Week 6 Studs & Duds + Injuries Galore!

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Week 6 fantasy recap! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason react to a brutal Week 6 filled with studs, duds, and injuries. Plus, rest of season outlooks and the best Monday Punday submissions! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for October 16th, 2023.

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The injury reaper 02:01

  • Mike jokingly says that Jason is the injury reaper.
  • Jason shares that many people can relate to his injuries.
  • Jason mentions his previous injuries and the additional injuries he had this week.

“I am you. I, you know, some teams just, you get, you get it all. You know, we, we get all of the good injuries.”

Injuries in the league 02:50

  • The hosts discuss the prevalence of injuries during the weekend.
  • They mention that only a few players performed well, and the majority had disappointing performances.
  • They highlight the high percentage of games hitting the under compared to expectations.

“It was a really brutal weekend injuries everywhere. And you kind of get an understanding of the weekend when we are browsing the Monday, Monday submissions… It’s, it’s a, an incredible amount of games have underwhelmed compared to expectation.”

Rules and penalties in the NFL 05:25

  • The hosts discuss the potentially excessive penalties in the NFL.
  • They suggest having a dedicated person in the booth to review questionable calls.
  • They humorously suggest some rule changes to increase scoring.

“No tackling at all… That’s all we’re talking about. Also touchdowns are worth 80 points each… some of these calls, these roughing the passer calls, or they were ridiculous this weekend.”

“Just put one dedicated person in the booth. When a questionable call is made on the field, that person says, ‘psst, huddle up for a second. One, two, three. That’s not a penalty. That’s it. That’s all you have to do.'”

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Recap of their own fantasy matchups 04:36

  • Mike and Jason share their disappointing fantasy matchups despite having decent scores.
  • They mention the injuries to Christian McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel.

“He ended up okay at the end… He was okay… we played to form and it wasn’t great.”

Increase in underperforming games 05:12

  • The hosts discuss the high percentage of games falling below the expected total points.
  • They suggest the need for rule changes to increase scoring.

“It’s just I saw a lot of the night. Well, why, you know, he lost McCaffrey lost Dboy… there were a higher percentage of poop-related puns this week.”

Recap of poor fantasy performances 06:54

  • The hosts hilariously mention players who had disappointing performances using puns.
  • They make light of the situation with humor.

“Deandre Flopkins, Poo Poo, Nakuha, Alexander, Madison, D Boo, Sam Hill… It won’t take us long. Let’s start with the good…”

Recap of Upsets and Injuries 09:01

  • Week 6 saw several upsets and injuries affecting fantasy football teams.
  • The Eagles and Giants were unable to win their games against the Jets, leading to disappointment for fantasy managers.
  • Jason’s team, in particular, faced challenges with his running back situation.

“A weird weekend of the upsets. No undefeated teams left. Crazy backup quarterbacks beating these undefeated teams.”

Injury News: David Montgomery 09:34

  • David Montgomery left the game with a rib injury and did not return.
  • X-rays were negative, but he is expected to miss some time with the injury.

David Montgomery left the game with a rib injury. But the news this morning is that he’s expected to miss some time.”

Injury News: CMC and Deebo 11:20

  • Christian McCaffrey and Debo Samuel both suffered injuries.
  • They are similar rib injuries to Montgomery’s but are not considered serious.
  • McCaffrey is known for playing through injuries and is expected to be back in a week or two.

“The CMC injury is very similar to David Montgomery‘s injury. CMC is tough and has played through injuries before.” “Debo’s injury is not considered serious, but it’s uncertain if he will play on Monday night.”

Injury News: Quarterbacks 13:37

  • Trevor Lawrence has a knee injury and is considered day-to-day.
  • Ryan Tannehill suffered a high ankle injury, which is a concern as he missed most of the previous year due to the same injury.
  • Jimmy Garoppolo left the game with a back injury and did not return.

“There’s a lot of quarterback injuries. Trevor Lawrence, Ryan Tannehill, and Jimmy Garoppolo all suffered injuries.”

