Week 5 Waivers + Seismic Shifts & Superstitions

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Week 5 waiver wire adds! On today’s fantasy football podcast, top waiver pickups at each position! Is it time to drop big-name players like Dallas Goedert, Darren Waller, and Joe Burrow? Plus, a recap of Monday Night Football and latest NFL News. Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for October 3rd, 2023.

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Seismic shift at the wide receiver position for the Giants 07:19

  • Darius Slayton ran the most routes among the wide receivers, followed by Wandaille and Jalen Hyatt.
  • Isaiah Hodgins and Paris Campbell had fewer routes and opportunities.
  • It seems like Daniel Jones has lost connection with Darren Waller, which is frustrating for fantasy football.

“There was a pretty seismic shift at the wide receiver position… Whatever connection happened in the preseason with Daniel Jones and Darren Waller that has seemed to evaporate at this moment.”

Jameson Williams reinstated as wide receiver 08:40

  • Wide receiver Jameson Williams has been officially reinstated.
  • He is highly anticipated and plays in a strong offense.

Jameson Williams officially reinstated on Monday, wide receiver with a lot of pedigree, a lot of hype, a lot of anticipation.”

The impact of Jameson Williams on the offense 09:10

  • The addition of Jameson Williams will benefit the offense as a whole.
  • It opens up opportunities for other players and can improve the performance of Jared Goff.
  • Williams may not have a significant impact on fantasy football, but his special ability is worth taking a chance on.

“I mean, if you have Jameson Williams streaking down the sideline, it only helps benefit every other piece.”

Evaluating the fantasy outlook for Jameson Williams 09:39

  • The speakers have mixed opinions about Jameson Williams‘ fantasy outlook.
  • One speaker is pessimistic and does not see him as a reliable weekly fantasy starter.
  • Another speaker believes in his potential to become a superstar.
  • The uncertainty lies in the role Williams will fulfill on the team.

“I am pessimistic on his outlook.”

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Jonathan Taylor‘s uncertain situation 10:40

  • There is uncertainty surrounding whether Jonathan Taylor will play in week five or not.
  • The information is coming from the Colts’ side, not Taylor’s camp.
  • The situation is described as fascinating, with the potential for unexpected turn of events.

“This is so crazy fascinating.”

Scenarios for Jonathan Taylor‘s playing status 11:08

  • One possibility is that Taylor will be the starting running back in week five, and the story ends there.
  • The alternative is that Taylor sticks to his reported desire not to play for the Colts, which could result in a trade or missed season.
  • The outcome remains uncertain, and it creates an intriguing storyline.

“Or wait… No, in week five. You’re right. And the story is over.”

Exploring the origin of the phrase “stick to my guns” 12:07

  • The speakers discuss the origin of the phrase “stick to my guns.”
  • It is believed to have originated as a command given to sailors to remain at their posts and not leave even if the enemy captured their boat.

“It says initially it was the command to sailors who handled or accrued the guns on military boats not to leave their posts even if the boats were captured by the enemy.”

Kenny Pickett‘s injury situation 13:02

  • Kenny Pickett is dealing with a bone bruise in his knee.
  • Initially, there were concerns about an ACL injury, but it turned out to be a bone bruise.
  • There is a possibility that he could miss week five.

“Oh, no, but it seems to be a pretty big change because at first it was feared ACL then it was looks like it’s going to be an MCL couple weeks… Now it’s a bone bruise could miss week five.”

Desmond Ridder starting in week five 13:22

  • Desmond Ritter will be starting in week five against the Texans.
  • The speakers mention that they didn’t discuss Ritter much in their previous show.
  • They briefly mention Mack Hollins getting upset on the sideline.

“Desmond Ritter will start week five against the Texans.”

Jahan Dotson limited participation in practice 14:26

  • John Dodson was a limited participant at practice on Monday.
  • There was some confusion regarding the playing time of Byron Pringle and Dymie Brown in Washington’s recent game.
  • Dodson returned and caught a touchdown pass, but also left the game briefly.

“John Dodson, limited participant at practice on Monday turns out he did come out of the game.”

The effects of superstitions in fantasy football 15:26

  • One of the speakers shares their experience with superstitions in fantasy football.
  • They mention making a last-minute change to their lineup, which resulted in a loss.
  • They also share a story about trying to avoid watching the game to prevent a player from scoring, but their plan backfired.

“I am not a superstitious person. However, let me explain two things that happened this week.”

