker believes Stafford will finally throw two passing touchdowns, especially with the return of Cooper Kupp.
  • Arizona’s defense has given up good performances to quarterbacks this season.

“Incredible things happen when you have an elite player back on the field.”

Brock Purdy as a Pickup 54:49

  • Brock Purdy is mentioned, but it’s noted that he shouldn’t be available on waivers.
  • Despite the matchup against the Cleveland Browns, Purdy is seen as a good pickup and start.

Brock Purdy should be picked up and played.”

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