Impact on Fantasy 16:07

  • The injuries to key players like McCaffrey and Montgomery put fantasy managers in a difficult position.
  • Finding replacements on the waiver wire becomes crucial during these situations.
  • It is essential to keep track of injury updates to make informed decisions for setting lineups.

“Not playing CMC and him being active is the worst possible scenario. Fantasy managers should stay informed and look for suitable replacements.”

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Other Injuries 15:36

Damien Harris left on a spine board for evaluation. Several other players suffered injuries but are expected to be fine.”

Ronnie Rivers‘ injury opens the door for Zach Evans as a potential starting option.”

Management of Injured Players 16:50

  • The situation with Deshaun Watson‘s rotator cuff contusion is handled poorly by the Browns.
  • The team should provide clear information about his condition and availability.

“The Browns mishandle Deshaun Watson‘s injury situation. Clear communication is essential for fantasy managers.”

Anthony Richardson‘s Season-Ending Surgery 17:45

  • Anthony Richardson may undergo season-ending surgery.
  • He has received five opinions about his condition.
  • The consensus is that he will be better off getting the surgery and starting fresh next year.
  • The limited playing time and injuries have made it difficult to assess Richardson’s potential.

Anthony Richardson found out he may undergo season ending surgery. He has gotten five opinions from what I understand.”

Gardner Minshew as a Better Quarterback 18:19

Gardner Minshew is a better quarterback for Michael Pittman and Josh Downs for sure. And Josh Downs is like legitimately a PPR start worthy player at this point.”

Khalil Herbert Placed on IR 19:01

  • Cleo Herbert has been placed on injured reserve.
  • There has been a significant number of injury news lately.

“Cleo Herbert went on IR. Man, there’s a lot of injury news.”

The Unobserved Player Rule 19:28

  • The “unobserved player rule” states that if you do not watch your opponent’s players, they will do well.
  • In a personal experiment, the narrator chose not to watch the second half of a game and won his fantasy match.
  • This humorous experience highlights the unpredictability of fantasy football outcomes.

“I couldn’t watch the second half of last night’s game. And it was the most pathetic performance of my fantasy football life because I was playing a video game with Papa Josh during the second half because you had Stefan Diggs. I had James Cook and I knew I was going to lose. So I just couldn’t go through it and I didn’t watch and I won.”

Broncos Potential Change at Defensive Coordinator 20:55

  • According to the Pat McAfee show, Rex Ryan could potentially take over as the defensive coordinator for the Broncos.
  • This news suggests a potential organizational change for the Broncos’ defense.

“We did get breaking news just now. The Broncos might be making a change on defense. According to the Pat McAfee show, Rex Ryan could take over as the defensive coordinator for the Broncos.”

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Studs: Tua Tagovailoa, Jared Goff, Jalen Hurts 22:32

  • Tua Tagovailoa had an outstanding performance, leading the NFL in passing yards and yards per attempt.
  • Jared Goff had a career-high completion percentage and performed well for fantasy football.
  • Jalen Hurts, despite some interceptions, scored on the ground and had a solid fantasy performance.

Tua Tagovailoa‘s performance: He now leads the NFL in passing yards and yards per attempt. He has 14 passing touchdowns. He is on pace for fifty-three hundred passing yards and forty touchdowns and that doesn’t seem like enough absurd.”

Jared Goff‘s performance: Thirty for forty-four and three hundred and fifty-three yards and two touchdowns. Completing a career-high seventy percent of his passes.”

Jalen Hurts‘ performance: He threw for 280 yards and one touchdown, and he scored on the ground with 47 rushing yards.”

Adam Thielen and Carolina’s Situation 23:34

  • Adam Thielen has been performing exceptionally well and is on pace for impressive numbers.
  • The Carolina offense is favoring Thielen’s style, making him a valuable asset in fantasy football.

Adam Thielen‘s performance: His pace since week one is almost seventeen hundred yards, hundred and sixty receptions, one thousand six hundred and eighty-nine yards.”

“What’s nice is Carolina is going to be in that situation all year long. He is just set up for what Bryce Young needs.”