Waiver Wire Outlook 17:15

  • The bye weeks are beginning, with the Browns, Chargers, Seahawks, and Buccaneers on bye.
  • Some players eligible to return soon, including Jonathan Taylor and Cooper Kupp.
  • Greg Dulcich, Evan Hull, and Jamal Williams could also come back soon.

“The bi weeks are beginning…and you do have some players eligible to return soon.”

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Javonte Williams Injury 19:16

Javonte Williams injured his hip flexor…and he had 100 yards from scrimmage this past week.”

Assessing the Options 21:07

  • Samaje Perine and Jaleel McLaughlin are both worth consideration.
  • Justice Hill could also be an option.
  • Choose based on specific needs and matchups.

“It’s messy in both those situations…I’d be placing a low bid on both.”

Other Running Back Options 22:59

“My number one is going to be Jaylen Warren…He has the opportunity to rise in production.”

One-Week Rental 23:25

  • Consider investing in a one-week rental like Zach Moss.
  • Moss could have increased opportunity if Jonathan Taylor doesn’t play.
  • Trading for a short-term option like Kenneth Gainwell is also an option.

“If you can get Moss cheap, I don’t mind that…You’re playing a game of probability.”

##iver wire running backs 24:16

  • Consider picking up Tyler LG, who is playing against the Houston Texans and might have a chance to be relevant.
  • It’s not the best week for running back options, so LG could be a viable choice for fantasy teams.
  • Some teams might be willing to trade or drop LG, making him available on waivers.

“You could see a pathway to relevance following through the end zone.”

Latavius Murray as a waiver option 25:22

  • Latavius Murray, despite having a low floor, has been producing decent fantasy points, including two touchdowns in the past three weeks.
  • Murray can provide touchdown upside as an RB2 option for struggling fantasy teams.

“All right. Quick break back with some hopefully better discussions about wide receivers.”

Waiver wire wide receivers 26:04

  • Consider adding Michael Wilson of the Arizona Cardinals to your fantasy team.
  • Wilson has been performing well, with consistent targets and receptions, and has the potential for touchdown production.
  • Quinton Johnston might be available on waivers due to his recent performance and upcoming bye week.

“I think the name to look for is another rookie, Michael Wilson of the Arizona Cardinals.”

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Evaluation of rookie wide receivers 28:36

  • Michael Wilson has been outperforming Quinton Johnston and Jackson Smith and Jigba.
  • Although Johnston and JSN have higher draft capital, Wilson’s production and potential for more snaps and targets make him a better option.

“Yeah, I would rather roster Michael Wilson than QJ, than JSN or Jameson Williams three.”

Assessing Jameson Williams as a fantasy hold 31:54

  • Jameson Williams has the potential for explosive plays and big touchdown games.
  • However, he has seen limited playing time and inconsistency.
  • It may be wise to hold onto Williams and wait for his breakout game rather than investing heavily in him.

“I think Jameson Williams is a hold.”

  • Spending around 10 to 15 fab (Free Agent Budget) on a player who has potential in fantasy football.
  • Considering a player who has played in six games but hasn’t performed well yet.
  • Taking into account the player’s opportunity and potential for improvement.
  • Being cautious about players coming back from injury, such as an ACL injury.

“Yeah, 10 is the number for me, because I, you know, whenever you have a player who’s played in six games, wasn’t utilized, didn’t do much, caught one pass over the course of six games, the opportunity was there, you know, and he never really…I know he was coming back from the ACL.”

Deciding on a starting player for the week 32:30

  • Considering whether to start Jameson Williams this week, recognizing that he may not be a viable option.
  • Discussing the possibility of starting Michael Wilson or T. Higgins if they are available.
  • Assessing Tyler Boyd‘s potential as a starter, weighing his performance and the team’s overall offensive struggles.

“No one would [start Jameson Williams this week]. Let’s talk about if you need a start this week. Would you rather start Michael Wilson, grab Michael Wilson, or in the same game, I’m just curious, he should be brought up. T. Higgins went down in the games T. Higgins or Jamar Chase has missed. Tyler Boyd has been a very valuable asset. They’re against Arizona.”

Assessing Michael Gallup‘s potential 34:06

  • Noting that Michael Gallup has performed well in the last two weeks.
  • Considering Gallup’s performance against the San Francisco 49ers‘ defense.
  • Evaluating Gallup’s value based on the Cowboys’ dominant offense and the need to keep throwing the ball against tougher opponents.

Michael Gallup has looked really good the last two weeks. Two weeks ago, 92 yards, seven targets this last week was involved. Five receptions for 60. They play the San Francisco 49ers and you go, well, that’s a great defense. Yeah, but that’s also a great offense. And some of the problem with the Cowboys offensive players is that they’ve just been kind of dominating people, right?”

Discussing Wandaille Robinson and Jaden Reed 34:59

  • Mentioning Wandaille Robinson as a potential option.
  • Highlighting Robinson’s increased involvement in the offense and target distribution.
  • Discussing Jaden Reed’s potential in a dynasty league and his performance so far.
  • Recognizing Reed’s talent and potential usage as the third receiving option in the offense.

“Colt Comet had the huge week. Seven for 85 and two touchdowns. Jake Ferguson was 7 for 77. Fergalicious, man. You had Higby get a contract and then get 11 targets in the offense. Are you chasing those numbers? I’m open to chasing Higby’s targets. But that’s assuming that Cooper Cup is not playing…I still think people need to pay attention to both Logan Thomas and Zach Hertz. Logan Thomas had been injured. In the game he was hurt. He scored and ended up, it’s incredible.”

Waiver Wire Pickups – Tight Ends 38:37

  • Logan Thomas had a good performance in Week 4, with 2 receptions for 22 yards and a touchdown.
  • Thomas is getting a high percentage of snaps (80%+), making him a valuable player.
  • He is considered the primary pass-catching weapon in the offense, with quarterback Sam Hell frequently targeting him.
  • It is unlikely that Thomas will deliver a poor performance and should be a reliable option for fantasy lineups.

“That 2 for 22 and a touchdown was the tight end 6 on the week.”

Zach Ertz‘s Performance 38:53

  • Zach Ertz had a solid performance in his first game with the Arizona Cardinals, receiving 10 targets.
  • Despite a new team, Ertz seems to be heavily involved in the Cardinals’ offense.
  • His targets include 5 receptions during a garbage time drive, in which he could have also scored a touchdown if not for a dropped pass.
  • Although Ertz’s performance may not be the best, it is still worthy of consideration for fantasy lineups.

Zach Ertz went right back to 10 targets in Arizona. You can certainly do worse than either of those players.”

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Top Waiver Pickup – Jake Ferguson 39:22

  • Jake Ferguson should be the number one pickup for fantasy managers.
  • In four weeks, Ferguson has received 7 targets in 3 out of those games, indicating solid involvement in the offense.
  • This consistent volume makes him an appealing option for tight end position, especially on a team with a strong offensive projection.
  • Ferguson is a player that can be confidently plugged in weekly without worrying about matchups.

“The number one pickup for me is Jake Ferguson. In 3 of the 4 weeks he’s had 7 targets.”

Options to Consider 40:04

  • Scoonman had a 56% snap share in the previous week, which was his highest of the season.
  • It is uncertain if Scoonman’s increased involvement was due to an injury to Hendershot.
  • Fantasy managers should monitor Hendershot’s injury status and consider Scoonman as a potential pickup.
  • Other options such as Logan Thomas and Zach Ertz are also worth considering.

“Interesting tidbit just to throw into the mix there. Scoonman. 56% of snaps last week.”

Evaluating Dallas Goedert and Kyle Pitts 40:22

  • Kyle Pitts has been inconsistent and disappointing with only 2 receptions for 21 yards in his recent game.
  • Considering his underwhelming performances, Pitts can be dropped from fantasy rosters.
  • Dallas Goedert has also been underperforming, but he still holds value due to his previous production and talent.
  • Goedert has seen 7 targets and has the potential to improve in future games.
  • Fantasy managers may want to give Goedert at least one more week before making a decision.

“Pitts was 2 for 21 last week. Pitts is absolutely a must drop. You should not roster Pitts anymore.”

Matchup-Based Considerations for Tight Ends 41:35

  • Dallas Goedert and Darren Waller should be evaluated on a weekly basis, considering their matchups.
  • The Miami Dolphins‘ defense presents a favorable matchup for Waller in the upcoming week.
  • Both Waller and Goedert possess high ceilings and potential, making them valuable options in favorable matchups.
  • Fantasy managers can consider rostering two tight ends if one of them is Waller or Goedert, utilizing their upside in good matchups.

“And so that’s kind of the situation you’re in. It’s probably makes sense to just bench them if you don’t want to go through it.”