Effectiveness of Jared Goff Without David Montgomery 25:33

  • If David Montgomery misses time, Jared Goff might have more opportunities to throw the football.
  • While the effectiveness of replacement running back Craig Reynolds is uncertain, Goff’s passing game may receive more emphasis.

“If David Montgomery misses time for Jared Goff, I mean who is Craig Reynolds? They might give Goff more chances to throw the football.”

Jalen Hurts‘ Fantasy Performance 25:52

  • Despite criticism, Jalen Hurts had a decent fantasy performance with 280 passing yards, one touchdown, and a rushing touchdown.
  • His rushing ability adds value to his fantasy production.

“I saw so many puns related to how bad Jalen Hurts was, but here he is in the studs still: 280 and one touchdown in terms of fantasy football. And yes, he made some bad decisions with three interceptions, but for fantasy, he was very good because he scored on the ground even with 47 rushing yards.”

Running Backs 26:23

  • Raheem Mostert has been performing exceptionally well with 17 touchdowns in the first six games, putting him among the elite running backs.
  • Only a few running backs, like Priest Holmes, LT, Dalvin Cook, and Raheem Mostert, have achieved 11 touchdowns in the first six games since 2000.
  • Kyron Williams showcased his dominance in the second half, averaging about three yards before contact. Despite the defense knowing they would run the ball, they couldn’t stop him.

“This Arizona defense has collapsed. They came out in the second half and…just stop us, including a rushing touchdown that had three defenders on top of Kyron Williams and they could not bring him down.”

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  • Travis E.T.N. continues to impress with two more touchdowns, ranking as the RB3 of the season.
  • Derek Henry had a solid game with 12 carries for 97 yards, including a long touchdown run.
  • Kenneth Walker is performing well as the RB7 on the year, with consistent red zone carries.
  • Zeke Elliott and Rhamondre Stevenson both had good performances, with Zeke scoring a touchdown and Rhamondre making an impact in the passing game as well.

“Zeke had a long touchdown on a pass called back scored later, and Rhamondre also left this game for a little while… which was a worth noting.”

Tyreek Hill‘s Performance 34:57

  • Tyree Kill’s performance this year has been unstoppable.
  • He has been able to outperform the defense and dominate the game.
  • Cramps are the only thing that have briefly sidelined him.

“The only thing that can stop Tyree kill is Tyree kill himself. Right. It’s just like, ‘oh man he is too tired from dominating.’ That’s what you got to do.”

Amon-Ra St. Brown and Craig Reynolds 35:45

  • Amon Ra St. Brown had an impressive game with 12 receptions for 124 yards and a touchdown.
  • He owes a big thank you to Craig Reynolds for his excellent block on the play.

“Amon Ra 12 for 124 back baby one and his touchdown. He needs to send a gift basket to Craig Reynolds. What a block.”

Adam Thielen and Cooper Kupp 36:17

  • Adam Thielen and Cooper Kupp had outstanding performances in week 6.
  • Thielen had 11 receptions for 115 yards and one touchdown.
  • Kupp had seven receptions for 148 yards and one touchdown.

“Number one fantasy wide receiver since week two is Adam Thielen 11 for one 15 and one yet again. Unbelievable. Cooper Cobb seven for 148 and one. He’s back baby.”

Puka Nacua‘s Down Game 36:31

  • Puka Nakua had a disappointing performance with a dropped touchdown at the beginning of the game.
  • He still had a significant target share of 33%.
  • It was just an off game for him and not a reflection of Cooper Kupp‘s return to form.

“Puka did have a down game. He dropped a touchdown at the beginning. He still had 33% of the targets so it was it’s like the they went away from him. Just was a down game for Puka.”

Drake London‘s Impressive Performance 38:14

  • Drake London had a standout performance with 12 targets.
  • He has been frustrating to watch during the early part of the season with limited targets.
  • This game showcased his potential with a solid performance.

Drake London was crazy impressive on the day. So they’re throwing the ball so much more in the last couple.”

A.J. Brown and Devonta Smith 38:41

  • A.J. Brown has been dominant with over 125 yards in four straight games.
  • Devonta Smith had 11 targets but had a bad drop.
  • Brown clearly establishes himself as the primary wide receiver for his team.

“A. J. Brown has been a monster. I think the last couple games have been really disappointing for Devontae Smith where I think fantasy managers are very disappointed in the total production but he had 11 targets, he had a bad drop.”

Michael Pittman‘s Performance 40:23

  • Michael Pittman had a slow start but finished strong with nine receptions for 109 yards.
  • Expect more of the same from Pittman in future games.
  • He is a reliable option in the Indianapolis offense.

“Pittman was looking like a true bust in the early part of the game, ends up nine for 109. I would expect more of the same for Michael Pittman.”

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Philadelphia Eagles‘ Offense 39:39

  • The Philadelphia Eagles‘ offense has not been consistent.
  • Devonta Smith is still the top receiver, despite a slower start to the season.
  • The offense’s struggles have highlighted the importance of having a stable veteran receiver like Smith.

“The nice thing about Philadelphia’s offense right now is that it doesn’t look that great on a weekly basis and when it was a well-oiled machine last year, both players were always great but when your offense isn’t quite as top-tier, the alpha ends up being the more stabilizing force.”

“If Devontae Smith through six weeks is the wide receiver 31, there doesn’t mean he’s not going to have good games.”

Kendrick Bourne and the Patriots 43:11

  • The hosts express frustration with Kendrick Bourne‘s usage on the Patriots.
  • They believe Bourne is better than how he’s being utilized.
  • They criticize Bill Belichick’s handling of the team.

“It was hard to watch Kendrick Bourne. The Patriots are so strange, I feel like… They’re one of the Bill Belichick should be fired. His general managing of his team. Retired, retired, retired.”

Patriots’ Wide Receiver Problem 44:01

  • The hosts discuss the Patriots’ wide receiver situation.
  • They express disappointment in the team’s decision-making regarding the wide receiver position.
  • They mention players like Nelson Agholor, DeVante Parker, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Kendrick Bourne as insufficient to support quarterback Mac Jones.
  • They criticize the team’s strategy of not investing in top-tier wide receiver talent.

Nelson Agholor, DeVante Parker, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Kendrick Bourne… They’re not players that provide Mac Jones the ability to even put on display anything. They could use Jakobi Meyers. I mean, it’s an embarrassment.”

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Concerns with Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes 47:47

  • The hosts discuss Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes‘ performances.
  • They mention that both quarterbacks had underwhelming fantasy points in the latest week.
  • They mention that the offenses for both players have some concerns.
  • They highlight the need for improvement in the offenses’ schemes and supporting cast.

“I want to talk about Lamar Jackson and Patrick MahomesLamar Jackson‘s offense, I think, has room to improve… Mahomes, on the other hand, I think the biggest problem is their defense has been very good.”

Wide receiver 52:10

Transition to Pacheco in Mahomes era is significant.

  • Pacheco has a major increase in opportunities year.
  • Adjust preseason narratives the realities of today. “In the Mahomes era, we haven’t seen anything Pacheco since Kar. He was the guy year, and now he’s getting more opportunities.”

Running back Duds 53:24

  • Mixon looked awful with negative yards on three carries inside the five-yard line.
  • Damian Pierce and James Cook losing snaps and concerning.
  • Deonta Foreman was a disappointment despite the favorable news.

“Mixon had the chance to score but couldn’t convert. Pierce and Cook are losing snaps, and Foreman didn’t provide fantasy points despite the opportunity.”

Trustworthiness of Latavius Murray 54:35

  • Latavius Murray seems to be trusted as a pass blocker when the offense is struggling.
  • James Cook had a big miss on a pass block.
  • Keep an eye on how the Bears handle their running backs moving forward.

“There’s trust in Latavius Murray to protect the quarterback when the offense isn’t working. James Cook had a big miss. It’ll be interesting to see how the Bears handle their running backs.”

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D’Onta Foreman disappointment 55:38

  • Foreman didn’t live up to expectations despite the favorable news.
  • D’Ernest Johnson will likely be the featured running back for the Bears.
  • How will the Bears adjust their game plan if Justin Fields can’t play?