Defenses to Target 43:32

“The lowest rostered highest potential… is the Detroit Lions taking on Bryce Young. Go hunt Bryce Young and you shall eat young man.”

Streaming Quarterback Option – Joshua Dobbs 45:20

  • Joshua Dobbs has performed as a top 10 quarterback in two out of four games.
  • Despite a disastrous week one, Dobbs has shown promise in his performances.
  • Fantasy managers looking for a streaming quarterback option can consider Dobbs due to his potential for a strong fantasy performance.

“It’s Joshua Dobbs, who has been a top 10 quarterback in two of the four games.”

CJ Stroud‘s Impressive Performance 49:30

  • CJ Stroud has been playing exceptionally well, consistently finishing as a top 12 quarterback in the last three weeks.
  • He has recorded over 20 fantasy points in each of these weeks.
  • Stroud possesses incredible statistics, currently on pace to shatter Andrew Luck‘s passing yardage record with 5,100 passing yards.
  • Despite being a rookie, he has yet to throw an interception, making his performance even more impressive.

“He’s fully legit.”

Matthew Stafford‘s Inconsistent Touchdowns 48:27

  • Matthew Stafford has been generating impressive yardage numbers on a weekly basis.
  • However, he has only thrown three passing touchdowns this season, which is not proportional to his yardage output.
  • Kyren Williams‘ success in rushing touchdowns can be compared to Jamal Williams’ performance in Detroit last year.
  • Stafford faces a favorable matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles with their injury-riddled secondary, making him a strong start option for the week.

“The yardage is the predictable stat. The touchdowns are not the sticky stat.”

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A Promising Option: Sam Howell 47:15

  • Sam Howell had a solid performance against the Philadelphia Eagles, throwing for 290 yards and rushing for 40 yards.
  • With the Chicago Bears‘ weak defense, Howell is expected to have a good floor in this upcoming matchup.

“Chicago’s defense is not good. I mean, Russell Wilson was worthy of a start last week.”

Joe Burrow‘s Struggles and Tough Schedule 51:27

  • Joe Burrow has been dealing with injuries and has a challenging schedule ahead.
  • The Bengals’ struggles this season, combined with their tough matchups, indicate that it might be a difficult year for them.
  • Owners will need to make start decisions for Burrow based on his performances so far, as well as the unfavorable matchups he will face.
  • It is suggested to bench Burrow and stream another quarterback rather than dropping him altogether.

“Burrow, the history is too large of you don’t just take four games a bit. Well, Joe Burrow sucks now at football. No, there are things that are going wrong.”

Joe Burrow‘s Performance and Potential 52:35

  • Last year, Justin Herbert was considered a potential bust after a slow start due to injuries and losing wide receivers.
  • Joe Burrow is now facing a similar situation with an injury and losing one of his receivers.
  • However, Herbert turned things around towards the end of the year.
  • It is possible that Burrow can also improve if he gets healthy and regains his weapons.
  • Recommendation: Do not drop Burrow, but bench him and consider trading him if he has a good performance.

“And because he’s being drafted so high, if he doesn’t throw for 40 touchdowns like Herbert didn’t last year that he would be this year’s kind of bust pick.” 52:49

Joe Burrow‘s Schedule and Performance 53:37

  • Burrow’s upcoming schedule after the bye week includes tough matchups against San Francisco, Buffalo, Houston, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh.
  • His playoff matchups also involve facing Pittsburgh and Kansas City on the road.
  • Burrow’s performance has been inconsistent, with low rankings in games without touchdowns.
  • Burrow’s numbers are 31st, 26th, and 28th in games without a touchdown, and 21st in games with one touchdown.
  • This suggests that Burrow’s numbers may not be middle-of-the-pack.
  • Recommendation: Bench him if necessary, but consider trading him for his potential as the “old school” Joe Burrow.

“His numbers are 31st, 26th and 28th in the three games he didn’t throw a touchdown in the games he threw a touchdown, which is one. He was 21st.” 53:58

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Trading Players 54:13

  • Although Joe Burrow may have trade value due to his previous draft capital and name recognition, it is important to be ahead of the game and make a decision.
  • It is advised not to drop Burrow but consider trading him if necessary.
  • Players like Darren Waller or Dallas Goedert can also be traded if roster spots are needed.
  • These players still hold trade value based on their draft capital and names.

“I still think you can trade Joe Burrow because the conversation we’re having.” 54:13

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