“Foreman didn’t deliver despite the positive news. Johnson will likely take the lead role for the Bears, but what happens if Fields is out?”

Davante Adams injury 58:01

  • Adams is hurt but should be okay with Brian Hoyer as the quarterback.
  • Uncertainty remains for Adams’ return to full health.
  • Start Adams but hope he returns to form soon.

“Adams is hurt, but with Hoyer as the quarterback, he should be okay. We’re waiting for him to be fully healthy.”

Calvin Ridley‘s inconsistency 59:59

  • Ridley has had multiple games with low yardage before his breakout performance.
  • Ridley’s upcoming matchup against the Saints is concerning.
  • Uncertainty with the situation surrounding Trevor Lawrence‘s injury.

“Ridley has been inconsistent with several low-yardage games. The matchup against the Saints is worrisome, and Lawrence’s injury adds to the uncertainty.”

Calvin Ridley and Christian Kirk 01:00:43

Christian Kirk is the wide receiver 18 and Calvin Ridley on the season is the wide receiver 24.”

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Wide Receivers Performance 01:00:48

  • Mike Evans had 10 targets for 49 yards with 3 drops.
  • T. Higgins had 2 receptions for .

Mike Evans ten targets for forty nine. Yeah. Three three drops. T. Higgins two for twenty.”

Tee Higgins Performance 01:01:00

  • T. Higgins was expected to have a down week, but the speaker chose to play him anyway.
  • The alternative options were D. Mercado and Wanda Robinson with Tyrod Taylor against the Buffalo Bills.

“T. Higgins is. Did you talk about that on Sunday Live? Yeah yeah I talked about especially because I have him so I talked about this is my situation. I’m going to play T. Higgins because he’s who is your pivot. I mean it was either D. Mercado which that was just that was a do I. Play this guy knowing that he’s not going to get the work because everything said the account to Ingram was it or it was Wanda Robinson with Tyrod Taylor against the Buffalo Bills which turns out was the correct decision.”

Hollywood Brown’s Performance 01:01:39

  • Hollywood Brown had 11 targets and caught 4 passes for 34 yards.
  • He missed a couple of touchdowns by a fingertip.

“Hollywood Brown for thirty four on eleven targets missed a couple touchdowns by a fingertip of the Los Angeles Rams defender.”

Gabe Davis‘ Performance 01:02:04

  • Gabe Davis had 3 receptions for 21 yards and fumbled the ball.
  • The speaker thought part of the problem with the Bills offense was the over-targeting of Stefan Diggs.

Gabe Davis the streak finally ended three for twenty one and a fumble. I honestly thought the game part of the problem with the Bills offense was the over targeting of Stefan Diggs and not having creative play calling to involve Dawson Knox gave Davis James Cook.”

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James Cook‘s Performance 01:02:23

  • James Cook had zero targets in the game.
  • The speaker questioned the team’s decision to not target him after involving him in the offense at the start of the year.

James Cook had zero targets. Do you realize this? The guy that’s supposed to be ridiculous. You know you come out and you run these screens and you get him involved in the offense to start the year in the passing game and now you don’t target him.”

Logan Thomas‘ Performance 01:04:22

  • Logan Thomas had only 1 reception for 1 yard after being heavily targeted in previous weeks.
  • The decrease in involvement was disappointing.

Logan Thomas yeah because you had you know targets the week before eleven targets and then you go forward and you get one point and he had been targeted a lot in previous weeks I mean eight targets in week one just disappeared.”

Logan Thomas I heard him called Logan anonymous.”

Waiver Show Preview 01:05:03

  • The next waiver show will discuss a lot of depth running back options to be picked up.
  • The upcoming bye weeks will have a significant impact on fantasy teams.

“Big time waiver show tomorrow…there’s a lot to sift through…lots of depth running back options to be picked up. You’ve got more bye weeks next week that are going to be more impactful than this past week was.”

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“This is like make or break time of the season…you’re trying to buy some wins and sometimes that’s looking very very much at the week directly in front of you.”

“Sometimes you’re looking very much at the week in front of you, above all else, to stay in contention for playoff implications in your league.”

“This is make or break time of the season.”

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